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Pomona Dream

Blame It On The Groove

No it's not a tribute act to the now infamous Salford based ill-eagle-rave (sadly), but a new act hailing from Gothenburg who drop some original music for the long established GAMM label.

A-side tune, "Blame It On The Groove" is a tasty rare groove jam with sugary sweet vocals and is based on Aged In Harmony's highly sought after, "You're A Melody" track. The new vocal inflections and rugged organic production really bolster the song's estate, and this new addition is at least as valuable as the first!

Pomona Dream drop an extra treat on the B-side. Downbeat house gem "San Francisco" brings back that Amp Fiddler / Recloose / Carl Craig vibe nicely, with a nice blend of electronic soul and house bump combining beautifully with another accomplished vocal part.

Well good 7" release this, don't sleep! 


Sil says: GAMM goes POP! Leaves the disco realm for a sugar coated rainbows and unicorns filled universe. Classy and sparkly.


Music For Cats Vol.2

    Milano producer Turbojazz back on Gamm with "Food For Cats Vol.2", throwing down Fender Rhodes fusion style with two full on jazz-Latin /Brazil-house hybrids aimed straight for 'floor. Bursting with deep sample sources that'll pique the attention of the hardcore jazz frat, Turbojazz beefs tings up in typical Gamm fashion, swinging the drums around a tasty 4/4 and supplementing the bottom end with additional sub woofer sensory boosts. Highly functional and, most importantly, very enjoyable!

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