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Wacked-out shamanic house and tropical rhythms here from the amazing Minimalafrika crew and released via E-Beamz. Five hi-definition, rainforest house excursions that should appeal to fans of Auntie Flo, Sotofett and Sued records, There's an air of quality and flair coursing through the whole record that sets it miles ahead of the esoteric also-rans.

Whilst imposing a truly otherworldly palette of sounds, the rhythms driving the tracks are familiar and humane; the perfect contrast of the unknown with the familiar, it's unlikely not to find favour on any forward focus 'floor and comes accredited with a 5*s from our resident psychonaut Kickin' Pigeon. Don't sleep!

More slammers from the E-Beamz team. new signing Soela lays loose four digital house power-rockets, pumpin' with heavy compression and jumpin' off the wax with hard kicks, dreamy melodies and sharp perc. There's a trancey and proggy feel to a couple of the tracks, with nods to rave and and techno on others. With keen eye for rhythmic hypnosis, these tracks draw you into their groove slowly but deliberately, making its perfect environment dark clubs post 2AM.

New Ray K on cult label E-Beamz. One of the lo-fi house OGs that's broke out and found fame outside of the genre - namely on Arcane; here he returns to his roots for a four track cruncher for the vape generation. "Needless To Say" gets split across two parts. The first part is a steady climb, tumbling toms and ratcheting stabs creating a sense of excitement and tension; leaving what's around the corner purely to our imagination. Part 2 seems to up the tempo and the deepness in equal measure; straying away from the obvious and expected to plummet heads down into the speaker stacks for an amphetamine-fuelled fist-pumper of the highest order! I can feel the sweat flicking across the dancefloor now! "See Outside" offers from shimmering, reflective beauty, a contrast to the jagged and full throttle energy of side A, this revels in a seductive charm that'll get people moving closer to each other on the dancefloor. "Ray" concludes by cleverly matching Guy Called Gerald's "Voodoo Ray" to mechanized, slow-n-steady cerebral beats, flipping the mood of the original entirely and coming out with summat pretty heady and narcotic. Ace!

Fresh batch of E-BEAMZ in this week folks - dust off that cracked copy of Cool Edit, load some nu-chems into your vape pen and take a toke of the 5th dimension! A double header from market leader DJ Seinfelt and new guy M44K. Seinfeld gets us underway with the skittish, demure "Airing Of Grievances". Subtly working its way around a tumbling breakbeat, low end acid stabs permeate through the fug as odd vocal snatches are laced across the mix. Whilst unassuming there's plenty for the head to get involved in as MG litters the arrangement with clever little nuances. It's the badboy from Basil (!) up next, Switzerland's M44K providing a mini-anthem via the driving and uplifting vocal-led lo-fi house brilliance of "MYSTVIB". It's a simple formula (catchy vocal hook paired with an infectious piano / synth pattern) but when its executed this well you can't deny it's genius! Another winner for the E-BEAMZ stable and a welcome return for the label here at Picc HQ. Recommended!


Matt says: It might be Seinfeld that draws your attention, but new kid M44K really brings the goods on this new banger from the E-Beamz camp. Ace stuff.

Hore heat from the E-Beamz camp - purveyors of the freshest cuts from the house underground. DJ Boring pays tribute to the great American actress as dreamy pads meet sensual acid and the trademark, loss-reduction clipping and artifacts litter the drum palette. On the flip Miagma heads down the wormhole for a hazy, celestial trip into 5D. Shoulder dropped drum beats shelved at around 2K, rave stabs and ghosted vox all smudged together through a narrow headroom. Sure to please house heads the world over; E-Beamz and Natural Sciences are keeping the fire alive in the underground, and for this we must be thankful. Recommended. 

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