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A massively anticipated release from the cult adored, globally loved Dixon Avenue Basement and one of their biggest signings to date: Big Miz. Glaswegian through and through, with both label and artist nurtured and developed through the monolith of house and techno that is Rubadub. Martin's DABJ label has always been a favourite with the up-all-nite-cru and warehouse dwellers of Manchester and after three EPs preceding it, Big Miz steps up to drop the label's first full length. From the tweaked out organ solos on "Hammond Groove" and the live bass jam of "Straight Thru Cru" to the straight up brain rattler of "Gear Tension" and the Chi-town indebted "Our House". This is Big Miz at his undiluted, party-starting best and cements the fact that he is one of the UKs most exciting raw talents.

'Build for the club, Destroy for the afterparty, all tracks written in my bedroom. Inspired by all the buildings getting torn down all around Glasgow' - Biz Miz.

Highly recommended!


Matt says: Incendary night club music which bites at the juggular but never scratches its beard. Your mum will hate this.

DJ Haus (the hardest working man in show business?) teams up with Mak & Pasteman for DABJ's landmark quarter century release! I'm glad to state we've been with this label from the very beginning; we've stocked and championed every single release - and rightly so! Still pushing its underground ethos, and very much a product of Glasgow's fertile rave scene, the label has been a beacon of hope as house music's hedonistic soul crumbles under straight-laced hipster garbage, pumped up string vest twats and overzealous soundsystems at over capacity, over-sponsored 'events'.
"X-Mod" kicks things off with a complete nod to UK rave culture. The buzzy sawtooth lead riding a pounding kick and sharp hats. "Bang It" showcases Glasgow-booty in full effect, a plethora of young producers from the city more than simply tipping their hat to Chi-town ghetto-house - they're giving it an extra dimension! Finally "Drive MF" is pure Poindextor / Robert Armani inspired carnage: rough as bear's arse and narco as hell. As ever, much needed heavy artillery for forthcoming nightclub warfare. Shout out once again to Lindsay Todd of Firecracker for the sick stamp designs!

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