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Richard Thompson

Action Packed: The Best Of The Capitol Years 1988-1999

For over thirty years Richard Thompson has been a major figure on the English music scene. He is held in high regard because of his work in the 60's with Fairport Convention, in the '70's with his (then) wife Linda and latterly (and the period featured on this compilation) with his Capitol label solo albums. This "Best of.." covers 1988-1999 and has a new song featuring his son Teddy.

The Beach Boys

Smiley Smile / Wild Honey

This is probably the best Beach Boys title to put alongside "Surf's Up" and "Pet Sounds" in your collection. Great remastered sound and all time classic tracks like "Good Vibrations" and "Darlin'".

The Beach Boys

Beach Boys Party! / Stack-O-Tracks

In between all the dated crap are some amazing songs and seeing as there are 30 tracks on this you can't fail to find some brilliant moments (including 3 covers of Beatles tracks--funny that the Beatles never covered any of their songs).

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Ha. Well, if that’s the case it can only be a good thing, right?! Searching for the perfect beat.
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If you want to know what’s in our End of Year Chart tune in and come down on Wednesday 27th November. More info her…
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