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    Second single taken from the critically acclaimed third album ‘Slow Focus’, featuring PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED track ‘Royal Flush’

    Four years on since they dropped 2009’s blistering Tarot Sport, Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power and Andrew Hung are back with their third LP Slow Focus. Brainfreeze is the seocnd single from this critically acclaimed new album.

    When Hung and Power get together a unique chemistry emerges and nothing else is allowed to interfere. As Power puts it: “The one fundamental rule remains: we are in the same room when we write. The rest is all fair game.” Fuck Buttons have never really stopped writing together in the time between albums. “The actual writing for Slow Focus began fairly soon after we stopped touring,” says Hung, with Power adding “If we've had any time off, it's been a few months, so though both albums might seem like two isolated events to everyone else, it doesn't seem as much so to us. They’re more like snapshots of an ever evolving mess.”

    Fuck Buttons latest opus is the first record they’ve produced themselves; it’s an album that attempts insular resonance. Using repetition to create hypnotic and suggestive states, Slow Focus veers ever more wildly between these parameters; a whole mood-shift taking place to darker, more turbulent evocations – something suggested as much in the album’s title.

    Fuck Buttons

    Slow Focus

      Four years after Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power and Andrew Hung dropped the second of two of the most unparalleled electronic-driven albums in recent memory, with the hyper-acceleration of 2009’s blistering Tarot Sport, the duo return with a new album Slow Focus, their first self-produced record, and one that looks set to re-shape the landscape of the leftfield all over again.

      Once again abiding by their fundamental rule that “we must always be in the same room when writing,” what Fuck Buttons have created on Slow Focus is something that feels more close-up than ever before, a first-person view through winding pathways set against a frequently aggressive and constantly evolving terrain. It’s an ominously shimmering mirage that could only have come from their own volition. “Slow Focus seemed like a very apt title when considering the sentiment of the music,” comments Benjamin John Power, “It almost feels like the moment your eyes take to readjust when waking, and realising you're in a very unusual and not a particularly welcoming place. We like to think that we create our own new landscapes, and with this it's a very alien one.”

      You could argue this is the first album where the pair have really gone all in, taking control right down to producing it at their own Space Mountain studio. “We've used producers as safety nets in the past,” says Andrew Hung, “but we've always had a very specific idea of what our music should sound like and so it became about following the logical path.”

      Between them, Fuck Buttons have been busy behind the scenes in the intermediate four years since Tarot Sport, but they were flung out into the perception of the global public last year when Danny Boyle opted to use their music in his breathtaking Olympics opening ceremony in London, after recommendations from techno veterans Underworld. Now they’re ready to face the limelight again in full, with a string of European festival dates coming up, including Primavera, Glastonbury and Green Man. It’s been a while since we heard from them, but Slow Focus looks set to further establish Fuck Buttons reputation as one of the most arresting electronic acts in the world today.


      1. Brainfreeze
      2. Year Of The Dog 
      3. The Red Wing 
      4. Sentients 
      5. Princes's Prize
      6. Stalker 
      7. Hidden Xs

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