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Hidden Spheres

Drum Chums Vol. 6

Summertime sounds abound on the sixth Drum Chums disc, which comes lovingly dubbed and diced by our friendly Fruit Merchant Hidden Spheres.

Known globally for his free-flowing DJ sets, halcyon house hits and mastery of melody, Tom's been at the top of his game for time now - just check those releases on Rhythm Section and Scissor & Thread - and it's a pleasure to carry his drum sticks for this one. Cracking open his vault of top secret DJ tweaks, Spheres explores sweltering proto-house, tropical disco lilt and deepest waters across three floor-ready cuts.

The Fruit Merchant plucks something ripe from the Kalimba Tree on the A side, starting the party properly with joyous Afro-house jam 'Stolen'. Carnival-friendly drums and a Boyd Jarvis bassline wind up your waist while the call-and-response vocals and exuberant brass send hands and heads skywards before the track transitions into an utterly ecstatic sax-led breakdown. This is magic.

For the B-side, Hidden Spheres treats us to a couple of deep digs from his time in Australia, both originating in the Aboriginal community.
Emerging from the astral vibrations of a didgeri-drone, 'You Better Dance' casually locks into an irresistible 105bpm groove, strolling through the echo-laced dub space as its poetic vocal speaks to your soul.
Balearic-paced and cosmic-minded, this one plays perfectly next to those I-Level 12's.

For finale 'Together', Spheres shifts back into proto-house mode, locking a hypnotic piano riff into some militant snare rolls to lay the foundation for the impassioned vocal. Delivering the occasional diversion into more mournful territories, Spheres reminds us why deep house deity DJ Sprinkles always takes his calls.

100% Drum Fun Guaranteed.


A. Stolen
B1. You Better Dance
B2. Together

Drum Chums Vol. 5 marks the arrival of Captain Attractive, an international man of mystery, head-nod hero and edit expert whose many masterpieces inspired us to pick up the scalpel in the first place.

Last seen leaving Berlin on a world tour, this legend parked the Red Motorbike outside Talking Drums HQ and treated us to a lesson in San Fran sleaze, hippie disco and MPC bump.

The A side opens with the sticky funk of 'It's More Fun 2 Make Love', a pitched-down disco cruiser extended for the tantric dance floor and mastered on an old porno VHS. Sultry, slinky and rated X.
We're always hungry after the act and graciously Captain Attractive is on hand with a donut called 'Memories' to close out the A-side, looping some sweet soul into the kind of hypnotic hip hop as house romper which defined beatdown way back when.

The Captain takes the yacht to the Med on the B1 with the super Balearic groove of 'Dreamer', an astounding combination of dexterous bass, choral vocals and rolling piano, all set to the shimmy of hippie percussion. It could be a Laurel Canyon memory, an Xtian obscurity or something much deeper, but it's definitely twelve minutes of sunset bliss - just wait until my guy flips the script after seven minutes!

The dude drops the curtain with another bitesize portion of MPC mastery, cutting up some thick wax guitar and cool keys over a swung groove for 'Ghana Do It'.

Captain Attractive taking you where you want to go.

100% Drum Fun Guaranteed.


A1. It's More Fun 2 Make Love
A2. Memories
B1. Dreamer
B2. Ghana Do It

Approach Release

Drum Chums Vol. 4

Debut time for rising Manchester artist Approach Release on Patch's Talking Drums sublabel, Drum Chums. An employee of GMPTE by day, pilotting our city's trams around the network, this killer EP from our trusted deep diggers shows off a few tasty obscurities giving a handsome cut-n-snip with the scalpel. 

The A side serves up the swooning space disco of 'Krypton Factor', a mid-tempo trip into the mirror ball nebula which pairs sweet female vox and dramatic sax with malfunctioning electronics and chest height bass riffs. File it under set opener, sci-fi frother and future anthem!

Over on the B side, A.R. indulges in a little beatific boogie via 'Coma', an outer national excursion building from bubbling bass and classy keys into the eventual heart-swelling vocal, an arms aloft moment if ever we've heard one.
We've been dropping this anywhere there's a CDJ and are just as happy as you lot to have it on wax. Approach Release makes it three hits out of three on the B2, as a slept-on slice of synth-pop Francais gets a necessary extension and leaves its lame chorus on the cutting room floor. Tune in for taut drum machines, playful melodies and a chic vocal.

100% drum fun guaranteed. Won't hang around long - get those orders in quick! 


A. Krypton Factor
B. Coma
B2. Mimo

New mutant offshoot from the Talking Drums crew...
You know how it goes at the after party, over indulge and you end up hogging the conversation. So, in the interest of better dancefloor discourse allow us to present Drum Chums, a new series of edits by percussion pals from across the globe.

This inaugural edition comes from our good buddy Basso, a Hamburg homie whose digging expertise is rivalled only by his scalpel skills and superb silliness. Dipping into the darkest corners of his ever-Growing Bins, Basso shines up a quartet of rediscovered delights for an edit EP which oozes grooves and off balance moves.

On an uptempo A-side, the German luxuriates in the spectral arps, glistening licks and uplifting chords of fusion boogie winner 'Do Stay For Breakfast', before serving the steamy, sultry and seductive vampire disco jam 'Soft Choppers'
Things take a turn for the Balearic on the B-side thanks to the Afro-tropical pop of 'Simple Stroll', all electroid bass, chugging percussion and playful guitar, and finally the cosmic cool of 'Breaking Bread', a spaced out bossa for heads and feet.


Matt says: Digging obscure hits that wiggle the hips is harder than you think in this post consume-everything-thru-broadband age we live in. Talking Drums have already earned their stripes across three well received hits (ask DJ Harvey..) and now with a slick offshoot, they set about delivering us more highly danceable movements from yesteryear that you're highly unlikely to have previously encountered.


A1. Do Stay For Breakfast
A2. Soft Choppers
B1. Simple Stroll
B2. Breaking Bread

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