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Carlos Cezaro

MJ's Vacation / Marvin's Day

Desert Island Edits is an outlet for forgotten disco, Italo and Balearic gems, reworked into brand new extended versions and modified remakes from the talented and elusive Carlos Cezaro. Starting off the series on a high with Cezaro's "MJ's Vacation" which (apparently) transforms "Rock With You" into a 21st century Balearic groover. I'm not hearing much of ol' MJ I'll be honest - more just a rock solid, galvanized electro-funk with teasing arps, darting leads and a impenetrable foundation. Over on side B, Carlos takes on the 80's soul classic "Sexual Healing" and constructs a tropical flavoured canter through palm trees and olive groves, with lush Rhodes keys and ethnic hints, perfect for those lazy sunsets and warm evening sessions.

Limited hand-stamped numbered copies...


Sil says: We are a very cautious bunch when it come to edits. We gatekeepers let a few selected, top draw, essential material get through our shop. That is all you need to know with this 12". We let it through on its own merits. There is more than some filtering and cut and paste here and there. Masterful edits just for you, discerning listener.

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