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The Daphni (AKA Caribou) remix of Donnell Pitman's "Do You Wanna"? first surfaced on Caribou's BBC Essential Mix in early 2020. After receiving tons of requests it finally get an official release on juicy 12" vinyl. 2 summertime gems on the flipside: "Summertime Girls" & "Need My Love" which follow the more traditional Star Creature remit - woozy, sun blushed, intimate boogie jams with a sensual flavour. Limited copies - highly recommended! 


A1. Do You Wanna (Daphni Edit)
B1. Summertime Girls
B2. Need My Love
B3. Need My Love (Instrumental) 

Daphni (aka Caribou, aka Dan Snaith) follows up his special Fabriclive mix (made entirely of his own productions and edits) with a full length album released on his own Jiaolong imprint. What a prolific little bugger! Fully solidifying his vision and style across twelve tracks, it sees Snaith in comfortable but pioneering form; effortlessly delving into the highly compressed, chucky tribalism-meets-upfront-house music that's quickly becoming his signature. He might switch up the groove and mood, but usually within a few bars you recognize a Daphni production through its expertly mixed and constructed hooks. Not a frequency is out of place, allowing the tracks as much space and power as necessary, whether it be across digital radio bandwidth or rattling the Void rig down your nearest WHP. Daphni's tunes bite hard, yet the melodies and hooks are universally accessible. A tour de force from one of the decade's rising stars.


Barry says: It seems to be 'A thing' that Four Tet and Dan Snaith (Daphni / Caribou) release stuff very near each-other, and this is no exception. This time we get a fascinating and satisfying jaunt through funk, borderline ambient and downright tribal club tackle, peppered with the ever-present vocal snippets. Lovely.


1. Poly 02:18
2. Face To Face 05:43
3. Carry On 03:46
4. Vulture 04:35
5. Xing Tian 04:57
6. Vikram 05:40
7. Tin 04:33
8. The Truth 06:30
9. Hey Drum 06:51
10. Medellin 06:15
11. Joli Mai 04:49
12. Life's What You Make It. 03:52


Our Love - Inc. Daphni Remix

Caribou follows up the blink-and-you'll-miss-it "Can't Do Without You" 12" with limited single from his forthcoming album; this time hitting us with the title track "Our Love". As you'd expect, the track is a lesson in production for the rest of the mortals out there, as Snaith balances programmed rhythms with a live kit, seduces us with the wooziest synths out there and plays pitch shifted vocals with virtuoso skill. Ostensibly a tale of two halves, this one builds into the kind of peak time monster the dancefloor was made for. The introduction is a emotional affair which sees the producer balancing those trademark ingredients which made "Swim" a classic with a couple of jazzy new additions, while the latter segment of the track is a floor burning rave assault featuring a tasty interpolation of Inner City's "Good Life". It's massive in other words. On the flip, Snaith partakes in a little split personality partying, switching into Daphni mode to mix the shit out the A-side. This one means business right from the off, hitting you with a one-two combo of bubbling analogue basslines like a long lost Virgo Four record before unleashing a full scale percussion assault. Gradually the spectral synthlines and pitch shifted vocals of the original float through the sound field prompting a little hands in the air excitement. This is total floor flaying madness; 100% essential!

Second limited 12" from Caribou. Title track from album plus Daphni Mix.


A. Our Love
B. Our Love (Daphni Rework)

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