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Group Du Jour was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1983 and have had a storied career spanning the decades since. They have always brought together live, ethnic, and electronic sounds with folk and modern pop, later getting ever more experimental. Early albums Forgotten Colors in 1986 and Wonderful Vision in 1988 are groundbreaking affairs, the latter of which gave rise to 'Motion Of Waves', which is something of a cult favourite for deep diggers. It is a rich instrumental groove that layers up synthesiser, flute, guitar and haunting vocals sitting over a brilliantly electric beat. The whole thing was a live one-take recording and is perfectly suited to both sunset and sunup moments of dancing pleasure.


"Motion Of Waves"
"Motion Of Waves" (Cassette Mix)
"We Travel Dark Waters"

Various Artists

Flux Gourmet - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Ba Da Bing is releasing the soundtrack to 2022’s paeon to cuisine prep, Flux Gourmet. A vibrant, four-coursed, 23-track double album, Flux Gourmet includes contributions by Heather Trost, Jeremy Barnes, Marta Salogni, Cavern of Anti-Matter, and Roj (Broadcast), as well as Strickland’s own compositions as part of The Sonic Catering Band.

    British Director and sonic pioneer, Peter Strickland, known for The Duke of Burgundy (2014), Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and Björk: Biophilia Live (2014), has always pushed visuals and narrative to absurd heights. In Flux Gourmet, performance artists taking part in a residency dedicated to sonic catering combining cooking, sound and theater. Food is amplified, microphones are jammed against blenders, and the sizzling sound of the frier turns becomes an ominous rattle. The film’s soundtrack is equally as process oriented, experimental, and kaleidoscopic as its protagonists’ practice.

    Contributors are Cavern of Anti-Matter, Jeremy Barnes, Heather Trost, Roj (formerly of Broadcast), Tim Harrison, Dan Hayhurst and Nurse With Wound.


    Side A:
    A1. Heather Trost - Early Gardens
    A2. Roj - Trip To The Shops
    A3. The Sonic Catering Band - Death Borscht
    A4. The Sonic Catering Band - The Third Gastric Surge Of The Night
    A4. Jeremy Barnes - The Funeral Table

    Side B:
    B1. The Sonic Catering Band - Greed
    B2. The Sonic Catering Band - HLA-DQ8
    B3. Heather Trost - Early Gardens (earlier)
    B4. Roj - Trip To The Shops
    B5. Nurse With Wound - Hindu Monastery Breakfast
    B6. Tim Harrison - Ohmlette’s Law

    Side C:
    C1. The Sonic Catering Band - Vegetable Trash
    C2. The Sonic Catering Band - A Sedimental Journey
    C3. The Sonic Catering Band - Baron Von Omelette
    C4. The Sonic Catering Band - Dossier De Canteen
    C5. Cavern Of Anti- Matter - Insufflation Tube
    C6. Jeremy Barnes - The Funeral Table
    C7. The Sonic Catering Band - A Pain I Can’t Hold In

    Side D:
    D1. Heather Trost - Early Gardens (earliest)
    D2.Dan Hayhurst - Monday Service
    D3. Marta Salogni - Cross-Contamination
    D4. Roj - Trip To The Shops (closing Down)
    D5. Jeremy Barnes - The Funeral Table (demonstration)

    Various Artists / Little Richard

    I Am Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

      LITTLE RICHARD: I AM EVERYTHING tells the story of the Black queer origins of rock n’ roll, exploding the whitewashed canon of American pop music to reveal the innovator – the originator – Richard Penniman. The soundtrack of the award-winning documentary includes timeless hits from Little Richard like “Tutti Frutti”, “Rip It Up”, and “Long Tall Sally”, plus two covers from Valerie June and Cory Henry, and a piece from the film’s original score, composed by Tamar-Kali Brown.


      Good Golly, Miss Molly – Little Richard
      Strange Things Happening Every Day – Valerie June
      Baby (demo) – Little Richard
      I’m Just A Lonely Guy (all Alone) – Little Richard
      Tutti Frutti – Little Richard And His Band
      Long Tall Sally – Little Richard And His Band
      Lucille – Little Richard And His Band
      Bama Lama Bama Loo – Little Richard
      Rip It Up – Little Richard And His Band
      Ready Teddy – Little Richard And His Band
      The Girl Can’t Help It – Little Richard And His Band
      Send Me Some Lovin’ – Little Richard And His Band
      Tutti Frutti – Cory Henry
      Legacy – Tamar-kali Brown

      Mark Ronson And Andrew Wyatt

      Barbie: Score From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

        Waxwork Records is proud to present BARBIE Score From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt! The score is featured in the juggernaut film Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken.

        On composing the score, Ronson says, “Greta’s Barbie overflows with emotion in a way that inspires us to no end, not just with harmony and melody but also textures, sonics and rhythms. Sometimes Greta wanted us to elicit tears, sometimes she wanted it to feel like a disco. Sometimes she loved the warmth of vintage analogue synthesizers, sometimes she wanted the richness of the orchestra. Often, she wanted both.

        “The late nights and crazy hours we put into Barbie were all worth it to us, because we were so in love with this film. And we truly hope listening to our score from beginning to end will give others the same emotional, whimsical experience they had watching this magical film.”

        The highly anticipated film score vividly brings Gerwig’s vision to life and adds the perfect layer to the film that immerses fans into the Barbie Universe.


        Creation Of Barbie
        Pink ("barbie" Opening Theme) *lizzo Cover
        Beach Off
        Ken Thinks
        Stairway To Weird Barbie
        Thoughts Of Death
        Send Me Through The Portal
        Ken Makes A Discovery
        Bus Stop Billie *billie Eilish Cover
        Meeting Ruth *billie Eilish Cover
        You Failed Me!
        Alan Vs Kens
        Warmth Of Your Gaze
        An Ending
        I Don't Have An Ending
        What Was I Made For? (epilogue) *billie Eilish Cover

        Various Artists

        Dreamin’ Wild - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

          Acclaimed label Light in the Attic proudly partners with River Road, Zurich Avenue, and Roadside Attractions to release Dreamin’ Wild Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The film follows the real-life story of brothers Donnie & Joe Emerson, whose teenage dreams of rock stardom suddenly came true 30 years later. The soundtrack blends vintage recordings by Donnie & Joe (including the cult favorite “Baby”) with exclusive new performances by Donnie Emerson, Nancy Sophia Emerson, and actor Noah Jupe, plus original score selections by composer Leopold Ross (Black Mirror, A Million Little Pieces).

          Jupe, who portrays a young Donnie Emerson, re-recorded several of the duo’s classic songs for the film, including their debut single, “Thoughts in My Mind.” The wistful ballad, which was written and recorded while the brothers were still in high school, was originally released in 1977 on their own Enterprise & Co. label.

          The soundtrack also includes “When A Dream Is Beautiful,” a new song by husband-and-wife duo Donnie Emerson and Nancy Sophia Emerson, and recorded in Nashville by the film’s music producer and multi-GRAMMY® winner Dave Cobb.

          A true story of love and redemption, Dreamin’ Wild centers around Donnie Emerson (Affleck/Jupe), a middle-aged singer-songwriter who learns that a record label is interested in reissuing the album that he and his brother recorded as teens in rural Washington State. Suddenly, the Emerson brothers find themselves thrust into the spotlight, as their 30-year-old album is hailed as a lost masterpiece. While the album’s rediscovery brings hopes of second chances, it also unearths long-buried emotions as Donnie, his wife Nancy (Deschanel), brother Joe (Goggins/Grazer), and father Don Sr. (Bridges) come to terms with the past and their newly found fame.

          Named for the brothers’ 1979 debut album, Dreamin’ Wild is a River Road – Innisfree Production, produced by Academy Award®-winner Jim Burke, Academy® and Emmy®-nominee Pohlad, Kim Roth, Viviana Vezzani, and Karl Spoerri. Casey Affleck served as executive producer, alongside Emmy®-nominee Christa Workman, Dan Clifton, Steven Snyder, and Tobias Gutzwiller.


          Good Time - Donnie & Joe Emerson
          Kids To School - Leopold Ross
          Baby - Donnie & Joe Emerson
          Donnie Rehearsal Tape - Donnie Emerson & Leopold Ross
          Dream Full Of Dreams - Donnie & Joe Emerson
          NY Times Montage - Leopold Ross
          China Grove - Noah Jupe
          Thoughts In My Mind - Noah Jupe
          Tender Is The Night - Donnie Emerson
          Don't Go Lovin' Nobody Else - Donnie & Joe Emerson
          Rehearsal Freakout - Leopold Ross
          Give Me A Chance - Noah Jupe
          Photoshoot - Leopold Ross
          When A Dream Is Beautiful - Donnie Emerson & Nancy Sophia Emerson

          Carter Burwell

          Blood Simple (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Black Friday 23 Edition)



            Varèse Sarabande released 7 tracks (20 minutes) from Blood Simple on a 1987 soundtrack album to coincide with Raising Arizona. Now, 40 years after its 1983 recording, Carter Burwell has produced a new mix and album of Blood Simple, featuring 13 tracks and 35 minutes from the original multitrack session tapes. Daniel Schweiger’s detailed liner notes recount the genesis of the project and the unforgettable Coens–Burwell partnership.

            Alan Silvestri

            Death Becomes Her (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Black Friday 23 Edition)



              This first-ever vinyl pressing of Alan Silvestri’s score for the 1992 black comedy Death Becomes Her features seven cues that were not included in the original soundtrack release, plus the original song “Me,” performed by legendary actress Meryl Streep. Pressed on limited-edition Purple vinyl with original cover art and a printed inner sleeve. 

              DJ Muggs & Dean Hurley

              Divinity: Original Motion Picture Score

                Legendary hip hop pioneer DJ Muggs and frequent David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley join forces for the original score to the 2023 Sundance-premiering feature film Divinity. Equal parts sonically punishing and ethereal, the soundtrack delivers a unique punch that further intensifies the mind-bending, acid-trip experience of the film.

                Divinity is a sci-fi dystopian odyssey produced by Steven Soderberg hand helmed by visionary director Eddie Alcazar. Set in the distant future, scientist Sterling Pierce dedicated his life to the quest for immortality, slowly making progress developing a serum named Divinity. Jaxxon Pierce, his son, now controls and profits from his father’s once benevolent dream. Society on their barren planet has been entirely perverted by the supremacy and pervasiveness of the drug. Two mysterious brothers arrive with a plan to abduct the mogul, and with the help of a woman named Nikita, they set on a trajectory hurtling toward true immortality.

                Amidst the film’s extraordinary tapestry of stark aesthetics and themes, the score is a ten ton barbell of sonic weight. Crafted with 8-bit samplers, Wavestation synths, extended choir and string techniques, the soundtrack manages to swing wildly between the arenas of both music and sound design. Like all rich soundtracks, listening to the score on its own reconjures the imagery of the film in the screen of the listener’s mind, an aural experience that manages to encapsulate and pulse a matched intensity of the film.

                Tracks like ‘The Brothers’ and ‘Reflective Dreams’ cascade Vangelis-esque tones, painting with broad strokes of cinematic grandeur and ethereal wonder. ‘Main Titles’ and ‘Infinity Techno’ conversely swing hard into relentless, punishing sonics; with brutal, pulsing energy representative of the twisted, relentless pursuit of immortality. A standout of the album is undoubtedly “Divinity 2 Infinity: The Odyssey,” featuring cult hip-hop hero and lyrical-savant Kool Keith. Written for the film’s end credits, the track is a satisfying throwback to the 90’s original soundtrack cut bespoke tailored to the film’s narrative themes.

                DJ Muggs and Dean Hurley’s synergy yields a soundtrack that takes Divinity beyond the screen and into a multi-dimensional experience, inviting its listener along uncharted aural terrain for an unforgettable odyssey in sound.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Intro Descent
                2. Live Eternal
                3. Bigger, Stronger, Faster
                4. Capture
                5. Main Titles
                6. The Brothers
                7. Drone Interrogation
                8. A Symbol Of Life
                9. Heavy Weight
                10. Reflective Dreams
                11. Infinity Techno
                12. Escape Suite
                13. Aftermath
                14. Rip Fights
                15. Final Fight
                16. Ascend Finale
                17. Divinity 2 Infinity: The Odyssey

                IG Culture returns as Likwid Continual Space Motion with four fresh tracks for intergalactic space jazz battles. "The Remedy" opens proceedings with urgent horns and perfectly balanced moments of tension and release - the saxophone lines breaking through the taut strings beautifully. High tech jazz of the highest order.

                "Vanguard", featuring Tyrone Stuart sounds like Ras G meets the current London underground - think Ezra Collective, Yussef Kamaal etc; with that poignant hip-hop edge. "The Score" is a highly frenetic, free piece of modern bop with rich double bass and occasional scats for added authenticity. Finally "Givin' Up" concludes with a definite lean towards UKG and broken beat styles, taking us full circle back to the right now. An impeccably well executed EP that shows that UK jazz is in as healthy and inventive state as ever. Recommended.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Specialist tackle from IG Culture with a great take on modern jazz mixed with broken beats and with a real London flavour throughout. Giles Peterson gotta be all over this?!

                TRACK LISTING

                The Remedy
                Vanguard Ft. Tyrone Isaac Stuart
                The Score
                Givin Up Ft. Allysha Joy

                Various Artists

                Slow (Motion And Movement) - 2023 Reissue

                  Welcome to library breaks *chopped 'n screwed*! Slow (Motion And Movement), originally released on Sonoton in 1980, is super-sought-after and full of crazy dubby, super SLLLLLOOOOWWWWW and super HEAVVVVVY library breaks. It's also home to blinding new age/synthy tracks that are equally great. It's really varied throughout, but all absolutely fantastic.

                  Slow features KPM/Bruton/Sonoton-legend John Fiddy, the mighty Sonoton founder and composer, arranger and conductor Gerhard Narholz in 2 of his best-loved guises - Sammy Burdson and Norman Candler (get it?) - as well as a couple of fine offerings from Antonio Campo.

                  Heavy opener "Slow Business 1" is veeeerrrrrrryyyyyy slooooooooow with the phased drums so beloved of Narholz but this time delivered by Campo, with a proud, deliberate piano melody and great bassline adorning the creeping rhythm. "Slow Business 2" is equally as slooooooow but without any melodic decoration. Just pure phased drums, folks! Get sampling. "Moody You" is Narholz's first track on the record and what a beauty it is. A languorous, insouciant, slo-mo guitar soul track with warm synths, electric piano and heavy drums. It sounds a wee bit like an erotic film score, and all the better for it. "Slow Groovement" is Campo's final contribution and it's definitely his best. It's an ace, moody-yet-melodic crime/blaxploitation track with gorgeous percussive elements, mellifluous Rhodes and twinkling piano over a fantastic bassline and drums with some great electric guitar soloing halfway through.

                  "Slow Reactor 1" is Narholz again, under his Burdson pseudonym, and it's him all the way, now, joined by John Fiddy for half the tracks. This one is a tense, phased, slo-mo thriller with mysterious percussive elements and ominous strings. "Threat To Research" contains mysterious, dramatic sounds and heaps of string-assisted tension whilst "Ion Exchanger" is replete with repetitive, strange accents and sounds; all half-tumbling drums and dead tense, again. Truly, a taut experience and ideal for adventurous sample-based beat-heads. "Wave Motions" is a real highlight and the first to feature John Fiddy. It's a beatless ambient banger with slowly changing sound waves. It sounds like Angelo Badalamenti would if he were crafting strung-out teutonic library madness in 1980. The A-Side closes with "Slow Motion Link" which is over waaaay too soon but just simply needs looping. Trust us. Phenomenally dope!

                  Flip over for "Scenic Vision 1" for here, ladies and gentlemen, we go sublime. It's an absolutely stunning ambient wonder, with slowly changing textures and colours that create a peaceful, gliding, tranquil atmosphere of sheer bliss. You will not want it to end. Whilst "Scenic Vision 2" adds a bass melody, "Scenic Vision 3" uses the same melody but renders it isolated and lonely in the background. Haunting, hypnotic and hyper-beautiful. "Study In Brown" is s a lengthier number, with room to stretch out, and features Fiddy back in the game. Again, a slow, isolated melody gradually segues - by way of Fiddy's mournful electric guitar solo - into a slow heavy rhythm with rumbling, groovy bass and stratospheric drums.

                  "Deja Vu 1" weaves swirling, disorientating magic. It's described on the original sleeve simply as "indefinite arpeggios inexplicable vision" and we can't put it any better ourselves. "Deja Vu 2" sounds like you've heard it before, it's "as above with melodic line" and really is fun. "Glistening Surface" sounds exactly as you'd expect, all frisson-inducing movements, slow waves and generally peaceful scenic sounds. This remarkable library record closes with "Laser Fight", blasting "utopian percussive sounds" that totally get under your skin like fireworks through your veins. A neat trick!

                  Established in Munich in 1965 by Gerard and Rotheide Narholz, Sonoton introduced library music to Germany. Initially intended to cater to the country's new TV market, the library also provided an avenue for Gerhard Narholz's astonishing musical prolificacy, and soon became a haven for a wide range of European composers and musicians. In 1969, Sonoton struck a deal with the British label Berry Music for international publishing rights, exposing its catalog to a worldwide audience; when Berry was bought out by EMI in 1973, Sonoton transitioned into a full-fledged international label, with successes in the library and commercial fields and many innovations to its credit. Now a worldwide operation with hundreds of producers and composers under its employ, Sonoton nonetheless remains an independently run business still helmed by its founders - a remarkable achievement in an era when nearly every other major library has been absorbed by a multinational conglomerate.

                  The audio for Slow (Motion And Movement) has been remastered by Be With regular Simon Francis, ensuring this release sounds better than ever. Cicely Balston's expert skills have made sure nothing is lost in the cut whilst the original, iconic sleeve has been restored here at Be With HQ as the finishing touch to this long overdue re-issue.

                  Drab Majesty

                  An Object In Motion

                    The latest EP from Drab Majesty marks the start of a stirring new chapter in the band’s majestic legacy. Written during a 2021 retreat to the remote coastal Oregon town of Yachats, Deb Demureleaned into the neo-psychedelic resonance of a uniquely bowl-shaped 12-string Ovation acoustic/electric guitar. After early morning hikes in the rain, Deb would record ambient guitar experiments the rest of the day, tapping into “flow states,” letting the sound lead the way. These sessions were then refined or recreated, and later elevated further with key collaborations by Rachel Goswell(Slowdive), Justin Meldal-Johnson(Beck, M83, Air), and Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Circular Ruin Studio). An Object In Motionis true to its title, capturing the chrysalis moment of an artist evolving, reborn and untethered, silhouetted against an open horizon.

                    “Cape Perpetua” kicks off the collection’s divergent palette: sparkling acoustic finger-picking refracted through delay, equal parts raga and reverie. Melodies and moods congeal and dissipate, at the threshold of rustic American primitivism, brooding neo-folk, and pastoral melancholia. “The Skin And The Glove” deploys jangle to different effect –baggy, soaring, grey-skied kaleidoscopic pop in the spirit of Stone Roses, Primal Scream, and The Glove. Rachel Goswell lends her iconic freefall voice to The Cure-esque ballad, “Vanity,” infusing poetic gravity to the doomed refrain: “If the valve breaks / then the earth quakes / and history finds a way / to put you in your place.”

                    “Yield To Force”, the closing track of the EP, may be the most anomalous offering of the set. A 15-minute instrumental odyssey of cyclical strings, ominous slide guitar, and simmering synthesizer, the piece sways and spirals like a long zoom into distant storm clouds. Demure finesses the guitar with a restless but regal grandeur, unfolding a panorama of peaks, shadows, and plateaus. It’s music both intuitive and prophetic, tracing the slow swing of pendulums across an endless plain. Taken as a whole, An Object In Motionpresents a showcase of potential futures from Drab’s evolving domain, their sound poised to bloom at the precipice of transformation.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Vanity (feat. Rachel Goswell)
                    2. Cape Perpetua
                    3. The Skin And The Glove
                    4. Yield To Force 

                    Danny Elfman

                    Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 30th Anniversary Edition

                      Celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary with this collectible zoetrope vinyl. This 2-vinyl set includes the soundtrack from the film featuring all time classics like “What’s this”, “This is Halloween” and more. Plus, check out the mesmerizing zoetrope effect on the vinyl once you play it on your record player. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      LP1 - Side A
                      Overture - (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
                      Opening - (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
                      This Is Halloween
                      Jack's Lament
                      Doctor Finklestein / In The Forest
                      What's This?
                      Town Meeting Song
                      LP1 - Side B
                      Jack And Sally Montage
                      Jack's Obsession
                      Kidnap The Sandy Claws
                      Making Christmas
                      LP2 - Side C
                      Oogie Boogie's Song
                      Sally's Song
                      Christmas Eve Montage
                      Poor Jack
                      LP2 - Side D
                      To The Rescue
                      Finale / Reprise
                      End Credits

                      Various Artists

                      The Virgin Suicides (Music From The Motion Picture) - National Album Day 2023 Edition

                        This soundtrack features music from Todd Rundgren, Boston, Heart, Sloan, The Hollies, Al Green, Gilbert O'Sullivan, 10cc, Styx, and two tracks by Air, which includes a previously recorded material, and an original composition, especially for the film. Sofia Coppola wanted to convey the theme of adolescence in the suburbs in the soundtrack.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Side One
                        1. Heart - Magic Man
                        2. Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me
                        3. Sloan – Everything You’ve Done Wrong
                        4. AIR – Ce Matin Le
                        5. The Hollies – The Air That I Breathe
                        6. Al Green – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
                        Side Two
                        1. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally)
                        2. 10cc – I’m Not In Love
                        3. Todd Rundgren – A Dream Goes On Forever
                        4. Heart – Crazy On You
                        5. AIR – Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)
                        6. Styx – Come Sail Away 

                        Output/Input was formed by Melvin Lee Davis, an esteemed bassist, composer, producer, and arranger who also happens to be Musical Director for 10-time GRAMMY award-winning 'Queen of Funk', Chaka Khan, who he still regularly tours with. He has also recorded, toured and worked with legends of Soul and Jazz, including George Benson, Lee Ritenour, George Duke, Will Downing, Lalah Hathaway, Patti Austin, Ledisi, and Angie Stone among many others. Davis' musical pedigree is also in evidence as co-writer of 'Soul Train's A Comin', the theme song for Don Cornelius' legendary weekly television show 'Soul Train'.

                        Lead vocalist Antonio McLendon has worked and performed with James Ingram, Tata Vega, Gladys Knight and Donna Summer, and features on 'Someone I Used To Love, 'Smilin' Faces', and 'I'm In Love', which received rotation plays at radio last year. 'Smilin' Faces' is a hit at UK Soul radio right now. 'Here We Go Again' is also still getting radio play and features the vocals of Audrey Wheeler-Downing, who has worked with Unlimited Touch and Chaka Khan, and Brent Carter, the current lead singer of AWB and previous to that, Tower Of Power. 'Doin' Alright' features vocals from O'Bryan, who Davis worked with extensively on his albums for Capitol. This is a re-recorded version with added horns and strings, co-written by Melvin, that originally appeared on the album of the same name in 1982. Also on vocals is Katie Holmes-Smith, a globally sought-after singer, who backed Adele on her world tour as well as currently performing with her for the duration of Adele's residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. Smilin' Faces (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        2. Don't Be Scared (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        3. Here We Go Again (feat. Audrey Wheeler & Brent Carter)
                        4. Doin' Alright (feat. O'Bryan)
                        5. Someone I Used To Love (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        6. Time Of Our Lives (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        7. I'm In Love (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        8. Really No Chance (feat. Katie Holmes-Smith)
                        9. Love Of Another Guy (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        10. True Love (feat. Antonio McLendon)
                        11. Every Time You Touch Me (feat. Antonio McLendon)

                        David Bowie

                        Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (50th Anniversary Edition)

                          David Bowie retired Ziggy Stardust, his most famous alter-ego, in front of 5000 stunned fans at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. Now, the fully restored film and soundtrack will be released for the first time for the 50th anniversary of the show. Renowned filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker (Monterey Pop, Bob Dylan - Don’t Look Back, Depeche Mode - 101) captured the momentous event by filming Bowie and The Spiders From Mars backstage and onstage.

                          Although filmed 50 years ago, the film was not widely seen for over a decade. However, the film and its soundtrack have been newly remastered with the medley of ‘The Jean Genie/Love Me Do’ medley and ‘Round And Round’ featuring the late legendary Jeff Beck reinstated - the latter track making its very first appearance anywhere. Both performances were newly mixed by long-time Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti.

                          The show featured Bowie’s famous speech just before the final encore, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’, where he revealed that he was retiring the Ziggy Stardust persona. The shocking announcement came as a surprise to all in attendance – including members of his band and was the first proclamation of its kind in rock and roll.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          Side 1
                          Hang On To Yourself
                          Ziggy Stardust
                          Watch That Man
                          Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
                          All The Young Dudes
                          Oh! You Pretty Things
                          Moonage Daydream
                          Side 2
                          Space Oddity
                          My Death
                          Cracked Actor
                          Side 3
                          The Width Of A Circle
                          Let’s Spend The Night Together
                          Suffragette City
                          Side 4
                          White Light/White Heat
                          Medley: The Jean Genie / Love Me Do / The Jean Genie (feat. Jeff Beck)
                          Round And Round (feat. Jeff Beck)
                          Farewell Speech
                          Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

                          Natural Sciences Recs and Harsh Reality Music team up for the first reissue of Henry Hektik's Motion P. Music, booted up as a 12" sampler for DJ's not yet consumed by the candyfloss.

                          A figure who collaborated with M. Finnkreig and active in the 80's German underground and tape trading circuit, he disappeared off the grid, leaving few documents of his music behind, with the handful of remaining tapes swallowed by mould or fried in electrical accidents. What is left is true unhinged tracks from the edge, with six cuts of jacking proto-house (Haiwasa, T.B.A), night-stalker surveillance wave jams (Hong Kong Wedding Night), Black ops narco paranoia (Private Apocalypse) and static knuckle-dragging workouts (Here Comes Escape). A snapshot into a man on the edge!!

                          Limited to 300 copies worldwide with insert and fanzine.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Haiwasa
                          A2. Private Apocalypse
                          A3. T.B.A
                          B1. Hong Kong Wedding Night
                          B2. Nightwatch
                          B3. Here Comes Escape

                          Cliff Martinez / Various Artists

                          Drive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 2023 Edition

                            The soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn's ‘Drive’ needs no introduction, and is hailed one of the greatest and most iconic film scores of recent times.

                            The soundtrack features original music by Cliff Martinez (‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, ‘Traffic’) with Eurosynth-styled songs by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx (‘Nightcall’), The Chromatics (‘Tick of the Clock’), Desire (‘Under Your Spell’), College featuring Electric Youth (‘A Real Hero’), and Riziero Ortolani featuring Katyna Ranieri (‘Oh My Love’).

                            ‘Drive’ was a smash hit upon release and peaked at #35 on the Billboard Top 200. Accolades came rolling in, such as Spin Magazine, who listed it as one of the Top 40 Movie Soundtracks That Changed Alternative Music.

                            As Martinez notes, “The words ‘hit’ and ‘soundtrack’ seldom appear in the same sentence. The score to ‘Drive’ is the closest I’ve ever come to having anything of the sort. And I wish I knew the recipe for its success as no one is more eager than me to repeat the experience.”

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Under Your Spell
                            A Real Hero
                            Oh My Love
                            Tick Of The Clock
                            Rubber Head
                            I Drive
                            He Had A Good Time
                            They Broke His Pelvis
                            Kick Your Teeth
                            Where's The Deluxe
                            See You In Four
                            After The Chase
                            Wrong Floor
                            Skull Crushing
                            My Name On A Car
                            On The Beach
                            Bride Of Deluxe

                            Chat Pile

                            Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack

                              Oklahoma’s Chat Pile have had an exciting 2022; they released their album God’s Country, toured the midwest and east coast in support of the album, announced their appearance at Roadburn Festival 2023, and while the band is working on LP2, they’re revealing details for their score for the indie film Tenkiller.

                              While not a proper full-length album, the Tenkiller score was written and recorded in the winter of 2020, and it waxes and wanes from the signature Chat Pile sound but also ventures into new ones including arena country music.

                              The band comments, “The music we made for Tenkiller is quite a bit different than what you may come to expect from us. We were given the freedom to really experiment and explore territories that we’ve never done before.” They continue, “It’s not going to be for everyone, but we hope some of you connect with what we set out to do.”

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. TAH
                              2. Badman
                              3. Dad’s Drunk
                              4. The Fabulous Shitheads
                              5. LE
                              6. The Return Of Badman
                              7. Lake Time (Mr. Rodan)
                              8. Kids
                              9. QUAH
                              10. Badman 3: Die Badman Die
                              11. B4dm4n
                              12. Punishment Box
                              13. Beck’s Theme
                              14. OK
                              15. Badman V: A New Beginning
                              16. Bleeding Out
                              17. Tenkiller

                              Akira Ifukube

                              Rodan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                Behold the might of Rodan, the giant monster from the sky! In 1956, Toho unleashed their first colour kaiju picture: RODAN, directed by Ishiro Honda and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, is a terrifying tale from the creators of the original Godzilla that sees a giant Pteranodon rise from a deep underground cave after being disturbed by miners. Like the Big G, Rodan has mutated to excessive size after being exposed to nuclear radiation, subsequently soaring free above Kyushu to cause as much mayhem as possible as the JSDF do their best to protect the island from his bloodthirsty rampaging. It was inevitable that the man behind the music of Godzilla would also take on scoring RODAN, and the great Akira Ifukube created a score with a solemn edge as with Godzilla, which makes the music of RODAN fit in the larger universe while allowing it to feel unique to the character. For the main theme, Ifukube introduces a malevolent low piano and brass phrase before cointerpointing it with horns to create a howling menace worthy of Rodan. In contrast, beautiful but melancholy material represents the carnage the monster has brought upon the Earth; in a more upbeat mode, the composer includes another of his jaunty and jazzy marches for the JDSF in the guise of "Get Rodan". It's another Toho triumph from the great maestro Ifukube! (Charlie Brigden)

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A
                                1. Main Title
                                2. The First Victim
                                3. Tragedy In The Tunnel
                                4. Meganulon Appears
                                5. The Terror Of Meganulon
                                6. The Meganulon Pursuit
                                7. Cave-In
                                8. Earthquake
                                9. Amnesia
                                10. Tracking Supersonic Speed
                                11. The Shadow Across The Sky
                                12. The Birth Of Rodan
                                13. The Huge Underground Cavern

                                Side B
                                1. Rodan Emerges
                                2. Get Rodan
                                3. Rodan Flies To Sasebo
                                4. Rodan And The Saikai Bridge
                                5. Rodan Attacks Fukuoka I
                                6. Shockwave Fury
                                7. Rodan Attacks Fukuoka II
                                8. The Self-Defense Force Heads To Aso
                                9. The Great Nature Of Aso
                                10. Ending

                                Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow

                                Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                  Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow's score to Alex Garland's "MEN", now available on vinyl after previously being released digitally. Salisbury and Barrow craft an unsettling, haunting, vocal-driven score. Available on translucent green vinyl or black vinyl, housed in a deluxe spined sleeve with digital download card included. Salisbury and Barrow scored Garland’s previous work, Ex Machina, Annihilation and Devs. They are also known for their work with Ben Wheatley, Archive 81, Black Mirror and HANNA soundtracks, as well as their electronic record DROKK: Music Inspired By Mega-City One. A film written and directed by Alex Garland, Men stars Jessie Buckley, Rory Kinnear, EMMY-nominated Paapa Essiedu and Gayle Rankin.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  A Country Walk
                                  Tunnel Escape
                                  The Green Man
                                  Fuck This
                                  The Church
                                  Runaway / Crash
                                  The Tip Of A Blade
                                  Brute Blood
                                  Hide And Seek

                                  Oliver Coates

                                  Significant Other (Music From The Motion Picture)

                                    "Significant Other" is now available on vinyl. The score comes pressed on blue vinyl, housed in a spined sleeve with download card and double-sided printed insert. Significant Other follows the sinister events plague a young couple when they take a backpacking trip through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Oliver Coates is a cellist, composer and music producer known for his work with Radiohead, Mica Levi and more.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Forest Replicant
                                    Deer Jumpscare
                                    Theme's In Ruth's Mind
                                    First Montage
                                    Isn't That Enough
                                    The Cave & Second Montage
                                    Proposal At The Cliff Face
                                    Harry's Return
                                    Goodbye Ruth (Do I Love You?)
                                    Ruth Smash
                                    Dread Credits

                                    Gruff Rhys

                                    The Almond & The Seahorse - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                      This 22-track album comprises original songs and instrumental score, all composed by Gruff Rhys. Recorded between 2021-2022 with a host of featured musicians including members of the National of Orchestra Wales, the music features throughout the forthcoming film of the same name, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rebel Wilson and Celyn Jones.

                                      Set for release in early 2023, the film tells the story of archaeologist (Rebel Wilson) and an architect (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and their fight to re-imagine a future after a traumatic brain injury leaves them adrift from the people they love. The title of the film itself refers to the nicknames given to the parts of our brains that lay down new memories and hold on to the old ones.

                                      Tonally, the soundtrack compliments the movie perfectly: the drama of the subject matter and the human relationships is counterbalanced by the film’s wry humour and lightness of touch, and the varied compositions and styles on Gruff Rhys’ score and compositions reflects that. “The soundtrack for The Almond & The Seahorse was recorded largely in pandemic conditions so it was a matter of recording in bursts of possible activity in various friends’ studios, homes and even scout halls as chance permitted. It’s a varied quilt work as a result. “Gruff notes. “As sonic flagpoles I wanted to signify the film’s location in Liverpool and the Wirral by liberally, but hopefully not too obviously, using the Mellotron synthesizer (as famously used in Strawberry Fields by the Beatles & therefore in my mind it represents that great city sonically) and the Cello as a nod to its use by Gwen’s character in the film.”

                                      “I was encouraged by Mike Jones the editor to take things to a more acoustic, emotional and ragged place. That, I hope, roughly explains the trajectory of the recording and how the varied music contained in this record came about. I hope you enjoy this colorful scrapbook of a soundtrack and get a chance to watch the film”.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Barry says: Gruff Rhys is equally comfortable crafting grand, uplifting melodies and melodic guitar-based pop as he is brittle, minimalistic soundtracks. The Almond & The Seahorse is a tender work of emotional depth and further proves Rhys' almost unrivalled capacity as a musical chameleon.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Side A
                                      The Brain And The Body
                                      People Are Pissed
                                      Layer Upon Layer

                                      Side B
                                      Joe's Theme
                                      Sunshine And Laughter Ever After
                                      Variation With Strings
                                      Low Cello
                                      Liberate Me From The Love Song
                                      Love Love Love

                                      Side C
                                      I Want My Old Life Back
                                      Forest Waltz
                                      Dance All Your Shadows To Death
                                      Library To Kiss
                                      Staccato With Cello
                                      Small Talk

                                      Side D
                                      Toni’s Theme

                                      Galya Bisengalieva

                                      "Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                        Following the release of Netflix’s inspiring documentary short, ‘Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive’, Galya Bisengalieva presents her official soundtrack, via One Little Independent Records.

                                        To accompany the gruelling journey of freediver Johanna Nordblad as she tries to break the world record for distance travelled under ice with one breath, Galya has crafted an expert ambient narration that highlights the rising intensity toward the films looming climax.

                                        Galya uses warped solo violin techniques and electronically manipulated strings to produce compelling and emotive compositions that induce complete submersion. The soundtrack commands attention while giving the characters their own space to breathe.

                                        “Employs swirling drones and saturated textures to evoke a fragmented world” - MOJO.

                                        “[The tracks] beautifully storyboard the titular film, but also stand on their own as life-affirming ambient pieces” - Electronic Sound.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        First Dive
                                        The Crash
                                        Elina’s Fears
                                        Melting Ice
                                        Lake öllöri
                                        Should I Panic About Dying?
                                        The Night Before
                                        The Dive

                                        Another piano house classic from the early 90s is excavated from the vaults for our dancing delectation by the good folks at Salford City Records!

                                        Originally released under the DJ Roy Silver moniker, the track is actually credited to one Nick Hussey - half of Awesome 3 who penned the bona fide hardcore classic - "Don't Go". The record was released on Rhythm Of Life and regular fetches over £50 2nd hand.

                                        "Emotion" takes an eternity to drop; utilizing the first few minutes to create a shuddering proggy soundbed that really ratchets up the tension ahead of that huge piano line - which doesn't actually occur until halfway through the track. This has early Sasha written all over it. Hard electric dance music with that rushing euphoria tailor made for going right at it after a couple of garies.

                                        "We're On The Move" is a tougher number, led by speaker-busting sub bass and plenty of hardcore tropes as it conjures up its frenetic electric groove. When the pianos start circling overhead it's the perfect moment of tension release; allowing serotonin to flow richly through our bodies and into the collective consciousness of the dancefloor..

                                        Side B contains two mixes of a really nice downbeat number - perfect for keeping the vibe alive at the after party when energy levels have resided slightly. The original mix of "Promised Land" utilizes more of a hefty breakbeat while the ambient mix just hints at it - allowing the bass, vox, and twinkly synths to really hit home.

                                        Killer reissue from the label - one of the best so far I reckon! 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: A lesser known alias of Awesome 3's Nick Hussey. Salford City Records continue to excavate choice moments of Northern 90s naughtiness.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        A1. Emotion
                                        A2.We’re On The Move
                                        AA1. Promised Land Original Mix
                                        AA2. Promised Land Ambient Mix

                                        John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, And Daniel Davies

                                        Halloween Ends Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                          After 45 years, the most acclaimed, revered horror franchise in film history reaches its epic, terrifying conclusion as Laurie Strode faces off for the last time against the embodiment of evil, Michael Myers, in a final confrontation unlike any captured on-screen before, one where only one of them will survive.

                                          When the franchise relaunched in 2018, Halloweenshattered box office records, becoming the franchise’s highest-grossing chapter and set a new record for the biggest opening weekend for a horror film starring a woman. In 2021, Halloween Killsearned the biggest opening weekend for any horror film in the pandemic era and simultaneously set a new record for a non-live event premiere streaming on Peacock.

                                          As Halloween Endsmarks the last chapter of the David Gordon Green trilogy, so it ushers the essential return of original director and composer John Carpenter to score the iconically hair-raising soundtrack alongside Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. Together they once again bring the celebrated music score to the horror movie series, one of the most distinctive aspects of the franchise to date

                                          Similarly to the last two soundtracks, Halloween Endswas recorded in its entirety at John Carpenter’s home studio and Daniel’s studio. “The three of us compose,perform, and record all the music, and everything is mixed by Daniel together with John Spiker” says John Carpenter.

                                          The unmistakable mix of software synths, vintage analogue equipment, and live instrumentation is utilized once again to provide the signature sound of Halloween. However, rumors have it that Halloween Ends is going to be somewhat different from the previous two films in the trilogy. With that comes an expanded soundtrack, one that matches the tone of a tangible rise in stakes and conveys the climatic feel of the film. The soundtrack of the third installment broadens old themes whilst creating new ones in an effort to bring renewed life to one of the most epic horror scores ever written. Carpenter elaborates, “The main themes have all been passed down from the original Halloween. We have refined them and created new themes for new characters.

                                          ”The soundtrack was tracked scene by scene but the album itself plays like a standalone piece of music. The general atmosphereis one of dread yet the record includes some groove laden moments reminiscent of Escape From New York or some of Carpenter’s other more dance-able scores. Exquisite and delicate ambient pieces weave their way between some of the score’s more arresting moments and yet maintain a subtle pop sensibility. The overall achievement showcases three master musicians, one of whom invented the entire horror-synth genre, crafting an evocative, playful and deeply listenable score that honors a legacy and expands on the decades of work that have been leading to this triumphant climax.

                                          Carpenter is known for directing the original 1978 Halloween, as well as other horror classics like The Thing, The Fog, Escape From New York, Christine, Big Trouble in Little China, andThey Live. However John Carpenter is not only a cult movie-maker, he’s also a pioneering electronic composer. Halloween Endsis the soundtrack of the final battle against evil. Watch your back this Halloween, Michael may be near you.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Barry says: One of the most legendary soundtrack writers and directors of all time, in his newest guise with both Cody (his son) and Daniel Davies bring us the third and final bout of dystopian synths and tense atmospheric drone. A blistering, and perfectly fitting instrumental tour de force.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1 Where Is Jeremy?
                                          2 Halloween Ends (Main Title)
                                          3 Laurie’s Theme Ends
                                          4 The Cave
                                          5 Cool Kid
                                          6 Drags To The Cave
                                          7 Evil Eyes
                                          8 Transformation
                                          9 Because Of You
                                          10 Requiem For Jeremy
                                          11 Kill The Cop
                                          12 Corey And Michael
                                          13 Corey’s Requiem
                                          14 The Junk Yard
                                          15 Where Are You?
                                          16 Bye Bye Corey
                                          17 The Fight
                                          18 Before Her Eyes
                                          19 The Procession
                                          20 Cherry Blossoms
                                          21 Halloween Ends

                                          John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies

                                          Firestarter Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                            The horror master John Carpenter is back with his Halloween franchise collaborators Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter for their infectious new soundtrack to the 2022 adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter. This marks the first official soundtrack that the team has composed together outside of the Halloween franchise and their inspiration and evolution as a creative team is on full display.

                                            The film is a new take on the thriller examining a girl with extraordinary pyrokinetic powers and her fight to protect her family and herself from sinister forces that seek to capture and control her. The film releases theatrically on May 13th, 2022 and stars Zac Efron, Sydney Lemmon, Ryan Kiera, is directed by Keith Thomas (The Vigil) and created by the producers of The Invisible Man. The story has become a classic and the intense nature of the film creates a canvas for a dynamic soundtrack.

                                            The Firestarter soundtrack utilizes some of the best elements of Carpenter’s famous musical repertoire and charts exciting new territory. The tracks range from fist pumping sci-fi anthems to slow reverb drenched piano ballads and each utilizes a variety of sonic applications. Skulking beats, skittering synths, crushing guitars and an ever-lurking echo come together to create an album that is atmospheric and also deeply melodic, cohesive and eclectic. These three musicians are all working in the peak of their individual and collaborative creativity and this soundtrack further solidifies them as masters of the craft.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Mother’s Love
                                            2. Lot 6 (Main Titles)
                                            3. Are You Scared Of Me?
                                            4. Dodge Ball Heats Up
                                            5. Corporate Menace
                                            6. Burned Hands
                                            7. Rainbird Fights Vicky
                                            8. Bless Mommy
                                            9. Flashback Kills
                                            10. Police Arrive
                                            11. Sniper Attack
                                            12. Charlie Alone
                                            13. Charlie’s Powers
                                            14. I’ll Find You
                                            15. Charlie’s Rampage
                                            16. Rampage Ends
                                            17. Firestarter (End Titles)

                                            Highway Motion

                                            Clap Hands / Double O One Disco

                                            Freestyle dig out another rarity in the form of a DIY brit-funk 7" from Highway Motion aka David Humphrey (a session drummer who played with Sparks, and with PiL on the iconic Metal Box LP & Death Disco 12"). Tinged with raw post-punk edge and 70s library music-style synth leads, this 45 is quite simply massive amounts of fun.

                                            David Humphrey's professional career as a drummer began aged 19 with Public Image Ltd, providing some of the drum tracks on their iconic Metal Box album and Death Disco single. Humphrey would then go on to work with Mike Oldfield and then Sparks, playing with the latter on their Number One Song in Heaven tour, Top of The Pops and recording sessions for Beat the Clock and Tryouts for the Human Race (those sessions were included and featured in Edgar Wright's recent film The Sparks Brothers).

                                            In 1980, Clap Hands and Double O One Disco were recorded under the name 'Highway Motion' - intended by Humphrey as "raw experimental tracks" they were both laid down on a 4-track and subsequently released on the DIY Star Records imprint. Rough, grooving, candid and playful; these two tracks seem to somehow simultaneously meld the burgeoning brit-funk sound of the early 80s with a riotous post-punk edge, along with a good dollop of synth-led library music.

                                            Following it's release David formed the group Reflex, recording and releasing the Funny Situation 7" in 1981 - forming the only other title in the Star Records catalogue. A more straight-up brit-funk dancer yet still pressed and sold in small quantities, Funny Situation became a sought-after record on the second hand collector's market, and finally saw reissue last September 2020 on the start-up Paint A Picture label - garnering plays from from Gilles Peterson on BBC 6 Music and Worldwide FM, StreetSounds radio and reaching No 1 in Juno records Chart. David has now started to working on new music using the name Davey H, and released his first new material in decades recently on Six Nine Records.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1. Clap Hands
                                            2. Double O One Disco

                                            Robin Carolan & Sebastian Gainsborough

                                            The Northman Original Motion Picture Score

                                              Rob wanted the world of The Northman to feel harsh and uncomfortable, and for everything to feel like it was caked in mud and dry blood, so it was crucial for the score to mirror that.” Composers Robin Carolan (Tri-Angle Records) and Sebastian Gainsborough (Vessel) were given a task of epic proportions when director Rob Eggers(The VVitch, The Lighthouse) asked them to create the score for his ambitious and highly anticipated new film The Northman, releasing on April 22nd. They needed to make a score that both honored the immense research that had gone into the authenticity of this Viking era period piece and complimented the cinematic maximalism of the film for a modern audience. The artists stretched themselves to the depths of their creativity and the resulting album is a gorgeous sonic tableaux that places the listener right in the center of the film.

                                              While arranging the score the composers consulted musician and ethnographer PoulHøxbro for inspiration and insight into the history of Viking music. Having backgrounds in left field electronic music, Robin and Sebastian felt liberated by the constraint of using a small selection of musical tools for this piece. “Electronic music has almost limitless potential when it comes to making sounds and that’s obviously an incredible thing, but you can also go down the wormhole and get lost in it sometimes. There’s no risk of that happening when you only have a few primary instruments to draw upon.” Robin remarked.

                                              They utilized traditional instruments such as the tagelharpa, langspil, kravik lyre, and säckpip to build the cinematic world of The Northman but they also took creative freedoms in adding instruments likes drums, which some academics believe wouldn’t have played a big part in Viking musical culture, simply due to the lack of archaeological evidence of actual drums. “One of the pieces we wrote was intended to emulate the sound of a bullroarer; an ancient instrument used in sacred rituals or in battle to intimidate enemies. It makes a really disorienting roaring vibrato sound and low frequencies capable of traveling insane distances.” Robin says when asked about one of the more unique aspects of the score. Everyone involved put so much effort into both their research and their creativity and this richness is evident in every track. The album as a whole is a cinematic masterpiece of sound and ambiance, both gorgeous and disturbing, like the film it so beautifully accompanies.

                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                              Barry says: A wonderful soundtrack from the ever-reliable Sacred Bones, by music scene aficionados Carolan & Gainsborough. Tense, orchestral scores and deep ambient passages, both bleak and beautiful, perfect for listening to as meditative home listening as well as a perfectly measured soundtrack.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Approaching Hrafnsey
                                              2. The King
                                              3. Entering The Temple
                                              4. Last Teardrop
                                              5. Blood Tree, Part I
                                              6. Strike, Brother
                                              7. Escape
                                              8. I Will Avenge You, Father
                                              9. The Land Of The Rus
                                              10. A Burning Barn
                                              11. Seeress
                                              12. Raven’s Omen
                                              13. Storm At Sea / Yggdrasill
                                              14. Iceland
                                              15. I Will Save You, Mother
                                              16. Slave Work
                                              17. Guðrún
                                              18. Follow The Vixen’s Tail
                                              19. He-Witch
                                              20. Draugr
                                              21. Mound Dweller
                                              22. To The Games
                                              23. Birch Woods
                                              24. First Of Many
                                              25. Trollish Sorcery
                                              26. Svið Night, Part I
                                              27. Svið Night, Part II
                                              28. I Am Your Death
                                              29. Come Morning
                                              30. I Am His Vengeance
                                              31. Óðinn
                                              32. Valkyrie
                                              33. Vestrahorn
                                              34. Hidden Valley
                                              35. Blood Tree, Part II
                                              36. Blóð Inside / I Choose Both
                                              37. A Maiden King
                                              38. The Wolf Has Grow
                                              39. The Gates Of Hel / Slain By Iron
                                              40. Hekla
                                              41. Cut The Thread Of Fate
                                              42. Make Your Passage / Valhöll
                                              43. Ættartré / End Credits

                                              Part 1 of a two part project from Casino Times exploring the fertile ground between techno, breaks and bass. The two 12”s make up a fully realized album; cemented into a durable yet expansive electronic framework which is perfect for Joseph Spencer and Nicholas Church to hang their ergonomic high voltage tapestries. These are functional tracks with just the right amount of head space and cerebral leaning to gift home listeners as much as club goers. The ingenuity and creativity levels are high right across the two parts; landing in the same territories as KH, TOHT, Overmono and Club Winston yet with their own rugged, hardware driven outer shell. 

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              A. A Change In Motion
                                              A. Tweak Feat. Cimmerli
                                              B. End Of Civilisation
                                              B. Passing By
                                              B. Square

                                              Ty Segall

                                              Whirlybird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                Drag City grandly presents Whirlybird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring all-new music by Ty Segall, created for Matt Yoka’s compelling new documentary.

                                                Released to great acclaim in Summer 2021, Whirlybird tells the story of Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard, former partners and founders of the Los Angeles News Service, and deftly tracks their extraordinary and often-reckless pursuit of breaking news throughout the 80s and 90s — a time in which they pioneered the use of a helicopter to report on Los Angeles at its most chaotic, capturing historical moments like the 1992 riots and the O.J. Simpson slow speed pursuit.

                                                Through striking interviews and one-of-a-kind archival footage,Yoka’s documentary expertly tells the story of Zoey and Marika’s unraveling marriage as they singlehandededly changed broadcast news forever. These two arcs intertwine to create an electric view of the encroaching intensities of that era, when the 24-hour news cycle first rose up to dominate our national consciousness.

                                                Ty Segall has previously scored scenes and interstitial bits for film and video things here and there — but this is his first full-on feature film score, a work done in collaboration with the director, whose friendship and creative partnership with Ty has grown over a decade-plus of music videos and other projects. Working off notes and feels from Matt and responding to the images and story on screen, Ty crafted some of his most creative arrangements to date, using synth, drum machine, Wurlitzer keyboard, guitars, drums and percussion (plus saxes played by Mikal Cronin, who also cowrote the title track with Ty) to articulate a multitude of tones running through the film. For a shape-shifter like Ty, this apex of tone color is no mean feat, an achievement further highlighted by the full set of pieces. Rather than simply throw a bunch of songs-with-singing at the project, Ty’s score perfectly epitomizes the film’s ethos, providing an instrumental counterpart that dialogues with and helps frame the film’s provocative themes and images.

                                                As both Matt and Ty are natives to the Southern Californian milieu, particularly the era Whirlybird depicts, their collaboration involved a journey through their past. In realizing the music, they revisited their own Los Angeles awakenings, adding another personal layer to the deeply felt meditations and elegies sighted by the remarkable Whirlybird — now an equally thrilling counterpart to be experienced through the original soundtrack.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Whirlybird
                                                2. First Date
                                                3. Los Angeles News Service
                                                4. Getting The Story
                                                5. Sky Duo
                                                6. Lawrence Welk III
                                                7. First Pursuit
                                                8. 1992
                                                9. High
                                                10. News Junkies
                                                11. Story Of The Century
                                                12. Whirly Suite
                                                13. Last Flight

                                                Alexis Grapsas & Philip Klein

                                                Pig - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                  The score reflects the mood of the lead character, played by Nicolas Cage, with the simple ‘folk’-like colours of the solo violin and acoustic guitars creating a richly mournful tone.

                                                  More modern, aggressive electric guitars, distorted colours and drums provide a strikingly ominous, propulsive backdrop to the character’s more intense moments.

                                                  Alexis Grapsas says this about the film’s score: “The score was born after lots of trial and error and experimentation under the guidance and vision of the filmmakers, where we tried very original acoustic and electric sounds. In the process of creating an environment that would capture the lead character’s emotional world, we landed on a very unique raw and gritty sound that remains true to the story while being self-aware.”

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  Out Of The Woods
                                                  Bottom Of The Ocean
                                                  Salted Baguette
                                                  Take Me To The City
                                                  The Trees Tell You Where To Look
                                                  Tell Him Who You Are
                                                  Things To Really Care About
                                                  Hotel Portland
                                                  Wasted Space
                                                  See You Thursday

                                                  Mica Levi

                                                  Zola (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                    Zola (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring incredible original score by Mica Levi (Monos, Under The Skin, Jackie) intertwined with dialogue from the Janicza Bravo film. Pressed on white vinyl, the soundtrack comes housed in a deluxe spined sleeve featuring original cover artwork by Kezia Harrell, with the records themselves housed in a double sided printed inner sleeve. Includes digital download card. Mica Levi is a musician and composer born in Guildford and living in South East London.

                                                    They are currently a member of the groups CURL, Good Sad Happy Bad and Tirzah. Synopsis: Y’all wanna hear a story about why me & this b*tch here fell out? It’s kind of long but full of suspense. Thus began the odyssey of one A’Ziah King, aka ZOLA. From acclaimed writer/director Janicza Bravo, Zola's stranger-than-fiction saga, which she first told in a now-iconic series of viral, uproarious tweets, comes to dazzling cinematic life.Zola (newcomer Taylour Paige), a Detroit waitress, strikes up a new friendship with a customer, Stefani (Riley Keough), who seduces her to join a weekend partying in Florida.

                                                    What at first seems like a glamorous trip full of “hoeism” rapidly transforms into a 48-hour journey involving a nameless pimp, an idiot boyfriend, some shady guys in Tampa, and other unexpected adventures in this wild, see-it-to-believe-it tale

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1. Wanna Hear A Story?
                                                    2. Met This White Bitch
                                                    3. Vibing
                                                    4. Exchange Numbers
                                                    5. Next Day
                                                    6. Let's Go
                                                    7. Tampa
                                                    8. Florida
                                                    9. Friday
                                                    10. Full Nude
                                                    11. Pasties & Boy Shorts
                                                    12. What Y’all Make
                                                    13. Wanna Trap
                                                    14. Mind Blown
                                                    15. A Mess
                                                    16. Thousands
                                                    17. Leave A Message
                                                    18. Do It Right
                                                    19. 500
                                                    20. Dudes
                                                    21. That Was It
                                                    22. Here We Go
                                                    23. WTF Again
                                                    24. Lost In The Sauce
                                                    25. Lost In The Game
                                                    26. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN
                                                    27. First Client Calls
                                                    28. Handgun
                                                    29. Trusting U
                                                    30. Goes Left
                                                    31. Incall
                                                    32. I Was Out
                                                    33. Mannn
                                                    34. Take Off
                                                    35. Movie Shit
                                                    36. Almost Over
                                                    37. Florida Murder

                                                    Blackwater Holylight

                                                    Silence / Motion

                                                      Empty surrounds all of me. It’s a poignant line from the third album by Blackwater Holylight that encapsulates the search for self when suddenly everything has changed. There’s a theme of processing vast personal trauma throughout Silence/Motion that eloquently — both lyrically and musically — and simultaneously embodies the crushing emptiness, sorrow, strength and rebuilding of recovering from personal devastation.

                                                      “There was so much grief both in the world and interpersonally during the process of creating Silence/Motion,” says vocalist/bassist Allison “Sunny” Faris. “The four of us gave one another more space to be ourselves, to experiment with each other’s ideas and to be gentle with one another more than we ever have before. So, we knew this tenderness would manifest in extremely honest arrangements, and I think that you can hear that throughout the record.”

                                                      Curiously, considering the dark times in which it was created, this is the band’s most melodic and catchy music so far. Blackwater Holylight, as the name suggests, is all about contrasts: It’s a fluid convergence of sound that’s heavy, psychedelic, melodic, terrifying and beautiful all at once. And, Silence/Motion finds the band honing those contrasts, letting ideas and moods fully develop from song to song, rather than filling every song with a full range of their capabilities. It allows the band to go fully prog-rock here, and simply stay hushed and intimate there. There’s a new confidence to the band in how seamlessly they wield their stylistic amalgam.

                                                      “Writing this album was extraordinarily difficult emotionally, however it did come to fruition fairly quickly,” Faris says. “In the past, the theme of vulnerability has always been a big player and it definitely showed up full force while writing this album.”

                                                      Blackwater Holylight recorded the album as a four piece: Faris on vocals and guitar (on “Silence/Motion”, “MDIII”, “Around You” and “Every Corner”) and bass for the remainder, Sarah McKenna on synths, Mikayla Mayhew on guitar (and bass when Faris plays guitar) and drummer Eliese Dorsay. New second guitarist Erika Osterhout will perform the songs with them live. For Silence/Motion the band chose to work with a producer for the first time, bringing in A.L.N. (of Mizmor, Hell) to produce, along with recording engineer Dylan White — who also helmed their previous album Veils of Winter (2019) — at Odessa Recording Studio in Portland, OR. Guest vocals on album opener “Delusional” are by Bryan Funck (Thou.) Mike Paparo (Inter Arma) and A.LN. (Mizmor, Hell) lend guest vocals to album closer “Every Corner.”

                                                      Silence/Motion opens softly with interwoven folky single note guitars over an ominous sounding drone for the first minute, akin to moments from Pink Floyd’s Echoes. Suddenly an irresistibly head-nodding, groovy droptuned riff kicks in with the drums and it’s a full on blackened rocker with soaring synths and Funck’s witchy whispers over the top. “Who The Hell,” the track quoted above, takes proceedings into a Krautrock direction, centered around McKenna’s arpeggiated synth loop and Dorsay’s tom-tom triplets, while 16-note guitar strums add tension as Faris wearily sings, “So tell me who the hell would want to live this way — so afraid/ To feel this void, to dwell in it… I can’t describe this pain I wear/ It suffocates and you left it here.” It’s an incredibly powerful 6 minutes. The title track delivers the 1-2-3 punch of the album’s brilliant opening trilogy. It starts with lightly plucked acoustic guitar, plaintive piano chords and Faris’ voice gliding so softly it sounds more like a Mellotron. The song builds slowly toward crescendo, led by a swinging tom pattern, that abruptly switches back to a heavier version of the opening melody.“Silence/Motion” is about digesting and healing from sexual assault. As Faris explains, “It is an ode to the juxtaposition of feeling paralyzingly blank and and like your entire life is moving through you simultaneously.” Elsewhere, Black Metal guitars collide with dreamlike melodies. “Around You” brandishes a hopeful, hummable synth melody and shimmering shoegaze guitars like throwing down a gauntlet. In the end, it becomes undeniably clear just how completely into their own Blackwater Holylight has come.

                                                      “The analogy is that with our first record (Blackwater Holylight, 2018) we were getting into to the car and buckling up,” Faris says. “The second (Veils of Winter, 2019) we were turning the car on, and with this third we have kicked into drive toward our destination. Our destination is a bit mysterious and has the ability to change from day to day, but we’re on our way.”

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      01. Delusional
                                                      02. Who The Hell?
                                                      03. Silence/Motion
                                                      04. Falling Faster
                                                      05. MDIII
                                                      06. Around You
                                                      07. Every Corner

                                                      The Stooges

                                                      Music From The Motion Picture Gimme Danger - 2021 Reissue

                                                        The Stooges are widely considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time and this comes across loud and clear on director Jim Jarmusch’s critically acclaimed documentary film ‘Gimme Danger’.

                                                        GIMME DANGER: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE is a 14-track collection curated by Jarmusch and Stooges frontman Iggy Pop, with a focus on the group’s first three albums. It includes The Stooges’ classics ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog,’ ‘1969,’ and ‘Loose,’ along with rarities ‘I Got A Right,’ ‘I’m Sick of You’ and ‘Asthma Attack,’ and songs by MC5, Iggy Pop’s pre-Stooges combo The Iguanas, & more. It’s one of those rare soundtracks that appeals both to the most discerning fan and also as an introductory to those less familiar. 

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Side A:
                                                        1. Gimme Danger (Bowie Mix)
                                                        2. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Remastered)
                                                        3. Loose
                                                        4. No Fun (2016 Remaster)
                                                        5. Asthma Attack
                                                        Side B:
                                                        1. I Got A Right (Outtake From Early Aborted "Raw Power" Session)
                                                        2. Down On The Street
                                                        3. Lost In The Future (Take 1)
                                                        4. I'm Sick Of You (Outtake From Early Aborted "Raw Power" Session
                                                        5. 1969 (2016 Remaster)

                                                        John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter And Daniel Davies

                                                        Halloween Kills: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                        In 2018, David Gordon Green’s Halloween, starring icon Jamie Lee Curtis, slaughtered the box office, earning more than $250 million worldwide, becoming the highestgrossing chapter in the four-decade franchise and setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman. The film had the distinction of being the first film in the series with creator John Carpenter’s direct involvement since 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Carpenter served as an executive producer, a creative consultant, and, thrillingly, as a soundtrack composer, alongside his collaborators from his recent solo albums, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies.

                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                        Barry says: John Carpenter is obviously one of the most legendary figures in the soundtracking biz, and in the newest iteration with Cody &co, we get possibly his strongest late-career work to date. 'Halloween Kills' is a wonderfully evocative, perfectly pitched soundtrack from one of the true masters. Everything you'd expect.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        01.Logos Kill
                                                        02. Halloween Kills (Main Title
                                                        03. The Myer’s House
                                                        04. First Attack
                                                        05. Stand Off
                                                        06. Let It Burn
                                                        07. He Appears
                                                        08. From The Fire
                                                        09. Strodes At The Hospital
                                                        10. Cruel Intentions
                                                        11. Gather The Mob
                                                        12. Rampage
                                                        13. Frank And Laurie
                                                        14. Hallway Madness
                                                        15. It Needs To Die
                                                        16. Reflection
                                                        17. Unkillable
                                                        18. Payback
                                                        19. Michael’s Legend
                                                        20. Halloween Kills (End Titles) 

                                                        Various Artists

                                                        Performance (Original Motion Picture) - 2021 Reissue

                                                          Starring James Fox as a British gangster on the run who finds refuge in the home of reclusive ex-rock star Mick Jagger, Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg's Performance is one of the great cult movies of the 1970s. The film's soundtrack, produced by Jack Nitzsche for Warner Bros., is equally noteworthy. Needless to say, the Rolling Stones connection is strong; the Jagger-sung single "Memo From Turner" was co-written with Keith Richards, and vocalist Merry Clayton (famous as the duet partner on "Gimme Shelter") appears on three tracks. Several up-and-coming WB artists also make key contributions, including Randy Newman (the raucous "Gone Dead Train"), slide guitar virtuoso Ry Cooder and Little Feat leader Lowell George. Like the film itself, the PERFORMANCE original motion picture soundtrack offers a fascinating glimpse at one of the most exciting eras in rock. 

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          Side A:
                                                          1. Gone Dead Train
                                                          2. Performance
                                                          3. Get Away
                                                          4. Powis Square
                                                          5. Rolls Royce And Acid
                                                          6. Dyed, Dead And Red
                                                          Side B:
                                                          1. Memo From Turner
                                                          2. The Hashishin
                                                          3. Wake Up, Niggers
                                                          4. Poor White Hound Dog
                                                          5. Natural Magic
                                                          6. Turner's Murde

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Electric Jesus (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture)

                                                            During the mid-1980s heavy metal music was under attack on multiple fronts. Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was fighting metal in the halls of congress, while Christian evangelists like Bob Larson waged war on the music from the pulpit. Their messaging was effective, convincing some parents that metal music would turn their children into sex-crazed, suicidal satanists. Metal records were forbidden in households across the United States, creating space for the rise of a new market within the music industry. It was in the midst of this culture war that Christian metal emerged in American popular culture.

                                                            The Los Angeles-based band Stryper became the face of Christian metal when their 1986 album To Hell with the Devil went platinum, earning the band Grammy nominations, and regular rotation on MTV. Stryper's unprecedented success inspired a generation of young Christian metalheads. Electric Jesus tells the story of one of those groups, a fictional teenage Christian metal band called 316. Set in 1986, the film offers an affectionate look at '80s Christian youth culture as it documents 316's journey from playing bible camp talent shows and church lock-ins, to performing at Christian music festivals and hardcore metal nightclubs. Any decent fictional rock biopic requires a convincing soundtrack, and Electric Jesus' director Chris White found the perfect collaborator in Daniel Smith. Smith is a prolific figure in indie rock, having worked under the Danielson moniker (and its variations- Danielson Famile, Brother Danielson) over the past two decades. Smith is known for his highly unique vocal style, which is characterized by the frequent use of a screeching falsetto. Serendipitously, this sound overlaps perfectly with the screaming falsetto vocals of hair metal. Smith also brings a nuanced sensitivity to the film's source material. His father is a prominent Christian music songwriter, and Smith's own work carries a deeply spiritual perspective. Smith's experience brings a credible authenticity to the project. While the lyrics were handled by director Chris White, Smith composed, or co-composed all of 316's original music and the results are spot-on. While composing for Electric Jesus, Smith immersed himself in the hair metal music of his youth, binge-listening to a steady rotation of bands like Ratt, Twisted Sister, and Motley Crew.

                                                            In addition to the music of 316, the Electric Jesus soundtrack features new material from Smith's Danielson projects featuring four new proper Danielson songs (including the fantastic sunshine pop of Danielson's Beach Boys-influenced "You Can Fly"), plus a track from Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil, and instrumental score by Smith's "Familyre Friends". The soundtrack also contains music Smith composed for 316's black metal rivals Satan's Clutch, and Bloody Mass. But it's the music of 316 that forms the centerpiece of this 21 track release. All of 316's songs are expertly voiced by actor Wyatt Lenhart, who is also the onscreen frontman of 316. The chemistry of this ensemble is best experienced on the album's lead single, 316's hilariously bombastic "Commando For Christ" one of the most brilliant send-ups of metal music since This Is Spinal Tap. The magic of what Smith and his crew have done here is to create a set of music that speaks to all of these responses. They clearly understand the inherent absurdities of hair metal, while also conveying a sincere affinity for the style.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1 316 - Commando For Christ
                                                            2 Danielson - You Can Fly
                                                            3 Familyre Friends - Vacation Bible Bop
                                                            4 Bloody Mass – Love
                                                            5 Danielson - Passing Through The Wall Of Flame
                                                            6 316 – Barabbas
                                                            7 Danielson - Heavenly Metal
                                                            8 Familyre Friends - Do The Barabbas!
                                                            9 Soul Exhumation - Beat You Off
                                                            10 Familyre Friends - Arcade Reigns
                                                            11 316 - Love Comes Down
                                                            12 316 - Girl (I Love Jesus Too)
                                                            13 Sarah Wember & 316 - This World Is Not My Home
                                                            14 Familyre Friends - Have You Ever Had A Girlfriend?
                                                            15 Satan's Clutch - All Hail Hell
                                                            16 Joy Explosion - We Just
                                                            17 Steve Taylor & The Danielson Foil - Ecstatic Delight
                                                            18 Danielson - Come And Save Me
                                                            19 316 - Makes Me Wanna Sing
                                                            20 Familyre Friends - We All Went Commando
                                                            21 Fleming & John - Don't Toss Us Away

                                                            Keaton Henson

                                                            Supernova - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                              Soundtrack to the film ‘Supernova’, composed by UK cult folk rock hero, artist and poet Keaton Henson (‘Something Better to Come’, ‘Young Men’).

                                                              Pressed on classic black vinyl.

                                                              “Keaton Henson’s mournful score adds gravitas to Firth and Tucci’s phenomenal turns.” -

                                                              “Keaton Henson’s music is an element worth considering” - Variety

                                                              “A suitably moving piano-based score by Keaton Henson also enhance the elegance of the story” -

                                                              Released in conjunction with the film.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              The Night Sky
                                                              Losing Tusker
                                                              The Lake
                                                              The Road To Lilly’s
                                                              A Silent Drive
                                                              Let Me Be With You
                                                              Salut D’Amour - Jeremy Young

                                                              Michael Price

                                                              Eternal Beauty - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                Michael Price, one of the UK’s most sought after composers (Unforgotten, Sherlock, Dracula), releases the original soundtrack from director Craig Roberts’ (Submarine, Just Jim) latest feature Eternal Beauty, starring Sally Hawkins.

                                                                The Eternal Beauty soundtrack will be released on vinyl as the 73rd Dinked Edition, exclusive to the Dinked network of the UK’s best independent record shops.

                                                                The 16 track Première edition LP - exclusive to the Dinked network - is a limited edition on blue vinyl with multi-colour splatter and includes a signed and numbered print.

                                                                It becomes available to pre-order from October 2nd, coinciding with the cinema release and on demand première of the film. It will also be available exclusively on Bandcamp from the same date, before arriving on all other digital platforms in November.

                                                                Recorded and mixed by Andrew Dudman at Abbey Road Studios and The Control Room.
                                                                Mastered by Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Mastering.

                                                                Price’s score, as his so often do, serves as a narrator, a character helping to guide us through the true highs and lows of Jane’s (Sally Hawkins) rarely uneventful life. Price’s signature sweeping strings, underpinned by piano and a beautifully restrained use of sound design ensures that whilst the score drives the story forwards it never distracts from that which is unfolding before our eyes.

                                                                “A soundtrack that provides the rocket fuel for a story that unzips our understanding of ’normal’ " Adrian Bates, Eternal Beauty Producer

                                                                When Jane (Sally Hawkins) is dumped at the altar she has a breakdown and spirals into a chaotic world, where love (both real and imagined) and family relationships collide with touching and humorous consequences.

                                                                The reality we see through Jane’s eyes is vividly different, heightened in the film by the stylized palette, camera work and intoxicating score - a reality that the film celebrates and treats with dignity, humour and affection.

                                                                On writing the music, Michael Price explains:

                                                                "Finding a musical voice for Jane was a little daunting at first. Craig Roberts' kaleidoscopic writing, and Sally Hawkins' blazing performance seemed to fill so much of the air around me, that the first few notes to emerge were tiny and bird-like. In fact, there is literally bird-song, an Irish nightingale, that stayed in the score, early in the film when Jane sits and feeds the pigeons in the park. That became a key to unlocking Jane's interior world, as did using snippets of her vocalisations, which became percussion instruments and stretched into more ambient pads. Once I had opened the door to her world, though, the music came tumbling out - rich, romantic, delicate and tender, and sometimes terrifying. All of it brought into life by the writing and performance, and the opportunity to celebrate Jane's "superpower", as Craig described it.”

                                                                Shot in and around writer/director Craig Robert’s native South Wales, the inspiration for the character of Jane at the heart of Eternal Beauty came from people Craig was close to when growing up. He explains “The character came fully formed. I just kind of knew those people, to be honest.

                                                                On the recording, Michael Price recalls:

                                                                When we finally recorded the orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, I was touched to see that Craig had brought some of his family down to listen too. I think this is an incredibly personal film for him, and there was something about hearing the orchestra sounding majestic and noble, which seemed as if we had done musical justice to both the characters, and the people who had inspired their creation."

                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                Barry says: There's something inherently soundtracky about Michael Price's work for the decidedly soundtracky Erased Tapes records, so it's no giant surprise that this soundtrack of his for Craig Roberts' 'Eternal Beauty'. It's the perfect score, and displays wonderfully how talented a composer Price is.

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                Side A
                                                                1. A Walk And A Wedding
                                                                2. Eternal Beauty
                                                                3. Different Dose
                                                                4. Where Have You Been
                                                                5. Cannibals
                                                                6. Beauty Pageant
                                                                7. Marry Me

                                                                Side B
                                                                8. Pot Plant
                                                                9. Unpacking
                                                                10. Making You Better
                                                                11. The Other Side
                                                                12. Towards The Light
                                                                13. Time To Go
                                                                14. More Friends Than You
                                                                15. Nice Or Really Nice?
                                                                16. The End

                                                                Devonté Hynes

                                                                Queen & Slim: Original Motion Picture Score

                                                                  Songwriter, composer, director and visual artist Dev Hynes - best known under his moniker Blood Orange - releases the original motion picture score for the highly accoladed ‘Queen & Slim. ‘Queen & Slim’ is a 2019 American romantic crime drama film that follows two African-Americans on the run after killing a police officer in self-defence during a traffic stop. Directed by Melina Matsoukas (Beyonce’s Formation) and written by Lena Waithe (Master of None and Ready Player One), the film stars Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), Jodie Turner- Smith, Bokeem Woodbine, Chloë Sevigny, Flea, Sturgill Simpson and Indya Moore.

                                                                  The release of the ‘Queen & Slim’ score marks an incredible couple of years for Hynes, who recently wrapped up a tour opening for Tyler, The Creator in arenas across America. As Blood Orange, he released the mixtape Angel’s Pulse this past summer, in addition to directing a video for Beck, writing a collection of classical music with Third Coast Percussion, directing and releasing a series of his own videos and being called one of the Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People For 2019

                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                  Slim Lets Go
                                                                  This Is A Safe Place
                                                                  A Couple Deer
                                                                  Slim’s Haircut
                                                                  What’s Next
                                                                  Love Theme (Dance)
                                                                  Slim’s Horse
                                                                  Slim Calls Home
                                                                  Uncle’s House
                                                                  Love Theme
                                                                  Get Upstairs
                                                                  The Sheriff
                                                                  Start The Car
                                                                  Sneak Out
                                                                  Kissed All Your Scars

                                                                  Alex Somers

                                                                  Honey Boy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                                    Honey Boy OST by Alex Somers. Beautiful and transcendent soundtrack to accompany the Shia LaBeouf written and Alma Har'el directed Honey Boy.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    Side A

                                                                    1. Honey Boy (Feat. Zach Shields) / 2. Apologize / 3. A Good Day / 4. Where You Come From / 5. Blood Family / 6. Treehouse / 7. Without A Net / 8. Play The Tape Out / 9. Blackout

                                                                    Side B

                                                                    1. A Mirror Behind You / 2. Save Yourself / 3. Fair / 4. Mother Fell Out Of A Window (Feat. Zach Shields) / 5. Real World / 6. None OfIt's Real / 7. Trust Me Honey Boy / 8. I Want You To Be Here (Feat. Zach Shields) / 9. You're A Fucking Star (Feat. Zach Shields) / 10. A Violent Act / 11. All I Ever Wanted

                                                                    Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow

                                                                    Luce: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                    ‘Luce: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’, featuring original score by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow (‘Annihilation’) stars Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Tim Roth and Kelvin Harrison, Jr. Stacked with amazing performances and adapted from JC Lee’s acclaimed play, director Julius Onah has created an intense, multi-layered and deeply entertaining look at identity in today’s America.

                                                                    Certain to be one of the most talked-about films of the year, ‘Luce’ is a smart psychological thriller that will leave audiences breathless.

                                                                    Says Ben Salisbury: “The script for ‘Luce’ had such an impact on us, that we not only jumped at the chance to be involved, but also immediately came up with a theme for Luce himself. This was one of those rare occasions where our very first response, informed by Julius Onah’s incredibly strong vision, ended up being the catalyst for the whole score.

                                                                    The music is predominately performed on church organ, which seemed the ideal instrument to provide the sort of ‘cold emotion’ that was often required, and could also be used to build tension and contribute to the general sense of unease."

                                                                    "It was a real privilege to be involved in a film where the drama is so nuanced, and the character allegiances and emotions are constantly shifting. When a film purposefully asks difficult questions, and doesn’t attempt to provide easy answers, you are obliged as composers, to leave the musical ‘sledgehammer’ alone. This is often a very good thing!”

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    Luce’s Theme
                                                                    Goodnight Amy
                                                                    Breakdown Aftermath
                                                                    Luce’s Theme (Reprise)
                                                                    Everything’s Fine
                                                                    Speech To No-one
                                                                    You Can’t Run From Blood
                                                                    Amy Follows Luce
                                                                    We Are Done Here
                                                                    Try Again
                                                                    Luce’s Theme (Coda)
                                                                    End Credits (Skyhooker Mix)
                                                                    Luce’s Theme (St. Mary Redcliffe)
                                                                    You Can’t Run From
                                                                    Blood (St. Mary Redcliffe)

                                                                    Thom Yorke, Flea, & Wynton Marsalis

                                                                    Daily Battles (From Motherless Brooklyn: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                                      “Daily Battles” was written by Thom Yorke (Radiohead, Atoms For Peace) for “Motherless Brooklyn” the film directed, written by, produced by and starring Edward Norton. The film features two versions of the song, each performed by musical icons of modern music. Thom Yorke along with Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Atoms For Peace) performs a sparse and emotionally stunning version of the song. The other version of “Daily Battles” was arranged and performed by jazz trumpet icon Wynton Marsalis, who, along with his hand-picked quintet of heavy-hitter-jazz-stalwarts delivers an instant jazz standard version of the song that conjures images of the 1950’s-era gin-soaked Harlem jazz club seen in the film.

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      Side A:
                                                                      1. Daily Battles

                                                                      Side B:
                                                                      1. Daily Battles (feat. Joe Farnsworth, Russell Hall, Isaiah J. Thompson & Jerry Weldon)

                                                                      Brown Irvin

                                                                      Run Me That Soul

                                                                      After inaugurating the label with a tape in 2015, our local friend Richard Brown (AKA Brown Irvin) returns to Motion Ward with an oblique two-track 12" entitled "Run Me That Soul". "Locution" flexes a wobbly equilibrium of dubbed dancefloor energy and amorphous acid while "Overcast" coats the B Side in a smeared gradient of ambient wash and shape-shifting stasis. A persuasive pair of parallel worlds for winding up and winding down.

                                                                      RIYL: Ghostride The Drift, Huerco S, City-2 St. Giga, Caveman LSD etc etc.

                                                                      Being lost in the outer recesses of the solar system never sounded so good!

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      A1. Locution
                                                                      B1. Overcast


                                                                      Hot Motion

                                                                        It is one of the brilliant facets of recorded music that while it can frame forever in time one of humanity’s most fluid art forms, those captured sounds themselves can go on to become an active launchpad for the ideas, memories, emotions and feelings of those listening. Returning with their third album, Hot Motion, Temples have not just provided a strong demonstration of this dual static/frenetic nature, but they’ve created a record that revels in this beautiful contradiction.

                                                                        A brilliantly crafted, thoughtfully recorded collection, the album’s propulsive, seemingly immediate songs soon reveal an impressive depth of ideas and energy with subsequent listens because, as its title warns, Hot Motion is not a record that stands still.

                                                                        “I’m excited for people to experience these songs for the first time,” declares singer and guitarist James Bagshaw. “They are constructed in such a way that the album should feel relatively instantaneous, but we did not water down our creative ideas. Getting that balance can be hard, perhaps on the last record on some songs we used too many layers to create depth, but making this album we discovered that depth doesn’t simply come by layering things, it can come from the intensity of an idea.”

                                                                        While proud of 2017’s electronically orchestrated Volcano, the trio – completed by bassist Tom Walmsley and guitarist Adam Smith – feel they have reconnected with the verve and spirit of their debut, 2014’s Sun Structures, although Hot Motion proves as unique and forward-thinking as any Temples album.

                                                                        “There’s something more primal about this record,” suggests Walmsley of its energy. “We didn’t want to complicate things. We wanted it to have a more robust feel to it and focus more on guitars. Having less on there, but making everything sound as big as possible. I’ve always wanted our records to sound quite grand and larger than life, but we achieved that with some more earthy sounds in this time.”

                                                                        As with the band’s first two LPs, the group recorded the album themselves in Northamptonshire, although this side of Temples as evolved too. “We’ve gone from bedroom to living room to a dedicated space. We could all set up in the same room and allow things to play out a lot more like a band. That played a huge part in the sound of the record,” says Walmsley, although despite the extra room Hot Motion remains a home recording like its predecessors.

                                                                        "The room is a 300 year-old outbuilding at my house,” continues Bagshaw. “I spent two years fixing it up because it had a leaky iron roof on it. It was nice to work in a space which had a little charm to it but still felt like home recording.”

                                                                        That space fed directly into Temples vision. While retaining their enviably poppy instincts, the band created a host of brand new guitar sounds for this record and also took a lead from the “simplicity” of some 70s rock recordings which ensured the fundamentals behind each track are organic and original. “We were hiding less behind synth sounds and delays, which meant that the pureness of the melodic construct of each song was more thought through,” explains Bagshaw. “There was an element of less is more in some places.”

                                                                        A glorious technicolour infuses much if the album, but there is a David Lynch-like undertone that adds a gravity to Hot Motion’s soaring moments. “It felt like there was a darker edge to what we were coming up with and we wanted to make sure that carried through across the whole record,” says Walmsley. “It’s not a ten track, relentless rock record from start to finish, it’s got a lot of light and shade and more tender moments, but that heavier, darker sound for us is something we wanted to make sure was in there and explore further.”

                                                                        The exemplar of this is the opener and title track Hot Motion. Starting with a seemingly innocent, crunked ice cream van-like riff, the song quickly bounds through a sonic landscape of shadowy valleys and exalted highs as the track captures Temples at their inventive best, and shares an expansive, irresistible energy with the listener.

                                                                        “Hot Motion is the feature piece,” declares Walmsley. “It was one of the first songs we put together for the record and it felt like it had all the marks and inspiration that we wanted the whole record to have, that was an important track.” Bagshaw agrees, suggesting that it set a tone for the next phase of Temples’ development. “Hot Motion is a better song than I ever dreamed it could be,” he says. “There was something in essence of that song to conjure with.”

                                                                        From the impressive opening, the rest of Hot Motion similarly boats an initial immediacy before unfurling greater depth and ideas, although each song cascades onto its own unique territory. Tracks like The Beam, It’s All Coming Out and Step Down offer swirling, enticing mini journeys, while the groove on Context “huge and a bit of a nod to an old school hip hop vibe” according to Bagshaw. “Songs like The Howl and Holy Horses have a slightly harder, heavier than we’ve done before,” adds Walmsley. “It felt like it was very important to retain that element on the record because it allowed us to open up with tracks like Atomise.”

                                                                        Lyrically too, this record has seen Temples embrace “purer, primal” feelings.

                                                                        “I’m really proud of You’re Either On Something lyrically because I feel deeply connected with the words – they’re so truthful,” admits Bagshaw. “On that track, I can hear influences of stuff that I listened to when I was growing up. There’s almost a nostalgia to that track, even though it’s very forward-looking. Equally, while the words on [album closer] Monuments are a little cryptic, it’s very much about the time we live in. I wouldn’t say it’s a political song but you can’t help but write about the things that are happening otherwise you’d just be a hermit.”

                                                                        Fizzing with ideas, bursting with kinetic energy and balancing an immediate impact with an enduring, timeless intensity, Hot Motion is an album that very much provides a snapshot one of Britain’s most progressive bands’ soul, while offering its audience a starting point for their own flights of emotion and imagination. Indeed, one of its creators is jealous that he cannot experience it anew too.

                                                                        “This record has really got me excited,” declares Bagshaw. “I really want to be on the receiving end of it more than any other record we’ve done. While we were making it I was thinking I wanted to be able to hear what it sounded like without working on it – I’d love to hear this out of the context in which it was made. I was really longing for that as we worked on each song, so I’m excited for people to experience these songs for the first time.”

                                                                        Don’t delay this life-affirming trip, Hot Motion awaits.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1 Hot Motion
                                                                        2 You're Either On Something
                                                                        3 Holy Horses
                                                                        4 The Howl
                                                                        5 Context
                                                                        6 The Beam
                                                                        7 Not Quite The Same
                                                                        8 Atomise
                                                                        9 It's All Coming Out
                                                                        10 Step Down
                                                                        11 Monuments

                                                                        Mica Levi

                                                                        Monos: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                          Invada Records and Lakeshore Records will co-release ‘Monos: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’, featuring original music by Ivor Novello Award-winner and Academy Award-nominated Mica Levi (Jackie, Under the Skin).

                                                                          The London-based composer, music producer and artist creates an indescribably hallucinatory, often menacing backdrop to the survivalist thriller set on a remote mountain in Latin America.

                                                                          Says director Alejandro Landes: “Mica connected with and understood the spirit of the film: the faces, the colors, the extremeness of the environment, the mash of costumes, the absence of a specific time, place or date. She's classically trained but can be equally as inspired by pop or heavy metal; she can mix synthesizer-driven music with a quartet. All this brings a very particular sensibility, a mixing of instruments, that made for a distinct, emotional and atemporal sound.”

                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                          Lobo Y Lady
                                                                          A La Selva
                                                                          Sin Radio
                                                                          El Regreso De
                                                                          Pisa Suave

                                                                          Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

                                                                          The Road (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                                            Originally released in January 2010, Mute / BMG are set to release an exclusive version of the acclaimed soundtrack ‘THE ROAD’ available on vinyl for the very first time.

                                                                            Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy (author of ‘No Country For Old Men’) ’The Road’ is an epic post-apocalyptic tale of survival of a father and his young son journeying across a barren America destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm, The Road boldly imagines a future in which men are pushed to the worst and the best that they are capable of….

                                                                            Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, of the internationally celebrated bands Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, The Dirty Three and Grinderman, have created an evocative score featuring violin and piano with beautiful fleeting melodies and eerie sound loops filled with terror and suspense. Cave and Ellis have previously scored John Hillcoat's critically acclaimed 2005 Australian 'Western', The Proposition’ and Andrew Dominik’s 2007 savage tale of the true west ‘The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford’, both reissued on Colour LP by Mute/BMG in the last year.

                                                                            Clint Mansell

                                                                            Out Of Blue: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                              ‘Requiem For A Dream’ and ‘Black Mirror’ composer Clint Mansell scores British film director Carol Morley’s neo-noir thriller, ‘Out Of Blue’.

                                                                              In ‘Out Of Blue’, Mansell’s dark and hypnotic score enhances the moody and menacing moments in the neo-noir murder mystery based on the novel ‘Night Train’ by Martin Amis.

                                                                              Says Morley in the soundtrack’s liner notes: “So, here we have it, this soaring, heart shifting, mind bending soundtrack for ‘Out Of Blue’. It takes you about and around and inside yourself. It propels, it develops, it leads us places. It is true to the film, but doesn’t illustrate what we see. It has its own energy, its own beautiful hidden depths, and it creates its own star spangled mystery.”

                                                                              For fans of ‘PI’, ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Requiem For A Dream’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Drive’.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              We Are All Stardust
                                                                              This Black Hole's Dark Heart
                                                                              .38 Killer
                                                                              Parallel Universe
                                                                              Wipe Them From Your Mind, Mike
                                                                              Astral Blues
                                                                              Observation Changes The Result
                                                                              Out Of Blue
                                                                              Schrödingers Cat

                                                                              Nick Zammuto

                                                                              We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                The limited edition super-deluxe vinyl format is pressed onto 100% virgin vinyl in a custom Yellow-White-Clear March-Up color mix. The records is packaged in a full-color gatefold jacket, and includes a full-sized 28-page full-color diary, and an original hand-numbered animation print cell from the We The Animals film production. The soundtrack to the massively acclaimed, aware-winning motion picture, We The Animals. We The Animals has received near-unanimous acclaim (91% on Rotten Tomatoes), and the soundrack has been praised as an integral part of the film’s profound resonance. We The Animals is the award-winning new film from Jeremiah Zagar (In A Dream). Based on the best-selling novel by Justin Torres, We The Animals is Zagar’s first narrative feature.

                                                                                It reunites Zagar with Nick Zammuto, the renowned composer and co-founder of beloved collage-pop pioneers, the Books. Inspired by the film’s setting in rural upstate New York – and influenced by the early ambient electronic music that galvanized the Books two decades ago – Zammuto pairs that earthen, wooded isolation with dynamic pulses of customized electronics and sparse, crystalline layers of melodic soft synths. The juxtaposition is arresting, and gives the soundtrack a unique heft befitting of its subject matter – and betraying of its minimal instrumentation. Beautifully edited and sequenced to act as both a companion to the film and a standalone album, We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is as subtle as it is startling, and succeeds in making even the heaviest emotions feel momentarily weightless

                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                1. I’ll Fly Away (1:04)
                                                                                2. We Wanted More (00:49)
                                                                                3. We Wanted Less (01:11)
                                                                                4. Just This (00:52)
                                                                                5. Look At Me (01:17)
                                                                                6. You Went So Far (00:26)
                                                                                7. Under The Bed (01:48)
                                                                                8. Paps Leaves (01:09)
                                                                                9. The Kitchen (02:20)
                                                                                10. Like A Bomb (00:31)
                                                                                11. Stealing (02:01)
                                                                                12. Dream Of Paps (01:44)
                                                                                13. Haircut (02:04)
                                                                                14. Tonight We’ll Go For A Ride (02:14)
                                                                                15. You Were Supposed To Find Us (00:22)
                                                                                16. Bad Bad Bad (00:56)
                                                                                17. Wet Dream (00:45)
                                                                                18. No More Crying (02:20)
                                                                                19. Paps Dig A Grave (00:15)
                                                                                20. It Was My Grave (03:36)
                                                                                21. Bad Nightmare (00:48)
                                                                                22. Winter (01:52)
                                                                                23. Can I Come? (01:00)
                                                                                24. Fly Away (05:29)
                                                                                25. I’m Nobody’s Baby (01:15)
                                                                                26. We The Animals (02:21)

                                                                                Various Artists

                                                                                Grease - The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture

                                                                                  “GREASE” - THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK FROM THE MOTION PICTURE celebrates its 40th anniversary with a very special vinyl release over two 180g LPs.

                                                                                  Mastered from the original tapes and cut at Half-Speed for a superior sound - tracks such as the Academy Award Nominated ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ and All Time Top 20 Best Selling Singles ‘You’re The One That I Want’ and ‘Summer Nights’ will once again be available in vinyl format along with the original artwork not fully replicated since released 40 years ago.

                                                                                  Comes with a download voucher.

                                                                                  Sun Araw

                                                                                  Guarda In Alto - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                  Cameron Stallones aka Sun Araw is the quintessential contemporary cosmic courier. Emerging from the fumes of an ancient Egyptian civilization and now settled in one of the meccas of the American lysergic experience, Austin, Texas, our hero boasts an endless discography and collaborations with luminaries of the caliber of Laraaji (a solo new age traveler discovered by Brian Eno) and the legendary Rastafarian group, Congos.

                                                                                  For the soundtrack of the feature film 'Guarda In Alto', directed by Fulvio Risuleo (the daring story of a baker who has access to a parallel universe on the roofs of the city) Sun Araw looks towards the possible horizons. Bypassing psych and electronic glitch, Sun Araw jets through a double album that seems to refer to the golden age of computer music as well as to the inventions of the Lovely house (the legendary New York label specializing in minimalism and 20th century avant-garde) and to a certain immeasurably psychotic dub aesthetic.

                                                                                  A disk composed of many micro-cells, which marries the adventure to the 'edge of heaven' of the protagonist, reiterating that dreamy feeling that the protagonist has accustomed us to for several years now. 

                                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                  Matt says: Texan cactus quaffer, new age dub pioneer and all out freakzoid poster boy, Cameron Stallones dips our faces slap bang in a puddle of thick lysergia while concocting a fab OST to a seriously intriging film! I wanna watch!

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  1. Guarda In Alto (Opening Theme) 06:50
                                                                                  2. Triplet 06:19
                                                                                  3. Gabbiano 02:47
                                                                                  4. Porto Alchemico 03:56
                                                                                  5. Volano 06:51
                                                                                  6. Pommel Top 05:12
                                                                                  7. Rattan 06:28
                                                                                  8. Muto 05:55
                                                                                  9. Whippet 04:28
                                                                                  10. Teco & Stella 03:32
                                                                                  11. La Luna (End Credits) 04:58
                                                                                  12. In Ostia

                                                                                  Dan Deacon

                                                                                  Rat Film: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                    Domino Soundtracks are proud to present their first release, an original soundtrack recording from Dan Deacon of the provocative essay-film ‘Rat Film’, to be released in October 2017.

                                                                                    ‘Rat Film’ marks Deacon’s first full record devoted to modern composition. In between his four ecstatic electronic-pop albums, Deacon has frequently flexed the 21st Century classical muscles he first developed studying at SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory Of Music.

                                                                                    ‘Rat Film’ offers the first recorded document of this parallel career - and both as a self-contained album and a companion piece to an equally potent film, it astounds.

                                                                                    “The aesthetic audacity alone is intriguing; combined with Maureen Jones’s icily robotic narration and Dan Deacon’s eerie electronic score, the effect is somewhere between confounding and mesmerizing.” - New York Times

                                                                                    “‘Rat Film’, in other words, is not your typical documentary, and its mesmerizing electronica score by Dan Deacon - full of whirring, bleeping and blipping, cacophonous noise, and ominous tonal swells - only enhances its eccentricity.” - The Daily Beast

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    Horn Phase
                                                                                    Reed Clouds
                                                                                    Rat Poison
                                                                                    Video Game
                                                                                    Harold’s Lament
                                                                                    Map Overlays

                                                                                    Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury

                                                                                    Free Fire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                      Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury return to score Ben Wheatley’s 1970s based epic shoot-out ‘Free Fire’, executively produced by Martin Scorsese.

                                                                                      Compiled by director Ben Wheatley himself, the soundtrack will be released on CD and double LP, featuring the full score by Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury, dialogue from the film and licensed tracks (The Real Kids, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Denver).

                                                                                      ‘Free Fire’ sees Barrow and Salisbury take a huge directional curve away from their intense, synth-based Ivor Novello award winning score for ‘Ex Machina’, with the composers curating a prog rock, free jazz, psychedelic journey influenced by bands such as King Crimson, Camel and Magma and tips its hat to the Lalo Schifrin thriller genre scores of that era.

                                                                                      Both the LP and CD will include a digital download card which features the full soundtrack as well as additional unheard bonus material not used in the score.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      Where We Going?
                                                                                      Do The Boob (The Real Kids)
                                                                                      I’m I.I.F.M
                                                                                      Sledgehammer Cracks Nut
                                                                                      This Is Ord
                                                                                      Docks Beat
                                                                                      Step Into My Office
                                                                                      Run Through The Jungle (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
                                                                                      Raw Onions
                                                                                      Come Out
                                                                                      Gorgeous As Ever
                                                                                      Money Count
                                                                                      Nice Teeth
                                                                                      Harlequins Reunion
                                                                                      Steven’s Been Reprimanded
                                                                                      Stevo Apologises
                                                                                      Suck On This
                                                                                      First Shot
                                                                                      Mostly The Suit
                                                                                      Martin Shot
                                                                                      Will Everybody Calm The Fuck Down
                                                                                      Good To Go
                                                                                      Free Firing Gunshot Solo
                                                                                      The Phone Rings
                                                                                      Watch And Vern
                                                                                      Crawl Chase
                                                                                      So That’s What A Fucking Brain Looks Like
                                                                                      Lead Lobotomy
                                                                                      Poke Him In The Eye
                                                                                      We Can’t All Be Nice Girls
                                                                                      That’s Why I Appreciate The Arts
                                                                                      Aiming For The Nose
                                                                                      Oh Fuck
                                                                                      Where Do You Think You’re Going Little Harry
                                                                                      Annie’s Song (John Denver)
                                                                                      A John Denver Story
                                                                                      Justine’s Theme
                                                                                      This Old Guitar (John Denver)

                                                                                      Ben Frost

                                                                                      Super Dark Times - Music From The Motion Picture

                                                                                        This new soundtrack album features 13 original compositions by the acclaimed experimental composer Ben Frost, creator of the critically-lauded studio albums by The Throat (2009) and Aurora (204), as well as music for the film Sleeping Beauty and 2015 British television series Fortitude. For this release the artist creates vivid minimalist textures that capture the drama of the compelling new film Super Dark Times. “When Kevin Phillips approached me to write music for his film it resonated immediately. As a composer, the thing that perhaps excited me the most is that Super Dark Times, is in many ways of a period drama, and that within that idea there was a largely untapped world of sound to explore. Whilst the sound of the ‘80s had long since moved into the realm of retro, 1995 still feels uncomfortably close. CD Walkmans, digital delays, Boss Metal Zone distortion pedals, Intel Pentium chips, and Peavey practice amps inadvertently defined the music of the period (and my teenage years), and it was from that world of technology and my own memories of the confusion, the anxiety, the black hair dye the music for Super Dark Times was born.” – Ben Frost

                                                                                        Various Artists

                                                                                        Baby Driver - Music From The Motion Picture

                                                                                          Danger Mouse, releases the soundtrack for Edgar Wright’s highly anticipated film, Baby Driver, on his Columbia Records imprint 30th Century Records.

                                                                                          Written and directed by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver tells the story of Baby, a talented, young getaway driver (Ansel Elgort) who relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. When he meets the girl of his dreams (Lily James), Baby sees a chance to ditch his criminal life and make a clean getaway. But after being coerced into working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), he must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          1. Bellbottoms - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
                                                                                          2. Harlem Shuffle - Bob & Earl
                                                                                          3. Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
                                                                                          4. Smokey Joe’s La La - Googie Rene
                                                                                          5. Let’s Go Away For Awhile - The Beach Boys
                                                                                          6. B-A-B-Y - Carla Thomas
                                                                                          7. Kashmere - Kashmere Stage Band
                                                                                          8. Unsquare Dance - Dave Brubeck
                                                                                          9. Neat Neat Neat - The Damned
                                                                                          10. Easy (Single Version) - The Commodores
                                                                                          11. Debora - T. Rex
                                                                                          12. Debra - Beck
                                                                                          13. Bongolia - Incredible Bongo Band
                                                                                          14. Baby Let Me Take You (in My Arms) - The Detroit Emeralds
                                                                                          15. Early In The Morning - Alexis Korner
                                                                                          16. The Edge - David McCallum
                                                                                          17. Nowhere To Run - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
                                                                                          18. Tequila - The Button Down Brass
                                                                                          19. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby - Sam & Dave
                                                                                          20. Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway
                                                                                          21. Intermission - Blur
                                                                                          22. Hocus Pocus (Original Single Version) - Focus
                                                                                          23. Radar Love (1973 Single Edit) - Golden Earring
                                                                                          24. Never, Never Gone Give Ya Up - Barry White
                                                                                          25. Know How - Young MC
                                                                                          26. Brighton Rock - Queen
                                                                                          27. Easy - Sky Ferreira
                                                                                          28. Baby Driver - Simon & Garfunkel
                                                                                          29. Was He Slow (Credit Roll Version) - Kid Koala

                                                                                          The Stooges

                                                                                          Music From The Motion Picture Gimme Danger - The Story Of The Stooges

                                                                                            The documentary ‘Gimme Danger’ on Detroit’s legendary rockers The Stooges, directed by noted filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, premiered to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival in May of this year. Following a media blitz of press articles & great notices, it began a theatrical run in the US Oct 28, with some European markets opening during November, with more slated into 2017. The film is produced by Amazon Studios, who have already executed an aggressive online marketing campaign behind it. Other release formats for the documentary are due in early 2017and the soundtrack release dates are aligned as much as possible to match with those. Rhino is lucky enough to be releasing the soundtrack album, which has been compiled by the film’s producers, with active involvement from both Jim Jarmusch & Iggy Pop himself.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            CD Tracklisting:
                                                                                            1. Iggy & The Stooges - Gimme Danger
                                                                                            2. The Stooges - No Fun
                                                                                            3. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
                                                                                            4. The Stooges - 1969
                                                                                            5. The Stooges - Little Doll
                                                                                            6. The Stooges - Down On The Street
                                                                                            7. The Stooges - Loose
                                                                                            8. Iggy & The Stooges - I Got A Right
                                                                                            9. Iggy & The Stooges - I’m Sick Of You
                                                                                            10. MC5 - Ramblin’ Rose
                                                                                            11. The Iguanas - Again & Again
                                                                                            12. The Prime Movers - I’m A Man
                                                                                            13. The Stooges - Lost In The Future
                                                                                            14. The Stooges - Asthma Attack

                                                                                            Vinyl Tracklisting:
                                                                                            A Side:
                                                                                            1. Iggy & The Stooges - Gimme Danger
                                                                                            2. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
                                                                                            3. The Stooges - Loose
                                                                                            4. The Stooges - No Fun
                                                                                            5. The Stooges - Asthma Attack
                                                                                            B Side:
                                                                                            1. Iggy & The Stooges - I Got A Right
                                                                                            2. The Stooges - Down On The Street
                                                                                            3. The Stooges - Lost In The Future
                                                                                            4. Iggy & The Stooges - I’m Sick Of You
                                                                                            5. The Stooges - 1969

                                                                                            Steve Moore

                                                                                            The Mind's Eye - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                            STEVE MOORE (of Zombi fame) returns with a mesmerizing new score for the action/horror film 'The Mind's Eye'. More vivid and dynamic than ever, 'The Mind's Eye' demonstrates STEVE MOORE's mastery of the vignette alongside his ability to weave together cohesive, consistent themes. Over the course of eighty-five minutes, STEVE MOORE crafts a riveting portrait of tension and terror through a variety of textures ranging from probing dark ambient and slick arpeggiations to anxious sound collage and epic, gothic bombast. The latest testament to STEVE MOORE's legacy of synth supremacy

                                                                                            RIYL: Zombi, Goblin, S U R V I V E , Trans Am, John Carpenter, Mogwai, Tangerine Dream, Explosions In The Sky. 

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            1. Intro
                                                                                            2. Police Station
                                                                                            3. Interrogation
                                                                                            4. Titles
                                                                                            5. Zack Attack
                                                                                            6. The Shot
                                                                                            7. Good Girl
                                                                                            8. Zack's Out The Bag
                                                                                            9. The Escape Pt 1 03:02
                                                                                            10. The Escape Pt 2
                                                                                            11. Stitches
                                                                                            12. Father And Son
                                                                                            13. I Trust Her So Much
                                                                                            14. It's Complicated
                                                                                            15. What Are You Waiting For
                                                                                            16. Injections
                                                                                            17. Kurt And Travis Arrive
                                                                                            18. You're Making A Big Mistake
                                                                                            19. Mike Vs Kurt
                                                                                            20. Confrontation
                                                                                            21. Rayne In Blood
                                                                                            22. Goodbye
                                                                                            23. Armstrong Splits
                                                                                            24. On The Phone
                                                                                            25. Zack's Back
                                                                                            26. Zack Vs Travis: The Rematch
                                                                                            27. Get Ready
                                                                                            28. Psychic War
                                                                                            29. Slovak Escapes
                                                                                            30. My Brain Does Not Tire
                                                                                            31. This Ends Now
                                                                                            32. The End
                                                                                            33. End Credits

                                                                                            Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie

                                                                                            Salero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                            Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie, the creative force behind A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Stars Of The Lid, is to officially release his score for the non-fiction film ‘Salero’ on November 11th.

                                                                                            Having channelled some of the most iconic drift music of our time through A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Stars of the Lid, 2016 has already seen Erased Tapes luminary Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie provide original scores for a number of feature films including Jalil Lespert’s ‘Iris’ and ‘The Yellow Birds’ by Alexandre Moors.

                                                                                            It’s on ‘Salero’ however, that we see Wiltzie weave some of his finest work and deliver an expertly distilled accompaniment to director Mike Plunkett’s sprawling, uncompromising visuals. Set in Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, the narrative follows the region’s ‘Saleros’ – those who have for generations gathered salt and earned enough to somehow carve out an existence in such a barren landscape. It’s with the discovery of huge Lithium reserves – a mineral used frequently throughout the tech industry – under the scorched earth that acts as a catalyst for exploitation of the environment and its people; holding a microscope to the drastic effect industrialisation has on local culture and tradition.

                                                                                            “I have always said that composing music is infinitely easier when you have beautiful images to be inspired by. It was a pleasure to write a score over this captivating place of endless, glimmering salt before its impending demise. I was fascinated by this mythical space and its ability to define the identities of the people who live in its vicinity, where this vast salt flat itself would be a central character” – Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie

                                                                                            Recording took place in Adam’s Belgium-based studio for the guitars, percussion and small string ensemble tracking. Hungary was chosen for the final large string orchestra recordings at Magyar Radio Studio #22 with the Budapest Art Orchestra.

                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                            Barry says: As expected, Stars Of The Lid and AWVFTS member Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie comes out with a heartbreaking suite of modern-classical masterpieces resplendent with emotional heft and aching beauty. Slow string pulls and soaring crescendos, all delivered with impeccable grace and breathtaking precision. Beautiful.


                                                                                            Parade (Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon)

                                                                                              Prince's eighth studio album and the last to feature his backing band The Revolution, Parade was, essentially, the soundtrack to his second film 'Under The Cherry Moon' and was viewed at the time as a creative comeback after what many people perceived as it's disapponting predecessor 'Around The World In A Day'.

                                                                                              Containing probably his biggest hit and scourge of every dj the world over 'Kiss' and a couple of lesser known, but absolute MONSTERS in 'Girls And Boys' and 'Sometimes It Snows In April' , 'Parade' is the sound of an artist at his creative peak.

                                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                                              1 Christopher Tracy's Parade 2:12
                                                                                              2 New Position 2:20
                                                                                              3 I Wonder U 1:40
                                                                                              4 Under The Cherry Moon 2:57
                                                                                              5 Girls & Boys 5:30
                                                                                              6 Life Can Be So Nice 3:14
                                                                                              7 Venus De Milo 1:55
                                                                                              8 Mountains 3:58
                                                                                              9 Do U Lie? 2:44
                                                                                              10 Kiss 3:38
                                                                                              11 Anotherloverholenyohead 4:01
                                                                                              12 Sometimes It Snows In April 6:49

                                                                                              Ezra Furman

                                                                                              Perpetual Motion People

                                                                                                ‘Perpetual Motion People’, Ezra Furman’s first album for Bella Union, offers a cascade of memorably bristling hooks driven by a unique splicing of timeless influences, delivered with a restless urgency and combative spirit that shines through the American’s vocals and lyrics.

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                Restless Year
                                                                                                Lousy Connection
                                                                                                Hark! To The Music
                                                                                                Haunted Head
                                                                                                Hour Of Deepest Need
                                                                                                Ordinary Life
                                                                                                Tip Of A Match
                                                                                                Body Was Made
                                                                                                Watch You Go By
                                                                                                Pot Holes
                                                                                                Can I Sleep In Your Brain
                                                                                                One Day I Will Sin No More

                                                                                                Nils Frahm has always said that he’s just waiting for something real special when being asked if he would ever score the music for a film. And that’s exactly what German director Sebastian Schipperpresented to him with his one-take feature ‘Victoria’. Filmed in Berlin, Victoria’s plot sees a runaway party girl, who's asked by three friendly men to join them as they hit the town, but their wild night of partying suddenly turns into a bank robbery as the music changes from techno to subdued piano sounds.

                                                                                                For the recording session at Studio P4 in Berlin, Frahm enlisted the help of long-time collaborator and cellist Anne Müller, violist Viktor Orri Árnason and ambient artist Erik K. Skodvin of Deaf Center on guitar.

                                                                                                The soundtrack opens with an edit of ‘Burn With Me’ by German producer DJ Koze.

                                                                                                Dear viewer and listener,

                                                                                                I’ve finally written music for a film. It took me some time to do so, as I was patiently waiting for a movie that would truly speak to me. When director Sebastian Schipper invited me to work on Victoria, I knew it was worth the long wait. Does such a strong film even need music? I realised it wouldn’t be easy to create a score that embraces these bold pictures.

                                                                                                Luckily we were given unusual creative freedom by approaching the movie together with Sebastian Schipper, who was keeping the production and direction to one single team. The score was recorded in a special location, the former GDR broadcasting production facilities that today host Studio P4. We simply put a big screen in the middle of the room, filled it with microphones and instruments, set the movie on loop and kept improvising on top of it together – my good friends and I.

                                                                                                The guest musicians started their recording session by playing a cohesive take over the course of the whole movie. This was the most interesting part of the day, since they hadn’t seen the film before. They became spectators and creators at once, intuitively recording hundreds of different cues that way. You are about to listen to some of its highlights. I hope they do Victoria and your ears justice.

                                                                                                With love, Nils Frahm.

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                01 Burn With Me (Victoria Edit DJ Koze)
                                                                                                02 Our Own Roof
                                                                                                03 A Stolen Car
                                                                                                04 In The Parking Garage
                                                                                                05 Them
                                                                                                06 The Bank
                                                                                                07 The Shooting
                                                                                                08 Nobody Knows Who You Are
                                                                                                09 Pendulum

                                                                                                Ratcatcher provides two new cuts for the esteemed Peach label, with hot-to-trott remixes from Leon Vynehall and Benjamin Damage. "Somehow" is a sleek, sub-heavy slow house jam, delicately pairing syncopated percussion with deep synthetic textures and catchy vocal snippets. "Motion" does away with the vocals and layers up sizzling white noise sweeps and techy stabs to create a pitchblack throbber for late on into the session. Leon Vynehall unloads some tough breaks onto "Somehow", turning the drum palette and overall aesthetic into summat a bit more crunchy and aggressive. Benjamin Damage tears "Motion" a new arsehole as he delivers a forward propelled nu-techno jam complete with rumbling kicks and discordant rhythmic artifacts.
                                                                                                Support from: Mike Huckaby, Trevino, Maya Jane Coles, Jonas Kopp, Nikola Gala, Norman Nodge, Joris Voorn, Lorca, XXXY, Vince Watson, South London Ordnance, Eats Everything, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Shenoda, Iron Galaxy, Atjazz, Randomer, Komon, Physical Therapy, Doc Daneeka, Braille, Thefft.

                                                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                A1. Somehow
                                                                                                A2. Motion
                                                                                                B1. Somehow (Leon Vynehall Translation)
                                                                                                B2. Motion (Benjamin Damage Remix)

                                                                                                John Carpenter

                                                                                                Halloween - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

                                                                                                  In celebration of its 35th anniversay, MONDO is pleased to present the original soundtrack to John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. This release features the most comprehensive version of the soundtrack, never before released on vinyl, cut at 45RPM for the best possible sound quality.

                                                                                                  Nottingham’s six. by seven, released their first album, The Things We Make to rave reviews in 1998. Five Peel Sessions followed, an appearance on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ and much touring. The band gained a strong underground following, and released four more albums. Lead singer and creative force, Chris Olley preferred to shun the limelight, releasing internet only albums of wide ranging music and building valve distortion boxes for a number of famous bands with fellow guitarist, Martin Cooper. In 2011, Olley formed the drummerless version of six. by seven, macabrely named ‘The Death Of Six By Seven’ with long time original member and Hammond Organ player, James Flower and ex-six. by seven bass player, Pete Stevenson as well as Martin Cooper on guitar. Gigs followed and so did five singles and an album. After a wrong phone call to a music shop and a chance meeting in London, Olley found himself having a beer with ex Placebo / Boo Radleys drummer Steve Hewitt.

                                                                                                  It turned out to be a magical and divine coming together as Hewitt said, “There’s nothing for it, I should throw my drums in the car and come up to Nottingham and get you rocking again.” What followed was four months of rehearsing old songs Olley had written over the last five years, before the band recruited producer, Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Doves, Biffy Clyro) and recorded 9 tracks at the legendary Moles studio in Bath. This July sees the release of what is arguably seven’s most accomplished album. Nine songs of pure drumming dynamite, feral guitars, and a string of songs dealing with the human condition and its broken dreams. It’s a new start by a band that refuses to lie down and stop rocking.

                                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                                  Standing In The Light
                                                                                                  The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything
                                                                                                  Fall Into Your Arms

                                                                                                  Michael Perilstein

                                                                                                  The Deadly Spawn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

                                                                                                    Michael Perilstein is most recently listed as the Public Relations Officer for the International Society for Philosophical Inquiry, which printed his book of popular epistemology, A Flaw in the Ointment: Explaining the Universe - The Difference Between How Things Are and How They Seem to Be, through its publishing arm Eala Dubh (Gaelic for "Black Swan") Editions. That same Perilstein was the composer tapped in 1983 to round out The Deadly Spawn's $20,000 production budget with a score. Directors Ted Bohus and John Dods reportedly contracted with him over the phone and developed the film's actual soundtrack by arranging his solo compositions wherever they seemed suitable. For their part, Perilstein's songs are rather beautiful; mature synth-psychedelia tinged with jazz and funk. Many of his songs hit with a similar force as cuts from older, less campy cult-classics like Alain Gorageur's soundtrack for the classic 1973 French / Czech co-production, Fantastic Planet. Perilstein's music was composed with minimal scene descriptions and guidance, so the track list moves more or less as Bohus and Dods designed it to across film. Still, Perilstein communicates in other ways. Consistent throughout the jazz-tinged synth excursions of the Deadly Spawn Soundtrack is the same wit that infused his subsequent work, nowhere more evident than in the loungy guitars and synthwork on tracks given titles like "Spawn With the Wind". "Let's Spawn," the genuinely wistful "Here Today, Spawn Tomorrow," and "Spawn Lake" are other standouts. The collection ends on a high note with a funky instrumental ballad, the film's surprisingly beautiful eponymous track: "The Deadly Spawn". Divorced from film, Perilstein's soundtrack may not always be a creep-fest, but as he writes in the liner notes, it's certainly "dripping with bloody fun!"

                                                                                                    The Motion

                                                                                                    U, U & U

                                                                                                      Like a lost Crosby, Stills And Nash album from 1971 re-recorded by the ghost of Elliott Smith, The Motion's "U, U & U" features 14 tracks of beautifully played acoustic guitars with touches of dulcimer, cello, and mandolin that together resonate against a wonderfully fluid rhythm section, creating a warm, other-worldly musical palette for the understated, almost hesitant vocals. Recorded in a village hall and a front room in West Didsbury (in Manchester) over three days, the album is the first release on fledgling psyche / folk label Timbreland Recordings.

                                                                                                      Santa Carla

                                                                                                      Motion Picture

                                                                                                        Debut album from this Liverpool five piece. The album showcases the band's distinctive blend of folksy melodicism and economical songwriting.

                                                                                                        Subway Sect


                                                                                                          First studio album from Vic Goddard's Subway Sect in 20 years! Almost a year in the making, Sansend features Vic's usual skewed pop sensibilites coupled with a new rhythmic slant.


                                                                                                          New Puppet Motion

                                                                                                            Beautiful and warm acoustic nu-folk melded together with dark downbeats and topped off with Helene Gautier subtle vocals.

                                                                                                            Gilberto Gil

                                                                                                            As Cancoes De Eu,Tu,Eles (Music From The Motion Picture "Me You Them")

                                                                                                              Gilberto Gil with the lush sounds of modern Brazil as featured in the new film "Me, You, Them".

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