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Chocolate Buttermilk Band

Head Games (The Story Of Larry Akles & CBM Records)

Founded by Larry Akles in 1971 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, The Chocolate Buttermilk Band, has been one of the busiest and most successful cover and backing bands in the Southern United States for the last 5 decades. While they’re little known outside the region, their handful of singles from the early 1980s are, for record collectors, among the best and most desirable in Modern Soul and Boogie Funk.

Jerome Derradji & Past Due Records present “Head Games (The Story of Larry Akles & CBM Records)”. Released on a double LP with printed inner sleeves (or booklet) that include never seen before pictures of the band and a story written by Jacob Arnold. Artwork is by the mighty Al Kent. 

This compilation includes every song released by the Chocolate Buttermilk Band, remastered and reissued for the first time. Needless to say, this is an essential release for fans of Boogie, Soul and Funk as the Chocolate Buttermilk Band releases are known to fetch thousands in the collectors market.

In Larry Akles own words, “This girl in Atlanta told me one time, she said ‘Larry, I heard on the radio that Chocolate Buttermilk was going to be on the show, and I told my girlfriend, Oh, it’s gonna be onnnn if Chocolate Buttermilk on there, ’cause whoever come behind them, they got to go!’” He continues, “When we hit the stage, boy it’d be some fire. We wouldn’t have to get warmed up. We’d start off hot!”

Potatohead People Feat Trailer Limon

Stop The Games

Another week, you guessed it, another Star Creature; the Brooklyn stable hitting an average of 4 releases a month at present!

Old favourite Trailer Limon returns alongside the wonderfully named Potatohead People for A-side cut, "Stop The Games". Deploying the usual formula of squelchy synth, warbly washes and snappy drum hits, a Princesque vocal deliver heads up the action with some nice backing vocals working in harmony with the lead part.

The mysteriously named 'Nicky's Falling In Love Dub' is a nicely executed dub done in that traditional boogie style; retaining the odd vocal utterance, washing it in echo and stripping back the arrangement to give more focus to the groove. Nice!


Matt says: Trailer Limon man. He's back! With that super slick funk that graced the previous 7", this Cali-cat is a rising star of the modern funk scene. Get to know!


Funny Games

    Stockholm garage punk tio Gestures return with their eagerly anticipated debut album Funny Games, the band’s most accomplished work today. After self-releasing the debut EP Shattered Mind in 2016, which was later picked up by Stockholm garage rock institution Push My Buttons (Holograms, Viagra Boys) for a vinyl release, Gestures signed with PNKSLM Recordings (ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, HOLY etc) for the release of the Bad Taste EP in November 2016. Shortly after the band lost their drummer but vocalist/guitarist Sick Vic and bassist Don Jovi quickly re-grouped and set to working on their debut LP, which was written and recorded during the spring of 2017. A major step forward the band is leaving behind the lo-fi murkiness of their earlier releases in favour of a more confident garage rock sound, moving from quick fire garage punk to heavier and more menacing mo-ments, bringing to mind the likes of Jay Reatard, Carbonas and Bass Drum of Death. One of Scandinavia’s finest live bands, Gestures have been the go-to support pick for touring bands such as Moaning, Demon’s Claws, Uranium Club and Girls Names.

    Mind Games

    Power Of Power


      Music from the heart.
      Mind Gamers is not a super group but UNITY.
      Mind Gamers cheer for beautiful women in Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris.
      Mind Gamers are: Sebastien Tellier, Daniel Stricker, John Kirby.

      The Yardbirds

      Little Games


        Splatter coloured vinyl, limited to 400 copies.

        The Whole World direct his attention to the wintergames in Sotschi, we will send our gay candidate into the race... ! Even Putin could looking forward to this. When Chris Garneau started working on Winter Games five years ago, he had a simple premise in mind: exploring the frostbitten season through secondhand story lines. Not long-forgotten memories of merriment and myrrh: 'This record isn't about trivial shit' explains Garneau. 'It's about why love doesn't happen right, how your person is shaped in the early stages of life. It's about defeating parental abandonment, sexual abuse, or family rejection. It's about people who struggle well, what it means to have those things happen to you as a child and play out later in life" . And yet Winter Games isn't a downer.

        In its own twisted way, it's triumphant, bursting at the seams with Garneau's barebones melodies and the richly woven arrangements of CJ Camerieri and Rob Moose - perfectly paced orchestrations that parallel their work on Bon Iver's GRAMMY-winning debut as a full-blooded group. In many ways, Winter Games is the music Garneau's been trying to make since he was a lonesome kid who competed in Parisian piano competitions but Garneau had to endure years of personal and creative growth first. 'I trusted myself on this record," says Garneau. „For the first time, this record is me. That's all I know.'

        This is one of those records you won't know how you've lived without, and you probably have no idea how bad you need it. A pristine, timeless pop album with all the subtleties and effervescence of those misty classics of the Pre- Punk Powerpop era, constructed and rebuilt into an airtight, flawless specimen of the original form. Not that you'd expect any less from the purveyor behind Sing Sing Records, but Jeremy Thompson has been honing this sound for years now, previously in the frantically jagged Busy Signals and the early incarnation of the Carbonas, along with longtime cohort Dave Rahn, whose production of the debut GAMES LP is nothing short of breathtaking.

        Taking the same cues as The Raspberries, Big Star, Rockin' Horse, Shoes, and Milk 'N Cookies did well before the codification of New Wave, GAMES is a crystal-clear shot in the arm to the current state of rock'n roll, a genuine reflection, an instant hit, and something for New Yorkers to be proud of. Along with such an compelling collection of original songs comes something you don't see as often as you used to, a couple of great covers that get your gears turning, digging in to check out the origins, a la the mid-90s punk explosion when every new record left a trail of breadcrumbs to discovering your next obscure 70s overlooked obsession. This is important, and all bands need to rethink this stance, not to mention sharing your bounty of knowledge on the rest of us, always starving for MORE. GAMES serves up two here, from Apostrophe and Sage, both with new life breathed into each, and both done up so well, so streamlined, they fit in perfectly with the sound GAMES is here to play, which means we all win. –

        RIYL: Big Star, Raspberries, Scruffs, Shoes, Milk 'N' Cookies, Rockin' Horse, Gentleman Jesse, Carbonas, Barreracudas

        Hanin Elias

        No Games No Fun

        This is the second LP from the Atari Teenage Riot singer / founder. It's on Digital Hardcore's Fatal Industries offshoot, and includes collaborations with J Mascis, Alec Empire, Khan, Merzbow, Einsturzende Neubauten's Alexander Hacke etc.


        Fun And Games

        The lead track is ripped from the Velvets "Oh Sweet Nuthin" so naturally it's fantastic. Elsewhere there's new wave power pop and a lovely echo-soaked slowie called "Since You've Been Gone".

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