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Approach Release

Drum Chums Vol. 4

Debut time for rising Manchester artist Approach Release on Patch's Talking Drums sublabel, Drum Chums. An employee of GMPTE by day, pilotting our city's trams around the network, this killer EP from our trusted deep diggers shows off a few tasty obscurities giving a handsome cut-n-snip with the scalpel. 

The A side serves up the swooning space disco of 'Krypton Factor', a mid-tempo trip into the mirror ball nebula which pairs sweet female vox and dramatic sax with malfunctioning electronics and chest height bass riffs. File it under set opener, sci-fi frother and future anthem!

Over on the B side, A.R. indulges in a little beatific boogie via 'Coma', an outer national excursion building from bubbling bass and classy keys into the eventual heart-swelling vocal, an arms aloft moment if ever we've heard one.
We've been dropping this anywhere there's a CDJ and are just as happy as you lot to have it on wax. Approach Release makes it three hits out of three on the B2, as a slept-on slice of synth-pop Francais gets a necessary extension and leaves its lame chorus on the cutting room floor. Tune in for taut drum machines, playful melodies and a chic vocal.

100% drum fun guaranteed. Won't hang around long - get those orders in quick! 


A. Krypton Factor
B. Coma
B2. Mimo

After indulging in a little free movement over the first two releases, Vol. 3 sees us back in blighty, hanging loose with a hometown hero!

Way before our bongos had really begun to beat, Neil Diablo was slaying the hand-stamped edit scene with razor sharp disco reworks on his To Rack & Ruin imprint.

His energetic and effervescent sets at El Diablo's Social Club were the stuff of legend and his occasional appearances behind the Piccadilly Records counter helped pack the TD racks with some of our favourite floor fuel. Here, our newest Drum Chum digs extra deep with a triple threat of balmy Afro-disco, comic book funk and disco uplift.
Loose-limbed and laid back, 'High Emotion' stretches out across the whole of the A side leading the kind of slow motion dance we can't get enough of.
Potent polyrhythms underpin scratchy rhythm guitar and slick slap bass while that echo-laden vocal just keeps lifting us higher and higher.

The B side bounces into being with the synthed-up strut of 'Sex-N-Drugz', a portal into a parallel universe where Prince painted the Compass Point Paisley and the tempo never exceeded 100bpm - it's tropical pop served cooler than Kia-Ora.
The finale comes with the misty eyed magic of 'We Can', a triumph of snapping Italo snares and boogie optimism which shifts into bliss via a totally tops off chorus.

Keep the cowbell ringing folks!


Matt says: I've known, and indeed been inspired and in awe of Mr. Diablo since I moved to Manchester in 2004. One of the nicest, hardest working and genuine guys in our fair city. He's had loads of 'top' moments over the last 17 years (both production, promotion and DJ-wise), however; and I say this from the bottom of my heart - "High Emotion" might be his finest work yet! Having been gifted the promo of this last year (!! - fuck COVID!) it's been smashed to buggery in every set I've played. If ya thought "Get Serious" was Talking Drum's big money shot then they just gone and added another. I'm expecting Harvey to play this and the price to sky rocket so be an early adopter and don't be left FOMO'ing your way to discogs... Big TIP.


A1. High Emotion
B1. Sex N Drugz
B2. We Can

After some inaugural heat from Hamburg, we catch up with our man from Saint-Ouen for Drum Chums Vol. 2!

As far as Percussion Pals go, Plastic Bamboo has the highest credentials.
Not only did he spend a decade behind the drum kit, but he was my flatmate for a few happy years in Manchester. Since relocating to Paris in 2012, he's played sets all over Europe, worked the scalpel with the Good Plus crew and secured a second dan black belt in digging.
Let's see what the prince of Les Puces has in store for us...

On the A1, Plastic Bamboo double doses an unknown new beat 7" extending the Arabic acid delight for a six minute soak. Properly peaking and packed with Middle Eastern flava, 'Ra Beat' is primed for dance floor demolition.
The Frenchman swaps the Arabic coffee for an Italian cocktail on the A2's 'Bertini', sticking an extra large umbrella in the frothiest of disco winners.

'Kamboja' offers a chance to catch your breath on the B1, bringing Balearic boogie with the upmost emotion and a melody you'll never forget.
We end the set in a peak time mode via the mysterious 'Forest Dance', a witches brew of dark disco and new beat stomp with just a hint of that techno-tropical flavour the Talking Drums love.

Bon soir et bisous.


Barry says: YES. We get treated to a new outing from Talking Drums' offshoot and collaborative sideline, Drum Chums. This time sees the rolling slap bass and Gilmourish guitar screams of Ra Beat offset with more wistful synthy pieces, and silken 80's groove. 'Kamboja' is the pick for me here, but it's almost as if this has been tailored specifically for me. Every track a winner.


A1. Ra Beat
A2. Bertini
B1. Kamboja
B2. Forest Dance

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