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Carrot Green & Selvagem

Disco Halal Brazil - Inc. Marvin & Guy Remix

This offering by Berlin-based, world-influenced label Disco Halal presents three tracks that result from the collaboration between the Brazilian DJs and producers Selvagem and Carrot Green (who've previously combined for releases on BIS Inc, Universal Cave, Hello Sailor, Barefoot Beats, Brazilian Shakedown and Magic Movement).

Exploring local melodies from the 1960s and 70s, they built tracks that turn those sounds into some sort of exotic house beasts, only with that tropical flavour.

The A-side brings 'Vandre', a throbbing 126bpm track carried by a lovely guitar and singalong vocals by one of Brazil's most iconic protest singers. The package is complete with the remix by the ever growing Italian duo Marvin & Guy, who kept the hypnotic aura with their lush minimal sounds.

This black magic-blessed EP continues on the flip with 'Dengo', a slow Balearic house burner based on a candomble chant that, along with the flute, cowbell, and clapping, will put the crowd under its spell. Finally 'Ossain''s killer strings, psyched-out vocals and percussive breakdowns wrap up this South American addition to the Disco Halal family.

Another on point project from Berlin's creative record store hub OYE! Following a sun soaked day on a trip to Tel Aviv, OYE counter culturist Delfonic wandered into an intriguing spot called Kuli Alma. Coincidentally Berlin based Tel Avivian Moscoman was playing at the club that very afternoon. Call it fate, call it afternoon drinking, call it sun stroke - whatever the reason, after a mind-blowing track dropped, he asked Moscoman about its origin, and not so long after, Disco Halal was born. This fresh label dedicated to Middle eastern and Oriental sounds, is gonna hit us with a string of originals and edits from artists such as Acid Arab, Memhet Aslan, Red Axes, Naduve, Autarkic and Moscoman himself, so make room in your collection! Volume 1 features a trio of edits alive with those hypnotic and psychedelic touches which are so central to middle eastern music. Acid Arab kick us off with the blistering electro-tech and 303 sequences of "Le Gaz Qui Fait Rire", a mindbending collision of tradional folk violins and vocals with all out club filth! On the flip Autrakic calms things down a little with the bordeline Balearic dub of "Palgey", a lilting lullaby with a touch of synth strings which could only come from the coast of North Africa. Last but not least, Mehmet Aslan drops "Yasadim", a beefed up house rework of a traditional Turkrock groove which balances a thumping bottom end with the high register strumming of the Baglama Saz. Exotic, inventive and addictive, Disco Halal looks set to make an instant impression on the dance music world.

Blazing a Habibi House trail through dusty desert sands and sunbaked lands, Disco Halal return with another fragrant serving of spiced dancefloor flavours from the near East. Basel's Mehmet Aslan opens proceedings with a trance inducing dervish right in line with his globetrotting DJ sets or new label Fleeting Wax. The traditional sounds of zurna and davul fill the club with the energy of a bustling bazaar while rattling percussion, fizzing electronics and regimented machine drums. Recent Golf Channel signings and Tel Aviv cold wave stalwarts Autarkic take control for A2 cut "Zaffa", synchronising a growling bassline and solid kick under the massive folk vocal for a dark and dusky basement winner. Over on the flip, Naduve takes things deep and immersive with the saz and woodflute vibes of "Jose's A Star". Set to a lopsided, undulating rhythm, this melodic portion of dancefloor exotica should win over the psyche freaks and Balearic beards in equal measures. It falls to Dogu Civcik to bring the set to a close and the producer keeps quality sky high with the stripped back, cinematic and emotive "Mitrin". This groovesome treatment of a jazzy folk cut fits more into the Western Tradition, bringing to mind recent downbeat cut ups by the likes of Ptaki and HNNY and closes the set on a high. Yalla!

After a chance, boozey meeting between OYE's Delfonic and Berlin based Tel Avivian Mowscoman back in the latter's home town, the excellent Disco Halal came into being with a sell out compilation EP. Now the dust has settled, the hookah begins to bubble for volume two. This time round, Moscoman is joined by two leaders of the Israeli new school, the infamous Red Axes and Whiskey Disco affiliates Rabo & Snob, alongside a fresh face on the production scene, Sofia's Kmtr. Moscoman takes the lead with "Machintosh", a rolling, rattling percussion number topped with chanted vocals and see-sawing fiddle and mangled synth. Red Axes make the most of their moment in the spotlight, delivering the show stealing "Hamathil", a dubby groover in the vein of "Iko Iko", complete with didgerido sequences, chanted vocals and handclaps. When you chuck in the killer percussion, low slung bass groove and occasional burst of screaching guitar, you've got all the ingredients for a winning track. Rabo & Snob take us further into wonky cosmic territory on the flip, getting low, slow and funky on "Hilbeh", a bass and clav led groover that'd have me throwing the strangest shapes you've ever seen in no time. Proggy synths reach for the stars while occasional blasts of breathy female vocal coo away, paving the way for a deep and dirty acid line. Last but not least, Kmtr makes his wax debut with "Sorarim", a syrup disco stomper which slowly builds into an all guns blazing, orchestral funk number perfect for at least a thousand and one Arabian nights! Yalla!

New release from Kiwi and Disco Halal. London mainstay Alex Warren has been in a bit of a purple patch of late, his cover of "Throw Down" (Optimo Music) went onto receive critical acclaim while two twelves already released this year on Moda Black and 17 Steps have both gone on to do 'nuff damage in the club.

Exotic flavoured electro-disco is order of the day here. "Pine Martin" begins the journey in beguiling and peregrine form, it's tentative arps plotting a path through new and vast landscapes."Daubenton's Bat" is a shuddering, druggy trip into tribal lysergia - a wavering vocal chorus contrasting against electric rhythms and foreign instrumentation. Finally, "Pine Martin" gets a club friendly rub down which really bring out the jarring electro-disco arpeggios and driving, heads down groove. It's another doozy from this multifaceted producer and another winning release from the omnipresent Disco Halal. Top one! 


I Ran - Inc. Simple Symmetry Remix

After finally completing his marathon Treisar series, Moscoman shares one of his personal weapons with the The Disco Halal team. Returning to the middle eastern roots which characterized the label's early output, "I Ran" has been a stable in Moscoman's sets across the world and is backed by a remix by fellow touring partners Simple Symmetry. A scorching and haunting amalgamation of middle-eastern vocals threading their way through a percolated drum palette, simmering up an otherworldly psychedelic energy which should flip the sturdiest dancefloor right on their ass leaving its occupants kicking and screaming like upside-down turtles. On the flip, Disco Halal comrades Simple Symmetry (the duo responsible for "Voodoo Your Ex") spin "I Ran" into a genius exotic disco number; full of plinky plunky guitar lines, searing strings and a kind of chaotic abandon I'd personally associate with losing my shit on the last day of some sun-blushed, desert island dance festival; loaded up on hallucinogens and not a care in the world! Amazing stuff!

Disco Halal invite hotly tipped Japanese producer Yoshinori Hayashi to make his label debut here, and the main man more than delivers the goods, diving through a stylistic portal to land in an alternate dimension of experimental house oddness. The set opens with "Palanquin Bearing Monkey", a churning psychedelic slow burner assembled from blurry snatches of Japanese classical music, loose funk drumming and pitch bent piano tones. On the A2, "Stepping On Dewdrops" keeps it weird, working through haunted house idents, cascading Japanese jazz keys and a stuttering hip hop-style beat. If RZA ingested the whole Wu Tang stash tin then tripped that he was DJ Shadow, this would be his latest jam. Things stay chilly on the flip as "Pneuma" offers dubby percussion weirdness, aquatic rumblings and star kissed lead lines, while "Chember" materializes to give you the fright of your life. Avant, abstract and drenched in particularly potent ectoplasm, this is a phantasmagoric freak out for the most adventurous house heads. 


Patrick says: If you've ever cast your eye/ears over our weirdshit section and longed for something stranger, then this is the record for you. Hypnotic, immersive and entirely disorienting, "Uncountable Set" is the strangest groove music I've heard in a long, long time.

Catching the slipstream of DH009 and giving any air traffic controllers out there a bit of a headache, the latest Disco Halal dance craft comes in hot and heavy, buzzing the tower like a methed up Maverick. Peer in the cockpit of this jet-fuelled floor-ripper and you'll find none other than Life And Death boss DJ Tennis, a man with both a plan and drum kit! Pushing everything into the red, the Italian DJ transforms two Simple Symmetry originals into weapons-grade speaker splitters, tailor made for marmalising the club. On the A-side, "Plane Goes East" rockets skywards with an explosive kick and gutteral bass sequence, heading for the stratosphere as drum kits tumble earthwards all around it. Retaining the Kraftwerkian and Kevorkian flourishes of the original, this heavy duty refix fuses elements of Italo, electro and techno into a deep disco smash-a-thon - taps aff or wot?!?! Over on the flipside, Signore Tennis takes "Voodoo Your Ex" on an emotive voyage through dub, disco and deep house, while still managing to enjoy a little post punk gloom. A chunky rhythm section chugs steadily through darkened streets, piercing the darkness with spiky guitar to bathe everything in the glow of deep house pads. As wobbling subs threaten the structural integrity of any nearby sky scrapers, creepy sequences wrap themselves around the groove, creating enough space for the tribal vocal to truly take hold. Essential tackle for any fans of the current Tel Aviv sound or Ivan Smagghe's Kill The DJ discs...


Patrick says: Italy's premier floor filler goes deep on this Disco Halal remix record, pushing both original tracks into the heart of the strobe-lit warehouse. Opt for the A-side if you're after Italo-influenced techno-disco, or skip to the flip for some weird, wired and warped wave sounds...

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