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Holger Czukay

On The Way To The Peak Of Normal - Picture Disc

    Re-release after 15 years of Holger Czukay’s early solo work.

    ‘On The Way To The Peak Of Normal’ is the third album by Holger Czukay, originally released in 1981.

    After ‘Movies’, his first post-Can solo album, Czukay continued exploring the methods of sampling and laidback jamming on this follow-up. The side long ‘Ode To Perfume’ / ‘Fragrance’ coasts along on some heavily twangy guitar, shortwave static, treated vocals, and drunken trumpet, all in a hypnotic late night groove.

    Intended as environmental music for some underlit, velvet clad chillout room, the album can be seen as one long rumination on improvised understatement.


    On The Way To The Peak Of Normal
    Witches Multiplication Table
    Ode To Perfume

    Robert Görl & DAF

    Nur Noch Einer

      For music lovers across the globe the German electronic duo DAF is one thing in particular: the result of a symbiotic and simultaneously disruptive connection between longtime band members Robert Görl and Gabriel Delgado. These exceptional artists’ big screen worthy squabbles couldn’t hold back the explosive combo over the long haul. Only Gabi Delgado’s death in March 2020 – just when Görl and Delgado had set out to record a new album – would put a painful end to this felicitous collaboration.

      “We were just about to go back into the studio together. Everything had been arranged, but then Gabi’s sudden death put a kibosh on that,” Görl recalls, adding that he also had artist and producer Sylvie Marks’ energetic support to thank for the album being released despite that as she went into the studio with him to record the album.

      For Robert Görl this album with the telling name Nur noch Einer (Down to One) is more than a tribute to his late bandmate. Opinions differ on whether Görl and Delgado were ever friends, but: “Gabi and I loved each other, even if it was perhaps a love-hate relationship,” says Görl, who delves into the depths of the time they shared together on Nur noch Einer, also as a way of bidding farewell to Delgado.

      Given that in the 40 year history of DAF the division of labor was strictly defined, with Delgado overseeing the lyrics and Görl the music, the current album is musically 110 percent DAF – uncompromising, edgy, driving and compelling. That is in part due to the fact that a large portion of the sequences included on the album are from the 80s. In his search for DAF’s musical and original soul, composer and producer Görl rummaged through old recordings and found tapes from the 80s that included as yet unreleased sequences. “I immediately drove over to Gabi’s and we were hooked because there were a few real dandies in there. It was worth keeping those tapes protected for so long. They were even packed airtight, just waiting to be reborn.” These sequences are the foundation of Nur noch Einer – and are so typically DAF. The path to making the new album was laid out clearly in front of the markedly different bandmates, except for the lyrics, which Gabi wanted to improvise in the studio as he had always done – or would have done.

      Following Gabi’s death it took me a very long time to gain clarity about how it should continue,” says Görl. Replacing Delgado with another singer was never an option. “And then I thought: ‘barely anyone knows Gabi as well as I do.’ So I wrote and recorded the lyrics myself. Sometimes it was like he was with me in those moments; I effectively sensed him. Yet it was never my intention to copy him. No one would have bought that anyway. Nonetheless, some of the lyrics turned out like Gabi would have done them, but always with a heavy dose of me to them.”

      The 15 tracks on Nur noch Einer are more than merely an artistic farewell to Gabi Delgado, they are also a journey through 40-years of the band’s history. “While writing, so many situations with Gabi appeared before my eyes that they sometimes became part of the songs’ content. That wasn’t the intention; it just turned out that way.” For instance, the first song on the album is called “Erste DAF Probe” (First DAF Rehearsal). “In this case I rerecorded my first rehearsal with Gabi in the basement of Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf. That also marked the birth of DAF. Gabi had gone out and bought a stylophone, which makes squeaky electronic sounds, especially for the occasion. I drummed like a lunatic to it. In that instant it was obvious to us that we would show everyone what we had in us.”

      Throughout the various tracks, the album continually returns to important historical points in the band’s history, such as on the track “Ein Kind aus dem Ratinger Hof” (A Child of Ratinger Hof), in which Görl endeavors to honor the place that gave life to DAF. “That is definitely paying homage,” explains Görl, but it’s also a reminder of the sentiment of that time. One of the lines proclaims “DAF was forever.”

      A piece of DAF history can also be found in the track “Holland Road,” which is a reminder of the band’s early years in London. “That was at the very start when we were still a five-man band. We all went to London and thought we’d launch successful careers without a hitch. And then, there we were: five guys in a cellar flat on Earl’s Court. But we managed to get a gig in the Marquee Club. That concert was a real turning point for DAF. From then on we had success.” The lineup began to fall apart with the band’s growing success. “In the Marquee Club we were already down to four. When we returned to Germany to record the big DAF albums Gabi and I were the only ones left.” The other band members had already run off in London.”

      A no less important point is made in the title song “Nur noch Einer,” which is also the last song on the album. “In one sense it’s a gloomy reality: I am now the only one of five musicians left. So, for me, that makes the album the end of DAF, the final act,” notes Görl. He nonetheless emphasis that it is also a beginning, “a beginning as Robert Görl.” Although Robert Görl cultivated what Gabi Delgado would have wanted on the album in many instances, every track, every lyric and every statement contains a small, big portion of Robert Görl. “Themes such as upheaval, love, provocation and dominance are all typical DAF themes that can be found on the new album, but now I’m the lyricist and that obviously has an influence on the album’s overall message. Many of the lyrics have a little spin on them that Gabi may not have given them.”

      How things will proceed for Görl and DAF remains to be seen. “For me this is a transition. I know that I want to go onstage with the album, and I’m very excited to see fans’ reactions.” 


      Erste DAF Probe
      Im Schatten
      Wir Sind Wild
      Das Pur Pur Rot
      Gedanken Lesen
      Du Bist So Zart
      Ein Kind Aus Dem Ratinger Hof
      Neue Welt
      Kein Ausweg
      Es Muss Ans Licht
      Holland Road
      Das Geschenk
      Nur Noch Einer

      William Fitzsimmons

      Ready The Astronaut

        Centring around the Icarus myth, William Fitzsimmons’ seventh album sees him debark on a slightly different sound aesthetic, yet still his distinctive voice holds it all together.

        For fans of Bon Iver, The National, Sufjan Stevens and José Gonzalez.


        ‘Ready The Astronaut’ (CDGRON242 / LPGRON242)
        Dancing On The Sun
        No Promises
        Down With Another One
        Daedalus, My Father
        As Long As I Can Breathe
        Ready The Astronaut
        You Let Me Down
        Maybe She Will Change Her Mind
        If I Fell Back To The Earth (You Will Never Find Me)
        To Love Forever

        Bonus CD (LPGRON242 only)
        Ready The Astronaut (Alternate Version)
        Adore You
        Maybe She Will Change Her Mind (Alternate Version)


        Drauf Und Dran (RSD21 EDITION)



          Hans-Joachim Roedelius is a pioneer in in the field of electronic music. He informs for his Record Store Day release 2021 !

          Michael Rother


            “This is a special guy. Rare among fine musicians is one who never bit the industry weenie. This guy never did. He’s done nothing but superior work just the way he hears it. An understanding of space within the music, nothing there that doesn’t need to be and an attention to every note. It’s an exceptional talent and one that’s heavily influenced all sorts of people for a long long time.

            He hit all the right notes in the post-war evolution of German music.

            God bless Michael Rother” - Iggy Pop, 2018

            TRACK LISTING

            Hohe Luft

            Michael Rother


              “This is a special guy. Rare among fine musicians is one who never bit the industry weenie. This guy never did. He’s done nothing but superior work just the way he hears it. An understanding of space within the music, nothing there that doesn’t need to be and an attention to every note. It’s an exceptional talent and one that’s heavily influenced all sorts of people for a long long time. 

              He hit all the right notes in the post-war evolution of German music. 

              God bless Michael Rother” - Iggy Pop, 2018

              TRACK LISTING

              Katzenmusik 1
              Katzenmusik 2
              Katzenmusik 3
              Katzenmusik 4
              Katzenmusik 5
              Katzenmusik 7
              Katzenmusik 8
              Katzenmusik 10
              Katzenmusik 11
              Katzenmusik 12

              Michael Rother


                “This is a special guy. Rare among fine musicians is one who never bit the industry weenie. This guy never did. He’s done nothing but superior work just the way he hears it. An understanding of space within the music, nothing there that doesn’t need to be and an attention to every note. It’s an exceptional talent and one that’s heavily influenced all sorts of people for a long long time. 

                He hit all the right notes in the post-war evolution of German music. 

                God bless Michael Rother” - Iggy Pop, 2018

                TRACK LISTING

                Blauer Regen
                Fontana Di Luna


                Für Immer

                  In 1982, DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) released fifth album ‘Für Immer’, their third in the space of a year and half, then promptly split up. Despite the band’s meteoric career, the Düsseldorf twosome left its mark, creating bare bones pulsing electronic music that delighted in both stiff dancefloor experimentation and homoerotic tease.

                  Though the album is overall moodier than the previous two, it still has its share of lighthearted numbers, such as a rerecording of the band’s first single, ‘Kebabträume’ (initially issued when DAF still used guitars), or ‘prinzessin’, which comes dangerously close to a love song - or at least what passed for a love song in 1982 Düsseldorf.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Im Dschungel Der Liebe
                  Ein Bisschen Krieg
                  Die Götter Sind Weiß
                  Verlieb Dich In Mich
                  Kebab Träume
                  Die Lippe
                  Verehrt Euren Haarschnitt
                  Wer Schön Sein Will, Muss Leiden



                    ‘Imagori’ is the first collaborative recording from musical trailblazers Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster, Harmonia etc.) and Christoph H. Müller (Gotan Project).

                    Electronic beats, buoyant piano melodies and percussive elements - an album with atmospheric density that is warm and harmonious throughout.

                    Les Vampyrettes

                    Les Vampyrettes

                      Previously unreleased collaboration between German record producer and musician Conny Plank and Holger Czukay (Can).

                      Available as a lavish triple 10” hand-numbered box set complete with mobile

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Witches Multiplication Table

                      Gang Of Four


                        Since their inception in 1978 with the legendary "Damaged Goods" EP and debut album "Entertainment!", Gang Of Four, have been one of the most radical and radically important groups of the last thirty years.

                        Gang Of Four have triumphantly defined their place on the musical landscape, influencing a wide range of bands including R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, The Rapture and Franz Ferdinand.

                        "Content" is their first new studio album in 16 years, and is the catalyst for a year long international marketing plan in 2011, driven primarily by massive press and online interest in the band, and supported by an aggressive live performance schedule and radio and TV exposure.

                        Release of the NEU! album "86", which Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother originally recorded in 1985 / 86.

                        'I'm thrilled about the release of the album NEU! '86 which Klaus Dinger and I originally recorded in 1985/86, but left unfinished back then and which led to some unfortunate problems between Klaus and myself in the 90s. I now completely reworked the album from original multitrack and master tapes, and unearthed a few yet unknown tracks which are essential for a full understanding of what Klaus and I focussed on for NEU! in the mid 80s. It was my aim to present Klaus Dinger´s musical strengths and visions just as much as my own ideas. The best musical result was to be my only guideline, not the ego. All during the emotional process of reworking our album Klaus was on my mind and I contemplated what he would think about my decisions. I was very relieved and moved to hear from his heir, Miki Yui, who contributed many valuable ideas to the making of the box set, that she was pleased with the result I presented with the album NEU! '86'. - Michael Rother.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Intro (Haydn Slo-Mo)
                        2. Danzing
                        3. Crazy
                        4. Drive (Grundfunken)
                        5. La Bomba (Stop Apartheid Worldwide)
                        6. Elanoizan
                        7. Wave Mother
                        8. Paradise Walk
                        9. Euphoria
                        10. Vier Half
                        11. Good Life
                        12. November
                        13. KD

                        A milestone in the history of ambient/electronic music, this legendary 1976 album has been unavailable for nearly 10 years. Now remastered and including three previously unreleased tracks.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Welcome
                        2. Atmosphere
                        3. Vamos Companeros
                        4. By The Riverside
                        5. Luneburg Heath
                        6. Sometimes In Autumn
                        7. Weird Dream
                        8. Almost
                        9. Les Demoiselles
                        10. When Shade Was Born
                        11. Trace
                        12. Aubade



                          Fresh after leaving Kraftwerk in the fall of 1971 for what they perceived to be a lack of vision, guitarist Michael Rother and drummer Klaus Dinger formed their own unit and changed the face of German rock forever. Dinger's mechanical, cut time drumming and Rother's two-note bass runs adorned with cleverly manipulated and dreamy guitar riffs and fills were the hallmarks of the "motorik" sound that would become the band's trademark. Neu!'s debut album was driving music for the apocalypse in 1971. 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Martin says: It is almost impossible to do justice to an album like this. The wellspring of the genre that came to be known as Krautrock - and possibly its finest hour - emerged from Dusseldorf in 1971, part of a cultural watershed marking the point at which a nation began to look to the future instead of over it's shoulder. The very definition of 'modern'.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Im Glück
                          Lieber Honig


                          Neu 2

                            The second album from krautrock legends Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger, now remastered at long last and issued officially for the first time.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Für Immer
                            Lila Engel
                            Neuschnee 78
                            Super 16

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