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After blowing my mind with a couple of expert edit 12"s over recent months, Parisian crew of diggers and DJ’s Discomatin go official with fully licensed and remastered reissues. For this new adventure, they chose an incredible in-demand French boogie EP from Diva, an eighties funk band from Bordeaux. Diva only released only one EP "La Nuit", a sentimental, almost poetic boogie banger with great synth, guitar and vocal parts. The track could honestly have been a radio hit in the eighties with some real promotion. Today, it’s still time to make it right and it is already an anthem in the French underground disco scene. Originally on the B-side of the 1985 original release on Cactus, "La Nuit" is here available with its two different versions (12’’ and 7’’ mix) and comes also with “Prise Au Piège”, a more synth-pop influenced funk track which gave its name to the original release. The band was formed by Gabrielle Andriampanana, Alex Louisor and Olivier Renoir. Before Diva, these last two already played together in the local new-wave band Bolton (twinned with Le Mans remember!) which was one of the first of the area to use synthetisers. Even if they had a small recognition at the time, the original release stood quite underground. Thanks to Discomatin, it’s now available to the real connoisseurs and still with the fantastic illustrations of French artist Camille de Cussac on the back cover.


Patrick says: Anyone who's seen my summer wardrobe (socks, sandals, pastel shorts and an Aloha shirt) could probably guess that I'm all over this! Parisian diggers Discomatin make my month complete with a great reissue of this sunkissed boogie Francais, nicely spiced with the kind of gauche, holiday on the continent naffness I adore! Tres Balearic!

After a first release early 2016, the Discomatin crew from Paris returns to their Discomatin Edits series with this second effort, still in the spirit of the afterparty they organize to entertain the early birds, who prefer to dance than catching the worms. The EP is composed by four tracks, finely picked and slightly edited by the DJ’s of the crew. From AOR mellow grooves to French original kitsch and funkyness, they open a wide range of possibilities. The set opens in smooth and funky fashion thanks to "Show Me", a discoid dream of "Enjoy Your Life" guitars, squiggly boogie bass and wild keytar soloing. AOR funk vocals add that extra ingredient needed to turn the party from simmering to soaring and ladies and gents, we have a winner on our hands. Discomatin keep it breezy on the A2, soundtracking BBQs from Brittany to Biarritz with the yacht grooving of "I Need To Meet You". Strolling up to the pool party in a crisp linen suit, this smooth operator works its magic with simple drums, classy keys and a buoyant bassline - tres chic. Over we go and woah woah woah! It turns out the A-side was the just the appetizer and the main event lies in wait on the B1. Riding on a SH101 enhanced white funk groove, "Le Paradis C'est L'enfer" is the finest bit of French boogie you've heard this year. Taking Kraftchik's "C'est L'enfer" and slowing it down a touch, the Discomat crew deliver a killer edit which retains all the sleaze and silliness of the original without overwhelming the modern palate with too much fromage. We're played out with a proper end of nighter in the form of "Deboto Love Song", a slow and seductive slice of Euro soul in the same vein as "What You Won't Do For Love" but wearing a jaunty beret. It’s fresh, it’s French, so don’t sleep on it!

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