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In case you haven't noticed, us hobbled veterans of the disk shop inquisition effing love disco. In fact, we buzz off disco so hard, we enjoy every one of its forms; be it slow and syrupy, French and frothy, slack, sleazy, smacked out or whizzed up - delivering a diva scream or a dubbed out instrumental. But deep down, what we love most is the kind of stomping uptempo assault which leaves you reeling in the middle of the dancefloor, love hearts fluttering across your vision. Enter Debbie Jacobs and here HUGE "Don't You Want My Love". Now Debbie has a bit of form here, and you may be aware of her equally incendiary "High On Your Love", but this particular platter thunders through smooth strings, wild clavinets, pumping bass and a killer clap-heavy 4/4, making moves like a dance floor UFO taking off. Then there's the vocal, soaring from the purest powerhouse contralto into massive mezzo-soprano, spinge-tingling and life affirming in every way. Alongside their reissue of the original, Glitterbox now hit us with a special remix package that features Joe Claussell’s 1986 Reel To Reel Edit - a disco extravaganza of a mix - and Cratebug’s house-infused and funk-laden More Love Remix. 

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