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Following on from the universally superb but 'Not My Kind Of Music Really' excellence of 'Nightdubbing' (as it happens, it was not my kind of music particularly, but quickly began a personal movement towards that sort of music, that's how good it was), comes the 'Absolutely My Kind Of Music' brilliance of 'Bür Hoff Bau'. 

We start with twinkling delayed sine wave hits, carving out a sonic foundation for the snappy, hi-passed swung drum machines and swirling kosmische pads to have their fun around the stereo field before reducing into a frantic and determined percussive maelstom, with feedbacked reverb growing into a foggy haze of noise. 'Angelika' follows things up with a surprisingly chirpy number, with a hypnotic acoustic guitar loop working away in the left ear whilst the kosmische bass guitar pulses away opposite it. Whilst maintaining an overwhelmingly melodic overview, there are little tweaks that keep it from sounding stale, with a simmering resonant filter threatening to break out into self-oscillating madness and rapid plate reverbs carving a niche through the thudding psychedelic clouds. 

'Y Gofid' takes this easily digested piece and gives us the complete opposite, with a relatively harmless distorted guitar writing and churning into an unrecogniseable storm before the beautifully hypnotic acoustic guitars and oddball pastoral countryside charm of 'Swing'

The flipside sees the natural home of this sort of electronic music, with longform pieces growing from organic beginnings into a mind-expanding whole, rich with textures and peripheral sounds streaking through the stereo image. 'Dunkeltechnik' is a tentative number, growing organically through throbs of sythetic pulsing and shadowy pads, before being bolstered with full-spectrum key changes and all manner of psychedelic instrumentals. 

The five-part epic of 'Ampitheater' closes things off nicely, bringing together all of the elements of the previous pieces, but in five distinct parts, from the ambient interludes and simmering unease of 'Anfang' and 'Kreation' to the jagged psyhedelic progressions and thumping experimantal acid-trip of 'Konflikt' and it's mind-expanding cosmic counterpoint, 'Koexistenz'. 


Barry says: Another absolutely killer outing from the folks that brought us the excellent 'Nightdubbing' release. Throbbing kosmische pulses, swirling analogue synths and snappy, electronic drums perfectly produced into a hypnotic and soaring whole. Superb.

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