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Night Flowers

Wild Notion

    “It’s as good a place to write in as any,” wrote Philip Larkin of Hull, a city of rainy-day poets and the original home of Night Flowers. But this indie-pop quintet has since blossomed from its Humberside origins to form a bright transatlantic soul.

    The windswept north-east English coast collided with stateside sunshine when US-born vocalist Sophia Pettit joined the band in their new shared hometown of London in summer 2015, completing their irresistible brand of stirring, romantic pop.

    A joyous combination of intertwining female/male vocals backed by glistening guitars and dreamlike atmospherics has seen them amass friends, fans and accolades across the world.

    Back in 2012 Shinies broke through in a way they never would have imagined was possible. "A long way from the Fun House: Pat Sharp gets ‘beaten up and burned alive’ for music video" read the headline in the Daily Mail. An attack on nostalgia and childlike innocence, the Manchester based four piece kidnapped and toyed with everyone’s favourite mullet sporting early 90s TV idol in their video for ‘Ennui’, eventually setting him adrift upon a burning raft of fire. Shinies’ don’t do things by halves.

    After a series of singles and an EP on up-and-coming label Dirty Bingo, who were the first to bring Novella and Women’s Hour to the fore, the boys return with their long awaited debut album ‘Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere’, a line borrowed from Philip Larkin’s famous poem ‘I Remember, I Remember’. Nostalgia, memory, confusion and regret are themes that run deep throughout the Shinies catalogue so it’s no surprise that such a title was chosen. The sunrise through squinted eyes drifty narrative of Larkin’s key poem is the perfect backdrop to the swells and swirls of their impressive shoegaze-pop debut long play.

    They’ve come a long way since their initial late night jams in a Manchester basement back in 2011. The DIY spirit remains but is crafted, executed and expressed better than ever before. MJ of Hookworms produced, and his stamp is understated but important, threading together narrative, a journey. This is more than just a collection of songs. It’s an etching. The story of our every day struggle for expression, for freedom, set against the monotonous hum of our zero hour contract inner city jobs.

    Singer and guitar player Adam Davison’s effortless pop melodies drive the LP forward. Title track ’Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere’ begins with the characteristic soft swell of Ric Stringer’s guitar work but unfurls surprisingly, reminding us just why we fell in love with Shinies in the first place. With the two sharing vocals throughout the record, Tom Haben on drums and Joe Fisher on bass complete the line-up. Elsewhere on the record, the lo-fi surfy ‘Beached’ screeches and screams along its rickety iron tracks and ‘6s & 7s’ shows the group breaking new ground. With its slower groove and laid bare vocal, it’s reminiscent of Yo La Tengo and Connan Mockasin, suggesting future directions.

    In a time of struggle and nostalgia for a time that never was, Shinies remind us to keep our heads down and carry on.

    Drop Out Venus

    Elastic Teen Rent / I Kill Foxes

    Drop Out Venus reside in Deptford, South East London, where they write and record music in their one-bedroom flat. Originally hailing from Bulgaria, Iva Moskovich, Chris Moskovich and Ursula Russell formed the band after discovering they all share a form of synaesthesia, which has led to a wildly sensual approach to playing music, their musical education being most deeply felt somewhere between the whisky drenched piano of Thelonious Monk and the crazy hazy kisses of the Flat Duo Jets.

    They are best experienced live – the last six months has seen them bring their intense and sometimes chaotic act to several venues across London and the South East, including the Roundhouse, Great Escape and Somerset House. Their shows incorporate the raw energy of New York in the late 70s and the honesty of the sawdust strewn floors of jazz era bars, all channeled through an eastern European ruggedness and mysticism.

    Their first single, the double A side ‘Elastic Teen Rent/I Kill Foxes’ released September 24th on Dirty Bingo Records, follows a prolific six months for the band, with their first track 'Love In Vein' capturing many ears online and on radio (Zane Lowe/John Kennedy/Mary Anne-Hobbs), and a self-released cassette packing a medley of over thirty tracks within thirty minutes. Recent support slots with the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Connan Moccasin prove that they are ready to take their unpredictable ‘Junk Jazz’ to much bigger stages and audiences

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