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"Synth Soundtrack" is a re-work of "Sick Soundtrack", the first album by Gaznevada, the legendary new wave / no wave / rock / dance / punk / Italo band of the 70s-80s.
The "Sick Soundtrack" multitrack no longer exists, it was lost many years ago: no multitrack no remixes. And, in fact, "Synth Soundtrack" is NOT a remix.

No possibility of removing or correcting sounds, synthesizers, rhythms, it was only possible to add. Basically today's Gaznevada played together with original Gaznevada. A time machine jam session. A kind of techno-musical psychoanalysis. "Synth Soundtrack" moves away from Sick Soundtrcak to take its own original path.

It's got a deep throb, robotic rhythms, dead pan vox strewn across the mix and a seriously x-rated coital energy throughout! Recommended! 


A01 - Nevada Gaz
A02 - Going Underground
A03 - Japanese Girl
A04 - Shock Antistatico
A05 - Pordenone Ufo Attack
B01 - Tij-u-wan
B02 - Oil Tubes
B03 - Nightmare Telegraph
B04 - Walkin Talkin
B05 - Now I Want To Kill

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