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Another first of year release, this time for Polytechnic Youth’s older sibling, the more kosmische / kraut enthused Deep Distance. Following hugely acclaimed releases for labels such as Kranky, Constellation Tatsu, Not Not Fun and Great Pop Supplement, Jesse Reiner’s esteemed JONAS REINHARDT return to the fray with the mighty “Conclave Surge” LP.

Having been a fan of Reinhardt for some time, I was pretty excited to hear of this one coming out on the great Deep Distance (moody sibling of the equally brilliant Polytechnic Youth). Reinhardt trades in a variety of synth moods, ranging from the Italo-tinged dystopian futurelands of 'Mask Of The Maker' to the more meandering airy excursions of 'Music For The Tactile Dome', his LP's have always been a fascinating and rewarding journey.  

The autonomous beginnings of 'Balk Moreau' set the scene, cleansing the palate with swathes of shimmering oscillators, soaring over the horizon as paddling drums blur into view before fading away into the industrial hum of 'Automatic Fanfare'. 

On the flipside, we get more of the static charged arpeggios fighting for space within a sea of electrical flotsam, threatening to burst out into ________ (insert euphoric overload / semi-conscious breakdown as required). 

It's interesting that Reinhardt has just released a split LP with Jurgen Muller (Panabrite / Norm Chambers), because trying frantically to find something that filled me with the same wide-eyed wonder as 'Pavilion' was what led me to Reinhardt in the first place, and is still the most perfect fit to my dream aesthetic. This is a wonder, full of spellbinding, hypnotic synthetic clouds. 


Barry says: Properly gorgeous this, brittle stacks of oscillators swarm around a warm saturated core of buzzing heat, spinning swirls of static are broken by beams of neon light. Heavy in parts but lifted with touches of pure euphoric melody. Top tip.

Cosmic Ground

The Watcher / Vaporized Artefacts

Dirk Jan Muller’s esteemed COSMIC GROUND return to Deep Distance with a killer mini LP / extended EP featuring 2 side long epics of mind altering kosmische.
2 previous outings on the label sold out in the blink of an eye and this is expected to follow suit.

Still THE go to face for Berlin School obsessives, T.Dream heads and the mind frying, sequenced workouts of Klaus Schulze.

These 2 jams were originally produced during the creation of the mighty “Cosmic Ground III” LP in Spring / Summer 2016 and appear on vinyl for the first time here.

Whilst Dirk himself says of “The Watcher” that he feels it’s a more “typical CG track and could have appeared on the first 2 LPs”, whilst ‘Vaporized’ is a personal favourite of his describing it as a more “hypnotic, rhythmic affair- a bit different. Recorded as ever using analogue modular synthesizers and other 70s synthesizer and keyboard stuff. Much of the changes and movements in the tracks were generated during and through the mixing process.”

Both are extraordinary pieces, truly great psychedelic, kosmische workouts that come hugely recommended, and this is one of two CG 12”’s being readied for release by Deep Distance this summer. A one time pressing of 300 on cream coloured wax…..


Barry says: Throbbing hypnotic bass, filtered cosmic arps and simmering ambience form together into a heady tripped-out journey for all you synth lovers. Focused on repetition and minimal changes throughout, leading these two epic tracks to take you on a long and rewarding journey to the centre of space. Lean back and enjoy.

Zone Six

Forever Hugo

    A hectic 2017 schedule so far for Deep Distance continues with this mighty live album from German Psych / Kraut maestros’ ZONE SIX. A side project to Electric Moon and Sula Bassana, Zone Six’s forays into vinyl releases are few and far between- all fly out and this is sure to follow suit.

    This live album was recorded in the “Graf Hugo“ Feldkirch, Austria. Which, according to the band is one of the “craziest venues around and currently in danger of closure under threat of replacement by a car park. It’s incredibly old and atmospheric and a wonderful place to perform; and with the Graf Hugo crew fighting it’s closure ‘til the end, the name for the record became obvious ‘Forever Hugo!’ Also, the concerts there always became total freakouts; a cellar full of crazed, sweaty people had us freaking out on stage, with them doing likewise out front! It’s a special place with a loaded atmosphere, which we feel you can hear within these tunes”.

    Now in it’s 20th year, Zone Six, (formed initially by Dave Schmidt), it might be argued are “even wilder live than in their childhood” according to Dave. The line up is constantly evolving, and the current one are -as the live lp ably proves- absolute masters of the ‘improvised acid freakouts’ they so adore. If they had to throw out a description or 'name' to their sound, the band themselves are happiest with "improvised trance rock!"

    The band currently consist of:
    Rainer Neeff on guitar (The Pancakes, Krautzone and Ex-Embryo!)
    Sula Bassana on drums and keys (Electric Moon, Krautzone, Ex-Liquid Visions)
    Komet Lulu on bass (Electric Moon, Krautzone)


    Coloured LP Info: Pressing of 500 copies on splatter wax.

    Sula Bassana

    Organ Accumulator

      “Organ Accumulator” sees a welcome return to the label for Germany’s SULA BASSANA following 2015’s epic “Kosmonauts” double set- separated by last year’s mighty “Shipwrecked” full length on the bands‘ own Sulatron label.

      Although “Organ Accumulator” reveals a more relaxed side to previous output, SB still tread firmly within the revered kosmische ground of motorik grooves, ambient trance and pulsing electronics. An absolute must for all fans of Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Cluster, the Sky label and so on, not to mention latter day heroes -and previous label mates- like Panabrite, JD Emmanuel, Cosmic Ground, Expo 70 etc….

      Sula Bassana is pretty much the solo outlet for Electric Moon & Zone Six’s Dave Schmidt- who wrote, recorded and produced everything himself on synths, sequencers, portable keyboards, smaller organs and drum boxes etc. “Lichtbuendel” was recorded almost exclusively on a Casiotone 403, via a fat effects board and guitar amp, whilst tracks like “The Frogs” tips it’s hat to the soundtrack work of John Carpenter and “Nebelschwaden” perhaps does likewise for the early work of Vangelis…

      Eat Lights Become Lights

      Nature Reserve

        The fiftieth release on Deep Distance sees the welcome return of London’s kosmische / kraut maestros EAT LIGHTS BECOME LIGHTS with their first studio recordings for three years.

        Recorded in Berlin, London, Spain and Portugal, “Nature Reserve” is an incredible return- a beautiful LP, featuring on one hand the bands’ trademark heavy motorik workouts alongside a more pastoral set of blissful, deep space lullabies.

        Kicking off with the title track, it’s instantly recognisable to longterm ELBL devotees that the devastating twinned drummer attack of live shows (only, previously) make their recording debut here- and it’s debatable whether the band have ever sounded so powerful than the opener here. To these ears at least, the beauty of this record is that the incendiary power of the freakouts is equally matched and aided to by the most beautiful, serene soundscapes of tracks like “A Distant Point of Light” and “The Great Up Above” which recall “Laser Guided Melodies” era Spiritualized, achieving a killer balance of power and bliss.

        The band have shared the stage with the likes of Moon Duo, Sonic Boom, Warm Digits, The Silver Apples, The Early Years not to mention several stints acting as Damo Suzuki’s backing band. A great record which should draw in interested newcomers as well as more than pleasing ELBL’s older heads, the LP has a one time pressing of 500 on pink vinyl and like both the artist and labels’ output previously it is expected to sell out rapidly. 


        Coloured LP Info: A one time pressing of 500 on pink vinyl.

        Yerba Mansa

        Yerba Mansa

          The second of the New Year’s killer brace of Deep Distance full lengths sees a vinyl outing at last for the incredible freeform guitar noise freakouts of Manchester’s Yerba Mansa.

          Previously confined to occasional, epic live shows; these three heavy guitar & percussion only (bar the whacked out vocals of Edwin in part) pieces perhaps represent something of a curveball for the label here. Hinting at nods to those revered early VU live boots, with a dose of early Amon Duul, even the mighty guitar heavy improv of early Television shows and more recently the Flower / Corsano duo.

          This from fellow DD recording artiste Nick Mitchell:

          YERBA MANSA

          Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep, Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski etc) and Andrew Cheetham (ABC trio, Birchall/Cheetham duo etc) are two of Manchester's most prolific purveyors of raging, outer-limits rock-ism. Both members of free-rock army Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura as well as countless other projects, they take a similar blueprint for their head-to-head skyscraping duo, only with a singularity of heavy chord chug that aligns them with Gown or even Michael Flower & Chris Corsano."

          A fabulous LP on a clear khaki vinyl pressing of 300 and featuring beautiful art from Dylan Hughes, and destined to sell out super quick….

          Pharoah Chromum


            Named after a track off Chrome’s epic “Alien Soundtracks” LP, PHAROAH CHROMIUM is the brainchild of Berlin based, German / Palestinian Ghazi Barakat. The project draws upon influences as diverse as “free jazz, rituals from ancient past and near future, the dream syndicate, science fiction, novels and neo-brutalistic architecture”.

            Recommended to the label by Tim Gane, this record draws especially upon -and focuses on- the Berlin School; (a key influence on the formation of the label in the first place). “Chromosphere” features 2 side long pieces heavy on Schnitzler influence with nods to the work of Kluster, “Electronic Meditation” era Tangerine Dream and some of the more extreme elements to Chris Carter's work with and outside Throbbing Gristle. Hugely recommended to fans of Schnitzler’s four legendary single colour sleeved and titled series of gallery edition / private press LPs from ‘73 to ‘84.
            Of a previous release (“Electric Cremation”) Julian Cope was sufficiently moved to say “Epic in scope and always radically novel in sound FX and their execution, ignore this lavish package at your peril, mes dames et mes motherfuckers…” !?!

            “Chromosphere” is packaged as equally lavishly, presented as a hand numbered pressing of 300 beautiful, suitably whacked out Picture Disc LPs. Be warned, this will go quick…..


            Ltd LP Info: Pressing of 300 hand numbered picture disc LPs.

            Cosmic Ground

            Cosmic Ground II

              Following May’s instant two day sell out of the mighty “Deadlock”/”Decay” extended 12” on Deep Distance; Dirk Jan Muller releases his incredible second full length under the COSMIC GROUND solo moniker away from “main band” Electric Orange.

              An utterly magnificent double LP comprising four side long, beguilingly stellar pieces, straight outta’ the Berlin School, and the subsequent decade whereby the use of sequencers came richly to the fore. To these ears -and without exaggeration- this is absolutely unequalled in terms of truly having and getting “IT” within the current crop of kosmische synth movers and shakers. Schnitzler / Kluster, Schulze, early Tangerine Dream are heroes to artist and label here so the pair up is pretty much perfect.….

              Recorded at the Fleisch studio, Aachen in Spring 2015, Dirk has once again gone MIDI free in creating four incredible pieces of music, utilising an almighty arsenal of analog equipment. The album acts as a perfect companion to last year’s “Cosmic Ground” (CD only) debut- yet is perhaps more powerfully infused with propulsive, sequenced passages that are both crisp and dynamic and almost absorb you into their often exhilarating, grasp. An incredible, beautiful record released as a double vinyl only LP expected to sell out rapid style.


              Ltd LP Info: 500 pressing double LP. Just found 1 copy of this!

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