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Old Apparatus

Zebulon / Hammerhand (Feat. Mowgli)

Mala’s Deep Medi Musik label release the second single by (at this point in time) unknown artist(s)(?) Old Apparatus. Moving away from the seriously dark ambient electronica murkage of their previous offering, Old Apparatus offer two contrasting dubstep sides here; "Zebulon" features a rock-solid break and Japanese atmospherics plus a mysterious folky female vocal. Emcee-poet-artist-social critic, Mowgli appears on B-side cut "Hammerhand", spitting rhymes over a dense, grimey wonky-hop riddim.


10" Info: Limited 180g pressing in picture sleeve.

Following on from the highly acclaimed original "Protecting Hands", Clouds have enlisted Berkane Sol’s label owner Geiom and experimental electronic minimalists Isan to dissect and rebuild the track. Kamal Joory AKA Geiom has been busy producing since the late 90s pushing the downtempo and ambient sounds of IDM and merging them with his love of raw grime and garage instrumentals. Geiom’s remix of "Protecting Hands" sketches out a dreamy, beautiful half-step approach with his love of electronica clearly coming heavily in to play, complimenting the original ghostly vocal perfectly. Isan have been making minimalistic electronics since the mid 90s with killer releases on Morr Music and Static Craven. Clouds are clearly fans of their work and this comes across in their remix as they remake the original and create a blissful, beatless journey, permitting the sound to develop organically, with their intuitive grasp of melody and their intelligent manipulation of sound dictating its direction.


12" Info: 1 copy found!

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