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Disco Hamam are on hand with a massive helping of Turkish Delight here, packing enough brightly spiced brilliance to keep me chipper. Ozerbey handles the grill like a seasoned pro on the A-side, loosening us up with a thick keyboard groove, shuffling percussion and sweeping strings on the excellent 'Mihrimah'. Slow and sleazy, this dramatic cut walks the tightrope between disco and psych-funk before Ozer locks into a looping beatdown groove and works the filters to the bone. Tasty! Flip the Gözleme (Turkish pancake for the benefit of any Daily Mail readers), for a musical meze from Anatolian cosmic king FOC Edits. The intergalactic excitement begins with "Demdir Dem Bu Dem", a lively and loose sayko-delic disco winner which works the top end with frenzied keys and space sirens before dropping into a stunning snake hipped groove which makes me think of both the bam bam riddim and Bombers' "Shake". Hot on its heels comes "Neredesin", a dusty dancer boasting an Ofra Haza-style rhythm section, sultry, spoken vocals and some seriously wiggy bass/sax interplay. I'm gonna come back for seconds!


Patrick says: Another killer cut up EP from the Hamam camp here as Ozerbey and Foc Edits tear through a little top-notch Turkish tackle. Ozer gets loopy on the A-side (think vintage Mark E at his local Kebab house), while Foc Edits brings us a pair of groove-oozing cosmic killers on the flip.


Ozerbey - Mihrimah
FOC Edits - Demdir
FOC Edits - Neredesin

More essential wonky world dance music from the Disco Hamam crew! Rune Lindbaek celebrates the exotic scents of "Hashish" with a serpentine belly dance ritual that unpacks a whole suitcase of Eastern goodness onto the stage. Tushen Rai plugs in for some leftfield new wave business, a thousand miles away from New York or London. Next up, a beguiling Turkish cover of "Gimme The Nite" by Paralel Disko which gives George serious competition in the knicker department. Afacan Sound System then close of proceedings with a vibrant cross-cultural jam which closes off the hostel rave nicely.

Limited copes as always travellers! 


Matt says: Exotic sonic scents from the well trusted Disco Hamam firm. Worth the entrance for the "Gimme The Nite" cover, but it's the belly dancing anthem, "Hashish" that has me rolling around the floor in reckless abandon.


A1. Rune Lindbaek - Hashish
A2. Tushen Raï - Balü
B1. Paralel Disko - Gimme The Nite
B2. Afacan Sound System - Oriental

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