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THE original jazz dance classic is finally re-pressed once again on a beautiful 7" and with the original label artwork.

This cover of Pharoah Sanders original anthem was one of the biggest records when it was released back in 2002 and was played all across the globe by everyone from Gilles Peterson to United Future Organization.

Proper 'Jap-Jazz' (sic) but recorded in Sweden and produced by no other than Mad Mats himself! Comes with a tasty old-skool flavoured rap for extra points in the clurrb. Unmissable! 

Young Pulse

Paris Edits Vol. 6

Young Pulse's last installment of his Paris Edits series got maximum fist bumps and air punches here at Piccadilly, so we're well up for the arrival of Volume 6. The Frenchmen is getting more soulful by the minute and this latest platter finds him re-tweaking an Angela Bofill Jazz-funk cut and a super soulful L.T.D. classic.
On the A-side, "Ruff Times" sees the producer tackle the homophonic hit from Angela Bofill stretching the arrangement for extended pleasure and adding some subtle percussion adjustments to add extra rocket fuel to the jazz funk classic. Expect disco syncopation, walking basslines and wild, face melting guitar licks. Flip it for a Young Pulse power-play as our man from France re-EQs, boosts, twists and reshapes L.T.D.'s 1978 banger "You Must Have Known I Needed Love" - squeezing every ounce of raw funk and sweet soul out of the disco banger. Not only are these reworks extended and trimmed in all the right places, they also boast top of the line audio quality that will sound absolutely gorgeous on a proper sound system. Full marks!


Patrick says: The man from France swings through with another pair of pearlers from the soulful end of the disco spectrum. Fist pumping, life affirming disco stewed in the richest funk around!

Prescription Pricing Authority

1-2-1 / Lucky Duck

    The Prescription Pricing Authority duo hails outta London town and delivers the second 7" inch release ever on Gamm. Big, ballsy disco occupies side A, rich in strings, timpani and fat ass bass. It's the kinda raw disco that DJs like Zaf (Love Vinyl) and Mark Grusane (Chicago) like to spin out in the field. On the flip we take a jazz-funk tangent, "Lucky Duck" riding a sophisticated arrangement full of wild flute lines, rampant slab bass and wacked out wah-wah guitar, not to mention the dozens of keyboard lines that litter the mix. Surely big for the Southport Weekender crowd and all the soul all day traditions. Pop yer dancing shoes and hit the floor!

    Red Astaire

    Follow Me / The Wildstyle

    A beast of a track here that was pretty ubiquitious around 2003. Main elements are a catchy xylophone melody and a D'Angelo / Method Man sample lifted from 'Left & Right' - It pleased many punters with its perfect blend of bossanova and suave soul beats. This was on constant rotation back then and many will be very happy to see it officially reissued, rediscovered and hopefully on some instances, discovered by new audiences. 
    B Side has to be a James Brown sample - that shout says it all. Proper breakbeat / funk affair on this one. The piano loop is a monster on itself and the vinyl floritudes give it a raw feel that few edits achieve. Total classic. 
    Both sides are gold. No need to listen to this one. Just buy it, you will not regret it. Limited quantities! 


    Sil says: Few edits reach the category of classics. Here you have two on one single 7 incher. Official reissue oozing warmth and energy left and right!


    Food For Cats Vol. 3

    G.A.M.M heavyweight Turbojazz returns with two classic Afro-funk reworks...

    Afro titans Manu Dibango and Fela are respectfully amped up for peak-time power as Turbojazz shifts the focus onto the unrelenting perc rhythms and heavy, bass-driven groove on "The New Bell". While "Fight To Finish" shines a light on a lesser played Kuti numbers that's resplendent with fiery aggression and hyped-up brass playing. 


    Millie says: Upbeat and lively as a cat would be if it just got it's food early, Turbojazz have remodeled a track each from Manu Dibango and Fela Kuti which can brighten up any day with the fast tempo and brass rhythms. Food For Cats Vol. 3 is a must have.


    Music For Cats Vol.2

      Milano producer Turbojazz back on Gamm with "Food For Cats Vol.2", throwing down Fender Rhodes fusion style with two full on jazz-Latin /Brazil-house hybrids aimed straight for 'floor. Bursting with deep sample sources that'll pique the attention of the hardcore jazz frat, Turbojazz beefs tings up in typical Gamm fashion, swinging the drums around a tasty 4/4 and supplementing the bottom end with additional sub woofer sensory boosts. Highly functional and, most importantly, very enjoyable!

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