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Ireland’s Clive and Scott Sullivan return to Disco Halal with another genre and preconception busting hit! Described by label head, Moscoman as ‘Nirvana playing with grime’, lead track “Steady Up” features another Irishman, Pat Lagoon and is an outrageous slice of alternative dance music that should appeal to fans of Real Lies, The Chemical Brothers and sounds a little like Erol Alkin’s remix of Fontanes DC!

“Dreamer” takes things in more expansive and hypnotic directions, long synth sweeps and stuttered ethereal vox conjuring up images of vast vistas and scorching sunsets. “We Gotta Tell The World” has a nocturnal energy and urgency, more gated vox and searing guitar lines its trademark. Finally “Fear Forever” leaves an indelible mark on our sense with its anthemic chords and end-of-night sensuality. A seriously strong four track EP from these rising stars of the Irish dance scene. Most recommended! 


Matt says: It's a bit marmite but that "Steady Up" track's a winner for me! The Irish accent lending itself wonderfully to a witty rap from Pat Lagoon, while a filthy yet stadium friendly indie-disco-techno aesthetic encompasses the instrumental tracks. Interesting stuff that's defo worth checking.


A1. Steady Up Ft. Pat Lagoon 
A2. Dreamer 
B1. We Gotta Tell The World 
B2. Fear Forever Ft. Talee 

A master of his craft, Moscoman seamlessly mixes the old with the new in “Can You Dig It” as the classic Monkees track from their 1968 album “Head” is woven throughout - sampling at its best. ‘By infusing the Laurel Canyon vibes of The Monkees' 'Can You Dig It' into my new single, I wanted to pay homage to a timeless era and also to bring a fresh twist to it and make sure to get everyone diggin' it.’ - Moscoman

Opening the EP is “Bouabre” with an all encompassing and hypnotic bassline beaconing the listener to the dancefloor, whilst melding together a glitchy vocal in true Moscoman style. Title track “Rob The Plants” hones in on Moscoman’s ability to fuse together a range of techniques, culminating in a dancefloor ready heavy hitter. An addictive and driving bassline plays on throughout, whilst a catchy vocal and warm guitar licks are intertwined. Gradually increasing in intensity and closing the EP “Nishar Levad” is an emotionally charged offering ladened with atmospheric synths, haunting guitar chords and an inviting groove.

“Rob The Plants” is at once psychotropic & playful, deep yet fun, sonically outlandish yet super catchy. It’s everything you want in a record! 


Matt says: Moscoman turns out a fresh and fun set of big room party tracks that'd equally be at home on Ransom Note or Me Me Me - drawing comparisons from Bawrut, Man Power and Red Axes with an intoxicating stew of electronic elements certain to please the more inebriated reveller.


A1. Bouabre
A2. Rob The Plants
B1. Can You Dig It
B2. Nishar Levad

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