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Ged Duffy

Factory Fairy-Tales

    Ged Duffy might be the unluckiest man in Manchester music. He could have managed New Order; he could have been the bass player in The Cult; he could have seen his band, Stockholm Monsters, take the mantle of the Happy Mondays and become the breakout scally-band on the coolest record label in the world... but of course none of this happened.

    Told with wit and a photographic memory for gigs and dates, Ged recalls his years as a stagehand at the Russell Club and later The Hacienda, touring with New Order and then turning down the chance to tour America with them, leaving Stockholm Monsters when they were about to hit it big, life in the colony of artists, oddballs and dropouts in Hulme and how he managed to successfully avoid fame and fortune.

    Phill Gatenby

    Morrissey's Manchester

      Lyrically unique, Morrissey saw 1980s Manchester differently. Where most recognised the derelict remains of a Victorian warehouse, he saw humour, where others saw post-industrial squalor, he felt the frission of romance. 

      As a result, the city became as much a aprt of The Smiths' output as the guitars, drums, and vocals. Unusually, these places still exist and provide the devotee with a place of pilgramage. 

      The most fundamental change any reader will notice are the continual changes to Manchester itself - a city in perpetual flux. Since the first edition, venues have been demolished, refurbished, or shorn of their identity. Now updated, Morrissey's Manchester has added new places to visit, more lyrical references and more background information on one of the world's most influential bands.

      Richard Lysons

      Were You There? : Popular Music At Manchester's Free Trade Hall - 1951 To 1996

        Manchester's Free Trade Hall was arguably the most important popular music venue in Great Britain between 1951 and 1996. After several incarnations, the building was re-constructed in the wake of the Manchester Blitz and opened in 1951 as the new home of the city’s esteemed Hallé Orchestra. Yet it was popular music which would secure the venue its fame as it responded to each wave of popular music from jazz and skiffle, through rock ‘n’ roll and folk to prog, punk and heavy metal. From Billie Holiday to Blondie, Duke Ellington to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd to Happy Mondays, Rolling Stones to The Beach Boys, David Bowie to Suede, just about everyone who mattered played there. The Free Trade Hall was also the venue for incendiary gigs by Bob Dylan in 1966 and the Sex Pistols a decade later which changed the course of music history.

        Richard Lysons’ ‘meticulously researched tome’ will be of interest of anyone who ever attended a concert at the venue or has an interest in the history of popular music in Britain’s most musically important city. Alongside his own expert commentary on every headline act he gives the reader a sense of what was going on at other venues in Manchester. There are photographs of several seminal blues gigs by Brian Smith who attended concerts at the Free Trade Hall throughout the 1960’s

        Phill Gatenby & Craig Gill

        The Manchester Musical History Tour

          From the late 1950's, Mancunians have had a passion for creating and following great music. Be it live or via recordings, the city centre has been a magnet for generations of locals - and in recent years music fans from all over the country and beyond - to enjoy.

          Whilst cities such as Liverpool and Memphis turned their musical heritage into a tourist attractions, Manchester kept looking forward, developing new scenes and tastes. Yet the 2002 film "Twenty-Four Hour Party People" was probably the point at which Manchester music fans started to look back at the rich musical history of their city. This coincided with the publication of the book "Morrissey's Manchester" by Phill Gatenby, also in 2002 and numerous other publications penned by luminaries of the Manchester scene.

          Following the success of "Morrissey's Manchester", a guide book dedicated to locations associated with The Smiths, author Phill Gatenby has put together several tours featuring other world famous Manchester bands from the Buzzcocks via Joy Division to Oasis, Elbow and Doves as well as the various scenes from beat to acid house or even lo-fi.

          An interesting guide for anyone with an interest in British music, the guide documents the various clubs and venues that have influenced Manchester based musicians over the last 50 years.

          Gareth Ashton

          Manchester; It Never Rains.....

            In 1976, a brand new, exhilarating musical revolution was beginning to gather momentum in London, instigated by grown ups, but embraced and spearheaded by a dissatisfied youth, bored of the stagnant stench of a music industry that said, and meant, nothing to them. 200 miles North up the M1 was a city that was primed ready and able to play it’s part in the growth of punk rock in the U.K; Manchester.

            This book aims to explain why punk was the ideal natural musical progression in the city, as told by the people who were there at that embryonic stage before it entered into mainstream consciousness. In a time when hairstyle and dress sense defined your personality, nailing your colours to the mast of a grey and monochrome backdrop. Where people’s indifference to difference was measured in punches, and intolerance of tolerance was metered out in kicks. Working class kids from the inner city council estates who found escape from their surroundings in music and fashion. Not off the peg fashion, but homemade ingenuity, glamour through austerity, there’s nothing like a bit of individuality to make the natives restless.

            Manchester has been the home of many musical firsts; Halle Orchestra, Top Of The Pops, Sex Pistols on television, Independent record release. An infamous gig that spawned a plethora of bands, writers, photographers, artists. It was home to The Electric Circus, Pips, Rafters, Band On The Wall, venues which are all (predominantly) fondly remembered as memories of a well spent youth.

            The book charts those protagonists from their early life growing up, socially and musically, the impact that punk had on their lives, including the bands that sprung up from it, how it allowed them to express their beliefs, and how it’s ideology has stayed with them up to the present day. The time line is between the early 1960’s until December 1977 (ish). The story is predominantly told through the words of the subjects, after hours of editing face to face interviews and emails, interspersed with my narrative connecting and introducing the differing topics and chapters.

            It is a social history document as well as a musical coming of age memoir, a time capsule of days of which we will never again see the like.

            TRACK LISTING

            Chapter Breakdown
            1: History Of Manchester’s Slum Dwellings From The 19th Century To 1960’s.
            2: Interviewee’s Experiences Of Growing Up In The Inner City. Musical Influences And Access To Physical Musical Output.
            3; Nightclubs/Bars Of Manchester. The Gay Scene, Pips, The Ranch Bar. Bowie/Roxy
            4; The Electric Circus. Early Gigs Including Sex Pistols And Buzzcocks.
            5; So It Goes- Sex Pistols First Appearance On T.V. Recollections From The Producer.
            6; Early Punk Fashion In The City. People’s Stories Of Homemade Clothing.
            7; Violence On The Streets Of Manchester And The Terraces. Football And Punk.
            8; Venues Of Manchester; Band On The Wall, Rafters, The Oaks, Apollo Theatre.
            9; The Growth Of Punk In Manchester, Interviewee’s Gig Memories.
            10; So It Goes Second Series. Recollections Of Outside Broadcasts From Director And Video Assistant.
            11; The Closure Of The Electric Circus.
            12; The Dissolution Of Punk At The End Of 1977. The Lasting Legacy Of What Punk Meant To The People Interviewed For The Book.

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