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Three Drives On A Vinyl

Greece 2000 (Moscoman Remix)

Much to the delight of our own Kickin' Pigeon the trance revival is full ON! In celebration of the return of two minute breakdowns (and avoidance of silver alien-eye sunglasses and uber-gelled hair) Moscoman turns his hands to Three Drives On A Vinyl's timeless masterpiece "Greece 2000". Slowing the tempo a touch to bring out a hidden chug, Moscoman exploits the deliberate rhythms, phasing percussion loops and sparkling melodies to take us back to a more simple time. 


Patrick says: Back when Big Brother was still an interesting concept (Nasty Nick etc), New Labour still had us fooled and you could totally make a Hollywood film about computer hackers, Dutch duo Erik de Koning and DJ Ton T.B. cooked up a progressive pounder that had most of the world united in one grand laser reach! Here, Moscoman pays tribute to the classic with a slower, psychedelicized variation.

Exquisite stable of eastern disco weirdness, Disco Halal return with their 17th offering to date enlisting a new artist called Chaim into their executive folk. A Tel Aviv based artist who's output's featured heavily on BPitch Control alongside a plethora of other labels in the past, the tracks displayed here are a curveball from the normally very electronic and tech-house guided missiles contained within his arsenal.

Opening with the minimal tribalism of "Your Mulana" which is both instantly arresting and very much in line with the DH blueprint; Chaim's skillfully segued his style into the label with this well rounded track. Trikk Numero is on hand to offer a cinematic dub which weaves through various evocative passages utilizing a host of live percussion passages alongside more digitized rhythms, think Wolf Muller's remix of Soundspecies and you'll get the gist!

Side B contains two more originals: the eastern-tinged sloppy house of "Ventilator" that's strung out on a KDJ-esque bassline; and the bubbling cosmic throb of "Toriaz", further elevated by the kind of juddering, gated vox line we go crazy for here at Picc HQ. Top drawer stuff here from all involved keeping the Disco Halal public grading system at an easy 5 stars.

Disco Halal returns with a various EP entitled "Perfect Strangers". The Organisim kicks things off with "Reflection"; a stuttered b-line leading proceedings through an amalgamation of new beat darkness and euro-disco frenetics. Kincaid's "Tyrant" sees those eastern leads rise the surface before a plethora of percussion muscles in on the action. Soft Metal's "Mystic Trip To Al-Dzazir" utilizes the same, India-flavoured perc but adopts a much more traditional house music framework, allowing the percussion solos plenty of room to impact while other sections see big guitar chords, elastic lead and a warm, round b-line converge on the action, Top stuff! Mount Kismet's "Prunes & Dunes" concludes in suitably otherworldly form, a night time camel trek across star lit sand dunes and perfect for those evocative, purple-lit nights dancing on the outdoor stages of the party islands.

New release from Kiwi and Disco Halal. London mainstay Alex Warren has been in a bit of a purple patch of late, his cover of "Throw Down" (Optimo Music) went onto receive critical acclaim while two twelves already released this year on Moda Black and 17 Steps have both gone on to do 'nuff damage in the club.

Exotic flavoured electro-disco is order of the day here. "Pine Martin" begins the journey in beguiling and peregrine form, it's tentative arps plotting a path through new and vast landscapes."Daubenton's Bat" is a shuddering, druggy trip into tribal lysergia - a wavering vocal chorus contrasting against electric rhythms and foreign instrumentation. Finally, "Pine Martin" gets a club friendly rub down which really bring out the jarring electro-disco arpeggios and driving, heads down groove. It's another doozy from this multifaceted producer and another winning release from the omnipresent Disco Halal. Top one! 

Catching the slipstream of DH009 and giving any air traffic controllers out there a bit of a headache, the latest Disco Halal dance craft comes in hot and heavy, buzzing the tower like a methed up Maverick. Peer in the cockpit of this jet-fuelled floor-ripper and you'll find none other than Life And Death boss DJ Tennis, a man with both a plan and drum kit! Pushing everything into the red, the Italian DJ transforms two Simple Symmetry originals into weapons-grade speaker splitters, tailor made for marmalising the club. On the A-side, "Plane Goes East" rockets skywards with an explosive kick and gutteral bass sequence, heading for the stratosphere as drum kits tumble earthwards all around it. Retaining the Kraftwerkian and Kevorkian flourishes of the original, this heavy duty refix fuses elements of Italo, electro and techno into a deep disco smash-a-thon - taps aff or wot?!?! Over on the flipside, Signore Tennis takes "Voodoo Your Ex" on an emotive voyage through dub, disco and deep house, while still managing to enjoy a little post punk gloom. A chunky rhythm section chugs steadily through darkened streets, piercing the darkness with spiky guitar to bathe everything in the glow of deep house pads. As wobbling subs threaten the structural integrity of any nearby sky scrapers, creepy sequences wrap themselves around the groove, creating enough space for the tribal vocal to truly take hold. Essential tackle for any fans of the current Tel Aviv sound or Ivan Smagghe's Kill The DJ discs...


Patrick says: Italy's premier floor filler goes deep on this Disco Halal remix record, pushing both original tracks into the heart of the strobe-lit warehouse. Opt for the A-side if you're after Italo-influenced techno-disco, or skip to the flip for some weird, wired and warped wave sounds...

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