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"Per/son/alien" is the The Antikaroshi's way of telling stories by using only fragments or short lyrics. Having grown up in the East German Punk & Hardcore underground and raised by direct in-your-face lyrics, with subtleties not to stir up governmental attention, The Antikaroshi try to figure out where they stand now – over 20 years later. Approaching this culture and their music with the knowledge of these circumstances, The Antikaroshi admit that whatever is created will be just a trace - the bit within the byte. So the three-piece delivers an album full of struggles, inner conflict and uncompromising emotion. The sound is deeply rooted in post-rock back and the DC Punk/ Hardcore explosion in the 90s.

Bombee didn't rise from the ashes of Volt and but is a complementary outlet for Boris Kaiser (ex-Volt drummer and cajon & keys in Bombee) and Roeder (bass in & Celan and acoustic guitar in Bombee) to lay focus. With the addition of Alexandre DeFlandre and Markus Altmann on cello, Bombee take the challenge of sparse instrumentation leading into suspense and intensity.

With two albums already under their belt they now have found their path. "Black Keys" can be classified as effort by a band that has found what they were looking for in the creation of this record. Joined by Hannah Murray (Ex-A Whisper In The Noise - and Wive) on two songs, "Black Keys" is an acoustic compendium of the highest-quality soulfulness.

For Fans Of: Bonnie Prince Billie, Scott Kelly, Johnny Cash, Son Volt, Tim Buckley.

Following their departure from A Whisper in the Noise at the end of 2008, drummer/programmer Matt Irwin and violinist Hannah Murray had begun talk of a new project. With much enthusiasm, the project that was to become Wive slowly began to unfold. The music of Wive pulls from and fuses together a broad range of musical elements including, classical composition, electronic/glitch, melodic pop nostalgia and minimalist sensibilities. "Pvll" became an abstract inspection of the commodification of reality, belief, and humans. A critical stab at the supremacy of ownership of things one cannot own. Quickly swinging from piano-lead waltzes to massive synth washes to straight-ahead melodic hooks, Wive creates an aesthetic that is both sombre and hopeful.

Matt called on long time friend and music/art collaborator Isaac Everhart with the proposition of working out a few tracks, and using these as the basis, Isaac quickly returned with numerous rough demos and work began. Dustin Marks was enlisted to helm the faders and sliders for the recording process, as well as to contribute additional guitar work. Rounding out the players was Matt's wife, Meghan Irwin, who would handle second vocal duties as well as piano and synths.

The recording itself took place in various living rooms, basements, garages and closets in several locations as time, space, and temperature would allow. Utilising the internet to bridge the ninety mile gap between Matt & Meghan's rural farm town and the rest of the Wive members in Minneapolis, MN, compositions were relayed back and forth to be honed, refined, dismissed or created and then polished in a live room.


CD Info: This album will be released as CD in a 6 panel Digi File and as limited first run (1000 copies) in a handprinted cotton bag.

Paris' We Insist! are finally set to release their long awaited follow-up to 2007's critically acclaimed album "OH! Things Are So Corruptible" on Exile On Mainstream Records. "The Babel Inside Was Terrible" is an album electric and sharp, encompassing more grief and darkness than ever before and proclaimed in an even clearer and powerful sound. Impossible to pigeonhole, they have seen comparisons to the likes of Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, At The Drive-In, Primus, King Crimson and bands of legendary label Dischord. We Insist! again manage to draw influences from a vast ocean of musical styles including Rock, Noise, Free Jazz, Avant-garde, Psychedelic, Math-Rock, Punk and Metal.

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