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Aztec Code - Inc. Eva Geist & Mehmet Aslan Remix

Keen eared selectors, producers and lifelong music men Mehmet Aslan and Miajica (from Alma Negra) continue to look far and wide on the search for audio excitement, finding themselves in the company of Lithuania's foremost voodoo disco practitioner for their sixth release. With Piccadilly approved power-platters already out there on Bahnsteig 23 and Le Temps Perdu, Pletnev keeps the momentum going and gives us a lesson in spooked out ritual funk on A1 offering "Aztec Code". Boasting the kind of bumping backbeat that makes me wanna shed three stone and sprint to the lino, this low slung and limber bomb rocks the rainforest with haunting synth leads, an infectious motif that sounds like it's played on human bones and the requisite amount of ethno chanting. On the flip side "Daywalker" is an undead acid assault with haunting hooks, occasional tabla and a gliding electro-disco bassline. The B2 sees Eva Geist and Mehmet Aslan get their hands on the stems, only furthering the synth seance vibe with an eerie kosmische-house roller at slow and low Dusseldorf tempo.

Eva Geist

Blumareciano EP - Inc. San Proper Remix

On this killer 12" from the Fleeting Wax camp, we get a duo of percussive electronic workouts, nicely sandwiching the San Proper remix on the a-side. Blumareciano kicks things off with a staggered aquatic arpeggio, slowly morphing into the grounding for the insistent percussion and sidechained ambience, whilst the San Proper remix takes this percussion and puts it to work providing a reverbed backbone to the scattered vocal snippets and phased hi-hats, lending a much more driven air to the previously dreamlike iteration. 

'Begum' hinges on a much more palpable bassy backline, where Kreidler-esque trebly bass rolls meet headfirst withsyncopated snapping snare echoes and rainforest toms strobing through the stereo field. Killer hypnotic synthwork. 


Barry says: Percussive but relenting, this is a superbly balanced and impeccably produced slice of neo-gothic electronics and shadowy cosmic melodies. Brilliant.

Fleeting Wax hits its third release with this bout of sinister, sleek disco for the darker dancefloor that finds Bucharest-based duo Valeriu Borcos and Eduard Gabia getting remixed from a strong cast of characters. The ever prolific Khidja is up first, turning "Choose Your Colour Gypsy Dark" into a brooding, almost-rocking affair with an irresistible noirish tint to it. The label heads then get busy with a version that ups the arpeggios in a nod to Italo amidst plenty of dubby FX, before Mehmet Aslan stretches out across the B-side with a more yearning version that lets a little light in on the situation. It's a diverse, potent bag of versions that do credit to the original while saying something new as well.

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