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High Enough / Forever

If crowd pleasing disco edits are your bag then let Disco Bits serenade you with some fun loving mash-up action courtesy of wild Japanese producer Kazahaya.

On side A he welds together "Ain't No Mountain" with "Let Me Down Easy" for an intense, high tempo disco workout you'll be gutted you didn't think of doing sooner. How good does that vocal ride the groove?! Early contender for mash-up of the year surely!

On side B he gives us a sunny, cheery. midtempo soul workout, perfect end of night fodder. Kazahaya takes a slept on Casablanca classic and moulds it into a heavy modern soul wonder showing us that he's a force to be reckoned with across the circuit. TIP!


Sil says: High octane disco sensibilities and feel good vibes all over this bite size seven incher. Small in appearance but big in content. Two monster edits to dance the night away!

Cannon & Mirrorball

At The Disco

More cut n paste action aimed straight at late nite disco dancefloors courtesy of Disco Bits who return to the 7" format for a nod back to the days of the late 70's and early 80's New York, when disco and early hip-hop combined thru edit pioneers Tom Moulton, Jellybean Benitez, Steinski & Mantronix - all given a subtle spit and polish for 2019!

Side A sees Cannon & Mirrorball's "At The Disco" hit a steady pace straight from the off, chasing octave basslines, sumptuous strings and flecked guitar strums with a glitterball sparkle. A few modern tweaks involving a high pass filter and some fx sweeps and you've got yourself a certified disco party monster!

Side B's "Disco Bunny" throws a plethora of vintage disco-rap samples at a breakbeat powered canvas for a megamix style collage that'll rock any party; be a nightclub dancefloor, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or Latin Quarter street party! They don't make em like this anymore - and it's sure to get Uncle Sam twerking his big ass butt in the corner of the function! Recommended!

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