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The Copperpot Journals


    The full length debut from The Copperpot Journals more than realises the potential shown by their excellent mini-LP "Plotting To Kill Your Friends"; the sound has been distilled and polarised and is more tightly focused; the quieter parts are quieter, the song structures more complex and the production sharper, to leave you with what is a very impressive opening salvo from the Leicester foursome.

    Jerry Built


      KKKK review in Kerrang for Jerry Built with their catchy as hell songs, great harmonies and now signed to the excellent Firefly label. If you're a fan of The Get Up Kids or a lot of that Vagrant sound then Jerry Built will be the band for you. Along with the Copperpot Journals they are set to become one of the best new British bands around.

      Kids Near Water

      !Hey Zeus!

        A defo contender for emo / post-hardcore album of the year this is a stunning full length follow up to their two cracking mini albums. A hectic last twelve months saw the band garner glowing reviews, tour Britain with the likes of The Movielife and Sum 41 and play a storming set on the Concrete Jungle stage at Reading. "!Hey Zeus!" tops all that with its exciting mix of hard edged spiky guitar and caustic vocals.


        Dark Adapted Eye

          Otherwise released one of the original three CDs on Firefly back in Jan 2001 and since then they've been busy taking their distinctive brand of emo around the UK and Europe impressing audiences all the way. It's honest uncomplicated and typical of the high standard people expect from the Firefly label.

          The Copperpot Journels

          Plotting To Kill Your Friends

            The Copperpot Journels may be a daft name for a band but these lads are another great find for the Firefly Recordings label, joining the likes of Scuttle, Sunfactor and Travis Cut in making some of the best UK emo around. Now with their own clearly defined sound they're a new band well worth discovering. (Despite the name)


            Oh Tahoe

              Beezewax with their second album take a huge step forward - "Oh Tahoe" is a cracker. A big sound including organ, trumpet and even glockenspiels to further augment and enrich their pop sensibilities. It's top quality emocore not to be missed.

              Scuttle / Second Rate

              Split CD

                Brighton's Scuttle are proving to be a really good little band and their five tracks on this split CD with France's Second Rate are truly memorable. Second Rate have built up a devoted fan-base thanks to extensive touring throughout France and great support and reviews from the French Rock press. Influenced by Hot Water Music and Grade the band were seen for the first time in the UK supporting Garrison on their recent tour.

                Dead Inside


                  Dead Inside have an utterly inappropriate name for there is nothing cold, dead or soulless about this band. Their real beauty is the ability to mix the screamo vocals of ex-Hard To Swallow vocalist Bloody Kev with guitarists Paul and Scott's more keen ear for melody from their days in pop-punk bands like Broccoli and Annalise. Imagine the ferocity of Black Flag combined with the discordant guitar abuse of Fugazi and you're still not close. Quite simply, this is the best new hardcore band in the UK.

                  Kids Near Water

                  There Is No I In Team

                    The last ten months have seen the band go from only having done a handful of shows to being the subject of Kerrang, NME, Rocksound and Big Cheese articles, interviews and Radio One plays and a track on the Fierce Panda "Go" EP, (featured here in a re-recorded form), a sell-out tour with Elliott and well received slots at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. The new EP showcases their developing sound, brilliantly captured by Snuff / Therapy / PJ Harvey producer Head and featuring live favourites "Anniversary" and "Distance Over Time". It is further proof, if any was needed, that this Exeter post hardcore crew are amongst the leading lights of the nu-rock renaissance in this country there is no excuse - get it!!!!!!


                    Feels A Lot Better

                      Gameface have been making quality emocore records for ten years now and this little EP is an exclusive UK release on Firefly to coincide with their forthcoming UK tour and it will satiate the many Gameface junkies out there whilst they wait for the next LP. The lead track is a cover of Elvis Costello's "Everyday I Write the Book" given the inimitable Gameface treatment.

                      Kids Near Water

                      Extended Player One

                        Kids Near Water are kicking up a serious storm for such a new band. Formed in April 2000 from the remnants of two Exeter bands, Clinch and Cameron, they seem destined to surpass both of those bands easily with their intense, tough brand of emo-core. This 5 track mini album is an ideal taster to get into a band that's real quality.


                        September's Gone

                          Follow up to the critically acclaimed "First In Third" album released on Them's Good in Sept 99, this band are beginning to find their own sound. Supported Gameface recently in the UK and this 5 track mini album has all the hallmarks of top quality emocore.

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