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Currently generating some serious heat and momentum amongst dance music aficionados, Man Power rocks up with a single for Futureboogie that further cements the reputation of this rising British producer/DJ. The two original tracks are also backed with a remix from Ruf Dug.

Alongside his own very excellent Me Me Me label, Man Power has been delivering diversely epic releases for labels like ESP Institute, Optimo Trax, and Correspondant.

In its original form, “Barranquilla Trifle” features rave-lite stabs and deliciously sweeping pads over woody percussion and an omnipresent studry bassline. A dash of acid darkness only energizes the mood, for what must surely be one of the best ‘sunrise moments’ tracks of the year!

Ruf Dug takes “Barranquilla” further on its trajectory towards summertime vibes; the sounds of the ocean sea gently breeze over the soca beat, as the Ruf Kutz main man adds splashes of percussive hits, huge M1 pads, and melodious keys to the party.

More 303 business coats “Kaon” from its opening bars, as Man Power delivers his second original track on the release. An urgent breakbeat and wandering mega-bass soon evolve into thunderous beats and heady synth arpeggios, an almost post-punk funk atmosphere creeps into the bustling yet succinct ambience.

Quirky and trippy house flavours are served up by Desert Sound Colony and Baby Rollen on the ‘Beta Burner’ E.P., with added psychedelic flavours courtesy of an A Sagittariun Remix.

Hot of the heels of stellar releases for Touch From A Distance, Snap Crackle & Pop, and his very own Holding Hands Records, Desert Sound Colony debuts for Futureboogie, and delivers a trio of collaborative tracks with Baby Rollen, and a solo jam to boot!

Title track, ‘Beta Burner’, is built upon an infectious break- beat groove and bumping sub-bass line; Rhodes chords jostle for position with dubbed out tones, synth hits and acid riffs, as this colourful and contagious track works its magic.

Bristol based techno dreamweaver, A Sagittariun, summons up the original track’s darker elements for a slower paced, but just as deadly, “Re-Dream”. ‘Sagi’ slingshots his remix with tribal snares and a typically transcendental arp riff over muscular beats.

The inventive and playful work continues on ‘Dumpster Truck’, with the gargantuan bassline taking centre stage, supported by swinging broken beats and frisky sound manipulation for a truly enjoyable ride. Wrapping up the EP, Desert Sound Colony goes solo on ‘Seismic Soy Bean’, ramping up the funk factor past 11, and dishing up the kind of headsy, happy tech grooves that the likes of U-Freqs and Wiggle were foraging at the turn of the millennium, to great effect.

Technicolour trooper, 8 bit badman and DJ inspo Ruf Dug takes a break from his latest Mario speed-run, turns the air green and switches into studio mode with his first new music in OVER THREE YEARS!
So, welcome to "Ruffy's Island", a fun filled tropical hideaway which falls somewhere between Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Pikes on the Club Trop shoot and the toilets at Cocktail D'Amore. Our host arrives in full safari suit, like a totally chill version of Robin Williams' dad in Jumanji, throws our luggage in the ocean and helps us aboard a Floridian drug yacht to start the party quicker than a call from Kickin' Pidge.
Jamming the ignition with an orgonite butt plug, Ruffy gets the engine purring nicely (or whatever the oceanic equivalent is), letting loose with neon tinged synth stabs, gurgling bass and a solid beat. Tacking between disco and house, the Ruf Kutz boss brings us to a peak via saturated chimes, wild percussion and some spaced out jazz-funk keys reminiscent of Harvey's Locussolus doing Kool & The Gang.
We disembark in the gloom of a "Techno Cave", flipping into Nightvision on the hunt for cyber tories and nug bandits. Swelling pads hint at Moritz & Mark's Berlin haze, while the sci fi synth tones and occasional Rhodes shimmer drop neat Motor City flashbacks. Fast paced, intense and ultra moody, this is Ruf Dug at his deepest - don't get it twisted.
Baddies banged out, we get to play the level in reverse thanks to a sizzling, shuffling machine funk remix from Detroit hero Sharif Laffrey, complete with whacked out radio static, off beat sampling and a wall shaking bassline. Hitting blocks, chomping mushrooms and sparking bongs, Ruffy unlocks a hidden exit in the cave wall, transporting us to interdimensional boss level "Abandoned Pyramid". Opening out after the claustrophobic Spelunker-vibe of the previous zone, it's all orange skies, excellent birds and 8-bit boulders here, a future primitive playground for the part time Zools and midlife Bandicoots. Ruffy creates an air of intensity via faux-pan pipe and moody bass throbs then has himself a little percussion party, tumbling tombs, bongo bango and 4/4 thump. Look left and he's clattering mallets, look right and he's rocking the keytar, but don't look away or you'll miss the cutscene. At the tip of the Pyramid, there's a treasure chest baby...and you got the secret, you've got the key. Just get there before the bad guys and a thousand Drench Coins will be yours...


Patrick says: The guy's a fucking hero. Moustache, keytar, jaunty hat - MCR's Mario doing his thing on Futureboogie. Bassline bubblers, techno tropical romps, jazzy keys and mystical movers from the one and only Ruf Dug - it's Ruffy's Island folks.

Aided by airy pads and shrouded ambience, “Hammers” drives a 303 bass line right through its centre, perfectly balancing the tracks emotive and darker sides.
Hodge (Livity Sound/Hemlock) comes on board with an industrial sized remix, carving out some heavyweight tribal drums and additional percussion and letting the acid do its tweakable thing.

“Denergy” meanwhile channels some electro tinged bassline moves over super funky, tight drums, a flourishing acid line, and laced with the futurism and sound aesthetics that’s keeping James Welsh at the top of his game.

A dark techno/electro 12" with acid flirtations for the hungry dancer.


Sil says: If you need a soundtrack that is as cold and dark as a Eastern European desolate, abandoned concrete-made social housing building you just purchased as an investment in the hope that it will be the next pocket of hipsterdom, this is the 12" you truly need. It is pretty good at conveying such feelings.

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