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Bump / Know

Italian edit maestro Moplen is establishing himself as one of the key figures on the re-edit scene and has been a returning act on GAMM for years.

On this strictly vinyl release we see Moplen reworking Deodato's jazz-funk classic 'Whistlebump' into a massive + ten minutes long escapade...
that string breakdown towards the end is jus’ bad ass!

On the flip we also included his much demanded rework of Chaka Khans 'I Know You, I Live You' that has been a big spin for many close fam DJs over the last year.

Prescription Pricing Authority

Song For You / Green Machine

The PPA duo outta London is back with another red hot 7" on the nation's favourite Gamm. Like the previous release, they source some great jazz-funk source material, before bolstering with extra instrumentation and tweaks in the edit.

"Song For You" (by Popcorn) has got a real nice, early boogie funk feel, with thick B-line and optimistic chords and vox. Though it sounds like it could come from the UK, it's actually a rare Florida production.

"Green Machine" is a jazz-funk original by O'Donel Levy but here it's re-tweaked and with vintage clavinet and percussion added over the original track.

Another PPA home run!


Sil says: Tasty 7" release on Gamm full of funky flavour which is perfect for your next discerning bar-room DJ set.

Main man Adam Dublock proves his killer cuts on Disco Deviance were no fluke or flash in the pan with another powerplay of edit heat, this time for GAMM. Slapping on his elbow patches and slipping into a freshly pair of farahs, Love Drop gets all kinds of frisky with a jazz / disco / boogie offering that's hard to resist. On the A-side Lesette Willson's jazzy boogie classic gets a proper deep rework, extended to perfection with well placed loops and topped off with a little spiritual spoken vox on top. Jumping to the B-side and Jupiter Beyond's jazz-disco monster "The Universe" gets a heavy club edit, complete with additional percussion punch and wild fx abuse, before Johnny Hammond's swashbuckling jazz-funk classic gets a vocal treatment that!

Young Pulse

Paris Edits Vol. 5

Holy sheeeeitt! Parisian disco don Young Pulse hits back on GAMM with another pair of powerhouse peak time slammers forged at the funky fringe of the disco landscape. Exploding out of the A-side, we get a chest pounding, hair raising, hands to the ceiling reshape of Billy Paul's "Only The Strong Survive". Ditching some of the original's cruiseship cheese, Young Pulse stretches out the massive, high octane hit of the tracks bridge into an extended, life affirming blast of groove magic. This is the kind of grunting disco funk you'd expect to hear Rahaan or Theo dropping to an ecstatic sweatbox. The B-side boasts a more subtle flavour as Young Pulse gets his scalpel stuck into the rare groove / boogie banger "Dreamin" by Greg Henderson, unleashing and extended feel good frolic on the early doors crowd.

Simbad returns with his third seasonal EP on Gamm. Bringing us out of the long dark Winter, three gospel-flavoured church jams to keep us smiling and jiving until the temperature soars. All taken from his own arsenal, the esteemed Londoner tweaks and twists numbers by Dorothy Norwood, William Brothers & Mighty Clouds Of Joy. "He's A Friend" is a classy soul stomper, released on Jewel in 1977. "Never Could Have Made It" is taken from the album, "Hand In Hand" in 1986. Finally, you'd be hard pressed to find a copy of "Glow Love", so SMBD does the do and touches it up again ready for re-sale! Excellent stuff here, full of uplifting, soulful moments.

Prescription Pricing Authority

1-2-1 / Lucky Duck

The Prescription Pricing Authority duo hails outta London town and delivers the second 7" inch release ever on Gamm. Big, ballsy disco occupies side A, rich in strings, timpani and fat ass bass. It's the kinda raw disco that DJs like Zaf (Love Vinyl) and Mark Grusane (Chicago) like to spin out in the field. On the flip we take a jazz-funk tangent, "Lucky Duck" riding a sophisticated arrangement full of wild flute lines, rampant slab bass and wacked out wah-wah guitar, not to mention the dozens of keyboard lines that litter the mix. Surely big for the Southport Weekender crowd and all the soul all day traditions. Pop yer dancing shoes and hit the floor!

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