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Blaze Of Light

    The Family Silver will release an exclusive six-track mini album, Blaze of Light, with dynamic and uncompromising new record label Monks Road, to coincide with U.K dates and ahead of a tour in spring 2018 . 

    The band comprises a trio of highly respected and accomplished British musicians, including master drummer Steve White (The Style Council, Paul Weller, Jon Lord, The Who), Matt Deighton on guitar and vocals (Mother Earth, Brian Auger, Chris Difford, Paul Weller, Bill Fay and Oasis) and bassist Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, Richard Ashcroft, The Who). 

    With a classic British sound, The Family Silver has a depth of knowledge, talent and experience that spans a generation of the nation’s favourite music. Despite a pedigree and history second to none, the band choose firmly to concentrate their music in the present, forging a sound both new and comparable to some of the UK’s greatest bands. 

    The eagerly-awaited new EP follows on from the successful and critically acclaimed 2015 release Electric blend , the new record will be available digitally and via Brighton based distribution company Republic of Music on the 19th January 2018 , all of the tacks were written by the band and “ It comes in waves “ features the legendary Steve Nieve on keyboards . 

    Steve White, drummer extraordinaire, is a bona fide legend when it comes to creating and collaborating with great musicians. 

    Steve says, “The latest EP is a powerful and confident exploration of melody, rhythm and the art of the song. I’m really lucky to be working alongside fellow experienced, yet forward thinking musicians, in the current music scene. 

    “We are all incredibly excited about our music and how, after all this time in the business, we have come together and collaborated with years’ of experience to create something new and original. 

    “It’s stripped back, live music at its best and we can’t wait to start touring the UK at the end of November 2017 and finish our second album, which is due to be released mid-2018.”

    The Family Silver – a new band with a classic sound, release their debut album on 6th November on Privilege Records (distributed worldwide by Republic of Music). Founded by three of the UK’s most influential and highly respected musicians, The Family Silver comprises Matt Deighton (Mother Earth, Paul Weller, Oasis and BillFay) on guitar and vocals, bassist Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, Richard Ashcroft, The Who) and master drummer Steve White (Style council, Paul Weller, Ian Dury and Jon Lord). ‘Electric Blend’ features 12 superbly crafted original songs delivered with the entire musical prowess you’d expect from three musicians who have made a significant contribution to British popular music over the past 30 years.

    The album has been compared to the very best of what these musicians have achieved with the refreshing return of classic British songwriting, ‘tempered with space and dimension as a meticulously put together tract of sound in an age when class-A playing is often overlooked’ (Jason Holmes, Huffington Post) Coming together to take centre stage at last, The Family Silver have drawn upon and garnered their talent, top-flight pasts and experiences to make a record that serves as a reminder of what today’s music scene is missing. However, they have also hatched a novel plan that has seen the modern medium of crowd funding empower them with full creative control and a route to market that engages with existing and attracts new music fans directly.

    Steve White explains, “This all came about when a friend of mine who runs a building firm in south-east London told me that he was looking to do some altruistic stuff. He was interested in financing the recording of the album and there wasn't any point wasting time going through a conventional record company. You have to work out new ways of engaging with fans, and we chose the PledgeMusic platform that has helped raise the necessary finance for pre-sale, marketing and promotion."

    It’s a strategy that has paid off, with The Family Silver achieving 140% of their original funding target – and it’s still growing, along with the band’s plans to work outside of the box using new ways to present and promote their music both live and on record. ‘Electric Blend’ has been co-written and includes some Matt Deighton compositions, such as ‘Overshadowed’, described as ‘a soaring piece of folk-rock that has you wondering why music like this has disappeared from the airwaves.’ "I haven't been in a situation like this for 15 years," says Matt. "This album is greater than the sum of its parts. Steve and Damon have brought all their experience to it and have transformed my expectations." Steve White concludes, "Electric Blend is a body of work, and a very traditional one. Like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin once did at the rockier end of the spectrum – when they'd make a record and say to the paying public, make of it what you will - that's the spirit in which we made the album." The only difference is we’ve chosen a very modern way of bringing it to market.

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