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Currently generating some serious heat and momentum amongst dance music aficionados, Man Power rocks up with a single for Futureboogie that further cements the reputation of this rising British producer/DJ. The two original tracks are also backed with a remix from Ruf Dug.

Alongside his own very excellent Me Me Me label, Man Power has been delivering diversely epic releases for labels like ESP Institute, Optimo Trax, and Correspondant.

In its original form, “Barranquilla Trifle” features rave-lite stabs and deliciously sweeping pads over woody percussion and an omnipresent studry bassline. A dash of acid darkness only energizes the mood, for what must surely be one of the best ‘sunrise moments’ tracks of the year!

Ruf Dug takes “Barranquilla” further on its trajectory towards summertime vibes; the sounds of the ocean sea gently breeze over the soca beat, as the Ruf Kutz main man adds splashes of percussive hits, huge M1 pads, and melodious keys to the party.

More 303 business coats “Kaon” from its opening bars, as Man Power delivers his second original track on the release. An urgent breakbeat and wandering mega-bass soon evolve into thunderous beats and heady synth arpeggios, an almost post-punk funk atmosphere creeps into the bustling yet succinct ambience.

DJ Nature follows up 2018’s "Ultimate Delusion" EP with another set of pure heaters for one our favourite UK labels, Futureboogie.

The Bristol born DJ and producer, also known to many as Nature Boy, comes with an exemplary track record, but that’s to be expected from one of the scene’s early pioneers. Releases for Golf Channel Recordings, Jazzy Sport and Ruff Disco Records are considered true classics, and rightly so!

Breezy MPC house jams of the highest quality, "Flutter" manages to fuse David Lynch style pads and earthy vocals with a marching rhythm, whilst "A Moment" gets cosmically charged with a spiraling modular lick over a chugging guitar hook and spacey chords.

NB’s mix of "Siliconada" goes straight for the jugular, with looping disco rhythms and off kilter jazz licks, whilst the OG version lays heavy and disorientating synth work down for a killer techno injection.

As always, DJ Nature delivers a unique, well crafted and distinctive sound that he can most definintely call his own. Excellent work! 

Aided by airy pads and shrouded ambience, “Hammers” drives a 303 bass line right through its centre, perfectly balancing the tracks emotive and darker sides.
Hodge (Livity Sound/Hemlock) comes on board with an industrial sized remix, carving out some heavyweight tribal drums and additional percussion and letting the acid do its tweakable thing.

“Denergy” meanwhile channels some electro tinged bassline moves over super funky, tight drums, a flourishing acid line, and laced with the futurism and sound aesthetics that’s keeping James Welsh at the top of his game.

A dark techno/electro 12" with acid flirtations for the hungry dancer.


Sil says: If you need a soundtrack that is as cold and dark as a Eastern European desolate, abandoned concrete-made social housing building you just purchased as an investment in the hope that it will be the next pocket of hipsterdom, this is the 12" you truly need. It is pretty good at conveying such feelings.

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