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When you see a Distant Hawaii record, do not grab it Trump style, just approach it respectfully and listen to it holistically. They are all sweet and filled with sparkling sounds.The label has a good roster now and it is becoming highly respectable. This release lives to the expectations. A four tracker bubbling with intergalactic deep house. Melodic, soothing, in harmony with the positive chakras. Almost therapeutic, I would say. On Besakih's Dragons Clouds we get a xylophone-like leading the show with a a beat that seems to be there but never materialises. An all-out teaser, a good fire starter. On A2, aka 'Banjar Hot Springs', the beat that was missing on A1 arrives, accompanied by atmospheric melodies and by the time the bassline arrives, you have what is possibly the best track on show. Flip this bad boy over and you have more quality deep house - let me emphasize the word 'deep'. 'Broken Sea' starts as it was left on A2. Solid beat, gorgeous melody until midway when everything is dropped and a single note stays in place, until the menacing bassline is dropped and all the ingredients slowly come together once again. A monster in disguise!
We close the act with 'Uluwantu's God' with its dark aural inclinations. It is deep house at its best, multi-layered and entertaining. Driving and uplifting. It is perhaps the most dancefloor oriented number on this EP.
Overall, you are getting an 8 out of 10 Distant Hawaii piece of wax. An underrated yet surprisingly powerful ep that will make you open your pocket and effortless affair.


Sil says: On few instances we are met with 12"s with four tracks that are all mint in quality. Normally you have killers and fillers. Not the case here. Buy on sight. A timeless monster that keeps the genre alive and kicking.

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