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The King And Eye: Rmx

    In 1989 The Residents recorded an album of Elvis hits called "The King & Eye". Anyone familiar with the group's work would not be surprised to hear no attempt at recreating the original arrangements - re-interpreting the songs and digging into their Freudian undertones, usually overlooked in the lyrics. For The Residents, Elvis's life became a cautionary tale: a story of lost innocence, and how, in death, Elvis became the ultimate Americana icon. Ironically, The Residents chose to make their statements on "The King & Eye" through the voice of an aging Elvis imitator. Fifteen years later, in 2003, The Residents asked German remix whiz, Paralyzer, to listen to the original 24 track master recording and see what he would do to re-interpret their album - Paralyzer accepted the challenge but asked the group to give him free rein in reconstructing the pieces.

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