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The Good Will Out - 2023 Reissue

    Embrace have quietly created an admirable body of work without fuss or the internal friction that has dogged so many bands of the era - They were founded by the McNamara brothers, singer Danny and guitarist Richard in 1990 in Baliff Bridge, West Yorkshire - Joined by bassist Steve Firth, drummer Mike Heaton and keyboard player Mickey Dale, the line-up has remained stable ever since.

    Signing to the ultra-cool Fierce Panda label, the group's debut single All You Good Good People was to become a UK Top 10 hit in October 1997, eight months after its first release, when it was reissued by Virgin offshoot Hut Records. As a result, their debut album, The Good Will Out was eagerly anticipated. Released in June 1998, over its hour, it showcased a range of styles and approaches. From the tender ballad Fireworks to the anthemic title track, the singles My Weakness Is None Of Your Business and Come Back To What You Know, the album's 14 tracks represent an accomplished, beautifully crafted body of work. It is easy to see why Chris Martin of Coldplay (who supported Embrace on tour in 2000) is such an admirer, among many others.

    In many respects, Embrace form a trilogy with two other great northern groups of the time, Oasis and The Verve – yet they were no junior partners: The Good Will Out fully captures the scale of their ambition.

    It is presented with scrupulous attention to the detail of the original UK first pressing and available in audiophile 180gm vinyl.


    1. Intro
    2. All You Good Good People
    3. My Weakness Is None Of Your Business
    4. Come Back To What You Know
    5. One Big Family
    6. Higher Sights
    7. Retread
    8. I Want The World
    9. You've Got To Say Yes
    10. Fireworks
    11. The Last Gas
    12. That's All Changed Forever
    13. Now You're Nobody
    14. The Good Will Out


    How To Be A Person Like Other People

      Talking about the album, Richard said "Whenever we put out a new album it's always a really big deal to us, we put everything we have into it. We know that there's something about what we do that people love, that they just don't get from other bands. It's like a pact, they want us to be intimate and personal and autobiographical, but they also want us to be confident and rousing and anthemic. It sounds like a contradiction, but I think when we're at our best we somehow pull it off. I think in that sense this album is the most Embrace album we've ever made".

      Meanwhile the band have announced tour dates in support of the new album, including their biggest London show in over 17 years at Brixton Academy on Friday 9th September, a venue the band last played in 2005. Produced and mixed by Richard McNamara at Magnetic North Studios the new album is the follow-up to the band's 2018 Top 5 album, Love Is A Basic Need.


      Death Is Not The End
      We Are It / Up 
      Remember Me
      The Terms Of My Surrender
      Run Away With Me
      How To Be A Person Like Other People
      I Miss You
      For Kate


      Love Is A Basic Need

        20 years into their recording career Embrace are making an epic and emphatic return with their seventh studio album. With three #1 albums, six Top 10 singles, sold out arena shows and over two million album sales behind them, Embrace returned to the music scene three years ago with their Top 5 self-titled album Embrace. Already being hailed as a return to “classic” Embrace, new album LOVE IS A BASIC NEED was recorded in the first half of 2017 at the band’s own Magnetic North Studio, produced by Richard McNamara. With tracks such as the emotive and powerful Never, LOVE IS A BASIC NEED sees Embrace return to the classic sound that first made us fall in love with them. The album’s overriding theme is one surrounding love and Danny McNamara says; “We set out to make an album where every song on it would stand up against the best songs we’ve ever written, and I’m pretty confident we’ve done just that.”


        Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown

        Three years have passed since Correatown released the critically acclaimed dream-pop album ‘Pleiades’. Highline are proud to announce the release of her follow up, ‘Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown’.

        Having built a fanbase with her debut album ‘Spark. Burn. Fade’, Correatown’s listeners continued to grow through her work in TV and film music and her collaboration with Tom Brosseau as Les Shelleys. ‘Pleiades’ saw Correatown expanding both her global audience and her sonic horizons.

        Correatown’s new album reflects and revels in change and evolution. Songs wonder about purpose, wonder about the future and wonder if this is all that there is. Without answers to these questions, the music implores us to ‘Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown’.

        The album was produced by Angela Correa and Dan Long (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Son Volt, TV On The Radio).

        Correatown’s music has appeared on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Private Practice’ and films ‘The Lucky One’ and ‘Admission’.

        Beautifully crafted ethereal pop music that will appeal to fans of Feist, Regina Spektor and Best Coast.


        Eyes To The Sky
        Small Hours
        True North
        Lucky Ones
        All Horizon
        Wind Sprints
        My Girls
        Babybird (Wonder And Dream)



          For the returning Embrace, a 7 year hiatus was precipitated by the most commercially successful high-point in their career, having notched up another No.1 album and scored their highest placing in the UK singles chart, the band simply decided to head back home to their roots in West Yorkshire and take a clean break. Curious behaviour, for a band whose debut The Good Will Out was one of the fastest-selling British albums ever.

          With the self-titled new album Embrace, the band have mined their very essence and delivered a piece of work that unearths the core of what Embrace have always been about – skyward-bound music of the soul that reaches far beyond life’s parameters. As a group, Embrace have always inspired a fervid and devoted following –not because fashion dictated but because theirs was always a sound and a voice that elevated while, paradoxically, grounded that feeling in something that was real – the band simply would not compromise on their output, not anymore. It had to feel right.

          While the new record does contain the kind of soul-bearing honesty and vertiginous, life-affirming choruses that typifies their music – with the new album an element of raw darkness lurks with almost conspiratorial glee beneath – with The Good Will Out as their songs of innocence, Embrace encapsulates their songs of experience.

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