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    Emptyset is a Bristol based production duo exploring techno music’s broad influences and compiling them to a studio template focused on tight production and detailed sound design. Inspired by the city’s culture of bass lead production the sound has been described as techno meets dubstep folded back onto techno again, a description which is perhaps the most insightful to date. The project owes credit to the classic releases of M-Plant, Sähkö and Chain Reaction as well as more recent producers such as Alva Noto, Deathprod and Burial. Emptyset acts as a research project connecting the ideas of a modern dancefloor with experimental approaches to music and its design.


    Doxa EP

    Excellent two tracker from Doxa on Caravan records, both aimed squarely at the electro house end of things. Track one side one is "Endoxa" which it has to be said is little more than a massive wobbly bassline, tough beats and some FX, now that doesn't sound like much, but the bass riff is killer and this my friends will sound ace on a large system. Over on side-B "Episteme" ploughs a similar furrow, but is slightly more minimal. All about the A-side for me.

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    👌🏻 We open at 11am.
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    Sat 19th - 9:05
    We’ve just taken delivery of some record storage carry cases. Available on line and on the website. Follow the link…
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