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Why You So Crazy is The Dandy Warhol’s 10th studio album arriving on the 25th anniversary of the band. Brimming with catchy melodies and that trademark Dandy's drawl, they run through a sturdy and reliably brilliant distillation of country, psych and anthemic indie to great effect, swinging effortlessly through genres like a knife through butter. A wry look at life through a lens only the Dandy Warhols could provide. 


Barry says: Perfectly epitomising the Dandy's warmingly obtuse creative output, 'Why You So Crazy' swings easily from shadowy synth-pop ('Terraform') through classic angular Dandies pop ('Thee Elegant Bum') and hazy west-coast pop ('Small Town Girls') with grace and skill. Lovely stuff.

JEFF The Brotherhood

Magick Songs

    JEFF The Brotherhood is an art project started by brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall in 2002 in a basement in Nashville, TN.

    Their musical works are influenced by many types of music including krautrock, jazz, black metal, and the avant garde. Over the last decade their art has taken them all over the world including Hawaii, New Zealand and Russia. Their latest offering “Magick Songs” is a music album that marks a departure from previous styles the group has worked in.

    Elements of 80’s Japanese experimental music meld with Indonesian Gamelan forms, clever improvisation and abundant hand percussion and synthesizer. The majority of the compositions were written in collaboration with Kunal Prakash (Viva L’American Death Ray Music/Quintron’s Weather Warlock Band) and Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes/Raconteurs/The Dead Weather), and also feature a host of guest collaborations including vocals by Jenna Moynihan (Daddy Issues/Fever Blush) and saxophone and clarinet by Reece Lazarus (Bully). 

    Yukon Blonde

    Critical Hit

      After the last show of their final European Tour, in support of their 2015 Album, 'On Blonde,' Yukon Blonde were not ready to come home to Canada - So they didn't. Instead, front man Jeff Innes relocated to Madrid, Spain; to be joined by his band mates over the following months. "Critical Hit" is Yukon Blonde's first album to be released following this period and the songs were written in the gardens of the El Retiro, over beers and tapas at Restaraunte Padron, in a one room apartment on San Bernardo, Malasana, and from a haunted 16th century farm house in Andalusia, overlooking North Africa.

      After coming back to Canada the band retreated to their home on the West Coast, and their studio on Galiano Island; an island of less than 1000 people off the coast of British Columbia. It was here that the band began piecing the last two years back together and started the recording process. The album was completed with Thom Darcy at Taurus Recording, Toronto, Steve Bays at Tugboat Studios, Vancouver, and mixed by Tony Hoffer.

      On Blonde builds on Yukon Blonde’s reputation for seamlessly crafted pop songs with infectious melodies and hooks, all the while experimenting with psychedelic, digital and synthetic sounds.

      On Blonde effortlessly finds its place in the contemporary indie pop landscape. Analogue synthesizers, modulating Moog saw tooth leads, and FM soft pads, create an atmosphere akin to city street summer midnight meanderings. Wiry guitars, stabbing or jangly make way for fuzzed out phasing lead tones. This sonic atmosphere permeates through the entirety of the record.

      “'Como' is a classic pop song with a twist. Off kilter sounds and damaged synths collide with one another, while the pleading vocal hints at something rather more melancholic." - Clash Music.

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