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Karl O'Connor (aka Regis) has remained a maverick and iconic figure on the global techno stage, ever since his 'Montreal' EP burned his name across the world's dancefloors some 25 years ago. His unconventional and single-minded label, Downwards, often shrouded by mythology, has also helped to launch fellow protagonist Surgeon as one of techno's most revered DJ/producers.

Never one to tread the easy path, O'Connor alongside known projects such as British Murder Boys (with Surgeon), O/V/R with James Ruskin and Sandwell District alongside Function and Silent Servant has more recently collaborated with artists such as Ann Margaret Hogan (piano) and Justin K. Broadrick on guitar (previously of Godflesh) for a one-off concert performed live in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Argolis, Greece as well as releasing last year's stunning new album 'In This Is The Light That You Miss' on Downwards. In his continuous search to side-step convention, he remains one of the more highly regarded creative forces within the British techno/electronic scene.

The genesis of the tracks on 'Beyond the Reach of Time' go way back to 1999 and thanks to various internet leaks have, over the following years, added to the mystique that surrounds them and the artist. Recorded in a period when O'Connor was putting tracks together for both an album on Tresor and an anonymous shortly-lived house label called Housework, these tracks seemed to fit neither the hard-edged Regis sound of the time nor the Housework style and simply slipped through the cracks.

Now over 20 years after their creation we are proud to give these long-lost Regis tracks the official release they deserve. The EP opens with the thumping yet muted tribalism of 'No Love From Above' whereby O'Connor approaches the dancefloor with malevolent restraint before 'At the Side of Silence' fuses this approach with the chord motif that runs through the beating heart of this release.

Rolling in at just under 13 minutes the closing 'Beyond the Reach of Time Pt.2' is epic in both scale and sound, its synth drenched chords taking it closer to Motor City emotionalism than anything O'Connor has committed to wax. Its sister piece 'Beyond the Reach of Time Pt.1' can also be found on 'EPM20', the 21-track digital compilation marking EPM's 20th Year.


Matt says: UK techno stalwart Regis comes through on the cookin' EPM Music for three tracks of his blistering beats. Urgent and uncompromising, there's a primal energy coursing through the EP which locks you into its deep hypnotic throb. Mega.


A1. No Love From Above
A2. At The Side Of Silence
AA1. Beyond The Reach Of Time PT 2

Third and final EP in EPM's 20th anniversary series. And having presented the best in upfront techno and electro, the label turns its attention to house music, commissioning four brand new and exclusive tracks from artists who represent the EPM sound moving forward through the next decade. 

First up is none other than a Detroit techno founding father and the TechnoSoul innovator himself Eddie Fowlkes, who delivers a classy opener in "1-2-3" that’s deep yet vibrant and showcases his legendary status. Next is a fellow Motor City modernizer, Jon Dixon whose musicianship and productive talent takes him from jazz to techno which he skilfully brings to "Mack & Bewick". Motech Records’ founder DJ 3000 brings us the spirit of "Summer 1995" as he briefly steps away from techno to give us this uplifting sun-drenched stunner. Final track "The Beat" comes from Rico & Sonny, the pseudonym of Chicago based DJ duo and production team of Adam Stolz and the talented Tim Baker, recorded before his devastating and untimely passing. 


A1. Eddie Fowlkes – 1-2-3
A2. Jon Dixon – Mack & Bewick
B1. DJ 3000 – Summer 1995
B2. Rico & Sonny – The Beat

"EPM20 - EP 2" turns the spotlight on electro. Brand new tracks by The Advent & Zein Ferreira, Carl Finlow, Detroit’s Filthiest and Modulator a.k.a. Freddie Fresh. As all good electro-heads will know, The Advent (Cisco Ferreira) is as renowned for electro as he is for techno. On "Strangeform" he works alongside his son and rising talent, Zein to turn in pure electro-funk that’s blistering to the last beat. Another absolute master of the scene is Carl Finlow who brings deep bass notes, carefully crafted melody and his meticulous production skills to "Optogenetic". Detroit’s Filthiest has been wowing listeners with his work for labels like Casa Voyager, Bass Agenda, Philthtrax and his own MCEC. His track "Werewolf" is the electro monster the title suggests – dark and tough Detroit-electro book-ended with a playful vocal. The EP closes with the legendary Freddie Fresh who after three decades is a genuine machine funk virtuoso. Under his Modulator guise he layers beautiful retro synth stylings and sci-fi atmospherics on "ProMars".


1. The Advent & Zein Ferreira - Strangeform
2. Carl Finlow - Optogenetic
3. Detroit’s Filthiest - Werewolf
4. Modulator Aka Freddie Fresh - ProMars

The first part of the EPM Music's 20th celebrations sees a series of three V/A EPs, each focussing on a different genre - techno, electro and house - the three main pillars of EPM’s musical heritage. Each EP features four brand new and exclusive tracks released in specially designed sleeves.

The first of these EPs focuses on techno and presents new tracks from four of the world’s leading techno artists, Robert Hood, Ben Sims, James Ruskin and Mark Broom. The choice was an easy one for EPM, not only because of the artists’ excellent production skills but also because of a long working relationship, which includes the distribution of their respective labels - M-Plant, Hardgroove, Blueprint and Beard Man.

Robert Hood opens the release with "Shadows". It’s classic Hood with a modern twist: segueing between discordant & tough lead lines and more tuneful FM keys and bells - with a kick drum that'll knock the wind right outta yer bowls. Next, Ben Sims infuses "Xotnuc" with his typically wiggy, funky but HARD style that'll have you howling at the speaker stacks and swinging off the rafters. 

James Rushkin profers up perhaps the darkest of the set; the taut crystaline atmospheres and deep squelch of "There Was A Time" the kinda post-4AM workout that has you lurking in shadows of the warehouse trying to get away with smoking a doobie as whatever chemicals previously consumed assert their narcotic grip. 

James Ruskin then steps up, bringing a dizzying experimental edge to ‘There Was A Time’ that’s championed 25 years of his Blueprint label. Last but definitely not least is the UK techno icon, Mark Broom. ‘The Three Swords’ builds with a beautiful precision that will make you yearn for the dance floor even harder.Mark Broom's "The Three Swords" is full of his typically hefty drums, nagging modular lines and fizzing hats. It's a sound iconic to the UK producer whose excelled in pushing the sounds of our fertile soils onto the rest of the world.

The second EP featuring four electro tracks follows in June, with the third, house EP in July. The compilation "EPM20" will follow after the Summer. TIP! 


A1. Robert Hood – Shadows
A2. Ben Sims – Xotnuc
AA1. James Ruskin – There Was A Time
AA2. Mark Broom – The Three Swords

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