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DeFeKT & Extrawelt

Field Day / Off Planet

Feel My Bicep steps it onto its next release with the debut of two established acts, linking up for the first time. DeFeKT and Extrawelt combine their formidable talent and years in the game to bring us a two-tracker entitled “Field Day”.

DeFeKT (AKA Matthew Flanaghan) has been putting out his hardware-heavy productions for 10 years now, dropping releases on an array of respected labels including Omnidisc, Boysnoize, Acid Avengers, Komisch and Convex. Known for his high quality production and ability to create havoc on the dancefloor, he previously appeared on Feel My Bicep with a rework of Cromby’s “Retribution”.

Meanwhile, German duo Extrawelt have production credits dating back almost 20 years with their first tracks released in 2001 under the alias Midi Miliz. The Extrawelt moniker was adopted in 2005 and they’ve been producing and performing under the name ever since, with an exhaustive list of club and festivals appearances plus an extensive catalogue of releases, including four albums.

From Bicep themselves ‘We've always been massive fans of Extrawelt, fondly remembering Soopertrack being hammered by Sven back in the mid 2000s. Matthew, who we're good pals with told us he'd been jamming with them and sent over the demos. Signed it pretty much there and then! Don't think we need to explain much more, both absolute weapons that capture that era of our early clubbing memories perfectly.’


Matt says: Heavily electronic leaning tracks that'll warm up the tops mids and bottoms of any self respecting big rig quiiiiite nicely.

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