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Nutabe still traveling between sounds we like. Dijon Triathlon is the solo project of José Santamaría, who for the second release on Discos Nutabe brings an EP of wondrously sensual, synthetic house music. These are textures so dreamily soft and cushioned that they seem almost ethereal and ghostly. "Chikungunya" kicks things off with frenetic arpeggiator usage coupled with intricate sequences and a beautifully gated vocal line. Think Holy Ghost Inc.'s "Walk On Air" speeded up with loads more technoid brilliance. "Leishmaniasis" probably has some subtle punchline within the title that's lost in translation but it's more cranium-pleasuring textures and atmospheres; this time with a slightly orchestral slant as rich strings and breathy pads converge on the mix. One of those songs tailor-made for the morning after the night before, with an audience of bleary eyed but serotonin-flooded listeners. Finally, B2 track "Chagas" is an absolute stormer! What is it about the B2s in 2015 - first D. Ball's amazing money-shot on Ourtime and now this! "Chagas" is epic, spine-tingling, techno-fused house music with life changing chord progressions and a return of that gated, choppy vox. If this doesn't make every single hair on your body stand on end then I suggest a trip to A&E sharpish. Wonderful. 


Matt says: Back in stock folks! Superb secret weapon for lazer guided dancefloors.

Discos Nutabe’s third reference comes by Vandel, the label’s A&R man, so this better be good! Lucky it is, as "Inundación" (which means 'Flood') displays the producer in fine form - featuring delicate but overwhelming electronic goodness from start to finish. Vandel is a talented musician from the city of Medellín where he has worked for over 10 years in electronic music. Influenced by Masters At Work up to more vanguard sounds, "Dulce Martirio" kicks us off with serene piano lines, infectious, grooving percussion, emotive pads and a real, palpable sense of deepness which few producers rarely get to. "Dos Etapas" is up next, with rattling but subdued percussion, deep bass throbs and more atmosphere pad sounds. Finally, "La Realidad Es Utopica" translated as 'reality is utopia' (optimistic title Vandel! - ed) completes the set with a wonderful slice of deep house beauty. Tuned toms, excellently programmed drum machines and those trademark, enveloping pad sounds all present and correct as Vandel finishes off the EP in fine style. Recommended for deep house lovers the world over. Also check the reissue of Dijon Triathlon's EP on the same label, in this week and another killer, under-the-radar gem. 

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