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Polly Scattergood

In The Absence Of Light EP - Love Record Stores 2021 Edition

    Love Record Stores Edition available instore from 10am on Saturday September 4th, any remaining copies will be available on online from 9pm on the same day.
    Limited to one per person.

    Polly Scattergood

    In This Moment - The Remixes

      This is a brand new remix album, taking tracks from "In This Moment" and creating a completely new experience, remixed and re-worked turned inside out until the tracks are reborn, taking on the spirit of their producers some have become textural soundscapes such as "Simon Fisher Turners 2 o'clock remix" others take on more of a dark electronic feel such as Chris Liebing's remix of "In this moment" or the uplifting sonic warmth created by MAPs.


      1.     In This Moment (Chris Liebing Remix)
      2.     In This Moment (Can Love Be Synth? Remix)
      3.     In This Moment (2 O'Clock Remix By Simon Fisher Turner)
      4.     In This Moment (Broken Machine Remix By Josh M Slifkin)
      5.     In This Moment (SONAS Remix)
      6.     In This Moment (Fabjani Remix)
      7.     In This Moment (“Somewhat Out Of Step” MA74 Remix)
      8.     Red (MAPS Remix)
      9.     Red (Glowlines Remix)
      10.   Red (Bienna Corp. Remix)
      11.   After You (Polly-phonic Remix By Andy McDonnell)
      12.   Clouds (Tiiva Remix) 

      Polly Scattergood

      In This Moment

        Following two critically acclaimed solo albums and an exciting side project collaboration entitled ‘onDeadWave’… Polly Scattergood is returning with her fourth studio album in early 2020, entitled ‘In This Moment’. Sonically, the album is powerful and cinematic, scattered with moments of raw intimacy and delicate soundscapes. Encompassing grief and joy in equal measure, the album documents various snap shots of life including her journey towards motherhood.  Each song is a snapshot of a moment in time. Like a soundtrack to a compendium of photographs, it is a collection of experiences that come together to create an album. In part documenting Polly’s journey towards motherhood, encompassing grief and joy in equal measure, some moments are older than others, but all are now reflected upon from a slightly new perspective.

        Polly began recording this album shortly after having her first child, and on a very human level felt this massive sense of freedom, peace, and also wonderment which opened her up artistically to writing again. Sonically, she loves music which feeds her, hearing new things on each listen, and so tried to create many layers and textures within the sounds…fires crackling…breathing. She even had a few field recordings of bells and the sea from time living in Fuerteventura a few years ago. Polly and her producer, Glenn Kerrigan, weaved them into the soundscape very subtly, so occasionally you will catch glimpses of them. Worlds within worlds.


        1. Red
        2. Sphere
        3. After You
        4. Clouds
        5. In This Moment
        6. Pearl
        7. Silk Roses
        8. Bloom
        9. Fires
        10.The End Was Glorious

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