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The Big Moon

Here Is Everything

    THEMES: Motherhood, parenthood, birth, lockdown, friendships, love.

    The last time you heard them it was welcoming the release of their dazzling second album, Walking Like We Do, back in January 2020, when life was very different to how it is now. That was a coming-of-age record, bold songs for Saturday nights and sad songs for Sunday mornings. So much has changed, continues to change, and promises to change some more. And in this world of constant change, we yearn for the familiarity of a constant. Thankfully, one constant remains the unique, jubilant, unassailable bond that sews this brilliant London band together and what that does for their music, too. Another such constant is their collective ear for melody and knack for writing smart, sharp, and infectious indie-pop knockouts.

    Like so many records landing in store and on streaming services right now, Here Is Everything was conceived during the weight and worry of lockdown in a pandemic. Worlds were turned upside down and inside out. Lives became seismically different, whilst every day a carbon copy of the last. So, whilst Covid pulled the duvet tightly up over our heads and sat on it whilst we muffle-screamed that we could not breathe, it was also the unlikely backdrop to welcoming new life. Vocalist Juliette Jackson might have started lockdown teaching fans how to play guitar on Zoom to help pay the rent (including, to her eternal bemusement, one Courtney Love), she ended it as mother to a super little human being.

    Here is Everything documents the arrival of that fragile but mighty baby in real time, and the excitement and fear felt by this fragile but mighty mother. Meanwhile, the rest of the band doubled-down in the studio, taking Jules’ embryonic song frameworks and stepping forward as one, revelling in an innate, giddy togetherness and with a clutch of genuinely fantastic tunes.

    The record is introduced today by Wide Eyes, a pure, uplifting song of collective jubilance. It sounds like a band in the form of their lives, having the time of their lives, and against all the odds. It sounds instantly like The Big Moon whilst sounding unlike any of the music that’s gone before it.

    Here Is Everything was mostly self-produced, with the expert guidance and expertise of Adam Cecil Bartlett (Self Esteem, Jehnny Beth, PJ Harvey) and the Grammy Award winning producer Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deer Hunter, and the producer of Walking Like We Do).


    1. 2 Lines
    2. Wide Eyes
    3. Daydreaming
    4. This Love
    5. Sucker Punch
    6. My Very Best
    7. Ladye Bay
    8. Trouble
    9. High & Low
    10. Magic
    11. Satellites

    Pip Millett

    When Everything Is Better, I'll Let You Know

      As NuNorthern Soul gets ready to celebrate its tenth birthday, it seems fitting that the label’s next album release comes from Coyote, whose impact on the 21st century Balearic scene has arguably been even more significant than that of Phil Cooper’s Ibiza-based imprint.

      Timm Sure and Ampo barely stray away from the label they founded in 2006, Is It Balearic?, and their decision to hand over their seventh album to NuNorthern Soul is testament to the high regard in which they hold the imprint. The feeling is mutual, with Cooper being a long-time supporter of the Nottingham-based duo’s work and their label’s carefully curated releases.

      Everything Moves, Nothing Rests is classic Coyote. Musically varied but tied together by a distinctively warm, dreamy and tactile trademark sound, it contains numerous subtle references to musical and cultural themes that have long been an under-reported feature of their work (the title, for example, is a reference to the 7 Hermetic Principles outlined in ancient Greek text The Kybalion, a work that has long fascinated the duo).

      Those familiar with the pair’s output will feel right at home. A rich, loved-up musical tapestry rich in drifting chords, dubby basslines, echoing vocal snippets, languid instrumentation, colourful synthesizer motifs and relaxed beats, the album’s multitude of sonic highlights come together to create a coherent musical voyage that seems to reveal new audio details with each successive listen.

      And what highlights. There’s opener ‘Free To Choose’, where aural textures reminiscent of vintage Italian dream house tracks rub shoulders with echoing spoken word vocals, cascading synth solos and flashes of acoustic guitar atop a head-nodding groove, the Flamenco-dub shuffle of ‘Freya’s Song’, and the yearning lament of ‘Nothing Rests’, whose lilting trumpet solos, swirling chords, tumbling Marimba melodies and infectious drums sound like a sunrise soundtrack in waiting.

      The quality doesn’t stop there, either. Many will gravitate towards the subtly psychedelic electronics, weighty acid bass and evocative ambient house chords of ‘Vine of the Soul’, and ‘Fullness’, whose atmospheric synth strings, sampled spoken word vocals, slow-motion grooves and deep bass are the aural equivalent of a tender embrace. Then there’s ‘Writing on Water’, a rushing, ever-building dancefloor excursion in which spine-tingling piano motifs, life-affirming strings and waves of kaleidoscopic synthesizer sounds lap around a dubby house groove. It provides a stunning conclusion to a fittingly evocative album from Nottingham’s Balearic masters.


      A1. Free To Choose
      A2. Freya's Song
      A3. The Fullness
      B1. Vine Of The Soul
      B2. Nothing Rests
      B3. Writing On Water


      Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More

        Esmerine presents Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More, its first album in five years, following a celebrated run of Juno Award winning and nominated records throughout the preceding decade. Founded by ex-Godspeed You! Black Emperor percussionist Bruce Cawdron and cellist Rebecca Foon (Saltland, Silver Mt Zion, Set Fire To Flames), the acclaimed instrumental music ensemble and has long embroidered emotive chamber works using threads of post-classical, post-rock, Minimalism, neo-Baroque, jazz, pop and a wide array of folk traditions. Esmerine conjures a distinctive and immediately identifiable sound that consistently defies the trappings of “fusion”, forging emotive cinematic soundtracks under the overriding sonic sensibilities of postpunk grit, Wall-of-Sound, drone and dark ambient. Recorded by longtime co-producer Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes), the new album manifestly carries on in this fine tradition. Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More completes Esmerine’s “Anthropocene” triptych: a series of album-length meditations that began in 2015. The album title itself has minor meme status in eco-artistic circles, appropriated from its original context Alex Yurchak’s 2005 book about the collapse of Soviet Russia by several exhibitions and works interrogating artistic production in the age of environmental crisis. (Foon is also well-known for her climate activism as co-founder of Pathway To Paris.)

        The album grapples with existential tensions between atmosphere and airlessness, seclusion and claustrophobia, forbearance and satiation, scarcity and abundance; it is one of Esmerine’s most restrained and wistful works. Instrumental densities ebb and flow, melding into each other with gauzy timbral warmth, sometimes tracing fleeting tendrils outwards, but always rotating around the saturnine gravitational force of a darkly glowing sonic center. Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More is like a somber forest lit by a closely-orbiting opalescent planet; it could be the alternate score to Von Trier’s Melancholia or Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

        Esmerine planted these compositional seeds before pandemic rooted everyone in place, under the auspices of a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts and a 2019 residency at Le Château de Monthelon in France. Lasek then began documenting the band between lockdowns in various stripped-down configurations with spartan remote equipment at the rural Québec homesteads of Cawdron and Foon, culminating in final sessions at Foon’s converted barn in summer/fall 2021, notably with extensive use of the barn’s resonant acoustic piano. Brian Sanderson appears on his fourth Esmerine album since joining in 2012, continuing to expand the ensemble’s ethnomusicological sensibility and melodic sound palette with guitars, ngoni, ekonting, hulusi, and brass horns of all sorts. Everything Was Forever… also signals the full integration of bassist Philippe Charbonneau, who joined Esmerine as a touring member pre-pandemic and plays throughout the new album, along with sound design contributions via synth, tape echo and other processing. Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More features the pandemic collage artwork of Maciek Sczcerbowksi, in a second Esmerine album art collaboration following their Juno award for Album Package of the Year for Lost Voices in 2015


        A1 Blackout
        A2 Entropy – Incantation / Radiance / The Wild Sea
        A3 Entropy – Acquiescence A4 Hymn For Rob
        B1 Imaginary Pasts
        B2 Fractals For Any Tonality
        B3 Foxtails & Fireflies
        B4 Wakesleep
        B5 Number Stations

        Dolly Mixture

        Everything And More

          Dolly mixture were as instrumental in the founding of indie-pop as Orange Juice and The Pastels. The Cambridge three-piece, comprising bassist/vocalist Debsey Wykes, guitarist Rachel Bor and drummer Hester Smith released just four singles, an EP and an album in their six-year life span; but they revealed a remarkable gift for songwriting and a keen sense of adventure and set the template for every female indie band since.

          The third single from Dolly Mixture is a perfect mod-pop affair. Co- produced by Captain Sensible and originally released on Paul Weller's Respond label.


          Side A
          Everything And More
          Side B
          You And Me On The Sea Shore

          Imperfect Stranger

          Everything Wrong Is Right

            Imperfect Stranger is the pseudonym of Glasgow based soundtrack composer and producer Kenny Inglis. “Everything Wrong is Right” is his debut solo album for Castles in Space.

            Born in 1975, Kenny didn't listen to much music, unless it was the opening credits to a TV show or a film score that had caught his ear. "I loved the pre-title music on a lot of those 80's U.S. TV shows. From the family orientated stuff like The A-Team, to darker dramas such as The Equalizer. My mother would let me stay up to watch the opening sequence of the latter then send me to bed because the story would be too heavy for a kid. That left me with this hanging sense of ambiguity as to what would happen in that hour after the titles came up.”

            Exposure to a work colleague’s tiny project studio in a kitchen cupboard was a lightbulb moment for him and the experience of utilising music technology as a way of writing and producing entire tracks stirred a wave of determination to chase a career in music using the opportunities that technology could offer. Kenny figured the best way to move forward was to start a small project studio and learn his craft as a recording engineer. "It was a bit of a shock to the system. I literally had no idea how to work any of the equipment. Kenny focused on learning as much about the craft as he could whilst winging his way through recording and mixing everyone from the likes of singer/songwriters to bands, to voiceovers artists and anything in between. "Eventually, I stopped writing the music I thought people would want to hear, and started writing the music I wanted to make. I didn't come from a music loving background, but I was always obsessed by the way music and film would interact - how music brings this atmosphere and tone to even the most mundane visual stuff. I wanted to capture that. I wanted to grab some of that ambiguity I felt from the TV shows of my childhood and make it into a project of some sort". That project was Spylab. A dark, downtempo project with a cinematic edge. The initial demo consisted of three tracks, with the melancholic 'This Utopia' leading the playlist.

            "At the time you did demos on normal cassette tapes. I remember having this endless battle with the bias control to try and get the best sound I could on these little tapes. Ten went in the post one Monday morning, and the following Monday there were three offers from three different labels. Studio K7 were interested in a singles deal, as was Flying Rhino in London. But then there was an offer from a Chicago based label by the name of Guidance Recordings. They wanted an album, and were offering a $15,000 advance. It wasn't a difficult decision to make"

            Writing and recording Spylab 'This Utopia' began in 1999. The album took a whole year to produce. The album was to catch the attention of Mary Anne Hobbs at Radio One. At the time Mary Anne was presenting The Breezeblock - a late Sunday night show with an eclectic playlist of alternative electronic music. Picking out the album's title track 'This Utopia', Mary Anne would go on to play it no less than 8 weeks in a row. A request for Spylab to DJ on the show was to follow. "I had never DJ'd before. I think I had a week to figure out how to do that and put a playlist together. I'm not entirely sure how I pulled that off.” In March 2001 the Spylab album was finally released to a hoard of excellent reviews. A North American live tour would follow. From the launch party in Los Angeles, to a sell out show at SXSW in Austin. "I then started a new project under the name Cinephile. It had some of the core elements of the Spylab sound but it was deeper, more cinematic.” Kenny received news that a track from the previous project Spylab had been requested by HBO for the first episode of a new TV drama called Six Feet Under. This was to become a major turning point in Kenny's career. The Spylab track 'Celluloid Hypnotic' dropped during a poignant party scene of the first Six Feet Under episode. Within a couple of days Kenny was getting requests for music from other music supervisors. "It was a chain reaction. The Six Feet Under sync was like the tip of an iceberg. One day I called CBS in America and they put me on to the CSI music supervisor and I managed to get on a call with him. I sent the Cinephile stuff out and within a few months I got this fax through from CBS - a quote request for one of the tracks for a potential use on CSI. It changed my life."

            The tone and style of Kenny's music sat perfectly with the CSI score requirements. So much so he found himself part of a pool of incidental writers who worked on all three aspects of the franchise - CSI, CSI: NY, and CSI: Miami. This would continue until 2013, when the last of the series would come to an end.

            "I was juggling a bunch of stuff for those ten years. Writing material for CSI, whilst releasing new Cinephile stuff and playing live. As Cinephile continued to gather pace, one of the tracks from Kenny's efforts on CSI was chosen for the Hollywood trailer for the Samuel L. Jackson film 'Lakeview Terrace'. Further trailers would follow, from Gangster Squad to Dead Man Down, Spike Lee's Undisputed Truth, to Fifty Shades Freed.

            At the same time, Kenny picked up his first factual commissions in the UK, and this too would be the beginning of a regular run of fully scoring factuals and documentaries. By 2021, six of these had won BAFTAs. He also would find himself soundtracking adverts for the likes of Nike, Audi, and American AirlinesIn early 2020, Kenny made a return to focusing on his own music under the pseudonym Imperfect Stranger. A tweet from Colin Morrison from Castles In Space regarding a charity compilation album 'The Isolation Tapes' caught his eye. Kenny had made a start on his debut album as Imperfect Stranger and submitted the track 'Hymn To The Sun' (which would become the lead track on the album). Further discussions ensued, and the album found a home on CiS. "I had been doing TV and film stuff for almost ten years. It paid the bills and was as close to a 'real job' as I'd had, but I yearned to get back to writing for myself, so doing an album for Castles in Space was a joy.

            “The music I write is like a diary. There's an authentic narrative to everything i do. I don't write tracks for the sake of writing. I write tracks to diarise and process the stuff that I've lived through, and the experiences that have come along with the passing years. That's what makes me tick. It's a very public and vulnerable way of expressing myself. If people want to know the real me, all they have to do is listen."

            Linda Ayupuka

            God Created Everything

              Pulsing electro-Fra Fra and DIY afro-gospel combine on God Created Everything, the debut album by Ghanaian singer Linda Ayupuka, forthcoming June 2022 on Mais Um.

              Reminiscent of recent releases by Otim Alpha (Nyege Nyege) and Ata Kak, God Created Everything captures the rawness and immediacy of early-career recordings from the likes of Oumou Sangaré and Rokia Traoré, and heralds a new West African vocal talent – Linda Ayupuka.

              Produced by Francis Ayamga, (King Ayisoba, This Is FraFra Power!), at his locally renowned Top Link Studio in Bongo, Northern Ghana, God Created Everything features eight highly charged exchanges of polyrhythmic dancefloor beats where Linda and Francis channel traditional Gurenɛ-language, Frafra ceremonial music with rapid fire tempos and hypnotic drum loops, referencing an international palette of dance styles from Malian DJ-led Balani Show street sound, electro-acholi to modern dancehall/RnB.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Daguna
              A2. Yine Faamam
              A3. Mandaana
              A4. Annebooy
              B1. Ndaana Yine Nogemam Me
              B2. Pege Nayine
              B3. Atiiwine Group
              B4. Fomallebazaa Feat. Faraday


              Every Moment, Everything You Need

                For Matthew Doty, Deserta has always been about exploring a sonic universe that allows him to express a kaleidoscope of emotions, without having to say much at all. Through a patchwork of reverb-tinged textures – drone guitars, lingering synths and driving percussion – the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist weaves together stories of care, frustration and catharsis that ultimately stretch to a gentle resolve.

                On new album Every Moment, Everything You Need, Doty chronicles the kind of year we all fear, full of uncertainty, tension and sustained pressure, and transforms it into a celebration of perseverance. It’s an essential reminder that we have the power to shape the stories we tell. The pandemic meant that Doty had to give up his studio and downsize a lot of his gear and instead, carve out a space in his two-bedroom apartment to craft the next chapter of Deserta.

                Sharing the space with his wife and son, Doty and his partner are also essential healthcare workers, which meant the couple would often have to tag-team childcare, along with 13-hour shifts in PPE and people constantly calling with questions about the ever changing guidelines and protocols. Once the blueprint for Every Moment, Everything You Need was set, Doty reached out to a number of collaborators to stitch together his vision for the sonic landscape.

                James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens, The National, Taylor Swift) came onboard to perform and record drums, while Caroline Lufkin (Mice Parade) wrote and performed vocals on the ethereal “Where Did You Go.” Elsewhere, the LP was mixed by Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, Mogwai, Interpol), with Beach House and Slowdive producer Chris Coady engineering and co-producing, making this the first time Fridmann and Coady had worked together on a project.

                While the vocals are more prominent than Deserta’s previous albums, it’s their amalgamation with the instrumental aspects that secures Every Moment, Everything You Need as Deserta’s most confident and assured release to date. An affecting emotional candor teamed with persistent riffs and tenacious rhythms sees Doty unafraid to dive deeper; an unrestrained approach that ushers in a lustrous purging of agitation and anxiety. Showcasing those dark, exhaustive thoughts through crucial swells and looped, electronic soundscapes, it’s an LP that’s infinitely layered, with something new to discover with each and every enchanting listen.

                TRACK LISTING

                01. Lost In The Weight
                02. I'm So Tired
                03. Where Did You Go
                04. Far From Over
                05. It's All A Memory
                06. A World Without
                07. Goodbye Vista
                08. Visions

                Nico Lahs Vs Tooli

                Everything Is Good / That Cowbell Track

                More dancefloor fuel from the unrelenting Local Talk. Italian powerhouse Nico Lahs usually glides smoothly between labels like Delusions Of Grandeur, Adeen and Rawax - working with house royalty Chez Damier - and keeps delivering top quality music. His contribution to this split 12" is the track “Everything Is Good”, one of those moments when everything (!) works just perfectly. A straight forward track that embraces loops and repetition with hints of HNNY's golden days. Pure sunshine and good vibes emanating from every orifice.

                On the flip Local Talk's very own Tooli moves through a series of moods and grooves with "That Cowbell Track", a cut which eases you deeper and deeper into the dance, with clever rhythmic programming and enveloping mid-range stabs. A dub that focuses on the cowbell (ina proper Danny Wang style..) is also added for our enjoyment and takes the track right to the carnival.

                A brilliantly musical offering from two titans which really grasp the spirit of modern deep house. Check! 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Pure deep house goodness here from the Local Talk camp. Nico Lahs with a loopy organic MPC jam, Tooli turns down the lights for the evening session with two takes on a killer theme. Don't sleep!

                TRACK LISTING

                A. Nico Lahs - Everything Is Good
                B1. Tooli - That Cowbell Track
                B2. Tooli - That Cowbell Track (Dub)

                Twice Mercury Prize nominated, 5 time Ivor Novello nominated and critically acclaimed, Everything Everything launch their new forthcoming studio album 'Raw Data Feel'.

                On Raw Data Feel, Everything Everything set about revolutionising modern pop music, with Higgs abandoning his own brain and letting technology do at least some of the thinking: feeding LinkedIn T&Cs, Beowulf, 4Chan forum text and the teachings of Confucius into A.I. automation processes and using its responses as a basis for the record's lyrics, song titles and artworking.

                This new phase is a rapturous return and - staying true to form - sees the band continue to push the ribbon on melody & rhythm with a heavy helping of electronic exploration.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: Everything Everything are back! This time taking the fruitful modern phenomena of AI generation and neural networks to produce some of the most effervescent and poppy productions we've heard from EE thus far. It's brilliantly surprising in parts, but so seamlessly put together that you can't fail to enjoy it. Sleek pop perfection.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Teletype
                2. I Want A Love Like This
                3. Bad Friday
                4. Pizza Boy
                5. Jennifer
                6. Metroland Is Burning
                7. Leviathan
                8. Shark Week
                9. Cut UP!
                10. HEX
                11. My Computer
                12. Kevin’s Car
                13. Born Under A Meteor
                14. Software Greatman

                Everything But The Girl

                Night And Day (40th Anniversary Edition) (RSD22 EDITION)


                  40th Anniversary of the Everything But The Girl classic Night And Day EP. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios for Record Store Day, this classic indie single is treated to a well-deserved and long-awaited 40th Anniversary release with the artwork revisited to honour the occasion.

                  The final William Stuckey release unfortunately did not make it on time for the man himself who sadly passed last year, with support of his family we are very happy to do this 45 justice.

                  The previously unreleased 'Everything That's Good In Life' A Very suitable unreleased track up there with his finest moments, it's got everything that would have made this a classic over the years and no doubt will make it a future classic for years to come, flipped with an alternate 7" Mix of 'Hold Me Close' this is a rock solid 45. You know what to do.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Everything That's Good In Life
                  2. Hold Me Close (7 Inch Mix)


                  Everything Was Beautiful

                    During lockdown last year, J Spaceman would walk through an empty “Roman London” where the world was “full of birdsong and strangeness”, trying to make sense of all the music playing in his head at the time. The mixers and mixes of his new record weren’t working out yet. Spaceman plays 16 different instruments on Everything Was Beautiful which was put down at 11 different studios, as well as at his home.

                    He also employed more than 30 musicians and singers including his daughter Poppy, long-time collaborator and friend John Coxon, string and brass sections, choirs and finger bells and chimes from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. Eventually the mixes got there and Everything Was Beautiful was achieved.

                    The result is some of the most “live” sounding recordings that Spiritualized have released since the Live At The Albert Hall record of 1998, around the time of Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: Mr. Spaceman returns for a new album, hot on the heels of those fervently snatched and much-requested reissues of the first four LP's. This time sees more orchestral beauty, both swooning and romantic but imbued with a melancholic edge, it's classic Spiritualized with a few hints of soulful Americana and brittle folk woven through the fabric. 'Crazy' is a particularly evocative highlight.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Always Together With You
                    2. Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)
                    3. Let It Bleed (For Iggy)
                    4. Crazy
                    5. The Mainline Song/The Lockdown Song
                    6. The A Song (Laid In Your Arms)
                    7. I’m Coming Home Again

                    The Weather Station

                    What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know - 2022 Reissue

                      2014 EP from The Weather Station now available worldwide from Fat Possum.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Don’t Understand
                      2. What Am I Going To Do
                      3. Seemed True
                      4. Soft Spoken Man
                      5. Time
                      6. Almost Careless

                      Sea Power

                      Everything Was Forever

                        Sea Power (formerly British) announce what will be their first new album in five years – Everything Was Forever. Their music has won them some remarkable admirers – Lou Reed, David Bowie and London's National Mari- time Museum. Indeed, the BSP fanbase now includes Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Peter Capaldi is a con- firmed BSP fan. "A band of stark originality," he wrote in his foreword for the reissue of the band's 2003 debut album, The Decline Of British Sea Power. "BSP's songs bring you the bite of the wind, the fury of the sea, and music that is simply exhilarating." Daniel Radcliffe has talked in detail about his plan to get a BSP tattoo (featuring the 2002 T-shirt slogan Bravery Already Exists). Benedict Cumberbatch is also an admirer of the band.

                        Supported by their ever loyal fans who have very generously crowd funded the making of the next studio LP, BSP were able to get through the ravages of Covid and are on course to release their 7th studio LP later in 2021 and hopefully get back on the road.

                        Fifteen years on from their first concert, British Sea Power continue to make bold, galvanising, idiosyncratic marks on the world. Race horses and massive ocean-going yachts have been named after the band. London's National Maritime Museum recently opened a new £35m exhibition wing. Visitors are greeted by huge, sculpted quotations from Shakespeare and Coleridge – and a lyric from British Sea Power.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: Sea Power return, with 33.3% less name and at the very least 85.6% more dedication to angsty, cinematic rock a-la Arcade Fire / Sufjan / Codes In The Clouds et. al. It's a vibrant and rousing selection, and one that is as beautiful as it is nuanced. Really lovely stuff.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Scaring At The Sky
                        Two Fingers
                        Fire Escape In The Sea
                        Fear Eats The Soul
                        Green Goddess
                        Lakeland Echo
                        Vestiges *
                        Amsterdam *
                        We Only Want To Make You Happy 

                        * Bonus Tracks For Deluxe 2LP Editions.


                        Live In Me / Everything She Wants

                        Strap in everyone, RESPECT003 serves up two certified anthems that have blown the roof of many a dancefloor before, re-edited for the modern mind, body and soul. Serving us much needed extended versions of what our hearts were crying out for (well in my case more Wham!! More Wham!!) Don’t wait around on this one. 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Millie says: More where this came from please, extended bangers over here to take away those January blues if you have them.. just play these loud and you'll be grand.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Live In Me
                        B1. Everything She Wants


                        Everything Louder Forever - The Very Best Of

                          This Very Best Of compilation is the very first, spanning their entire career.

                          Motörhead are the true embodiment of rock n’roll excess. A hybrid of punk, rock and heavy metal played with relentless, ear-curdling power. They were a force of nature and nothing short of life-changing for millions, their approach to life and music; there was no “off” switch and they became legends as a result. Fronted for their entirety of their career by Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, they released twenty two studio albums over their 40 years together.

                          Amassing chart topping records, a Grammy award and racking up 15 million worldwide sales. Their signature song, Ace Of Spades perfectly captured everything great about hard rock, heavy metal, and punk, amped it all up to 11, and came racing out of the gates at what felt like a million miles an hour, pushing at every musical boundary.

                          Nothing was harder. Nothing was faster. And certainly nothing was louder. Anyone disputing this fact need look no further than any heavy metal gig and play ‘spot the Motörhead T-shirt and jacket’, they still outnumber anyone else, hands down. Motörhead has truly become a lifestyle for several generations of rockers, metalheads, punks, bikers, athletes, rebels, outcasts, and freethinkers all around the world. Few bands in modern history can instantly ignite the adrenaline of music fans the way they can, they changed the course of hard rock… forever. 

                          TRACK LISTING

                          2lp Tracklisting:
                          We Are Motorhead
                          Rock It
                          Iron Fist
                          In The Name Of Tragedy
                          Cradle To The Grave
                          On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
                          The Game
                          Killed By Death
                          Just Cos You Got The Power
                          Ace Of Spades
                          Rock Out
                          I Am The Sword
                          God Save The Queen
                          Queen Of The Damned

                          4lp Tracklisting:
                          We Are Motorhead
                          Rock It
                          Brotherhood Of Man
                          In The Name Of Tragedy
                          The Thousand Names Of God
                          Love For Sale
                          Killed By Death
                          I'm So Bad (baby I Don't Care)
                          Smiling Like A Killer
                          Queen Of The Damned
                          Keys To The Kingdom
                          Cradle To The Grave
                          Lost Johnny
                          The Game
                          Ace Of Spades
                          Stone Dead Forever
                          Bad Woman
                          Just Cos You Got The Power
                          Stay Out Of Jail
                          No Class
                          I Am The Sword
                          The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
                          God Save The Queen
                          Iron Fist
                          Rock Out
                          Dirty Love
                          Overnight Sensation
                          On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
                          I Ain't No Nice Guy
                          Choking On Your Screams


                          Liminal EP

                            The new EP from Brighton four-piece ĠENN .

                            "Six tracks across a little over 20 minutes means ‘Liminal’ is a record that gallops rather than canters. Not so much bridging the gap between psych and post-punk, as occupying the murky waters beneath said bridge, each track on offer differs aesthetically somewhat from the next, something that maintains the record’s pace, even with some tracks getting caught in their own distinct hypnotic grooves." - Dave Beech, DIY

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Feel
                            2. Mackerel's Funky Mission
                            3. 23rd March
                            4. Catalyst
                            5. Just Another Sad Song
                            6. Falling Out

                            Everything But The Girl

                            Eden - Half Speed Remastered Edition

                              Everything But The Girl's best-selling debut album, 'Eden' is the latest re-release from the duo to benefit from half-speed remastering at Abbey Road Studios by Miles Showell, and a fresh 180gm vinyl pressing.

                              Originally released in May 1984, the album spent almost six months on the official UK album chart peaking at number 14 and spawned the UK Top 40 hit, Each and Every One. The label wanted further singles but the duo preferred the album to grow by word of mouth. 'Eden' achieved gold album status in the UK and has gone on to sell more than 500,000 copies worldwide.

                              Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn met at the University of Hull in 1981; they formed Everything But The Girl initially as a side-project, as both had already established themselves on the UK independent music scene as teenagers - Tracey with her lo-fi minimal girl group, Marine Girls (later name-checked as one of Kurt Cobain's favourite bands); Ben as a young guitarist and singer-songwriter, collaborating with alt-folk icon Robert Wyatt on his debut EP.

                              In the summer of 1983 the pair - having each gone on to to release debut solo albums - decided to pool their new songs for 'Eden'. It was recorded with producer Robin Millar (chosen for his work with Weekend and The Pale Fountains) at his Power Plant Studios in Willesden, North West London.

                              "All the songs were written on guitar in Hull in early 1983. We were living in one room with a shared kitchen on Pearson Park," recalls Tracey. "Power Plant seemed very glamorous by comparison. Sade was recording downstairs. We were upstairs."

                              The sessions featured a band handpicked by Ben and Tracey: Working Week's Simon Booth on second guitar, This Heat’s Charles Hayward on drums, and South American musicians Chucho Merchan (double bass) and Bosco D’Oliveira (percussion) plus a clutch of top horn players from the English jazz scene. The line-up was part friends from London, part musicians Ben admired from trips to the Bull's Head jazz room with his dad when growing up, in particular Peter King (alto sax).

                              "We were intent on being non-rock," says Ben. "No clichés. No snare drums, no solid body electric guitars or electric bass. We wanted soft horns, Gretsch guitars, no fuss, a lightness of touch. We were into pop, latin, torch songs, sharp lyrics."

                              The album was released on the newly-formed imprint Blanco Y Negro (co-run by Mike Alway and Rough Trade's Geoff Travis) through Warner, and signalled Everything But The Girl’s move from an independent - Cherry Red - to a major label.

                              The artwork by Marine Girls band member Jane Fox was delivered as a three-dimensional collage of hand-drawn art and torn paper. Warner (who were marketing and distributing the record) didn’t really know what to do with it. The original version didn’t even have the name of the band on it. In the end it was photographed and printed on ‘reverse-board stock’ - unusual for a major release at the time.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Each And Every One
                              Tender Blue
                              Another Bridge
                              The Spice Of Life
                              The Dustbowl
                              Even So
                              Frost And Fire
                              I Must Confess
                              Soft Touch

                              L'Orange & Namir Blade

                              Imaginary Everything

                                Namir Blade controls the clouds and the concrete. With the blink of a synapse, his imagination conjures elaborate visions of valleys of death, bad Tijuana dreams, and shotgun raids. In the next breath, he’s blowing off texts, rolling out of bed around noon, and crooning falsetto pleas about his willingness to change. The Nashville’s latest, Imaginary Everything is a work of teleportation and twisted fantasy, a wig-flipping blast of surrealism and slang editorials. It is a journey and experience. A collaboration with the otherworldly producer, L’Orange.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Imaginary Everything
                                2. Lyra
                                3. Nihilism
                                4. Point To Point (feat. Quelle Chris)
                                5. Out East
                                6. Corner Store Scandal
                                7. Gassed Up (feat. Fly Anakin)
                                8. Shotgun
                                9. Somebody's Anthem
                                10. Late Nights Early Mornings (feat. Jordan Webb)
                                11. Murphy's Law
                                12. I Can Change
                                13. Pipe Dream (feat. Marlowe)

                                Everything Everything

                                Supernormal / Mercury And Me (RSD21 EDITION)



                                  ëSupernormalí and Mercury and Me is the first new music from Everything Everything since the release of acclaimed 5th LP RE-ANIMATOR last year which emerged to widespread critical acclaim last summer with many hailing the bandís visionary cocktail of intricate experimentation and immediately accessible art-pop. Released on 10inch colourful splatter vinyl for Record Store Day 2021, the realise also includes remix from tracks from RE-ANIMATOR from Foals and IOE AIE.


                                  Everything's Delicious & What's On The TV?

                                    Blackaby - aka London songwriter and multi-instrumentalist William Blackaby - offers-up his first two EPs - 'What's On The TV?' and 'Everything's Delicious' - on limited edition, random coloured recycled 12" vinyl, out 21st May 2021. Blackaby’s 2020 debut EP ‘What’s On The TV?’, released via Hand In Hive, served as a look back at the songwriter’s childhood, recounting hazy playground memories and his messy, formative teenage years. His second collection, ‘Everything’s Delicious’, is described by Blackaby as “another brief flirt with memory lane - not walking down it as much as peering from a safe distance”. In a poem written to accompany the new EP, William writes: “All grown up and what now? Let Time-Out decide. Is that a thin patch? Another day done and dinner’s on. What have I done? Left a mark or a stain?”

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. What's On The TV?
                                    2. Stevenson
                                    3. Warm And Sweet
                                    4. Semolina
                                    5. Sweet Lemonade
                                    6. My Paula
                                    7. No Long Grass
                                    8. Bubblegum
                                    9. Lee


                                    Shadow Of Everything

                                      Released in 2018 to widespread critical acclaim, Bambara’s Shadow On Everything represented a decisive step forward for twin brothers Reid and Blaze Bateh – frontman and drummer, respectively – and their childhood friend, bassist William Brookshire. While prior to its release they had always been adept students of noise rock and post-punk, mining the work of bands like Swans and The Birthday Party to construct what NPR called “beautifully dynamic nightmares,” on Shadow they boldly redefined their sound to create an album that clearly transcended their early influences and dramatically quickened the pace of their ascent from the underground. Consistent with their frenetic live set, the musical center of Shadow On Everything is Bambara’s impossibly tight rhythm section, with Blaze’s manic drumming and William’s rock-steady basslines serving as the perfect canvas for Reid’s wild guitar squalls and howled vocals.

                                      But the album’s recording marked the first time that Reid’s voice was pushed to the front of the mix, highlighting the damaged characters and seedy locales that interact and overlap throughout its 12 songs. A stridently experimental record, Shadow features everything from violin to saxophone arrangements, and is meticulously interspersed with outré ambient noise loops distilled down from hours of manipulated vocal collages. Just two years after its release Shadow On Everything may seem like it was the logical next step for a band with experimental and punk origins that would go on to construct the intricate compositions displayed by its follow up Stray. In fact, Shadow memorializes Bambara putting everything on the line because they knew they could be more than what anyone may have seen in them up to that point in time.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Dark Circles
                                      2. Doe-Eyed Girl 
                                      3. José Tries To Leave
                                      4. Night’s Changing 
                                      5. Monument 
                                      6. The Door Between Her Teeth
                                      7. Human Hair
                                      8. Steel Dust Ocean
                                      9. Sunbleached Skulls
                                      10. Wild Fires
                                      11. Backyard
                                      12. Back Home

                                      Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ

                                      Saturday Specials: The CLIPZ Remixes Vol. 3

                                      “Saturday Specials” sees the legendary Bristol drum & bass don Clipz remixing Everything Is Recorded’s acclaimed second album “Friday Forever” in its entirety. Clipz’s first album length project, split here across three volumes; and at first a strange but ultimately rewarding hybrid of the two artists’ involved styles. This third and final set of club ready remakes features the talents of Everything Is Recorded collaborators Infinite Coles & Berwyn.

                                      Swerving between adderol-fuelled, agro-jungle and smoother-edged, mainroom rollers, it's another perfectly curated and classy display of everyone involved's unique take on modern dnb. Winner!

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      1. Walk Alone - Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ Feat. Infinite Coles, Berwyn
                                      2. Dream I Never Had - Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ
                                      3. The Night - Everything Is Recorded & CLIPZ Feat. Berwyn


                                      The Take Off And Landing Of Everything - Vinyl Reissue

                                        ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ was recorded in Real World Studios and at the band’s facilities at Blueprint Studios, Salford. As with previous albums, the million selling ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ and platinum follow up ‘build a rocket boys!’ it was produced by the band’s keyboardist Craig Potter. The making of ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ saw the band take a new approach to writing and recording. Previously songs were mostly developed by the band as a whole but this new album sees individual members and subgroups take the lead on several tracks.

                                        ‘Honey Sun’ was written and recorded at home by guitarist Mark Potter, his brother Craig wrote the music for ‘Real Life (Angel)’ and bassist Pete Turner built ‘Colour Fields’ using apps on his iPad. The first track to be heard from the album, ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ was developed by drummer Richard Jupp alongside Pete and Mark whilst both Guy and Craig were away from the studio.

                                        The album features several guests including the Hallé Orchestra (‘Manchester’s oldest band’ as Guy affectionately calls them) with Pete McPhail, Tim Barber, Bob Marsh and Kat Curlett adding brass to selected tracks and tour mate and long term friend Jimi Goodwin of Doves adding backing vocals on ‘New York Morning’.

                                        Despite the changes in approach musically and lyrically ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ contains many familiar elements for fans of the band. Early taster ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ harks back to debut single ‘Newborn’ in its step change melody and rhythmic shift mid song whilst ‘New York Morning’, the first single proper from the album, carries at its centre the type of life affirming refrain that run through elbow songs from ‘Scattered Black and Whites’ from their debut to ‘Open Arms’ from ‘build a rocket boys!’.

                                        Sharp eyed elbow watchers will also note the presence of ‘Charge’, which was performed live during the band’s last run of UK arena shows during the ‘build a rocket boys!’ campaign in December 2012. The song demonstrates that elbow retain an ability to deliver the darker side of human nature that echoes the likes of ‘Little Beast’ and ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ from earlier albums.

                                        Familiar themes return, the welcoming of old friends, the mourning of past loves and, as Guy would say ‘some of the big and little, positive and negative, life experiences that any group of men approaching forty can expect’.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. This Blue World
                                        2. Charge
                                        3. Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
                                        4. New York Morning
                                        5. Real Life (Angel)
                                        6. Honey Sun
                                        7. My Sad Captains
                                        8. Colour Fields
                                        9. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
                                        10. The Blanket Of Night

                                        Everything Everything


                                          The band’s approach to ‘Re-Animator’ was to streamline the creative process by focusing on harmonies and melodies over synths and programming.

                                          Inspiration came thick and fast: wonderment at the wider world despite the horror of its politics; existentialism and the prolonged, if fading, youthfulness of being in a touring band; and the ominous threat of climate change.

                                          All things which contribute to a sense of one door closing while another awaits.

                                          Extensive reading shaped such ideas further, especially regarding frontman Jonathan Higgs’ fascination with the eminent psychologist Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind.

                                          It argues that early in human evolution, the two sides of the brain were next to each other but functioned independently. In essence one side would hear the other sending instructions via a disembodied voice -a zombie-like state of pre-consciousness.

                                          “This idea of the divided self captivated me,” said Higgs.

                                          “Jaynes attributes this to the origin of gods, people ascribing deity status to this voice they could hear in their head. All this blew my mind, and I started thinking of ways I could make this a central concept.

                                          It really touched me. So across the whole record there are millions or references to this theory – to having a split brain, two selves, hearing voices.”

                                          Fittingly, the album also emerged in two stages. A year of writing and demoing was followed by two weeks recording at RAK last December with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, David Byrne).

                                          He complemented the band’s back-to-basics nature by encouraging them to record quickly and decisively. It’s a looser, less cluttered sound that heightens their focus on the fundamentals of songwriting.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Barry says: Everything Everything have always produced album bang in tune with the time of their conception, and this newest one definitely keeps the tradition alive. We get the classic Everything sound but imbued with even more synths and production snippets in keeping with todays modern musical landscape. A heady and enthralling listen, and one that keeps them as listenable and relevant as ever.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Lost Powers
                                          2. Big Climb
                                          3. It Was A Monstering
                                          4. Planets
                                          5. Moonlight
                                          6. Arch Enemy
                                          7. Lord Of The Trapdoor
                                          8. Black Hyena
                                          9. In Birdsong
                                          10. The Actor
                                          11. Violent Su

                                          Everything Is Recorded

                                          Friday Forever

                                            Friday Forever is the second album from multi-artist project Everything Is Recorded, helmed by producer artist Richard Russell. This follows the critically acclaimed and Mercury Music Prize nominated debut of 2018, Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell. Friday Forever takes on a multi-lensed perspective of a classic night out, followed closely by the sobering reflections of the next morning. The album features an array of new collaborators – in British rappers Aitch, Flohio and Berwyn, Irish singer songwriters Maria Somerville and Kean Kavanagh, the inimitable voices of A.K. Paul, James Massiah, and returning vocalist Infinite Coles – as well as established names like Ghostface Killah and Penny Rimbaud.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            10:51 PM / The Night
                                            09:46 PM / Every Friday Thereafter
                                            12:12 AM / Patients (Fucking Up A Friday)
                                            01:32 AM / Walk Alone
                                            02:56 AM / I Dont Want This Feeling To Stop
                                            03:15 AM / Caviar
                                            04:21 AM / That Sky
                                            05:10 AM / Dream I Never Had
                                            09:34 AM / Pretending Nothings Wrong
                                            10:02 AM / Burnt Toast
                                            11:55 AM / This World
                                            11:59 AM / Circles

                                            Bombay Bicycle Club

                                            Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

                                            “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their fourth album, ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ released back in 2014.

                                            The new album was largely recorded out in the US alongside Grammy Award winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent/Sharon Van Etten/War on Drugs).

                                            Speaking of the record’s title, vocalist/guitarist Jack Steadman explains: “This is an album for anyone who’s ever turned to music in a time of need. It’s about the solace one can get from listening to music or playing music. For me personally it's about the frustration of not being able to express myself to others, of leaving conversations feeling dissatisfied and misunderstood. Music’s the way I’m able to truly express myself”.

                                            Bombay Bicycle Club have continued to grow, develop and evolve since the release of their debut album, “I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose”, back in 2009 when they signalled their arrival as young teenagers. With an innate ear for melody and invention, the four-piece make a very welcome return.

                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                            Barry says: There have been a good run of massive synth albums from returning feel-good artists of the mid 00's and Bombay Bicycle Club are the latest and possibly most welcome of those returns. Huge neon synths, stadium echoes and hand-waving choruses bring to mind their seminal earlier works (our man Forbes is a big fan), while pushing things firmly into the 20's with crisp, crystalline production.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Get Up
                                            2. Is It Real
                                            3. Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
                                            4. I Can Hardly Speak
                                            5. Good Day
                                            6. Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)
                                            7. I Worry Bout You
                                            8. People People
                                            9. Do You Feel Loved?
                                            10. Let You Go
                                            11. Racing Stripes


                                            Everything That Makes You Happy

                                              Everything That Makes You Happy was recorded at Manchester’s Eve Studios, and was produced by Catherine Marks (Foals, St Vincent, Wolf Alice). It is an incredible collection of uplifting songs, born from the darkest time. The release of Everything That Makes You Happy has been shaped by Gregory’s battles with mental health, which he discussed earlier this year in an open letter to fans. He again speaks directly to fans to announce the album: “Everything That Makes You Happy. I couldn’t be prouder for you all to hear this album: an optimistic response to a difficult time. It made sense with the record’s impending release to touch base with you again and explain what’s been happening in our world.”

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Catatonic Skinbag
                                              Back This Year
                                              The Song’s Never Gonna Be The Same
                                              Skin Scream
                                              Fucking Up My Friends
                                              All Your Vanity
                                              Never Stop Stirring
                                              Quiet In Your Heart
                                              Alone In Love
                                              Everything That Makes You Happy


                                              Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2

                                                Foals’ creative ambition for ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1’ resulted in a striking state-of-the-world-address of an album in which apocalyptic lyrical themes were equalled by the sheer impact of the music.

                                                Now Foals complete that artistic statement with the release of ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2’.

                                                “Part two is a heavier listen, the guitars are more emphasised and there’s some big riffs on it,” explained Philippakis in an interview with NME. “It’s a rock record and it definitely carries on the narrative from part one. Part one ended with a lot of fire and destructive imagery, part two is trying to respond to that: how you can continue in the wreckage and through the scorched earth? We’re just excited for people to hear it because it completes the journey of what we’ve made over the last year-and-a-half.”

                                                Whereas ‘Part 1’ melded Foals’ disparate influences into a thrilling melting pot of sounds, much of ‘Part 2’ simmers with pure visceral intensity. ‘The Runner’ and ‘Black Bull’ are streamlined attacks, with vehement rhythmic onslaughts the foundation for even bigger riffs. It’s an approach that also informs ‘10,000 Feet’, as it lurches ominously from dreamy soundscapes into a heavyweight collision of post-punk and psychedelia.

                                                Yet ‘Part 2’ also echoes the opening chapter’s eclectic nature. The cinematic instrumentals ‘Red Desert’ and ‘Ikaria’ underline that ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ is a journey rather than a mere collection of songs, while ‘Wash Off’ marries manic world music-tinged grooves with a punk-like intensity.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: The foals return with the second part of their superb 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost..' series, and this one's possibly even better than the first. Smooth synths, soaring melodies and percussive, nigh-dancefloor arm-wavers. Classic foals +.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Red Desert
                                                2. The Runner
                                                3. Wash Off
                                                4. Black Bull
                                                5. Like Lightning
                                                6. Dreaming Of
                                                7. Ikaria
                                                8. 10,000 Feet
                                                9. Into The Surf
                                                10. Neptune


                                                Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon

                                                  Spanning a career well into its third decade, Spoon returns with a ‘Best Of’compilation, ‘Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon' In addition to the 12 fan-adored tracks making up this single LP, Spoon return with the bold new single “No Bullets Spent.” How many rock bands from the past 25 years could get away with a greatest-hits album? Spoon stand alone, with a career-spanning retrospective culled from all over their unique songbook. It’s a flawless compilation of their best-known, best-loved tunes, yet it’s still full of surprises—the only thing you could expect from a band that’s spent their whole career taking people by surprise.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Barry says: For a mindblowing nine albums worth of material, it's hard to collate a 'Best Of' that accurately represents a band who have consistently and reliably smashed it out of the park. There are none of the big hits here that I wouldn't expect to be here, The Underdog sounds every bit the proto punk-folk clanger it was back in 2007, 'I Turn My Camera Off' kicks things off and I honestly couldn't think of a better appetiser than that. This is a brilliantly diverse and essential summary of a great band at a ridiculously good price. Get on it!

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  I Turn My Camera On
                                                  Do You
                                                  Don't You Evah
                                                  Inside Out
                                                  The Way We Get By
                                                  The Underdog
                                                  Hot Thoughts
                                                  I Summon You
                                                  Rent I Pay
                                                  You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
                                                  Got Nuffin
                                                  Everything Hits At Once
                                                  No Bullets Spent

                                                  Everything But The Girl

                                                  Amplified Heart - 25th Anniversary Vinyl Edition - High Fidelity Half Speed Master

                                                    Amplified Heart was Everything But The Girl’s million-selling and critically acclaimed seventh studio album and now appears for the first time on vinyl in a deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition mastered at half-speed for optimum audio fidelity by Miles Showell at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

                                                    The record - released in early 1994 by UK alt-pop duo Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt - contains the original version of what was to become the band’s biggest hit, Missing. If Todd Terry’s famous house remix took that song onto the world’s dance floors and upper reaches of the global pop charts in 1995 (#2 on US Billboard Hot 100, #1 on US Billboard Hot 100 Airplay, #3 on the UK Top 40, and #1 in Canada, Germany and Italy), the original version also remains a timeless classic, now in heavy demand on modern streaming services, and one that perhaps better reflects the enduring appeal of the album’s modern-retro hybrid of ardent folk-soul and scratchy electronica.

                                                    Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt met whilst at University in Hull in the early 80’s. Both were signed independently to indie label Cherry Red Records, Ben as a solo artist and Tracey as part of the band The Marine Girls. They formed Everything But The Girl in early ‘82, releasing one single on Cherry Red (Cole Porter’s ‘Night & Day’) before signing to Blanco Y Negro records and releasing their debut album ‘Eden’ to critical acclaim.

                                                    Following this, they released 5 further highly praised and commercially successful albums including the much-loved classic singles, These Early Days, Driving and the covers ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’ and ‘The Only Living Boy In New York’. ‘Amplified Heart’ was the seventh full-length album released in June 1994, featuring the singles ‘Missing’ and ‘Rollercoaster’. Primarily an acoustic driven album, it features heavyweight session musicians and guests, Danny Thompson (bass), Martin Ditcham (percussion), Dave Mattacks (drums) and Richard Thompson lead guitar on the track 25th December.

                                                    “We’ve alway been proud of Amplified Heart” says Ben, reflecting on the new edition. “It’s both close to the bone - understandable given it’s background - but also gentle in it’s touch, and shot through with resiliance. The newly mastered pressing sounds amazing - as good as the original tapes.” “I think it’s a real rebirth record” adds Tracey, “the momenent we got our mojo back. And it’s where ‘Missing’ began, so it’s a significant album for us.”

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Troubled Mind
                                                    I Don’t Understand Anything
                                                    Walking To You
                                                    Get Me
                                                    Two Star
                                                    We Walk The Same Line
                                                    25th December

                                                    Jon Savage

                                                    This Searing Light, The Sun And Everything Else - Joy Division: The Oral History

                                                      Jon Savage's magisterial oral history is the last word on Joy Division and a must-read for any fan.

                                                      Joy Division emerged in the mid-70s at the start of a two-decades long Manchester scene that was to become much mythologised. It was then a city still labouring in the wake of the war and entering a phase of huge social and physical change, and something of this spirit made its way into the DNA of the band. Over the course of two albums, a handful of other seminal releases, and some legendary gigs, Joy Division became the most successful and exciting underground band of their generation. Then, on the brink of a tour to America, Ian Curtis took his own life.

                                                      In This searing light, the sun and everything else, Jon Savage has assembled three decades worth of interviews with the principle players in the Joy Division story: Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Deborah Curtis, Peter Saville, Tony Wilson, Paul Morley, Alan Hempsall, Lesley Gilbert, Terry Mason, Anik Honore, and many more. It is the story of how a band resurrected a city, how they came together in circumstances that are both accidental and extraordinary, and how their music galvanised a generation of fans, artists and musicians. It is a classic story of how young men armed with electric guitars and good taste in literature can change the world with four chords and three-and-a-half minutes of music. And it is the story of how illness and demons can rob the world of a shamanic lead singer and visionary lyricist.

                                                      This searing light, the sun and everything else presents the history of Joy Division in an intimate and candid way, as orchestrated by the lodestar of British music writing, Jon Savage.


                                                      Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

                                                        From playing chaotic house parties in their home city of Oxford to becoming major festival headliners across Europe, Foals’ trajectory has been remarkable. They’ve earned critical acclaim (NME and Q Award wins, plus Mercury Prize, Ivor Novello and BRIT Award nominations) and fan devotion (1.7 million sales of their four Gold-certified albums) in equal measure. And while the majority of contemporaries have fallen by the wayside, Foals continue to hit new peaks.

                                                        After more than a decade in the game, Foals again embrace that love for the unconventional with the bravest and most ambitious project of their career: not one, but two astonishing new albums: ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’. A pair of releases, separate but related, they share a title, themes and artwork. ‘Part 1’ is released on March 8th, with ‘Part 2’ following later in the year.

                                                        “They’re two halves of the same locket,” frontman Yannis Philippakis explains. “They can be listened to and appreciated individually, but fundamentally, they are companion pieces.”

                                                        Fundamentally tethered but possessing their own personalities, the two bodies capture the most compelling, ambitious and cohesive creations they’ve ever produced. Eager to break the traditional pop song structure which they felt they were becoming increasingly tapered to, the 20 tracks defy expectation. There are exploratory, progressive-tinged tracks alongside atmospheric segues which make the music an experience rather than a mere collection of songs. Yet the band’s renowned ability to wield relentless grooves with striking power and skyscraper hooks also reaches new heights.

                                                        The album’s lead single ‘Exits’ is a case in point, featuring Philippakis conjuring the image of a disorienting world via a contagious vocal melody. It’s a fresh anthem for Foals’ formidable arsenal, but also an ominous forecast.

                                                        “There's a definite idea about the world being no longer habitable in the way that it was,” says Yannis. “A kind of perilousness lack of predictability and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the magnitudes of the problems we face. What's the response? And what’s the purpose of any response that one individual can have?”

                                                        ‘Exits’ signposts what to expect thematically from both instalments of ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’. The title is a warning that anything – from the tiniest fleeting moment of inspiration through to the planet’s own biological diversity – can be under threat of being irrevocably erased.

                                                        It’s a theme that permeates throughout the album’s material, as Foal mirror the public neuroses that have been provoked by our current cultural climate. Paranoia of state surveillance? Fear of environmental collapse? Anxiety over Trump’s next potentially cataclysmic move? It’s all there in these apocalyptic songs.

                                                        “Lyrically, there are resonances with what's going on in the world at the moment,” summarises Yannis. “I just feel like, what’s the utility of being a musician these days, if you can’t engage with at least some of this stuff? These songs are white flags, or they’re SOSs, or they’re cries for help… each in a different way.”
                                                        The new albums’ journeys began as the ‘What Went Down’ era ended. Founding bassist Walter Gervers departed on amicable terms after playing the Festival Paredes de Coura in Portugal in August 2017. Foals felt that he couldn’t be replaced – a decision that ushered in a period of recalibration, reorganisation and, ultimately, rejuvenation.

                                                        After taking a little time out, Foals – completed by Jimmy Smith (guitar), Jack Bevan (drums) and Edwin Congreave (keys) reconvened – with Yannis on production duties, who, together with Edwin, also covered the bass parts. They began by writing in a rehearsal space before exporting those sketches into the recording phase at 123 Studios, Peckham, with the assistance of engineer Brett Shaw. They’d repeat the cycle between the two spaces, effectively creating an ongoing feedback loop as they sought to push every new idea to the finish line.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        1. Moonlight
                                                        2. Exits
                                                        3. White Onions
                                                        4. In Degrees
                                                        5. Syrups
                                                        6. On The Luna
                                                        7. Cafe D'Athens
                                                        8. Surf Pt.1
                                                        9. Sunday
                                                        10. I'm Done With The World (& It’s Done With Me)

                                                        New Order

                                                        Everything's Gone Green - Remastered Edition

                                                          Originally released on Factory Benelux in December 1981, this 12” featured Everythings Gone Green, which had previously been on the reverse of the band’s second 7” single ‘Procession’ in September 1981,and ‘Cries And Whispers’ and ‘Mesh’ whose titles were flipped on the cover causing confusion amongst fans and compilers ever since. This 12” features remastered audio and is pressed on heavyweight vinyl.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Side 1
                                                          Everything’s Gone Green

                                                          Side 2
                                                          Cries And Whispers


                                                          Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

                                                          As thrilling and unpredictable as anything in Deerhunter’s near 15-year career, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? was recorded in several strategic geographic points across North America, and produced by the band, Cate LeBon, Ben H. Allen III, and Ben Etter. Forgetting the questions and making up unrelated answers, Deerhunter’s eighth LP is a science fiction album about the present. Exhausted with the toxic concept of nostalgia, they reinvent their approach to microphones, the drum kit, the harpsichord, the electromechanical and synthetic sounds of keyboards. Whatever guitars are left are pure chrome, plugged straight into the mixing desk with no amplifier or vintage warmth.

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Javi says: Is it a guitar? Is it a synth? Is it some old-time harpsichord-y thing plugged through a sh*t-ton of reverb? Your guess is as good as mine. The only thing for sure is that indie darlings Deerhunter have created their most consistent and nuanced album since 2010’s ‘Halcyon Digest’ in their seventh LP, ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’.
                                                          With fellow Top 20 maverick Cate Le Bon at the production helm, there’s nothing the band can’t do—whimsical groove-laced indie and atmospheric expansiveness are married perfectly on songs like the opener “What Happens to People?” and penultimate bop “Plains”, and just as the voice of God bids us good morning on “Detournement”, guitarist Lockett Pundt’s sole offering “Tarnung” is already preparing to tuck us into bed.
                                                          Every song is a stutter-funk gem, a space-age exploration of pastoral life, a strutting jaunt into the end of days. Every song is a grower, and boy, how big they grow…

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          1. Death In Midsummer
                                                          2. No One’s Sleeping
                                                          3. Greenpoint Gothic
                                                          4. Element
                                                          5. What Happens To People?
                                                          6. Détournement
                                                          7. Futurism
                                                          8. Tarnung
                                                          9. Plains
                                                          10. Nocturne



                                                            The much anticipated fourth dragSTER album will finally be released via John Robb's Louder Than War Records label. The Coventry (UK) based five piece have gained a worldwide unique cult-like following thanks to their enigmatic B-Movie inspired style of song-writing and adrenaline fuelled live performances led by the mesmerizing antics of their lead singer, Fi.

                                                            Well known for lacing their lyrics with political potency dragSTER have announced details of their fourth studio album which looks set to follow a similar tone to their previous releases (‘Step Into The Death-Ray’ 2006 Noisemaker Records; now deleted; ‘Here Come The Meat Robots’ 2010 STP Records, ‘Dead Punk’ 2014 STP Records);
                                                            The music is typically uncompromising, a full throttle assault on the senses that draws on both the bands punk roots and dirty born bad rock ‘n’ roll coupled with ominous predictions and opinions surrounding democracy, biased media, freedoms and the societal grip held by the shadowy elite powers that be.

                                                            dragSTER, founder and guitarist, Diesel, said about the new record and it’s direction;

                                                            “Anti-Everything came about from a real feeling of being manipulated by those with power who seem to see individual thought, art, and free speech as a threat”

                                                            ‘Anti-Everything’ is the bands incendiary reaction; it’s the band essentially lashing out, almost screaming, at the sheer apathy of the mainstream. It’s their take on mass control, the use of the media as misinformation – fake news. War as creation, not a necessity, the drabness of working class life, technology as control, not freedom. The street littered with millions of surveillance cameras - not for the claimed safety, but for compliance.
                                                            The distinct cover art (a collaboration of both dragSTER and designer Marie Sindell at Scarletism Design) perfectly reflects this – it is deliberately Orwellian because that how is life today.

                                                            Diesel added “Musically we tried to capture the raw energy of our live shows, we’ve got something to say and we do it through born-bad spit rock n roll."

                                                            Quiet Slang (Beach Slang)

                                                            Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

                                                              Since Beach Slang came into being, bandleader James Alex has taken to performing his group's heartfelt anthems as more intimate solo renditions. Appropriately dubbed "Quiet Slang," these alternate reality versions of Beach Slang's music have now simultaneously been stripped down and fleshed out in the studio to include piano and cello. Following on from the recent We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags EP, Quiet Slang now bring you a full album of such songs - 'Everything Matters But No One Is Listening' .

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas 
                                                              2. Noisy Heaven [
                                                              3. Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
                                                              4. Filthy Luck 
                                                              5. Dirty Cigarettes 
                                                              6. Too Late To Die Young 
                                                              7. Spin The Dial 
                                                              8. Young Hearts
                                                              9. Throwaways 
                                                              10. Warpaint

                                                              Everything Is Recorded

                                                              Everything Is Recorded By Richard Russell

                                                              Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell features an eclectic international and inter-generational cast of collaborators and musicians who include (in order of appearance on the album) Sampha, Obongjayar, Kamasi Washington, Giggs, Ibeyi, Wiki, Syd, Rachel Zeffira, Infinite, Green Gartside, Peter Gabriel and Owen Pallett. The twelve track album features previous singles ‘Close But Not Quite (feat. Sampha)’, ‘Mountains Of Gold (feat. Sampha, Ibeyi, Wiki and Kamasi Washington)’ and ‘Show Love (feat. Syd and Sampha)’, which have been described as “the embodiment of pure, creative freedom” by Noisey and “a celebration of artistic freedom” by Dazed, while The New Yorker stated “Russell’s vision, it seems, is about the power of collaboration … a grand synthesis of XL’s stylistic history."

                                                              Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell was recorded at Russell’s west London studio, The Copper House. Over the past couple of years, the studio became a creative second home for the revolving cast of both new and established artists who passed through to write, record and share ideas, mixing traditional recording sessions with extended, uninhibited live jams that lasted long into the night. With Russell at the production helm, a spirit of soundsystem-inspired collaboration and experimentation runs through the heart of an album that is born out of some spontaneous moments of togetherness and periods of intense personal reflection for its creator, and is at once soulful, timeless and boldly modern.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Intro
                                                              2. Close But Not Quite (feat. Sampha)
                                                              3. She Said (feat. Obongjayar & Kamasi Washington)
                                                              4. Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs)
                                                              5. Mountains Of Gold (feat. Sampha, Ibeyi, Wiki & Kamasi Washington)
                                                              6. Show Love (feat. Syd & Sampha)
                                                              7. Echoes In The Bone - Interlude (feat. Rachel Zeffira)
                                                              8. Bloodshot Red Eyes (feat. Infinite & Green Gartside)
                                                              9. Cane (feat. Ibeyi)
                                                              10. Purify - Interlude (feat. Infinite & Peter Gabriel)
                                                              11. Be My Friend (feat. Infinite)
                                                              12. Everything Is Recorded (feat. Sampha & Owen Pallett)

                                                              Happy Accidents

                                                              Everything But The Here And Now

                                                                Everything But The Here And Now marks a real period of growth for the fledgling outfit, who have concentrated on pushing the whole sound of the band forward from the solid DIY roots they sunk on 2016 debut album You Might Be Right.

                                                                Exploring new territory that includes washes of synths, keys and atmospheric production courtesy of Hookworms’ Matthew “MJ” Johnson (Drenge, Doe, Martha, Honeyblood), they’re also forging ahead into new lyrical pastures that reflect the often turbulent, yet upward trajectory of their experiences as a band and in their personal lives.

                                                                In their short lifespan, Happy Accidents have already garnered attention from publications including Noisey, DIY, Kerrang! Magazine and Upset. After catching the attention of BBC Introducing London, the band went on to be be played by Annie Mac and Huw Stephens at BBCR1, Steve Lamacq at BBC 6music and John Kennedy at Radio X.

                                                                The first new Everything Everything album since 2015's 'Get To Heaven' sees them embrace a plethora of musical tickboxes, from the glistening synths of chillwave and Italo to finely honed filter / drop techniques of dubstep and d&b. Obviously, these are not a fully fledged stylistic shift, more of an osmosis of current trends into a smoothly produced, and well balanced whole. 'Night Of The Long Knives' for instance flits between a soaring chorus, finely balanced with twinkling arps and pattering guitar delay, only to morph into a body-shaking bassy flick-of-a-switch crecentic wave. 

                                                                'Can't Do' relies more heavily upon skittering drums and that trademark falsetto, taking things slowly into dancefloor territory, complete with stabbing synth chords, rolling bass and swirling guitar squeals. Eminently percussive, but perfectly balanced between the rhythmic backdrop and the shiny forefront. 

                                                                Move a little further along, and the syncopated groove of 'Good Shot, Good Soldier' sees airy sidechained synth throbs and gated drums weaving around Higgs' unmistakeable vocal stylings, lending a minimalist ambience to the proceedings whilst keeping things moving with a staggered rhythmic backline and spine-tingling melodic turn.

                                                                It's follower, 'Run The Numbers' breaks down into a math-rock groover after an initial whimsical ambience, the sentiment echoed on 'A Fever Dream' but this time placing more importance on the beautifully introspective ambient bliss, shifting rapidly but from a propulsive rhythmic force into a beatless cosmic odyssey. 

                                                                As expected, everything everything have managed to keep close the ideals of layered synth-indie whilst drawing influence from a host of corners of the musical spectrum. Brilliantly evocative, wholly imaginative and perfectly executed throughout. 

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Barry says: Throbbing synths and skittering percussion lay down a perfect amalgamation of euphoric dancefloor synth-pop and staggering jagged indie, it's a fine line to tread, but Everything Everything make it seem easy.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1 Night Of The Long Knives
                                                                2 Can't Do
                                                                3 Desire
                                                                4 Big Game
                                                                5 Good Shot, Good Soldier
                                                                6 Run The Numbers
                                                                7 Put Me Together
                                                                8 A Fever Dream
                                                                9 Ivory Tower
                                                                10 New Deep
                                                                11 White Whale

                                                                Arcade Fire return for their latest album since 2013's 'Reflektor', Quickly following the snap-release of their 'Everything Now' 12" released last month, 'Everything Now' (the album) bursts into the limelight. 'Everything_Now (continued)' precedes 'Everything Now' (i'm sensing a theme here), both of them working together to ease you back into the orchestral, epic ways Arcade Fire have long been known for. As soon as we kick in to the titular piece proper, we get longing but upbeat piano blazing a path melodically for Butler's unmistakeable vocal affectations, before introducing swarming strings and frantic pizzicato bass. It's not surprising that the piece ebbs and flows through minimalistic orchestral lulls to euphoric, instrumentally dense passages with ease, that being the Fire's Raison d'être, and it is achieved without any trouble here.

                                                                'Signs Of Life' walks a little more towards the disco dancefloor end of the spectrum, with old-school hip-hop affectations segueing easily into stabbing horns and rolling, grooving bass guitar. It's another sign of a well-heeled group of composers that they can flit between their oft-repeated (but unmistakeable) trademark sound and something a little more off-piste.  

                                                                Move On a little bit, and 'Chemistry' is a blazing walk across a tropical Caribbean beach, with throbbing tropical percussion ducking the rest of the instrumentation, lending a noticeable compressor thump. Saturated, balmy swarms of reverb lurching into distorted guitar and multi-part vocal harmonisation for the call-response chorus.  

                                                                While the duo of 'Infinite Content' and 'Infinite_content' seem identical (try telling that to a C++ programmer), they actually represent different sides of the same coin, with the blazing post-punk distorted power chords of the former being re-interpreted by the same band but on a beach, mojito in hand, and sun blazing down for the underscored iteration. 

                                                                As we roll into the latter half of the album, 'Electric Blue' cuts an impressive shape with it's neon synths and treble-heavy falsetto putting things firmly into 70's disco territory, while the pulsing motorik rhythms and gothic sulk of 'Put Your Money On Me' and the stunningly evocative atmospheric longing of 'We Don't Deserve Love' are bookended with a closing version of 'Everything Now (continued)' but this time, minus the underscore. Details are everything (now). 

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Everything_Now (Continued)
                                                                2. Everything Now
                                                                3. Signs Of Life
                                                                4. Creature Comfort
                                                                5. Peter Pan
                                                                6. Chemistry 
                                                                7. Infinite Content
                                                                8. Infinite_Content
                                                                9. Electric Blue
                                                                10. Good God Damn
                                                                11. Put Your Money On Me
                                                                12. We Dont' Deserve Love
                                                                13. Everything Now (Continued) 

                                                                Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano


                                                                Enter the all-encompassing universe of Everything, a score by Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano. Game creator David OReilly has built an interactive world for you to explore at your choosing. Whether you decide to take the role of a microbe inside a plant in the desert, or a star in the furthermost galaxy, each layer of the game is coated with ambience which takes the simulation even further into the limitless boundaries of each world. Composers Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano have shaped this experience with their intricate 4-hour soundscape, alongside the continuous narration by philosopher Alan Watts. Words from Ben and Sebastian, April 2017:

                                                                “Composing something quite modular yet coherent that connects with the idea and fabric of the game was quite a task. We discussed many approaches, from really mathematical and direct, to abstract and philosophical, and we ended up with a mixture of both. Every element depends and builds on another and connects to previous and following songs. May it be on a compositional or on an abstract and conceptual level, the game and the music follow the same path and shares almost the same inspirational DNA.“ — Ben Lukas Boysen "Working on the soundtrack has been a truly inspiring collaboration. What fascinates me about the game is the self-exploratory approach it allows the player to experience; there is no purpose other than just being. This concept gave us wonderful freedom in searching for sounds and ideas that would fit the game.

                                                                Throughout the score there is a subtle level of drama which gives depth to the game, yet the music never becomes predominant taking the player away from the main experience of being anything. Honest, simple and beautiful, Everything has been a rewarding creative journey to contribute to." — Sebastian Plano Though the score has an important part to play in heightening the atmosphere of the game, it has the capability of being a standalone album – carefully sequenced down to a 10-track selection by label founder Robert Raths. There is a considerably therapeutic quality about it, allowing the audience to transcend into a meditative state, which is what makes it a perfect partner for Everything. The music is a whole world of its own, yet part of the game’s universe.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. Opening
                                                                2. We?re Here
                                                                3. Winding And Unwinding
                                                                4. Eisenach
                                                                5. An Infinite Day
                                                                6. Opening Light
                                                                7. Aalystice
                                                                8. Inside Air
                                                                9. After Our Efforts
                                                                10. Reaching Light

                                                                Announced in late 2016 with the single ‘All Because Of You’, described as “a future classic” (CJ Mackintosh) and “absolutely necessary” (Soul Clap), BBE are proud to present Kiko Navarro’s brand new solo album ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’. A highly respected artist for many years now, Kiko Navarro is a name synonymous with the Balearic House sound, thanks to his residencies at Space & Pacha as well as his countless productions and remixes.

                                                                ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ displays a dizzying array of musical flavours, with guest appearances from DJ Spen, Boris Dlugosch and multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Poso, whose compilation ‘The Language Of Tambores’ is coming soon on BBE. Within a framework of warm, soulful House music, Kiko explores afro-latin rhythms, broken beats, nu-jazz and straight up Chicago-inspired acid. A deep re-imagining of Maze & Frankie Beverly’s 80s classic ‘Twilight’, irrepressible floor-filler ‘I Can Show You The Way’ and a new orchestral version of 2007 classic ‘Soñando Contigo’ are among the immediate highlights, but this album is so much more than the sum of its parts. ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ sees iko Navarro concentrating his wealth of experience curating and creating music into a highly potent and deeply personal soundtrack to his life and career so far.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                1. All Because Of You Feat. Julie McKnight
                                                                2. Twilight
                                                                3. Right On Feat. HanLei
                                                                4. I Can Show You The Way
                                                                5. What We Need Feat. Dj Spen & Dana Weaver
                                                                6. Black Is Back Feat. Boris Dlugosch
                                                                7. Everything Happens For A Reason Feat. Isis "Apache" Montero
                                                                8. Lo Siento Feat. Concha Buika
                                                                9. La Cosa
                                                                10. Ohashiah
                                                                11. Twi-Reprise
                                                                12. Cranc
                                                                13. Humanity Feat. D7
                                                                14. Soñando Contigo Feat. Concha Buika (Orchestral Version)
                                                                15. Painful Goodbye Feat. Paco Colombas & Gabriele Poso
                                                                16. Adolescence (Outro)

                                                                Methyl Ethel

                                                                Everything Is Forgotten

                                                                  Everything Is Forgotten, the new album from Methyl Ethel (Perth, Australia), is a vivid, compelling and mysterious creature, all sinewy, curvaceous pop nuggets and enigmatic currents. Written and recorded by frontman Jake Webb, the album was brought to life by acclaimed producer James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals). The pair’s collaboration infusing the band’s shoegaze dream-pop palate with electronic and polyrhythmic flourishes, allowing Webb’s keening, gender-fluid vocals and searing poetry to take centre stage.

                                                                  Everything Is a Lie follows on from their debut and yet again reaffirms the band as one of the most exciting and refreshing outfits in the wave of current shoegaze bands. It’s the mesmerising concoction of shoegaze, neo-psych and post-punk, delivered with a lethargic but hopeful restraint that is pinning the band at the top of the UKs fruitful ‘psych-gaze’ scene and Everything Is a Lie is certain to keep them sitting there comfortable for a while. ‘Everything Is a Lie’ could be plucked straight out of 1989, deeply indebted to Spacemen 3, Loop and My Bloody Valentine, it feels languorous and apathetic at times but frontman Thomas’s fragile yet hopeful croons drive it with an insatiable vigour from start to finish. Washed-out fuzz-encrusted guitars are underpinned by whirling bass-lines that Peter Hook would be proud of, if not envious. Hazy synths crash over you whilst thundering percussion locks the album into a deep psychedelic groove, hitting you square in the face like an immersive wall of noise. The band described this LP as a statement, condemning the current state of the world and addressing the bleak hidden agendas of life, both in a political and personal sense. When asked to describe Everything Is a Lie the band pinned it as “the only honest thing you’ll hear in a world full of lies and hate. Imagine The Jesus and Mary Chain sharing a Lou Reed cake with The Brian Jonestown Massacre whilst Spacemen 3 stand and watch

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  1. Everything Is A Lie
                                                                  2. Honestly
                                                                  3. Get Me Over There
                                                                  4. All Your Little Lies
                                                                  5. Someday
                                                                  6. I Don’t Want To Die Today
                                                                  7. That Was Then But This Is Now
                                                                  8. You Already Know

                                                                  The Flexibles

                                                                  Pink Everything

                                                                    The Flexibles are a Punk Rock Band. The Flexibles bend space and time, flex your head, space your Punk, a jarring lightning bolt of truth to the heart of the matter. Comprised of Richard Youngs, his young son Sorley Youngs and family friend Andrew Paine, they operate within Glasgow city limits, outsiders in an outsider culture. Swirling around the wild, searing guitar playing and cosmically infused songwriting of Sorley, The Flexibles' Pink Everything is a concept album of sorts, on the surface a narrative about space travel, the state of the human race in the modern Acopalyx. While vicious in its take down of humanity's own death-drive, the subtext of Pink Everything describes a world where anything is possible. Perhaps the Acopalyx, or Apocalypse, needs to happen for us to be re-born. Anything can be Pink.

                                                                    Over both sides, The Flexibles depict a realm where fantasy and reality are inexplicably fused together… Sorley’s lyrical flourishes touch on the stream-of-conciousness imagery that seems to be swimming in the Youngs genepool, but there are dashes of real life. When I Was 86 has Sorley tearing modern living apart both from the perspective of the anti-hero Arcosta – an alien visitor to Earth but also from his own perspective as a young man making sense of a reality that needs changed. Smothered by Richard’s electronics and the super-massive fuzz bass of Paine, it’s a radical stomper. Album opener Pink Everything however, offers the flip: a distorted, crazed sermon that essentially asks Why Not? Why can’t everything be pink, true and truthful. Side B comprises a suite chronicling Arcosta’s journey, struggling to comprehend the things we do; capitalism, the endless grind of work-play, the rituals that to extra terrestrials and indeed to children unaffected by cynicism seem meaningless.

                                                                    As a power trio, The Flexibles blow apart pre-conceptions, burn down barriers and paint them pink. The Flexibles believe anything can be possible and embody an ultimate creative freedom, unencumbered by age barriers, limits. Anything can be Pink.

                                                                    The Last Shadow Puppets

                                                                    Everything You've Come To Expect

                                                                    The album finds Alex Turner and Miles Kane reunited with James Ford (production and drums) and Owen Pallett (string arrangements) and joined by Zachary Dawes (Mini Mansions) on bass, recording the follow up to 2008’s ‘The Age Of The Understatement’ at Shangri La Studio in Malibu.

                                                                    Featuring current single ‘Bad Habits’, ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is a more open and expansive work than its predecessor, wearing its influences less obviously on its sleeve – by turns the album is soaring, snarling and breathlessly seductive.

                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                    Barry says: Once again, Alex Turner and Miles Kane deliver a minor-key slice of melancholic yet melodic indie-rock. Dark reverbed vocals, snappy snare hits and oy-like shouting appears completely naturally, the sound not suffering at all from a change of pace. The strings on show here further emphasising the crescendo of both tone and density, and exacerbating the lifting tension present. Low-fi but meticulously crafted, and yet another reason (as if you needed one) that Turner and co. deserve your attention.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    1. Aviation
                                                                    2. Miracle Aligner
                                                                    3. Dracula Teeth
                                                                    4. Everything You’ve Come To Expect
                                                                    5. The Element Of Surprise
                                                                    6. Bad Habits
                                                                    7. Sweet Dreams, TN
                                                                    8. Used To Be My Girl
                                                                    9. She Does The Woods
                                                                    10. Pattern
                                                                    11. The Dream Synopsis

                                                                    7"  Bonus Tracks (Indies Exclusive Vinyl Only)
                                                                    1. Bad Habits
                                                                    2. The Bourne Identity

                                                                    Everything Everything

                                                                    Spring / Summer / Winter / Dread

                                                                      Brilliant new Ltd 7" single taken from their third album "Get To Heavern" which charted Top 5. The follow up to "Distant Past" & "Regret", this single is set to follow onto radio playlists across all major networks, plus ad campaign. Backed with exclusive track "Live Intro".


                                                                      From Nothing Comes Everything

                                                                        London-based Torpor pack a ferocious punch with a six-track debut album that has wowed the underground community. While they have been embraced by the vibrant UK sludge and doom scene, Torpor present something that is a little different. This is the sound of a merciless rhythm section raised on 90s post-hardcore and noise-metal, a guitarist who seamlessly blends massive tones, bleak atmospherics and metallic riffing and a vocalist who leaps from searing hardcore fury to devastating catharsis. Their brutal debut should particularly please those who appreciate Will Haven, Neurosis, Black Sun and Thou.

                                                                        After five years away, Scottish alternative rock band Idlewild return with new album Everything Ever Written. The band’s eighth studio recording represents a new chapter, both personally and creatively - featuring twelve tracks of alternative rock woven together from strands of Scottish folk, Americana & Hebridean psychedelia.

                                                                        Produced by the band’s guitarist Rod Jones and mixed by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) whom they collaborated with on their 2002 release The Remote Part and augmented by new members Luciano Rossi (piano, organ & vocals) and Andrew Mitchell (bass, guitar & vocals), Everything Ever Written is Idlewild’s most eclectic output to date.

                                                                        “The album was predominantly written on the Isle of Mull”, vocalist Roddy Woomble explains. "The record soundtracks a period of transition. Working without time constraints gave the whole thing a creative freedom. Idlewild is a new band to me now; I’m excited for the future.”

                                                                        In October 2014 the group completed a sold out acoustic tour of unique, intimate venues throughout the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, re-introducing themselves to live audiences after a half-decade break, performing re-worked versions of old songs as well as songs from the new album. The still, idyllic settings chosen for the performances hint towards the sense of space afforded in writing and recording the new album.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1: Collect Yourself
                                                                        2: Come On Ghost
                                                                        3: So Many Things To Decide
                                                                        4: Nothing I Can Do About It
                                                                        5: Every Little Means Trust
                                                                        6: (Use It) If You Can Use It
                                                                        7: Like A Clown
                                                                        8: On Another Planet
                                                                        9: All Things Different
                                                                        10: Radium Girl
                                                                        11: Left Like Roses
                                                                        12: Utopia

                                                                        Wunder Wunder

                                                                        Everything Infinite

                                                                        Born under cloudless California sky and bled into leftover tape, Wunder Wunder is the rolling amnesia of a Los Angeles summer, the deathless West Coast, and drinking in the dreams of its young. The debut creation of Melbourne producers Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant, Everything Infinite is an album that captures lost moments spent in the pair’s adopted city of LA and a unique exploration of their unspent ideas.

                                                                        “Los Angeles is a dreamy place, almost surreal,” notes Shanahan, of the duo’s drastic decision to uproot nearly 8000 miles from their native Australia. “It has continuous unspoilt skies and pastel sunsets, a backdrop of palm trees, and interesting people and houses stemming from many backgrounds in a wash of variety.”

                                                                        Viewed through the windows on all three sides of the duo’s lofty home studio, endless sunshine and idyllic views of the surrounding Hollywood hills and a silhouetted horizon offered the perfect setting for Everything Infinite’s recordings to take place. “We even have visits from our little hummingbird friends which makes the space a very vibing area to create,” they say, “instead of being locked in a dungeon like studio”. Much like Wunder Wunder’s own summit observatory onto the world, the pair’s relocation offered a unique perspective from which to explore new musical styles and artistic methods by shifting from the ‘indietronica’ sound of their previous Miami Horror project and focusing their attention towards skilled song writing and content.

                                                                        Recalling the innocence of moments when you were a kid (‘Summers Day’), growing up as a teenager and spending a special time with that certain someone (‘Midnight Hours’), the vapour of childhood memories (‘Coastline’) or dreaming of a place where everything will be alright (‘Dreams of the Fall’), each song touches on the ease of romanticising situations and having sentimental moments. “It almost reminds me of how shows like ‘The Wonder Years’ or the movie ‘Stand By Me’ reflect on special times. It’s important to remember the positive things in life, especially when the world can seem grim,” explains Shanahan.

                                                                        Whether you put it down to the West Coast’s elevated vitamin D levels or a more positive outlook, it’s clear that Wunder Wunder are karma chameleons blending seamlessly into their new habitat. ‘Midnight Hours’ offers a smooth dose of cool Cliff Martinez night-time retro nostalgia, ‘Trouble in Utopia’ sounds like Animal Collective and Temples exchanging their own campfire stories, and the album’s big pop moment comes via ‘Hail The Madmen’s funky Prince-like groove. Melding swaying, dappled guitars, rasping layers of harmony, dreamy delays and a warm tangle of vintage synthesizers and drums, Everything Infinite is a brilliantly executed concoction of mellow 70s lo-fi chords, the sonic and progressive sounds of 60s psychedelia, a distillation of sun-bleached yearning and the undulating 90s pop sounds of Shanahan’s teenage years; each track its own kaleidoscopic motif that tessellates and reflects light like a shower of sun-kissed sequins.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Everything Infinite
                                                                        2. Coastline
                                                                        3. Hail The Madmen
                                                                        4. Midnight Hours
                                                                        5. Trouble In Utopia
                                                                        6. Be There
                                                                        7. Wonderful Way
                                                                        8. Sure Stuck
                                                                        9. Summers Day
                                                                        10. Coastline Reprise
                                                                        11. Dreams Of The Fall


                                                                        The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

                                                                        ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ was recorded in Real World Studios and at the band’s facilities at Blueprint Studios, Salford. As with previous albums, the million selling ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ and platinum follow up ‘build a rocket boys!’ it was produced by the band’s keyboardist Craig Potter. The making of ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ saw the band take a new approach to writing and recording. Previously songs were mostly developed by the band as a whole but this new album sees individual members and subgroups take the lead on several tracks.

                                                                        ‘Honey Sun’ was written and recorded at home by guitarist Mark Potter, his brother Craig wrote the music for ‘Real Life (Angel)’ and bassist Pete Turner built ‘Colour Fields’ using apps on his iPad. The first track to be heard from the album, ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ was developed by drummer Richard Jupp alongside Pete and Mark whilst both Guy and Craig were away from the studio.

                                                                        The album features several guests including the Hallé Orchestra (‘Manchester’s oldest band’ as Guy affectionately calls them) with Pete McPhail, Tim Barber, Bob Marsh and Kat Curlett adding brass to selected tracks and tour mate and long term friend Jimi Goodwin of Doves adding backing vocals on ‘New York Morning’.

                                                                        Despite the changes in approach musically and lyrically ‘The Take Off and Landing of Everything’ contains many familiar elements for fans of the band. Early taster ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ harks back to debut single ‘Newborn’ in its step change melody and rhythmic shift mid song whilst ‘New York Morning’, the first single proper from the album, carries at its centre the type of life affirming refrain that run through elbow songs from ‘Scattered Black and Whites’ from their debut to ‘Open Arms’ from ‘build a rocket boys!’.

                                                                        Sharp eyed elbow watchers will also note the presence of ‘Charge’, which was performed live during the band’s last run of UK arena shows during the ‘build a rocket boys!’ campaign in December 2012. The song demonstrates that elbow retain an ability to deliver the darker side of human nature that echoes the likes of ‘Little Beast’ and ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ from earlier albums.

                                                                        Familiar themes return, the welcoming of old friends, the mourning of past loves and, as Guy would say ‘some of the big and little, positive and negative, life experiences that any group of men approaching forty can expect’.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. This Blue World
                                                                        2. Charge
                                                                        3. Hallelujah Morning (Real Life)
                                                                        4. Honey Sun
                                                                        5. New York Morning
                                                                        6. Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
                                                                        7. My Sad Captains
                                                                        8. Colour Fields
                                                                        9. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything
                                                                        10. The Blanket Of Night

                                                                        Vertical Scratchers is John Schmersal (ex-Brainiac/Enon, live Caribou, and Crooks on Tape) and Christian Beaulieu (ex-Triclops!/Anywhere). Their debut album is 'Daughter of Everything'. Simplicity was the inspiration: get in the van, rehearse in the van, tour in the van, stay mobile. “I have played in a lot of bands with complicated set-ups and implemented technologies,” says John. “I also do a lot of recording and editing on computers, so part of the desire for simplicity was about wanting things to be as organic and in real time as possible.” This impulse to keep things moving is reflected in the songs themselves. Most Vertical Scratchers songs clock in under the two-minute mark but often go in twice as many directions as your average-length song. Pop deception. Think the Kinks with a Buzzcocks brevity. Daughter of Everything was recorded live in Los Angeles at The Smell in September of 2012. The special guest appearance lead vocal from Robert Pollard was recorded at Waterloo Sound in Ohio by Todd Tobias.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Wait No Longer
                                                                        2. Turn Me Out
                                                                        3. Memory Shards
                                                                        4. Pretend U Are Free
                                                                        5. Way Out
                                                                        6. Chambermaids
                                                                        7. U Dug Us All
                                                                        8. Kingdom Come
                                                                        9. Someone
                                                                        10. Run Around
                                                                        11. These Plains
                                                                        12. Get Along Like U
                                                                        13. My Only Want
                                                                        14. Rainbows
                                                                        15. The End

                                                                        Simon Pyke

                                                                        Universal Everything & You - Picture Disc Edition

                                                                        Warp Records are pleased to announce the release of ‘Universal Everything & You’, a 20 minute piece by Simon Pyke (Freeform), built upon the soundtrack to the exhibition Universal Everything & You, which has been running at the Science Museum, London.

                                                                        Designed by Matt Pyke of Universal Everything, the release consists of a deluxe one sided, screen-printed heavyweight 180g vinyl pressing featuring one of four randomly available prints depicting images taken from the exhibition.

                                                                        Simon Pyke is a Brighton based musician and sound artist. He’s previously released music through Warp and Skam records and toured extensively with electronic musicians including Autechre. Pyke has worked on a range of commercial projects including rebrands for SkyTv, MTV, and S4C Wales, and audio for the launch of the 2012 Olympics logo and MTV music video awards.

                                                                        Universal Everything are a UK based digital art and design collective who work with a global network of designers, artists, musicians, producers and programmers. Past artworks have been exhibited at MOMA New York, V&A London, Central Academy Of Fine Arts Beijing, Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture Moscow, and La Gaite Lyrique Paris.

                                                                        Warp have a long relationship with Simon and Matt Pyke, having first released Simon’s music as Freeform 17 years ago (‘Prowl’). Through designing this sleeve, Matt was introduced to Warp and subsequently The Designers Republic, for whom he went on to work. During this time, and since launching Universal Everything, he has designed many Warp record sleeves, plus the and original websites.

                                                                        Limited to 100 copies, exclusively available to independent retailers.

                                                                        Marks the 15th anniversary of the band, founded and led by Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. First new SMZ full length since GYBE's return to action in 2011. Recorded in Quebec by Greg Norman (Electrical Audio). Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra (SMZ) has traced a barbed-wire arc of genre-defying protest music since its inception in 1999. Formed by Efrim Menuck, with Thierry Amar and Sophie Trudeau, the initial iteration of the band was a predominantly instrumental trio that forged a more intimate and ragged chamber-punk than Godspeed You! Black Emperor, in which group all three founding SMZ members also played (and continue to play).

                                                                        Through seven albums from 2000-2010, SMZ expanded its line-up and shifted towards an increasing use of lead and group vocals, with Menuck penning politically-charged lyrics to anchor long-form multi-movement compositions that juxtaposed electrified guitars against a 4-piece string section of violins, cello and contrabass. Most recently, SMZ has pared back to five players, with Menuck's massive spectrum spanning electric guitar sound emerging as the spine around which two violins, bass (now more often electric than acoustic) and drums are deployed. SMZ have managed a handful of short tours in the past couple of years (in the gaps between GYBE commitments) and as anyone who has seen the band in its recent incarnation can attest, their current sound is more honed, laser-guided and bone-rattling than ever, melding hardcore, blues, garage and dark metal influences that have nothing to do with anything so quaint as “post-rock” (a tag the group has always and rightly rejected).

                                                                        Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything is the first definitive document of the band's newfound sound and style as a quintet. It’s also their first single LP-length work since the band’s debut record as a trio almost 15 years ago, and features roadtested pummeling rock-outs “Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montréal)”, “Take Away These Early Grave Blues” and “What We Loved Was Not Enough” alongside the previously unheard lullabyes/minuets “Little Ones Run” and “Rains Thru The Roof At Thee Grande Ballroom (For Capital Steeze)” and the album centerpiece “Austerity Blues” with its closing lyric “Lord let my son live long enough to see that mountain torn down” sung in varying incarnations throughout the second half of this 14-minute epic. This lyric in many ways encapsulates Menuck's unflinching take on a world replete with shabbiness, greed and injustice, seen through the lens of parenthood, mortality, endurance and defiance. There are few other musicians who deliver social critique with the courage and honesty of lines like “All our cities gonna burn / All our bridges gonna snap / All our pennies gonna rot / Lightning roll across our tracks / All our children gonna die”. Feel-good music this is not; but neither can it reductively be tagged apocalyptic or world-weary. Fuck Off Get Free rages with scorn and with hope, utterly passionate but pointedly unromantic. Thee Silver Mt. Zion once again demonstrates, like few other bands working today, that there is much to fight for and against, and plenty more fight songs to sing.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montreal) (10:22)
                                                                        2. Austerity Blues (14:18)
                                                                        3. Take Away These Early Grave Blues (6:47)
                                                                        4. Little Ones Run (2:30)
                                                                        5. What We Loved Was Not Enough (11:23)
                                                                        6. Rains Thru The Roof At The Grande Ballroom (3:58)

                                                                        Wrong Words

                                                                        Everything Is Free

                                                                          This time out, The Wrong Words have enlisted a string section, horns, & woodwinds to carefully guide them through the pop landscape. Songwriter Josh Miller still burns with the fiery restlessness that peppered his tunes on their 2011 s/t debut, but rather than bash & crash their way thru a 2 & a half minute pop ditty, they ease their way from verse to chorus without sacrificing any of their token pop smarts. For most pop bands, "maturing" comes at a cost; sacrificing hooks, watering down the sound, or altering their look - The Wrong Words have dodged that bullet by acknowledging these new elements as pre-existing in the nature of song, ready to be plucked from the tree from which they sprung at no cost whatsoever. "Everything Is Free", man.

                                                                          Fela Kuti

                                                                          Everything Scatter / Noise For Vendor Mouth

                                                                            These two albums date from 1975 and have some great instrumental 'dialogues' between trumpet, baritone and tenor sax who alternate lead on the especially good "Noise For Vendor Mouth".

                                                                            The Dreaming Spires

                                                                            Everything All The Time

                                                                            Debut single from this new band featuring brothers Robin and Joe Bennett formerly of Goldrush and Danny & the Champions of the World.

                                                                            This limited edition 7" single features 'Everything All The Time' from their debut album 'Brothers In Brooklyn' along side an exclusive track 'In Out Lifetimes'.

                                                                            Spank Rock

                                                                            Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar

                                                                            Kool Disco MC Spank Rock aka Naeem Juwan, the harbinger of the party-rap explosion of the mid-2000s, drops the sophomore effort, ‘Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar’ on Boys Noize Records. With the help of executive producer Boys Noize, Spank Rock has taken a brand new, intrepid direction since 2005's ‘Yoyoyoyoyo’.

                                                                            The latest in a series of collaborative projects (Bangers & Cash with Benny Blanco or Mobroder with Blu Jemz, for example), ‘Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar’ finds Naeem reinvigorated and inspired; the change is palpable. A deliberate departure from the sound of ‘Yoyoyoyoyo’, the new album is a polished, melodic effort informed as much by pop and rock as club rap and electro. ‘Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar’ is far-reaching topically yet fully committed to portraying Spank Rock’s multi-faceted brilliance.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            01. Ta Da
                                                                            02. Nasty (feat. Big Freedia)
                                                                            03. Car Song (feat. Santigold)
                                                                            04. Birfday
                                                                            05. The Dance
                                                                            06. #1 Hit
                                                                            07. Turn It Off
                                                                            08. Hennessey Youngman (Skit)
                                                                            09. Race Riot
                                                                            10. Baby
                                                                            11. Hot Potato
                                                                            12. Cool Shit
                                                                            13. DTF Dadt
                                                                            14. Energy


                                                                            Everything's The Rush

                                                                              Already garnering rave reviews, "Everything's The Rush" is packed with technicolour hits and singles-in-waiting - simply a joy of a record. The schoolboy friends and band-mates for a decade (brothers Greg and Aaron Gilbert, Colin Fox and Rowly) are geared up and ready to go. Recorded over twenty days with acclaimed producer Youth, "Everything's The Rush" is the sound of Delays striding confidently into a new chapter. The tunes are even brighter, the choruses even bigger. 'We recorded at Youth's villa in Grenada, which is high up in the mountains' explains Aaron (keyboards/vocals). 'When you're staring at a mountain in a room full of amps, you want to make a sound that's as big as the sky'. The songs may be the musical equivalent of a huge gulp of alpine air, but listen closer and the lyrics reveal a darker aftertaste. Explains Greg (vocals/guitar). 'A song like "Hooray" sounds really uplifting, but it's actually about me having O.C.D' he laughs. 'For us', says Aaron 'melody is king. We want to make music which sends a shiver down your spine'. Hear it in the rich swell of "Keep It Simple", the sky-scraping stomp of "Touchdown", the rich pop melodies of "Love Made Visible" and the string-soaked cornerstone of the album "Pieces".


                                                                              Everything Last Winter

                                                                                "Everything Last Winter" is the debut album from Fields, and it features re-recorded versions of their singles "If You Fail We All Fail" and "Song For The Fields". It also contains some of the most visually arresting artwork to grace a musical release in recent times. In keeping with the tone of the rest of their work the band have eschewed hiding behind computer trickery and all other mod cons and chosen to work with a real human being, a pen and a pad of paper.

                                                                                Nine Black Alps

                                                                                Everything Is

                                                                                  Nine Black Alps release at last their hugely anticipated debut album. The product of their LA recording sessions with Beck and Elliot Smith producer Rob Schnapf, "Everything Is" includes their long deleted debut single "Cosmopolitan" along with recent singles "Shot Down" and "Not Everyone".

                                                                                  The Sights

                                                                                  Circus / Everything

                                                                                    Detroit's Sights return with their brand new single. Once again recorded and produced with the aid of Jim Diamond at Ghetto Studios in Detroit. With their self-titled third album on the horizon, The Sights are now a force to be reckoned with. The addition of Robert Emmett on piano bass (think Terry Reid, not Ray Manzarek) and Hammond organ gives the band a colour-splattering spectrum to draw from. "Circus" is taken from the new album, and is a stomping slab of pop that proves singer / guitarist Eddie Baranek is leagues ahead of most of his contemporaries with his catchy songwriting. The B-side is exclusive to this release.

                                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                                    Location Is Everything Vol 2

                                                                                      Bargain basement sampler for Jade Tree's considerable roster of talent, which includes most excellent contributions from These Arms Are Snakes, Joan Of Arc, Denali etc; plus unreleased material from Onelinedrawing, Pedro The Lion, From Ashes Rise and Statistics amongst others. 19 pence a track...!

                                                                                      Streetlight Manifesto

                                                                                      Everything Goes Numb

                                                                                        Featuring members of Catch 22, "Everything Goes Numb" is a natural progression of Catch 22's "Keasbey Nights", showcasing not only energetic horn parts and fabulous harmonizing vocals, but intelligent lyrics focusing on the angst-ridden lives of young adults. This is a hugely anticipated album in the ska-punk underground – an unparalleled fusion of ska, jazz, reggae, swing and punk. For fans of Catch 22, Sublime, No Doubt and Less Than Jake.

                                                                                        Captain Everything

                                                                                        Its Not Rocket Science

                                                                                          Captain Everything are at the forefront of the rejuvenated English punk scene, developing into an act with their own voice and no longer mere copyists of the Fat Wreck sound. Touring with bands like Lightyear, Nerf Herder and Frenzal Rhomb have honed their sound and given them their edge. They've got the same dynamic punk energy, a nice line in ska beats and rhythms but with a power pop catchiness. "It's Not Rocket Science" to see that these fourteen songs are their best yet and will go a long way to cement their reputation as one of the best pop punk bands in the UK!

                                                                                          Duvall / Seville

                                                                                          Split CD - This Time Everything Is Mine

                                                                                            Duvall comprises three quarters of the original Smoking Popes lineup, and get things rolling on this split with a shredding instrumental track, followed by three contemplative pop gems. South Florida's Seville have toured with Dashboard Confessional, the bassist from Seville actually used to play in Dashboard before pursuing his career with Seville.

                                                                                            Face To Face

                                                                                            How To Ruin Everything

                                                                                              "How To Ruin Everything" sees Face To Face reaffirm their status as one of the 1990s new-punk trailblazers who have often been cited by bands like Blink 182 and the Alkaline Trio as major influences. Trever Keith, Scott Shiflett and Pete Parada formed as a trio in 1991 with a passion for old skool punk rock and this direct, no nonsense approach is there to be heard on this 2002 punk epistle.

                                                                                              Theory Of Everything

                                                                                              The Failure Of Arithmetic

                                                                                                Assured debut album from Theory Of Everything. Passionate, melodic songs, and soaring Buckley-esque vocals. Kinda like Muse in their mellower moments.

                                                                                                Yesterday's Kids

                                                                                                Everything Used To Be Better

                                                                                                  Effortlessly blending downer, emocore lyrics with poppy hardcore backings this new Lookout Records outfit has what it takes to make you happy as they get more depressed. Oh so young to be sooo cynical. Great stuff.

                                                                                                  Reel Big Fish

                                                                                                  Everything Sucks

                                                                                                    This is Reel Big Fish's punchy ska-core debut, brass sections whip up a storm, quirky rhythms, grungy guitar and pithy lyrics. It's cool.

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