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Not content with packing our record bags with wonked out funk on their main label, Periodica launch Futurible, a fresh faced sibling with an even bigger library obsession. Italian producer, oscillatory sculptor and master of synthesis Modular dives into a deep niche in the landscape of soundtrack obuscurity, taking inspiration from Italy's 70s police b-movies. Reviewing the musical landscape of the "poliziotteschi" flicks - a sometimes forgotten but still infamous sound - Modula has recreated the perfect score for an imaginary movie based on the adventures of detective La Bella. The agent enters "Club Ventuno" on the A side looking for clues as the synth and sax sleaze-fest sweeps the Balearic mafia off their feet. Meanwhile on the flip he's in hot pursuit of his suspect in a frenetic chase - expect breathless sequences, freaky sirens and all manner of odd fx. 


Patrick says: Modula makes some serious waves on new periodica sub-label Futurible, bringing his own spin on the sound of Italy's cop B-movies. If you're into Italian soundtracks, Italodisco or wine-bar Balearic, this curio is for you my friend.

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