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Minor Threat

Out Of Step Outtakes

    In January 1983, Minor Threat went into Inner Ear Studio for the first time as a five - piece (Brian Baker had moved from bass to second guitar and Steve Hansgen was now playing bass).

    They had six new songs that would end up being the centrepiece of what became the ‘’Out of Step’’ 12" EP. The band had also decided to re-record the song "Out of Step" with some extra language to try to clarify the lyrics, as well as "Cashing In", a tongue-in-cheek song about the DC punk scene which they had only played live once.

    After much debate, "Cashing In" was added as a hidden track on the original vinyl release though not listed on the cover or label. There was still blank tape on the reel, so they decided to record an instrumental with the working title, "Addams Family" and then recorded new versions of "In My Eyes" and "Filler" to hear what they sounded like with two guitars.

    "Addams Family" ended up being used as a coda to "Cashing In", but the other two songs were never mixed and largely forgotten for over 35 years until the multitrack tapes were taken into the studio to be digitized in 2021.

    Surprised by the discovery, Ian and Don Zientara mixed the two songs along with the complete take of "Addams Family". These outtakes are now being released on a 7" to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of ‘’Out of Step’’.


    A Side:
    In My Eyes
    B Side:
    Addams Family


    Repeater - 2023 Repress

      This is Fugazi's first full-length record, released in 1990. 

      This 12" LP was re-cut and re-issued In April 2009. This pressing of the LP is on BLUE Vinyl.

      Originally Released: 1990. Recorded At Inner Ear Studios Produced By Ted Nicely

      Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar Guy Picciotto vocals & guitar Joe Lally bass Brendan Canty drums

      Recorded At Inner Ear Studios Produced By Ted Nicely


      1. Turnover
      2. Repeater
      3. Brendan #1
      4. Merchandise
      5. Blueprint
      6. Sieve Fisted Find
      7. Greed
      8. Two Beats Off
      9. Styrofoam
      10. Reprovisional
      11. Shut The Door 

      Minor Threat

      Out Of Step - 2023 Repress

        This white vinyl LP was recut from the Silver Sonya re-masters in November 2008 at Chicago Mastering Service, and features an album sleeve redesign from the original artwork.

        Ian MacKaye vocals Lyle Preslar guitar Steve Hansgen bass Brian Baker guitar Jeff Nelson drums.

        Recorded At Inner Ear Studios Produced By Minor Threat.


        1. Betray
        2. It Follows
        3. Think Again
        4. Look Back & Laugh
        5. Sob Story
        6. No Reason
        7. Little Friend
        8. Out Of Step
        9. Cashing In 


        In Mass Mind - 2023 Repress

          The Make-Up's second full-length LP, released in 1998.

          Ian Svenonius vocals
          James Canty guitar, organ, vocals
          Michelle Mae bass, vocals
          Steve Gamboa drums


          1. Black Wire Pt. 1
          2. Live In The Rhythm Hive
          3. Joy Of Sound
          4. Watch It With That Thing
          5. Drop The Needle
          6. Earth Worm Pt. 1
          7. Do You Like Gospel Music?
          8. Come Up To The Microphone
          9. Centre Of The Earth
          10. (I've Heard About) Saturday Nite
          11. Earth Worm Pt. 2
          12. Time Machine
          13. Caught Up In The Rapture
          14. Black Wire Pt. 2


          Margin Walker - 2023 Repress

            This is Fugazi's second release recorded in December 1988 with John Loder while the band was in England for a European tour.

            These songs were combined with the tracks from the band's debut 7 Songs EP and was released on the 13 Songs maxi CD.

            This 12" EP was re-cut and re-issued in October 2009 (with updated art). Originally Released: June 1989

            Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar
            Guy Picciotto vocals
            Joe Lally bass
            Brendan Canty drums

            Recorded At Southern Studios Produced By John Loder

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Margin Walker
            2. And The Same
            3. Burning Too
            4. Provisional
            5. Lockdown
            6. Promises


            Steady Diet Of Nothing - 2023 Repress

              This is Fugazi's second full-length record, released in 1991.

              This 12" LP was re-cut and re-issued in September 2009.

              Originally Released: 1991

              Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar
              Guy Picciotto vocals & guitar
              Joe Lally bass
              Brendan Canty drums

              Recorded At Inner Ear Studios Produced By Fugazi.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Exit Only
              2. Reclamation
              3. Nice New Outfit
              4. Stacks
              5. Latin Roots
              6. Steady Diet
              7. Long Division
              8. Runaway Return
              9. Polish
              10. Dear Justice Letter
              11. KYEO


              In On The Kill Taker - 2023 Reissue

                This 12" LP was re-cut from the Silver Sonya masters in April 2009 at Chicago Mastering Service.

                Ian MacKaye vocals & guitar
                Guy Picciotto vocals & guitar
                Joe Lally bass
                Brendan Canty drums

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Facet Squared
                2. Public Witness Program
                3. Returning The Screw
                4. Smallpox Champion
                5. Rend It
                6. 23 Beats Off
                7. Sweet And Low
                8. Cassavetes
                9. Great Cop
                10. Walken's Syndrome
                11. Instrument
                12. Last Chance For A Slow Dance 


                A Brief Moment In The Sun

                  Soulside formed in Washington, DC, in 1985, split up in 1989, then reformed in 2014 and has continued playing and writing music since then. After releasing their debut album on Sammich/Dischord, they recorded Trigger (Dischord, 1988) and Hot Bodi-Gram (Dischord, 1989), which were combined on the Soon Come Happy CD in 1990. The band toured extensively in the US and Europe during these years, including groundbreaking shows in Poland and East Berlin shortly before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

                  In 2020, Soulside put out a new 7-inch, This Ship, their first release in 30 years, which was recorded in Prague. In late 2022, Dischord will release a 12-song Soulside album, A Brief Moment in the Sun, which was written during the heart of the coronavirus pandemic and recorded in person by J. Robbins in November 2021. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Times Like These
                  2. Day 2
                  3. Every Clover
                  4. Reconstruction
                  5. Runner
                  6. Walker
                  7. Tambourine
                  8. 70's Heroes
                  9. Resolved
                  10. Rediscovery
                  11. Survival
                  12. It's All About Love

                  Minor Threat

                  Minor Threat - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

                    Recut from the Silver Sony are masters in November 2008 at Chicago Mastering Service, features a new blue cover, BLUE VINYL, and comes with a free MP3 download of the album.

                    Tracks 1-8 are from the first Minor Threat 7". Tracks 9-12 are from the "In My Eyes" 7 Inch. The Digital version of this record includes the song "Stand Up," from the Flex Your Head compilation. 

                    Recorded: April & August 1981
                    Released on 12": June 1984

                    Ian MacKaye vocals
                    Lyle Preslar guitar
                    Brian Baker bass
                    Jeff Nelson drums

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Laura says: A Piccadilly favourite back in the day. If you ever came into the Piccadilly Gardens shop on a Monday (John's day off and the only day we could get away with playing this!) in the mid/late 80s, there's a good chance you'd have heard this at full volume. Still love it!

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Side A:
                    1 Filler
                    2 I Dont Wanna Hear It
                    3 Seeing Red
                    4 Straight Edge
                    5 Small Man, Big Mouth
                    6 Screaming At A Wall
                    7 Bottled Violence
                    8 Minor Threat

                    Side B:
                    1 In My Eyes
                    2 Out Of Step (With The World)
                    3 Guilty Of Being White
                    4 Steppin' Stone

                    Justin Moyer – a.k.a. Edie Sedgwick, the Warhol starlet who died of a barbiturate overdose in 1971 –spent much of the last decade schlepping around the globe in a wig and a dress, imparting his/her wisdom on celebrity culture to the masses. Sometimes, he brought a live band. Other nights, he made do with an iPod.

                    But following the release of his third LP, Love Gets Lovelier Every Day, in 2011, Moyer understood that it was time to change that shit up. After all, ten years is a long time, man. Since Edie first stepped to the mic in 1999, four of Moyer’s other bands – El Guapo, Supersystem, Antelope, and SPRCSS – came and went. Entire scenes, genres, and record labels were born and passed from this Earth.

                    So, Edie became E.D. And the group became Moyer’s central musical outlet, rather than a side-project indulged between tours. He recruited a full-time-ish backing band, including bassist Kristina Buddenhagen, drummer Jess Matthews (America Hearts), and singer JosaFeen Wells. And he consigned that tattered silver frock to the closet. Now, E.D. wears white.

                    Incidentally, We Wear White is also the title of his new record. Recorded by TJ Lipple at Inner Ear and mixed by Trans Am’s Phil Manley at his San Francisco HQ, Lucky Cat Recording, We Wear White is a more aggressive, dirtier batch of songs. In fact, the first song is called, “Dirty.” E.D.’s lyrics have drifted away from the pages of People magazine and toward topics relevant to the here and now – retro-fetishism, gentrification, and why it was totally a mistake for you to get that DC flag tattoo. It includes Moyer's first ever song about smoking marijuana (full disclosure: Justin Moyer has never smoked marijuana).

                    Why wear white? Because red means blood. Because blue’s no good. Because you get to be born again. It’s the color of renewal - and the perfect pigment in which to rendezvous with your preferred higher power

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1) Dirty
                    2) Hex Of Sex (For Minimal Man)
                    3) Rockin’ The Boat
                    4) Goddam
                    5) Mina
                    6) We Wear White
                    7) He’s The One
                    8) It Wasn’t Me
                    9) DNA
                    10) Ghost Dick
                    11) Weatherman

                    Rites Of Spring

                    Six Song Demo

                      Rites of Spring were among the most important and beloved bands to emerge from the DC underground music scene in the mid-80s.

                      Formed by Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) on vocals/guitar, Mike Fellows bass, Brendan Canty (Fugazi) on drums, and Eddie Janney (Faith) on guitar in 1984, the quartet released a self-titled LP and a 7” single before disbanding in 1986.

                      They were central to what came to be known as 'Revolution Summer', a period of redefinition and creative burst from the DC scene in 1985. Before that – before they even played a show -- the band recorded a six-song demo tape at Inner Ear with Don Zientara and Ian MacKaye.

                      After the dissolution of their previous band, Insurrection, in 1983, Canty, Picciotto, and Fellows joined with Faith guitarist Eddie Janney and began writing new songs. Unfortunately, just as they became ready to play out, Fellows announced plans to relocate to Los Angeles, effectively ending the band before it even got started. Before the bassist departed, the group decided to go to Inner Ear to document the handful of finished songs that they had written.

                      At this point, not only had they never played a show, Rites of Spring hadn’t even settled on a name (on the tapes, Zientara listed the sessions as Insurrection II). But already, the music marked a musical shift for the DC punk community, consciously breaking away from the macho-clichés that had come to plague hardcore music.

                      The sessions were notable for being the first time that anybody had heard Picciotto sing. At the time, few bands had access to a PA system during practice and the volume of the other instruments often blotted out vocals. Shortly after tracking was completed, Fellows hit the road and the recordings were mixed in his absence, hence the Beatles-inspired “Mike Fellows is dead,” gag at the end of “By Design.”

                      Because the band had broken up before ever playing, there was no plan to officially release the recording, so the completed songs were dubbed onto cassette tapes and given out to friends, who passed them along to others. As a result of the tape-trading the recordings were heard far and wide, though each copy suffered a loss of sound-quality.

                      As it turned out, the West Coast didn’t agree with Fellows and in July he came back to DC to rejoin the band. Shortly after his return the band performed its first show at Food For Thought opening for Gray Matter. They would perform fewer than 20 shows before they dis- banded.

                      These six songs capture Rites of Spring in its earliest stages. Once the band started playing out, the songs gained velocity and intensity (see the 7-minute plus version of “End on End” that closes their LP), but many of the elements that defined their music – frenzied energy, sharp melodies, and introspective lyrics -- were already very much in place. The release has been mastered from the original tapes and is presented exactly as it was on those cassettes in 1984 complete with the tape collages and assorted audio-graffiti. Members went on to play in Happy Go Licky, Fugazi, Royal Trux, and Silver Jews.

                      Recorded April 1984 at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara; Produced by Ian MacKaye. Mastered by TJ Lipple in Summer 2012.

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