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Yeahhh, thrilled to release the new snippets of the new Deeptrax release by G.W. hailing from London.
This is the new fifth Deeptrax EP from the mysterious Ruffien. Immensely diverse sounds from the caverns of South-East London. Hypered house, dungeonesque taped techno, dirty filthy electro and lo-fi dubby IDM, all combined with that delicate grimy touch.
Traveling the thin lines between Detroit, Grime and House. This EP sounds as it's gracefully upgrading the dusty grooves of Aphex Twin, Burial, Drexciya and Boards of Canada in one very unique piece of wax. Looking for new horizons in deeper techno territory…

Rich P & Lee drop some fresh AF techno tackle for the delectable Deep Bass records. I'm really feeling the ethos of this label at the moment - one-off runs, pressed in house at their own plant and featuring unique, under-hyped, little known artists that are absolutely smashing out the jams in the house and techno multiverse.

Rich P & Lee's first release, "Duff Groove" contains four shimmering club tracks powered by overdriven mechanics and dizzying technoid hooks. There's a deep Detroit mood, but not obviously from the Motor City; rather, Rich P & Lee use waymarkers left by Delano Smith, Anthony Shakir and Carl Craig as signposts to their final destination - a unique sound space occupied by jazzy chords and scatty rhythms, looping away with a militant repetition. Excellent!

Mastered by Ballyhoo Records and pressed by Deepgrooves vinyl pressing plant. This release is limited to 300 copies with full colour artwork.

Bas Van Vuurde aka Colophon is a Harlem based producer who was a regular in the Deeptrax store and had an open exchange with the label. A label owner himself, his Lowercase Life has put music out by Florian Kupfer and Orson Wells. The four tracks here have been selected from his achieve by Deeptrax and see VC-118A brought in to remix title track "Heritage". A beautifully biotic interpretation of vintage machine music, the tracks have a nocturnal mood - lying in shadows but catching flickers of light as they develop momentum. Cushion soft electronics, frenetic rhythm, synthesized drums - the very definition of techno but wrapped in a sympathetic, loving patina. VC-118A's remix of "Heritage" is urgent and overwhelming, one of the centre pieces of the EP. Strictly limited to 250 copies. 


Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 250 copies with full picture sleeve.

After the sublime triple 12” re-issue of the "Sonar Bases 4-10" album on Deeptrax Records, it’s now time for the second installment in the Sonar Base Transmissions Series: the album "Dark Matter". All 6 tracks were produced by Frank De Groodt around 2004 / 2005 and were only available to the inner circle, it wasnever released on vinyl! This mini LP still sounds as fresh as it was produced 13 years ago, experimental on the drums and synths.

When listening to "Sonic Discharge" and "Velvet Sky of Sonar 6", the link with Drexciya is easily made. Sonar Base takes you further into outer space territory with the dark sounds of "Polygone Suffering" and the title track "Dark Matter", there is the clear IDM feel of tracks like "Meet You at Tower 3 on Sonar 7".

'Dark matter is a hypothetical type of matter distinct from baryonic matter (ordinary matter such as protons and neutrons), neutrinos and dark energy. Dark matter has never been directly observed; however, its existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations'

Pressed by Deepgrooves in house, and fully remastered by Thee J Johanz. Rock solid space electro that's more than stood the test of time - we still have to catch up! 

Tserg is a 25 year old producer from Singapore. Written over a period of 4 months, "Forgotten Times" is an emotive and scintillating EP. Half modern classic, half tribute to Detroit's Transmat Recordings. Opening with the beatless introduction of "Synthesis", recalling some of Derrick May's timeless refrains, and then moving into the EPs main feature - a trilogy of "Forgotten...." tracks: all resplendent with heart-wrenching leads, voluptuous pads and twinkly, star-aligned melodies. It's hard not to reference the Motor City demigod, but at the same time this ain't no uninspired re-hash. The perc sounds are new and fresh, the arrangements somewhat smoother and more delicate than his Detroit contemporary and there's an ethereal quality to all the sounds which gel everything together in Tserg's own unique way. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning, all the way through, anyone into the melodic side of techno and house music needs to get on board.

Limited to 150 copies pressed at Deepgrooves' own vinyl pressing plant, this will surely end up as a collectable classic for the global techno heads. Don't sleep!

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