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Auto Remixes 1 (Telephones , DJ Dog & Double Dancer)

    Remixes of last Year´s seminal Chmmr debut Album by Telephones, Dj Dog & Double Dancer.
    Time to check out the Album again, niceness for the cold weeks to come
    and likewise to dig into the new Remixes, de- and re- constructed by gentlemen that need no introduction !


    Auto Remixes 2 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

      As a further Addition to last Year´s seminal Chmmr debut Album here´s 2 smashing Bonus Tracks and and a noteworthy Remix by Thomas.
      Time to check out the Album again, niceness for the cold weeks to come
      and likewise to dig into the new Prins Thomas Diskomiks, de- and re- constructed by the gentleman that got our little label empire started is otherwise known as the rightful
      Principe Del Norte!

      Fresh new technicoloured dance music here from Full Pupp and Pandreas. Starting with the rainbow road ripple of "Trommer", recorded nice and pacey for maximum impact and packing a tidy punch - full throttle and fun loving techno for the N-64 generation. "Traumer" is more discordant, carelessly chucking a plethora of corroded samples together over a murky acid line and a mechanical 909 beat. "Back 2 School" throbs with all the finesse of an FP classic, darting synth lines elevating it to the stars as we lose ourselves in the twinkly sparkle. "Ohm" completes the pack with another throbber, although this time round it's a more carnal and penetrative beast, grinding against our pelvis with a mid-range 303 growl as the now familiar rhythm section bashes away in the background. Top stuff here.

      With Bjorn Torske, Skateboard, Telephones and last not least the Sex Tags label all hailing from Bergen, the City ´s not been exactly short on world leading “d.i.s.c.o” , but it´s Geir Hermansen aka Velferd that recently caught our ear with his keys. In “The City that Drowned” it´s unlikely only ever so wet, there´s bliss, sun, warmth, heat - all painted bright with skyrocketing masterful synths over very neat and dry bass. great! Laid back and somehow dreamy the whole thing catches you by the ear and lingers on but then there´s so much dedicated kick and an almost ecstatic groove in each track - irresistible string hooks made in heaven! “Never” and “Through the Valley” add on to where the title song just left and this give the 3 track ep so much perfectly arranged strength… Bergen might well have given birth to another disco standard-bearer.

      Having come up with an annual-ish drop of 12”s since 2010, Even Brenden AKA Chmmr set aside the spring of 2016 to challenge himself to a new format: a full-length album. A true nostalgic, he uses Compass Pointera and early Italo sounds for inspiration and attempts to simulate these styles. This makes for a melodic, chuggy and graphic album that belongs a little more in the living room than on the dance floor. With 10 tracks of dusty rhythms and the honest, naive and spacious themes that is Brenden’s signature, it’s a record designed to signal that today’s technological future may not be as different as yesterday’s. Features a nicelooking cover painting drawn by the late Harold Cohen’s AARON program - automation at its finest.

      Hidden behind his Chmmr moniker is Even Brenden, whose summery debut found its way into the world via Norwegian psych-disco label Luna Flicks in 2010. The record became somewhat of a soughtafter item and after making pit stops at Relish, Dødpop and Untz Untz Records, he landed on Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp in 2014 and have stayed put ever since, all the while enjoying a steady habit of record jocking and the occasional keyboard duty in Telephones’ now-defunct live band. Even resides in Oslo makes odd waves without vowels.


      Barry says: Expect brilliantly deep swooning melodies, heavy-hitting progressive percussion and swaying detuned synth stacks. Cosmic atmospheres mix beautifully with serene pads and euphoric chilled lead lines. From the hypnotic, perfectly shaped bass throb of “Nine Chains...” to wildly cosmic, soaring arpeggiated ether of “Vim's Theme”, and onto Balearic, Rhodes-drenched numbers like “New Slam”, this is easily one of the best electronic records this year.


      2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

      Magnus International

      Echo To Echo

      A leopard can’t change his spots and Magnus International earned his spots in the sequence hue of Oslo’s disco scene. “Disco is the single thread that runs through all electronic dance music.” After an inconsistent hiatus from recording, the Norwegian DJ has finally donned the producer cap resolutely for his debut LP.

      'Echo To Echo' promises to be the artist’s magnum opus, taking on epic proportions in the album narrative. Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp family plays hosts to The Norwegian DJ’s infectious disco arrangements as it has done since Magnus and Danny “Blackbelt” Anderson first worked together as Kalle, Magnus and Daniel. Tracing a line from those early days through his first solo work Kosmetisk, 'Echo To Echo' sees the producer combining the foundation of his sound with cues from the likes of Warp’s early catalogue, transposing it into the singular voice that is Magnus International. “I wanted to go back to techno from my youth.”

      Borrowing inspiration from the likes of LFO and Aphex Twin, Magnus spent two years in the studio refining a hybrid album that is ingrained in disco, but grows its own spots with the acid-infected synth work and inventive beat arrangements that were the signature trademarks of those early pioneers. Titles like 'Big Red' and 'Echo To Echo' are clear nods to these demi-gods of music, which Magnus makes his own in the context of a disco long-player. It’s an album built on the foundation of Magnus’ strengths as an experienced producer, innovator and DJ. Forged in the caldron of techno’s rich history, with Magnus’ distinct style playing host, 'Echo To Echo' takes the listener on journey that transcends time.

      Full Pupp celebrate the big 5-0 in style with a freshly designed logo and their first ever doublepack, courtesy of the mighty Prins Thomas naturally. Pressed properly loud across two discs, "Toransu" sees the open minded dancefloor genius continue his eccelctic journey through the genres, combining spacey techno, lush ambience, off kilter grooves, fizzing acid and galactic house in much the same fashion as we saw on the unparalleled Paradise Goulash mix. A case in point, A-side cut "Meiro" incorporates that diverse selection into one track, building from tightly programmed drums into a pulsating web of cosmic synth, pulsing acid line and chugging bass, before dropping out completely into a gorgeous Innovative Communication style ambient passage featuring the bassline from "Wicked Game". How the hell does he do it? The B-side features a couple of floor-ready 12" versions of album cuts from "III", with "Luftspeiling" and "Trans" coming under the knife. The kosmische haze of the former is reinforced with a stomping one note bassline, warm acid lines and mechanised percussion, while the swelling fjordfunk of the latter is housed within a frenetic maze of percussion and aimed directly at the mainroom. The second disc opens with the highly percussive title track, a tense tool powered forward by a throbbing bassline and the occasional outburst of rude and crude acid, before the bottom heavy, tripped out drum track from "Luftspeiling" gets an unaccompanied outing. On the B-side, PT classic "Stockholm Express" experiences a signals failure and gets royally redirected by Full Pupp favourites Chmmr, whose chunky- funky rework should have you blowing your horn in no time. We're back in the outer rim for the set closing "Aoa (Kort Miks)" as Thomas layers zero gravity textures and wormhole riffs over a techy motorik rhythm. The man cannot be stopped!

      Prins Thomas' Full Pupp label toasts its 10 Year Anniversary with this excellent 2CD mix. 32 tracks of beautiful music, hand-selected, picked and packed, edited and mixed by Prins Thomas himself including 16 exclusive and previously unreleased tracks that where recorded especially for this project. This mix was recorded by Prins Thomas at home on a cloudy afternoon using vinyl only, 2 Technics 1210's, Rane MP2016 + XP2016 and Alpha Recording System 3 band isolator.

      Additional overdubs, fx and edits done @K16 Studios Oslo In addition to plenty of artists who have featured on Full Pupp down the years - Andre Bratten, Blackbelt Andersen and Oyvind Morken - Thomas's production sparing partner Lindstrom also appears. The label boss is on hand to chip in an original cut ("Alpha Tanga Lama"), an edit of Skatebard and a Diskomix of Mental Overdrive's "Spooks."

      Before writing this review I took the time to go the extra mile and do a little additional research (I am a pro you know) to try and find out what the Norwegian for 'Kosmische' is. It turns out that the phrase I was looking for was in fact Prins Thomas! It's album number three, or should I say 'III' for the Full Pupp boss, and he's managed to somehow improve on an already flawless career. In his own words, this album fits between 2009’s "Prins Thomas" and 2012’s "II", combining the organic approach of the former, and the midi sequencing of the latter. The result is 11 tracks of warm and textured kosmische grooves perfect for sofa based space exploration. On opening track "Hans Majestet" that familiar bounce and lilt, ever present on "II", returns, this time brought to a pinnacle with a gloriously expansive chord progression. From there, Thomas pilots our journey through echo drenched space rock ("2000 Lysår Fra Morellveien" and "Enmannsrock"), motorik builders ("Kameleon", "Luftspeiling" and "Trans") and gorgeous ambient bathers ("Oase", which is as good as anything on Eno's "Another Green World"). "Arabisk Natt (Dub)" updates the exotic groove of "Turkish Delight" from the first Lindstrom and Prins Thomas album, pairing the organic and synthetic perfectly for a stoned boogie. Hermansen augments his usual melodies and sequences with a couple of Kraftwerkian motifs, and fleshes out the sonic space perfectly with an expressionist's palette of synth bleeps, echo fx and phasing. Unbelievably, after ten years in the business, it seems like Prins Thomas is just getting started.


      Patrick says: It's album number 'III' for the Full Pupp boss and somehow he's managed to improve on an already flawless career, combining the organic approach of his début and the midi sequencing of its follow up for eleven kosmische grooves perfect for sofa based space exploration. On opening track "Hans Majestet" that familiar bounce and lilt, ever present on "II", returns, this time brought to a pinnacle with a gloriously expansive chord progression. From there, Thomas pilots a journey through echo drenched space rock, driving motorik and gorgeous ambience, taking a brief detour here and there for a stoned boogie. Hermansen augments his usual melodies and sequences with a couple of Kraftwerkian motifs, and fleshes out the sonic space perfectly with an expressionist's palette of synth bleeps, echo and phasing. Unbelievably, after 10 years in the business, it seems like Prins Thomas is just getting started.


      Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

      There's something in the water in Oslo (or Otown to those in the know) at the moment, and I'm fairly sure it's acid. Following Prins Thomas and Blackbelt Andersn's recent squigle ridden releases comes this oddball slice of viking rave from Øyvind Morken. "Kakemonsteret" is the production debut from the longtime Otown DJ (you see...) and Luna Flicks boss, and sees him in fine form, endlessly working a riff right across the frequencies while stiff machine beats go on. This is one of those endlessly buidling 6:54 minute-long Oslonatic rave monsters that we've been spoilt with of late, and this one's taken its dose from just as potent a brew as the others! On the B-side, "Gikk Av På Holmlia" is made of the same stuff, rigid and driving drum machine beats and high resonance squiggles, but this time adds some phased keys circa 1993 to the mix. It seems that Øyvind's come up with the perfect recipe for pre-dawn euphoria. Finally Morken slows the pace down with "Når Bunnen Er Nådd", a chugging head nodder with a restless and playful acid bassline that wriggles and worms its way through the stereo field.

      Daniel “Blackbelt” Andersen has been active in the Norwegian dance music community for a number of years. The Blackbelt sound can be described as Juan Atkins jamming with Airto Moreira, with a bit of Larry Levan thrown in for good measure. Sparkling tech-tinted house meets cosmic disco is the order of the day here, with lush synth washes, arpeggiated keyboard lines, simple 4/4 beats and tripped-out vistas.

      A few words from Prins Thomas: 'The raw material which became “II” has the same DNA as Blackbelt’s debut. His ideas might lay around for 5-10 years before that crucial missing “middle part” pops out of nowhere (or in this instance: two old ideas gets combined into a new one) but essentially they all come out with the same colour, taste and smell… and they all sound like nothing but Blackbelt Andersen. Over a three month period in 2011 I invited Daniel into the mess that I call K16 Studios for a hectic but creative reworking of the material that he had piled up. The idea was to use Daniel’s tracks as templates and use whatever kind of tool we had at our disposal to colour in the white fields. Kalimbas, cheap old throwaway synths, guitar amps and effect boxes…'

      Todd Terje

      Eurodans / Italian Stallion

      Rumour has it that a friend of Terje asked him to produce the cheesiest, most obvious EuroDance tune possible, and once the extended Norway family (including the heads of Full Pupp) heard it they realised that it was essential this cut got a full release. This is pure non-stop grooving dancefloor pleasure, with a hook so uplifting it even left our own David 'Serious' Walker with a smile on his face! And if you would ever need to flip over (although we seriously doubt it) you'd find a Moroder-style pulsating monster in "Italian Stallion". A very, very late contender for record of the year (circa 2005)?


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