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Devon Sproule

Don't Hurry For Heaven

    Recorded in a remote rural studio in England, the album captures the fantastically tight band that toured most of the summer festivals last year, produced by her husband the formidable guitarist and songwriter Paul Curreri, and featuring the pedal-steel playing of the legendary BJ Cole. The great Jesse Winchester, a fellow Southerner (and hero of Sproule's), also makes a cameo appearance. Continuing in the tradition of her previous works, "Don't Hurry For Heaven" sports a variety of sonic influences. Sproule's youthfulness and romantic sense of humour are deepened by a hurling undercurrent of musical ambition and multi-genre awareness - amongst her own jazzy country songs, Sproule and Curreri even duet on a left-field, desert-bluesy version of Black Uhuru's "Sponji Reggae". Her effortless delivery of a deceptively complex melody, or her charmingly badass guitar work, give out an infectious vitality that simply enthrals.

    Devon Sproule

    Deep Your Silver Shined

      "Keep Your Silver Shined" highlights Devon's talent for combining Appalachian country with distinctive folk and jazz influences. With her trademark vintage dresses and 50-year-old Gibson guitar, this is old-time Americana bluegrass/country with a jazzy/swing feel - reminiscent of Jolie Holland or The Be Good Tanyas. From the front porch thump of "Old Virginia Block", to the high lonesome traditional "The Weeping Willow" featuring fellow-Virginian Mary Chapin Carpenter, Devon's songs are candid and poetic, described by This American Life as 'ringing with a sweet heartbreaking majesty, these songs are beautiful, timeless and transporting'. Her previous album was included in Rolling Stone's Critics Top Albums of 2003 ('Sproule's vocal and lyrical beauty is unmatched'), and she has been described as 'worthy of holding her own on a shelf with anyone from Joni Mitchell to Gillian Welch'.

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