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Following his celebrated “Fusion (Broadcast Mix)” 12", Will DiMaggio returns to Future Times with debut LP, "At Ease." Recorded 2016-17 at the now-illustrious Fairview Ave spot alongside roommates DJ Python, Anthony Naples, and the Exotic Dance crew, "At Ease" is equal parts dizzy street beats and live keyboard action.
DiMaggio has a keen sense of dance music and how it gets to dancers, as evidenced in his stellar DJ mixes. “At Ease” is no different, navigating listeners through a lush array of sounds that hints at DiMaggio’s love of 90s hybrid techno, jazz(tronica) and deep house, all in psychedelic fashion.

Drums juggle around the beat constantly during opener "Fairview Jam," before DiMaggio's synth work takes the tune to space. "Steppin W Friends" is pure mellow heat. "All Good (Jazz Mix)" and "UH UH OH" are two opulent, soulful cuts, funky in a way most can't do. On the second disc, "O God Dam (Sus Mix)" and "Ooze Mix" go in and out of fidelity, tape hiss giving way to clarity and back again, gritty drums and crystal pads, biting synths and soft keys. "Could Be The Look," in that mysterious D1 spot, turns inside-out with cascading synth work and impossible-to-grab kicks that slam in and out, while "For T" closes with hi speed but horizontal lovers techno. At Ease!

John Selway / Seltav

Shimmerdown / Spqr

Future Times drops a killer reissue 12" here featuring two hard-to-find cuts by John Selway and his Seltav project with Andrea Taverna. A Side "Shimmerdown" has been a rare grip for a long time on the original CSM wax, due to its status as one of the finest Rhodes-soaked, late-into-the-function cuts ever made. "SPQR", on the flip, is a massive house tune. Heavyweight action on both sides for the Deejays. Both tunes remastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete. Yes!

"Boulderball" is a whole new, fully stretched world, inspired by everything from the Bomberman Hero OST and Cesar Camargo Mariano's "Prisma" LP, to 'going on youtube and playing tracks at 1.25 speed.' The LP is made of fizzing Brazilian fusion, video game music, virtuoso keyboard playing, funk, and the type of glorious, hook-driven pop energy known to fans of YMO, New Order, and Mario 64 alike. The first LP from Repetentes 2008 (aka Gabriel Guerra of Rio's 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo crew) and although worlds apart, sits brilliantly next to James Ferraro, Dream Catalogue, Art Of Noise, Krikor etc.
'Future Times is very happy to announce that we're putting out Boulderball, the first LP from Repetentes 2008 (aka Gabriel Guerra of Rio's 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo crew), this September!


Matt says: All sounding very vapourwave this to me folks. With a solid 'aasssthetic' that brings to mind playing SNES-era Donkey Kong on Val Kilmers while vintage Channel 4 space exploration vids play in the background. aka LOADS OF FUN.


Planing / Sickos

Future Times enlists DC's Sami of the wonderful 1432R crew for more of that hallucinatory, refracted house music that's quickly becoming his trademark. "Planing" sees the producer head deeper into that 5D sound - drums are twisted through dimensions via an assortment of delays and flanges while a mystic flute line dances playfully in the shadows. Like taking LSD at a Goan full moon ritual, it's tribal nature is sent spiraling into the cosmos through a mountain of lysergia. "Sickos" pulls our head out of the trip for long enough for us get down on the floor with some swingin' and slammin' action which delicately positions fluttering keys over shoulder dropped drums and saturated bass. Another stone cold winner for team Future Times. You need. 


Matt says: 1432R staple, Sami returns with more of his 5th-dimension sound!

Person Of Interest

Boost The Whip (I-95 Mix)

Everyone knows the drill with these one sided Future Times offerings; all essential, all gone in the blink of an eye. This time round Person Of Interest takes the controls for a rough and rugged bit of dancefloor nostalgia, flipping breakbeats and scratches into a low slung house heater. If you were looking for that record to transition between jungle and house, this one's gonna do it for you. Eerie chimes clash with scattering percussion and sqwooshing pads, expanding minds and moving bodies on a ripped straight from cassette circa 1994. Huge!


12" Info: *WAREHOUSE FIND! - 1 copy found*

Future Times is back in the mix, expanding the sound and vision of the label with the latest in their compilation series, 'Vibe 3', which is spread over three separate 12" singles.

Disc 2 starts with a new track from Beautiful Swimmers, "Primo", a thick chunk of Industrial Pop, like some fractured version of "Was Dog A Doughnut" for the freaks. Jeremy Hyman, most recently heard from in collaboration with FT's Max D for the Lifted LP on PAN earlier this year, rides a luscious animated opening into a great slice of plastic techno with "Machine Stops". The B Side starts with Protect-U's insane "Krums", a whirlwind of liquid metal and cranked snares, and rides out with "First Sign Of Artifice," the first, amazing burst from newcomer Edy Alta.

The DC home of hardware house is red hot right now, following a string of sell out releases from the Swimmers, Huerco S and Hashman Deejay and they keep the fire burning with this debut LP from Protect-U. Expanding on the blurred and smudged dream house of their previous 12"s on the label, Aaron Leitko and Mike Petillo explore the full potential of their drum machines, packing each track with more rhythmic twists than your average braindance record, whilst somehow managing to keep things at a danceable 4/4. Over the ever changing bump and thump, the duo weave circular sequences, ambient pads and deep house motifs recalling Dream 2 Science or Boo Williams.

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