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Acid Bardot

Love Will Find A Wave


    Acid Bardot is the new musical project from Jon Chambers, who is known for his psychedelic releases under his, 'Sunray', monika. This new venture sees Chamber's employ the use of Sitar and drones to create an engaging instrumental (part one and part two) journey to a chilled out parallel universe.

    John Brenton aka Metrotone, Landshipping, Ojn, Tonfedd Oren & Southville Enraptured proudly releases a “best-of” collection comprising radio-friendly tracks from five related projects that Bristol-based John Brenton co wrote and developed as well as his solo work.This is a collection of lesser known tracks that have nevertheless been fiercely loved over the past twenty years, and supported loyally by a number of radio shows including John Peel and Steve Lamacq.Originally released on small labels, usually on vinyl with typical pressings of less than a thousand, sometimes with mail-order only distribution, the tracks are notable for the disproportionate amount of radio play garnered over the years.

    This compilation makes many of these tracks available on CD and download for the first time.Highlights include Metrotone's “Kiss Me Awake”, which led to the well-received Peel Session in 1998, and Landshipping's “Penguin New Writing”, which was a collaboration with Isan. More recent work under the name Tonfedd Oren, got air-play on Jen Long’s Radio One show, as well as elicited praise from Welsh language media, Tonfedd Oren being Welsh for, ‘Orange wave length’.

    Many DJs gave air-play to one or more of these tracks, but special thanks are due to: the Late and greatly missed John Peel, Steve Lamacq, and Jen & Ally on BBC Radio 1, Thierry Nollet on Contrast Internationale, Harald Are Lund on NRK Petre, Jalal on Popscene Radio Bremen, Duyster on Studio Brussel, Paul Baskerville on NDR4, Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales, Planet Claire on Aligré FM, Huw Stephens on C2 BBC Radio Cymru, Cam O'r Tywyllwch on Radio Cardiff and Resonance FM, John Cavanagh on Radio Six International, Gideon Coe on 6music and BBC Radio Bristol Introducing.

    Tonfedd Oren

    Tonfedd Oren

    Tonfedd Oren is Welsh for Orange Wavelength and is the latest musical collaboration between Rhys Williams and John Brenton and is their self-titled debut single on Enraptured. "We consciously set out to make something genuinely interesting and uplifting," says Williams. "We'd love this to be a lot of people's favourite record."

    Williams has been sporadically making multi-layered guitar instrumentals under the name Gofodwyr, which amongst others, briefly gained the attention of Huw Stephens on Radio Cymru. Brenton has been making quirky folktronica as Ojn, Landshipping and John Peel favourites, Metrotone, for a number of years. Tonfedd Oren sees them merging the two sounds together.

    Williams and Brenton met when they were students in Aberystwyth, Williams being a veteran of several Welsh language bands, none of which took themselves too seriously. Recognising a similar taste in music, they started swapping 7" singles from Welsh post-punk bands ("I think I learnt 50% of the Welsh I know through deciphering Datblygu lyrics", says Brenton), post-C86 indie and cassettes of obscure guitar bands from America's Pacific Northwest. They then started recording together on a 4-track cassette machine and released singles and compilation tracks under the name Southville on Brighton-based Pillarbox Red Records, before parting company to explore other musical avenues.

    Having stayed friends over the years, Williams and Brenton concluded that it was high time they worked together on something new, Tonfedd Oren is the fruit of that labour.


    Ltd 7" Info: Limited (300 only) 3 track 7" Single (Orange Vinyl).

    Nature’s vivid changing colours are the inspiration behind the Japanese name of Mik and Rich Hanscomb’s fourth album. 'My penfriend’s niece was born shortly after we’d recorded. They called her Koyo which also means 'gentle sunlight'. We felt the word perfectly sums up our new music' explains Rich.

    Made entirely in the brothers’ adopted home of Brighton and Hove, Mik and Rich utilized a pool of locally sourced talent to help shape "Koyo". Various members of the Willkommen Collective as well as other musicians suffused proceedings with their individuality. Listen out for Japanese artist, Cima Cima, on Present as well as one Elizabeth Walling a.k.a. Gazelle Twin, who coos over the third-eye dilating psychedelia of Dr Rendezvous in a most striking way. Lo-fidelity, pastoral whimsy and warmth are typical traits of Junkboy’s sound as exemplified by "Stendhal Syndrome" and opener, "Firth", the latter written one snow bound day whilst the brothers soaked up John Cameron’s Kes OST. The surreptitious but inevitable changes in nature’s palette are also reflected in the evolution of Junkboy’s sound. "Koyo" represents a shift to a more song based approach in their music.

    'We love instrumental, kosmische music - "Tones X" was a blast to record! - but we also wanted to compose in a traditional sense that reflects our passion for British folk and Laurel Canyon coke blizzard acoustica' says Mik. "On the Shore", "Function Of The Sun" and "Pieces In The Sky" et al communicate this desire with lush instrumentation and choral vocalistions. "Friends (Part 2)" is a homage to disciples of Brian Wilson who were creatively hustling on the Strip in mid 60s L.A. and were neatly collected on the last Nuggets compilation.

    'Working with our right hand man, Ryan Oliver, we wrote some downbeat lyrics to add a sunlight dampening English quality' continues Mik, melancholy to the end. Mik and Rich were also inspired by the contemporary psychedelic budget pop of Gary War and Sore Eros, most noticeable on the tape saturated rush of "Home", an ode to leaving one life behind to start afresh. "Koyo" is the boys’ most beautiful record yet. It’s a heady, home-recorded trip that meshes fully formed songs and wordless, bucolic post-rocking soulfulness - lovingly spun aural candy floss to be devoured by the i-Pod generation and long playing vinyl fetishists alike. Mik, Rich and Ryan will be DJing and taking a band out to play selected dates throughout the rest of the year so that you can bathe in the luxuriating love of Junkboy live.

    The Storm Society

    Miles Away EP

    The Storm Society "Miles Away" EP, is the debut release by one of Scotland's finest up and coming! The Glasgow based band, who have only been together since June 2006 are, Stuart Kemsley - Vocals & Guitar, Andy Glen - Guitar, Stephen Gover - Bass and Nathan Caldwell on Drums. "Miles Away" is backed with "I Could Have Been Anything", as well as two exclusive extended takes, "Miles Away (Part 2)" and "I Could Have Been Anything" (Full Version).

    Split EP with two tracks from each band. Indie slack-core stars, Beatglider released their debut album in the late nineties. Now the languid five-piece are back with two new songs. East coast England meets West coast USA, their music evoking memories of the late-lamented Pavement, My Bloody Valentine and Galaxie 500, fused with their own brand of wistful melancholia. Newcomers Shinri features members of the quietly acclaimed post-rock collective Junkboy. Their influences range far and wide – such as Elliott Smith, and The Flaming Lips to the more esoteric, pagan melodies of Bert Jansch, Vashti Bunyan and The Incredible String Band – fusing these ingredients together in their own inimitable style help to make Shinri a tantalising prospect.

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