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Futureboogie reach another milestone - their 60th release; and they've enlisted super talent Elliot Lion, producer, keyboardist and chief electronix whizz for Editors, to drop three tracks that ditch the guitars for synthesizers and drop the indie swagger for reckless house hedonism.

In its original form, "Ectsasy" combines looped congas, house beats and soaring strings for an epic and driving piece that's somewhere between The Field, Fuck Buttons and James Holden. Roman Flügel delivers a remix of equally epic proportions, stretching and dubbing out the original over the course of eight tantalizing and telepathically charged minutes. A future Barbarellas classic in the making for sure!

Otherworldly atmospherics, grating rhythms and a forward looking perspective are at play in "I Can’t Forget You", as Lion packs in a fizzing, phosphorescent synth section into this monumental techno snarler. The darker vibes and dubwise sirens are as intoxicating as they are disorientating and this is gonna sound just mega firing out the speaker stacks of your tropical outdoor rave-a-thon come 4am in the morning.

Highly recommended!

Big Ronnie B back on home turf as Dave Harvey's Futureboogie continue to roll out hit after hit after hit. Five tracks, all OGs, and all sounding super fly.

Starting with "After The Rain" which sees midnight keys glide over soulful vocals and a frenetic percussive workout, as elegant, soaring strings lift the atmosphere perfectly. If you've ever caught yourself dancing eyes-wide-shut under starry skies in Tisno, then this baby's sure to resonate....

A raw and stripped back bass and drum funkfest shapes “The French Exit”, whilst on “Raise”, a heavy synth riff breaks out over tom-laden beats and uplifting vox.

The quality never drops as further excursions into neo-street soul are dished out across “Jacob’s Chair” and the positively energetic euphoria of “After The Sun”.

An EP which amply demonstrates Ron as a multi-faceted and highly skilled producer and cements Futreboogie as one of the leading lights in the modern underground. Big ups team!

Currently generating some serious heat and momentum amongst the global dance elite, Northeast poster boy Man Power rocks up with a single for Bristol's Futureboogie that further cements the reputation of this rising British talent. Coming backed with a remix from MCR's Ruf Dug this is truly an explosion of UK-based talent, ready to take on challenges from all corners of the globe...

In its original form, “Barranquilla Trifle” features rave-lite stabs and deliciously sweeping pads over woody percussion and an omnipresent, sturdy bassline. A dash of acid darkness only energizes the mood, for what must surely be one of the best ‘sunrise moments’ tracks of the year thus far! Ruf Dug takes "Barranquilla" further on its trajectory towards summertime vibes; the sounds of the ocean sea gently breeze over the soca beat, as the Ruf Kutz main man adds splashes of percussive hits, huge M1 pads, and melodious keys to the party - ready for action across the Summer months. More 303 business coats “Kaon” from its opening bars, as Man Power delivers his second sonic missive. An urgent breakbeat and wandering mega-bass soon evolve into thunderous beats and heady synth arpeggios as an almost post-punk funk atmosphere creeps into the bustling yet succinct ambience. Winning stuff as ever from MP, FB and RK. 


Matt says: Yet another big Future Boogie release as the label enlist local darling, Ruf Dug in on remix duties.

More imperative and upfront dance music courtesy of Piccadilly-endorsed Future Boogie. With all the intensity and menace of the supernatural events immortalized in Rosenberg’s 1979 horror flick, “Amityville” leans on Lalo Schifrin’s classic score and serves up a chugging disco-fied monster. Arpeggiated synths and those memorable vocal refrains from the movie build a mood of anticipation that flourishes into sections of pure wigged out disco business. It’s a very clever and unique production, and one that's served up to DJ Tennis for re-interpretation. Following on from recent remixes for The Juan Maclean and Tricky, as well as a spectacular DJ Kicks mix for !K7, DJ Tennis remoulds “Amityville” into a deep and delicate house groove, introducing some guitar riffing and deft mallet instrumentation whilst manipulating the original components to mesmerizing effect. On “Warriors”, Kiwi continues his unabashed love of cult movies with a musical ode that captures the edgy and urban sounds of 70s cinematic synth soundtracks; phasing guitar riffs, rolling snares and dramatic synth sweeps dominate this infectious track. Closing the release, “Paco” is a melody fuelled and studious production; wandering keys drift over a steady beat and filtering bassline combo whilst the synths pitch bend and flex, resulting in a gloriously trippy ambience throughout.

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