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Dave Harvey's Futureboogie label continues to supply the goods. Ian Blevins takes time out from his residency at We Love.... Space Ibiza for an EP of electrified new disco and cosmic house music. Driving, technicoloured arp lines power "Round Trip", the lead track which tips its hat both to late 70s space disco and trancey EBM in equal measure. Panthera Krause of Permanent Vacation, Riotvan and Lobster Theremin is on hand, galvanizing the track with more rigid drums and a rock solid foundation before decorating it wonderfully with analogue splashes and superb gliding pads. "Roland’s Rat" see Blevins switch tact for a rolling house jam peppered beautifully with retro drum nuances and a coastal exuberance that should see it garner plenty of plays on the outdoor festival circuit. Finally, "Can You Count My Dream" concludes with a dizzying concentric number, 3/4 arps ricocheting a straight up house groove for a disorientating and stimulating end-of-night charge full of fizzing synth lines and searing leads. Superb stuff from Blevins and Futureboogie here.

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Sat 17th - 2:56
A definite hit here @PiccadillyRecs Gonna be on the shop player for some time to come I think.....
Fri 16th - 1:54
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