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Strata-Gemma's eponymous debut album is set to provide a soundtrack to 2018.

The trio hail from Modena, the Northern Italian motor city. As with the Ferrari and Maserati cars that are designed and manufactured in Modena, Strata-Gemma produce a music of beautiful symmetry.

Strata-Gemma create jazz for the head, the heart and the body. Their sound is shaped by the ambient adventures Miles Davis and Ron Carter engaged in alongside the electronic pulse Mo' Wax and Ninja Tune carved out of clubland. Add to this a touch of Nino Rota's Fellini film scores, employ a pinch of Balkan and klezmer brass arrangements, and you have an instrumental trio who create music so fresh it stimulates the senses.

Strata-Gemma are a collaboration between Billy Bogus, Luca Cacciatore and Andrea Moretti. The trio first took shape as a club jam between DJs and musicians. Their ability to create atmospheric music, pulsing with rhythm but never solely reliant on beats, music that breaks free and explores sonic possibilities, quickly won notice and lead to the trio playing their freeform music in clubs, music venues and festivals across Italy.

Strata-Gemma consist of producer Niccolò Bruni (aka Billy Bogus), horns player Luca Cacciatore; double bassist Andrea Moretti. Bruni is a DJ, producer and founder of Pizzico Records. Over the past two decades he has striven to mix jazz, beats, soundtracks and funk. Coming together with Luca and Andrea allowed Bruni to explore a vision of post-club jazz that is as rich as Modena's food and as elegant as Modena's cars. Strata-Gemma create a sensual sonic storm, music to be savoured and explored, the opposite of much of today's fast-food music.

Lorenzo Bandiera, the London-based Italian founder of Fly By Night Music, heard a Strata-Gemma demo via friends and was immediately impressed. "I thought 'this is great!", he says. "Music as strong as this can't be ignored. I'm excited about releasing Strata-Gemma."

Mr Macdonald

East Dry River

In 1979, the critically acclaimed Ralph MacDonald (co-writer of "Just The Two Of Us" with Bill Withers) released his third LP via Marlin Records. Though the reception for the album was mixed, it did play host to a sublime soul-jazz highlight, the stunning "East Dry River". Thirty years later, and just in time for the arrival of summer, Fly By Night Music's Calypso weighs in with a fitting edit, respecting and maintaining the original beauty of the track, while adding spaced out fx, a hint of echo and a little extra percussive oomph to create a soulful floor filler par excellence. Someone pack the suncream, this party's going outside...


Patrick says: DJ Alert!!! Special one sided tackle here, with Fly By Night's Calyspo applying the subtle edit pressure to Bill Withers collaborator Ralph MacDonald. Understated but effective percussion, tender keys and tropical synth work make this a total Soul-jazz stormer. One for Danuka I reckon!

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