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Christian Madden & The Enemy Chorus

The Extra Weight

    ‘Whatever Best Serves’ is a whirlwind rush of organ led instrumental soul from Christian Madden & The Enemy Chorus, an ensemble of friends and cohorts fronted by the founder member of The Earlies and keyboard player in Liam Gallagher’s band.

    The album is scorched with the psychedelic funk rock heat of Booker T and Brian Auger, the punchy brass arrangements of Chicago Transit Authority and Tower of Power, and the kosmische motorik wonders of Can, Cluster and Harmonia.

    “I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything he’s played” – Liam Gallagher.

    “The only other keyboard virtuoso who can hold a candle to Christian wears a cape and performs on ice sometimes, he’s great but I’d go for this chap everytime personally” – Marc Riley.


    Laura says: Super excited about this release from Piccadilly Records favourite keyboard wizard and friend of the shop Christian Madden.


    1. Freakish Bones
    2. Last In Line
    3. Bad Intent
    4. Athletico Talbot
    5. Whatever Best Serves
    6. The Cooling Stone
    7. Good Hunting
    8. All Five Chambers
    9. The Extra Weight
    10. The Backstop
    11. Moved To Wrath

    Floating World Pictures

    The Twenty-three Views

      Floating World Pictures is made up of Chestnutt, a founding member of Snapped Ankles, and Raimund Wong, a sound artist most recognised for his graphic work for International Anthem, TRC and Church of Sound.

      ‘The Twenty-three Views’ was written, mixed and produced by the pair at Total Refreshment Centre; their improvised explorations celebrate and embrace the collaborations of TRC and a wider independent network.

      Album features Alabaster DePlume, Charles Prest and Kamal Rasool (Flamingods), Clémentine March and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming).


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      Fairbairn’s Floating World 
      Bura Boro
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