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Niiiice, full length 12" extended remixes of this stone cold Italian boogie classic. Much like the recent Salsoul Edits series, each track is given a whole side of viny for maximum fidelity and head room meaning this is especially suited to DJ / club use.

Before Italo-disco became a sound in its own right, Italian musicians and producers tended to stick closer to the original American disco blueprint, delivering minimal tweaks to suit local audiences. That resulted in a few Italian disco acts scoring worldwide hits, with Firefly's 1981 cut 'Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side' being one of the biggest of all. This essential package features four fresh remixes. Ben Liebrand leads the way with an insanely percussive, drum-heavy version that wisely makes more of the original's slap-bass and piano stabs, before Dave Lee turns it into a rolling, synth-heavy nu-boogie roller. Michael Gray's take is a cheery disco-house number, while Moplen's epic revision is a perfect fusion of peak-time disco cheeriness and dubbed-out early morning headiness.


Side 1
1. Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) (Ben Liebrand Love Remix) (7:27)
Side 2
1. Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) (Dave Lee Emergency Remix) (9:43)
Side 3
1. Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) (Michael Gray Remix) (9:21)
Side 4
1. Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) (Luca Moplen Remix) (8:15)

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