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Love + Light arrives unexpectedly, following Avery’s recent collaborations with Alessandro Cortini on the critically acclaimed Illusion of Time LP (“a record that suggests Godspeed You! Black Emperor in drone mode, reimagining Music For Airports as if the runways were covered in gravel and air traffic control was on strike,” said Loud & Quiet, while Q hailed it “lush mood music to get lost in”) and alongside Roman Flügel under the alias of Noun. Avery’s previous solo album Song For Alpha was released in 2018 to similar acclaim.

Avery shares, “This record has been a real positive force of energy in my life, to the point where it almost formed itself in front of me. In that same spirit, I wanted to share it with you now, as soon as it was finished. As I started to collect the pieces together, it was apparent that the album would be split into two distinct halves but halves that were inexorably tied together. One could not have existed without the other. Music has always been a source of personal strength for me yet I remain fascinated by the power it can possess of its own volition. Releasing the record in this way, just a couple of weeks after the final note had fallen, felt like a decision made by an outside force yet one I agreed with entirely. Stay safe, friends and I’ll see you on the other side soon. DA xxx”


says: You only need to stop paying attention for a few short months (since Avery's stunning LP with Allesandro Cortini), and Daniel Avery surprises us with exactly the sound we need to bring us through the cold winter months. Glacial atmospherics mix perfectly with warm saturated synth lines and euphoric pads. Classic Avery and as ever, essential.


London Island
Dusting For Smoke
Dream Distortion
Depth Wish
Searing Light, Forward
Infinite Future
After The Fire
Into The Arms Of Stillness
Pure Life
A Story In E5
One More Morning

London Island
Dusting For Smoke
Depth Wish
Searing Light, Forward
Infinite Future
After The Fire
Into The Arms Of Stillness
Pure Life
A Story In E5
One More Morning

Daniel Avery

Together In Static

    With his now sold out, seated and socially distanced live show Together In Static set to take place at London’s recently restored Hackney Church on 29th May across two sittings, matinee and evening, Daniel Avery announces an 11-track album of the same name, comprised of music created exclusively for the performance.

    The London-based artist and producer also announces a live stream from the church on 27th May, allowing more fans to experience the immersive performance of previously unheard music combined with the refined and creatively ambitious production Avery has become renowned for. ‘As with many things this past year, the project took on a power and a life of its own right in front of me,’ he explains. ‘The original idea was to simply play a couple of intimate gigs at Hackney Church during the last lockdown. I started to make music specifically for the shows yet, as plans continued to shift, I fell deeper into the waves. I considered a 12’ or an EP but by the time I came up for air, I realised I had a complete record I wanted to share. I feel it’s some of my best work and I’m gassed for you all to hear it.’

    “Together in Static” comes almost a year to the day after Avery’s surprise third studio album “Love + Light”, released last June in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Where his previous record was hailed by NME as ‘a heartfelt eulogy for the hedonism we’re missing this summer,’ hope and expectation course through the new album. There is joy in communion, and change is coming.


    says: A live performance specially written and performed during the madness of the last 18 months gets a nice vinyl release for anyone who couldn't witness it live. I love Daniel Avery so this is a must-listen for me.


    Side A
    Crystal Eyes
    Yesterday Faded
    Nowhere Sound
    The Pursuit Of Joy
    Fountain Of Peace

    Side B
    Together In Static
    A Life That Is Your Own
    Hazel And Gold
    Endless Hours
    The Midnight Sun

    Daniel Johnston

    Artistic Vice / 1990

      Reissued double album, 10 years out of print.

      30 years since the original release of Daniel Johnston’s most revered recordings.

      Songs include ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’, ‘Devil Town’, ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ and ‘Honey I Sure Miss You’.


      ‘Artistic Vice’
      My Life Is Starting Over
      Honey I Sure Miss You
      I Feel So High
      A Ghostly Story
      Tell Me Now
      Easy Listening
      I Know Casper
      Startling Facts
      It’s Got To Be Good
      Happy Soul
      The Dream Is Over
      Love Of My Life
      I Killed The Monster
      Fate Will Get Done

      Devil Town
      Spirit World Rising
      Held The Hand
      Lord Give Me Hope
      Some Things Last A Long Time
      Tears Stupid Tears
      Don’t Play Cards With Satan
      True Love Will Find You In The End
      Got To Get You Into My Life
      Careless Soul
      Funeral Home
      Softly And Tenderly

      Daniel Davies


        Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Have you felt unseen eyes staring at you, monitoring your every move? Composer and guitarist Daniel Davies reflects on this familiar paranoia on his new EP, Spies. Across its five stirringly atmospheric tracks, the frequent John Carpenter collaborator evokes the tingle you get on the back of your neck when you sense you’re under surveillance - a feeling some psychologists have dubbed the “psychic staring effect.”


        1 The Bomber (5:11)
        2 Out Of The Night (4:18)
        3 Spies (3:14)
        4 Beasts Of L.A. (4:53)
        5 Ceremony (5:44)

        Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz

        In A Word

          In a Word, the sixteenth installment of the intergenerational collaboration series FRKWYS, brings together composer Daniel Lentz and vocalist and sound artist Ian William Craig for an album that embraces erosion and the potential of its loam left behind. A major figure in American composition, Daniel Lentz has worked at the middle and margins of postminimalism for more than four decades. A pioneer of “live multitrack recording” with the Daniel Lentz Group, he frequently writes for ensembles of similar instruments, from choirs to string orchestras to glass harmonicas. Like his west coast colleagues Harold Budd and Ingram Marshall, Lentz composes music of slow changes, built on fundamental harmonies and rhythms that evoke vast spaces and deep, ancient stone.

          Canadian artist Ian William Craig combines his classically trained voice with precarious technologies: homemade analog synths, altered reel-to-reel machines, and faulty tape decks. His solo albums, including the acclaimed Centres (2016) and, more recently, Red Sun Through Smoke (2020), document a haunted nostalgia. In contrast to Lentz’s (sometimes) radical expansiveness, Craig’s music is fragile and self-consciously created alone, using his customized machination to create warped nocturnes of melody and dissonance. The sessions for In a Word took place in the Santa Barbara home studio of engineer Dick Dunlap. For both musicians the experience was an exploration toward each other. Craig with his rickety tape decks, Lentz sat at a grand piano. Lentz was immediately enchanted by Craig’s voice and equipment: “With the first note he sang, I was hooked. The beauty of his voice and his unique analog looping setup, all compacted into a small suitcase, were both remarkable and always surprising in what they could do. The music emerged spontaneously from simple, even cautious beginnings.

          For Craig, who rarely works with other musicians, the sessions encouraged him to shed selfconsciousness and attune himself to his cocreator. Previously, he had regarded his tape decks and synths as bandmates, providing the creative energy he could get from other people. Recording with Lentz pushed him to find a new, more collaborative perspective. “I tried my best to control what was going on at first, and failed spectacularly. Once I let this aspect go and began to listen to Daniel, to my surroundings, and to the engineers, something finally clicked.” In a Word documents a coming together of two distinct musical personalities, and also a transformation. Lentz’s toiling, echoing piano, recalling his work on 1984’s Point Conception or the 1992 collaboration Music for 3 Pianos with Budd and Ruben Garcia, are churned into lush earth by Craig’s faltering machines. Craig’s folk-like tenor is realigned with Lentz’s crisp, minimalist repetitions; the combination is warm yet deeply layered, like the Californian sunset that would acknowledge the two composers at the end of each session day. Together, Craig and Lentz unearth deep forms of sonic expression from a common ground and newly seeded camaraderie. Lentz’s unmistakable piano sound is clearly relished by Craig’s tape decks, which add ghostly counterpoints of distortion and disintegration to its acoustic resonances. To this hall of haunted mirrors, Craig’s voice adds a yearning, human quality that is sometimes caught up in the same machinery, and is sometimes allowed to spirit above it. 

          An accompanying documentary of the collaboration directed by Eli Welbourne will be released in tandem. A portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit Wolfstone Ranch, a spiritually-based, activist community dedicated to making the rural Midwest a more compassionate place for all the animals who live there.


          A1. Tasteful Gloss
          A2. Joyce
          A3. Aphrodite
          A4. Erebus
          A5. Up Up Up Stay
          B1. A Pair Of Pears
          B2. Fragrance
          B3. Stöltzle
          B4. Poire

          COS / Daniel Schell & Dick Annegarn

          Mein Maschine Ist Schön / The FF Boom

            From the same continental cosmic egg that hatched Marc Moulin, Marc Hollander and Belgian synth fusion combo Placebo comes your favourite new Franco-Flemmish pop discovery, COS.

            Compact in name but wide-eyed in nature, it’s understandable how the 70s band known simply as COS has remained trapped in the tight cracks between pop stardom and prog indulgence where other like-minded names like CAN, Zao, Neu! And Egg have managed to squeeze into gaps of your record collection.

            In presenting one of the band’s most infectious and potentially crossover legible tracks on this exclusive user-friendly 45, COS mastermind Daniel Schell not only breaks an unlikely new format for this lesser-known femme-fronted, electro/jazz fusion/prog pop opera/would-be disco cinematic six-piece but also sends a sonic telegram to a new generation of futurist pop aficionados ready to explore the deep realms of his band’s dense, expansive and consistently rewarding catalogue.

            Placing the microscope over the central motif of the band’s onomatopoeic 1978 triptych known as ‘Mein Maschine Ist Schön’ (My Machine Is Beautiful) this very rare proposed single edit from the group’s third album combines the type of warm, brooding, discoid funk and nymphish Morse code vocals that unite fans of Stereolab, Curved Air, Jan Hammer, Emerald Web and Ursula Dudziak, not to mention Schell’s own close friends, the aforementioned Hollander, Moulin and Placebo.

            A prog rock 45 might sound like a contradiction in terms but with a band like COS you can only expect them to defy convention. Backed here with another deeply conceptual sliced of deep orchestral symphonic psych from Schell’s short-lived FF Boom project from the previous year, this suitably compact introduction to your new favourite COSmonauts provides digestible versions of some of Schell’s finest moments and clears the decks for future explorations of a wider musical universe waiting to be explored.

            TRACK LISTING

            COS - Mein Maschine Ist Schön 
            Daniel Schell & Dick Annegarn - The FF Boom

            One half of the group Vault, Daniel Holt makes his solo 12 inch debut on L.I.E.S. with a killer three tracker of VHS soaked synthery. 
            Spending zero time fucking around, Holt immediately locks in on the a-side with the massive 11:00 minute electro-wave groover "Demonic City", a vital blend of heavy fm synth bass, graveyard strings, and Alesis drum machines all coming together to create a sullen and hypnotic gothic-funk cut - yes that's right, gothic funk (you heard it right). Turn to the B-side for two more wave style jams, each with the finest production...exploring the realms of downbeat electronics throughout. Huge debut by this up and coming American artist.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            says: Oh BARRY! As if he picked this week to go on holiday?! His loss is my gain though, and allows me to wax lyrical about this moody synth wave bomb from Daniel Holt on LIES. Allegedly the work of one half of Vault, this 12" sounds like a Dutch electro gremlin re-scoring Carpenter from a place of sociopathic paranoia and extreme VHS fuzz - so brilliant then...

            TRACK LISTING

            Demonic City
            Disassembled Self
            Life Of Insubordination

            Richard Youngs & Daniel O'Sullivan

            Twelve Of Hearts

              Twelve of Hearts is the debut album by experimental songwriters, Daniel O’Sullivan and Richard Youngs.

              Each song has four chords. No more. No less. They cycle without variation. They never change key. As Youngs sings on Oblivion Riviera, this is “the glittering formula”.

              The music is augmented by an array of sources including piano, tape machines, guitars, reeds, strings, metal sheet and computer. Constructed over several months - O’Sullivan in London, Youngs in Glasgow - only material strictly adhering to the formula has made it on to this release. The result is a cycle of 12 songs based on one chord progression.

              After releasing O’Sullivan’s two solo albums ‘Veld’ and ‘Folly’ and Youngs’ 2018 album ‘Belief’, this is the duo's first for Tim Burgess' O Genesis label.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1 First Throw Of The Ocean
              A2 Big Old Star
              A3 Fear Catches The Sky
              A4 Long Joyful Dream
              A5 The Gate
              A6 Touch Of The Sun
              B1 Don't Hang With Angels
              B2 Oblivion Riviera
              B3 In The August Dream
              B4 Like I Need To Be Amazed
              B5 Remain The Fool
              B6 Twelve Of Hearts

              Parallel Minds continues its mission to bring compelling electronic music from Toronto to the world with its sophomore release, a 4-track split EP between label co-founders (and long time friends / roommates) Yohei S and Daniel 58. With this release, Yohei and Daniel sought to create club music that truly represents what they'd want to hear in the club, both as DJs and clubbers. On the A side, Daniel refines his penchant for wiggly breaks and syncopated rhythms with two uptempo moody slammers. On the flip, Yohei turns over two tracks combining the use of new production tools with old tech house and Miami bass influences. Deftly blending broken dub beats, grime textures, and hypnotic 4/4 grooves, this EP, much like its predecessor from the same label, has something for every DJ, regardless of what timeslot they're playing.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: Yes you know I love this shit! Under-the-radar, soundsystem-tickling artillery from Toronto that's certain to turn heads and elevate bodies. You need!

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Daniel 58 - If It’s Dead Now, When Was It Alive?
              A2. Daniel 58 - Grump When I’m Wake
              B1. Yohei S. Ccontac
              B2. Yohei S. Down By Three

              Daniel O'Sullivan

              The Colour Of Entropy (In Three Stages)

                The Colour of Entropy (In Three Stages) is a collaboration between Belgium's Sleeperhold Publications and multi- instrumentalist  /  composer Daniel O’Sullivan (DOS) with imagery by French artist Felicia Atkinson. The title of this release might not unreasonably suggest decay and decomposition. The first few bars of Entropy instantly dispel any such forebodings. You find yourself, instead, transported to some ineffably gorgeous but nevertheless very earthly paradise. Entropy is over fourteen-minutes long, staged in three parts and, as anyone who knows and loves Daniel O’Sullivan will tell you, he is nothing if not mercurial.

                Daniel O’Sullivan has achieved international acclaim writing, recording and performing with Grumbling Fur, Ulver, Sunn O))), Guapo, Miracle, Æthenor and the recent reincarnation of This Heat in the form of This Is Not This Heat. As for his solo work, DOS seems to mature with every recording he puts out. The Colour of Entropy (In Three Stages) features one lengthy suite broken down into three parts which meticulously melt into one other. Every section has its own character, taking us on a voyage of majestic beauty and uniquely ornamented melancholy. With an all-star cast of musicians DOS creates a auditive spectacle with an enduring lyrical poise and an elegant palette of sounds.

                Felicia Atkinson’s colourful drawings adorn Entropy’s sleeve and one side of the wax. (All three tracks are featured on the record's A-side.) The experimental French musician, poet, and visual artist reacted in beautiful contrast to the musical output of DOS. Scrawls of colour, not quite figurative but highly suggestive messages of inner space. DOS’ music and Atkinson’s artworks, share a common ground. Views of the natural world through a lens that invokes almost alien qualities. Raising their little families while investigating a series of landscapes, both internal and external.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Blue Music: Angelic Architecture (5:29)
                2. Yellow Music: Chemical Wedding (2:57)
                3. Red Music: Fire In The Breath (5:39)

                Daniel Blumberg


                  On&On, is the brand new album from Daniel Blumberg. A 9-track song-cycle that confirms the London musician and visual artist as a unique creative force, pushing the art of song into expansive new territories.

                  On&On - which follows 2018’s Minus, Blumberg’s debut for Mute - is a consolidation of the deconstructed song aesthetic he has developed, operating at the intersection between conventional song structures and free improvisation. Now he takes this further, incorporating recurring, shape-shifting motifs and at times dissolving the boundaries between songs altogether.

                  Born out of live sessions with the same core group of players as Minus: Daniel Blumberg (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ute Kanngiesser (cello), Billy Steiger (violin), Tom Wheatley (double bass) and Jim White (drums), with the addition of electronic maverick Elvin Brandhi (vocals). As such it represents a deepening of relationships and distillation of techniques for this tight-knit group of free-playing musicians, who are loosely based around Café OTO.

                  The album is recorded by Peter Walsh (Scott Walker), who has captured the group’s extraordinary performances - encompassing the full expressive range of their instruments from softly-bowed melodies and tender vocal harmonies to rough-hewn scrapes, plucks and rattles - while the sound of the room and the outside world spill naturally into the sound field.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1 On&On
                  2 Sidestep Summer
                  3 On&On&On
                  4 Bound
                  5 Silence Breaker
                  6 On&On&On&On
                  7 Teethgritter
                  8 On&On&On&On&On
                  9 Pillow

                  Built To Spill

                  Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

                    In 2017 Built To Spill was invited to play a few shows as Daniel Johnston's back up band This is what those rehearsals sounded like. 11 tracks of Johnston's fractured pop presented through the eyes of Built To Spill.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    SIDE A

                    1. Bloody Rainbow
                    2. Tell Me Now
                    3. Honey I Sure Miss You
                    4. Good Morning You
                    5. Heart, Mind And Soul

                    SIDE B

                    1. Life In Vain
                    2. Mountain Top
                    3. Queenie The Dog
                    4. Impossible Love
                    5. Fake Records Of Rock & Roll
                    6. Fish

                    Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston

                    It's Spooky (Reissue)

                      Recommended If You Like: The Beatles, Satan, Half Japanese, Roky Erickson, Wesley Willis, Jandek, Moldy Peaches, Butthole Surfers. Limited pressing of 1500 on Casper White Vinyl 2LP + 7" Flexi, comes with Download Card. First time on vinyl in 30 years! Bonus Flexi-Disc features previously unreleased Daniel Johnston classic “I Live My Broken Dreams”. Gatefold jacket with printed innersleeves containing extensive liner notes from Everett True, Jeff Feuerzeig (The Devil & Daniel Johnston, director), Jad Fair and Kramer. Sound restoration and remastering by Kramer. 32 songs including bonus track “Ashes On The Ground”. I first heard Daniel in 1985. Half Japanese had a show in Austin and Daniel's manager Jeff Tartakov gave me a tape of "Hi How Are You?".

                      I loved it and began corresponding with Jeff and Daniel. A few years later I was in NYC to take part in a recording session of Moe Tucker at Kramer's studio Noise New York. Daniel was at the studio and he and I became friends. Daniel recorded two songs with lyrics I wrote. He recorded "Do It Right" for Moe's album, and "Some Things Last A Long Time" for his album "1990". Soon after his time in NYC I invited him to my home and we had a week to record the songs for "It's Spooky". I considered Daniel to be a genius. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I'm so grateful to have it released again and it's sounding better than ever thanks to an amazing mastering job by Kramer. Jad Fair… "This is the sound of friendship, of love unfurling.” Everett True // “I never saw anything like the force-of-nature that was Daniel Johnston. Ever. And i'm sure I never again will. But there's more than just one force-of-nature in American music; Jad Fair is a hurricane unto himself.” Kramer 

                      Daniel Avery + Alessandro Cortini

                      Illusion Of Time

                        Renowned UK producer Daniel Avery and acclaimed experimental musician and Nine Inch Nails synth artist Alessandro Cortini release their debut full-length collaboration, ‘Illusion Of Time’, on Avery's long time home Phantasy Sound.

                        Beginning as a collaborative experiment before the pair had even met, Avery and Cortini then worked remotely and free of concept or deadline over several years. The result, finally completed when both artists were touring with Nine Inch Nails in 2018, is a quietly powerful album rooted in trust, process and experimentation.

                        “It was very much a shared process,” notes Avery. “I would like to credit Alessandro with his belief that music has a life of its own, as well as the importance he places on the first take... That even something that may be considered out-of-step by some should be respected. Some of the tracks were borne simply out of a tiny synth part, or a bit of tape hiss that we had recorded. And that approach taught me a lot. It’s a record that’s been worked on hard, but not laboured over.”

                        “I was a big fan of Daniel’s, and his work always spoke to me in a certain way,’’ explains Cortini. “Then, when we started working together, it just clicked. It’s very hard to explain, but I can always hear the love in his work, and that is true on this record. After our first collaboration, we just kept sending each other music and maintaining that dialogue. Next thing you know, we’re sitting in a hotel room in New York and had finished the record in three hours.”

                        TRACK LISTING

                        Illusion Of Time
                        CC Pad
                        Space Channel
                        Inside The Ruins
                        At First Sight
                        Interrupted By The Cloud of Light
                        Enter Exit

                        Daniel Davies


                          Whether scoring a film or making a solo album, Daniel Davies thinks cinematically. Images and story – on a movie screen, on a canvas, or flashing through his mind – inform the shape of his compositions and the sounds he uses to bring them to life. For Signals, his first solo record for Sacred Bones, the inspiration for his musical narration was a collaboration with visual artist Jesse Draxler, whose otherworldly mixed media works grace the cover and the booklet.

                          “I had an instant connection to Jesse’s art,” Davies explains. “One of the main concepts for this album was working with the feeling of uncertainty. Jesse’s art illustrates that perfectly with his disruptive shapes. At first, they are foreign to the landscapes they live in, but over time we become used to them, we adjust. The foreign objects force us to evolve, to accept and live with the uncertainty they create.”

                          Using Draxler’s images as his jumping off point, Davies created eight richly textured compositions that created a soundtrack for the unsettling world of the artwork. “Musically, I wanted to capture that same contrast — melodies evolving out of drones, haunting beds of tension with beautiful shimmering melodies laid above. What were once conflicting emotions became harmonious.”

                          As the songs move through the landscape, Davies calls on whatever instrumentation he needs to serve their journey. He utilizes the warbling synths and slicing guitar that have characterized his soundtrack work, but he’s also preternaturally at ease when he busts out a harpsichord and a vocal synth on lead single “Phantom Waltz.” On “Destructive Field,” he leaves space for his Halloween collaborator John Carpenter to lay down his signature sound. With the exception of that passage, all the music on the record is recorded by Davies himself.

                          While the results indeed feel cinematic, Davies is liberated by the absence of a film to score: “While scoring a movie, I serve the director’s vision and focus on telling a specific story. When working on an album, I’m free to create my own narrative and be more experimental.”

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          says: It's a bit of a spooky affair this, with the Arrival-esque oddities of the cover art being perfectly matched to the swirling instrumentals and Carpenter-esque unease in the music itself. Part ambient, part soundtrack, part gothic waltz and ALL brilliant, this is a triumph in concept and execution and a superb listen for a cold winter night.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Last Days
                          2. One Hundred Years
                          3. Origins
                          4. Destructive Field
                          5. Beyond Megalith Illumination
                          6. Possessor
                          7. Phantom Waltz
                          8. Visible

                          Daniel Lopatin

                          Uncut Gems - OST

                            Daniel Lopatin returns with his latest score for the A24/The Safdie brothers’ film Uncut Gems which is out internationally on the same day as it hits theaters. The film screened to rapturous response from critics and stars Adam Sandler (in an outstanding career-best performance) as well as NBA star Kevin Garnett, Lakeith Stanfield, The Weeknd, Julia Fox and more. The hypnotic crime thriller follows Sandler’s Howard Ratner, a charismatic hustler always on the lookout for the next big score, in a twisted odyssey through the New York jewelry market. This is the second collaboration between Daniel Lopatin and the Safdie brothers following his highly acclaimed work for Good Time, winner of the Best Soundtrack Award at Cannes Film Festival 2017 and also for the Best Original Score for a Feature Film at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2017. His other film works include Ariel Kleiman’s Partisan (2015), and contributions to Rick Alverson’s The Mountain (2019) and Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring (2013). 

                            TRACK LISTING

                            01 The Ballad Of Howie Bling
                            02 Pure Elation
                            03 Followed
                            04 The Bet Hits
                            05 High Life
                            06 No Vacation
                            07 School Play
                            08 Fuck You Howard
                            09 Smoothie
                            10 Back To Roslyn
                            11 The Fountain
                            12 Powerade
                            13 Windows
                            14 Buzz Me Out
                            15 The Blade
                            16 Mohegan Suite
                            17 Uncut Gems 

                            Award-winning bassist Daniel Casimir and vocalist Tess Hirst release their debut album via pioneering London-based record label Jazz re:freshed

                            Following the success of Daniel Casimir's critically acclaimed debut EP 'Escapee' which featured Hirst on vocals and fellow rising stars on the scene Moses Boyd, Joe Armon-Jones and Shirley Tetteh, this album - 'These Days' is inspired by the duo's London surroundings, delivering thought-provoking lyricism, neo-soul and modern jazz

                            Casimir, a former Birmingham Conservatoire student, has collaborated with Julian Joseph, Jason Rebello, Benet McLean, Lonnie Liston Smith, Nathan Facey, Shane Forbes, Chihiro Yamanaka, Ashley Henry, David Lyttle, Nubya Garcia, The Tracey Quintet (Meantime Jubilation), Tom Harrison (Unfolding In Tempo), Jasmine Power (Stories And Rhymes), Camilla George and Art Blakey Jazz Messenger saxophonist, Jean Toussaint

                            Named Young Jazz Musician of the Year by the Musicians' Company in 2016, Casimir has received plaudits for his arrangements and recital, while Hirst has made a name for herself with her vocals on the jazz circuit having moved between London, Leeds and LA to hone her craft. What sets Hirst apart as a musician is not only the originality of her music but her perspective of herself as an artist. She is an Ethnomusicology Graduate of SOAS and her writing style walks us through her upbringing in West London and down the halls of academia

                            Casimir and Hirst fuse traditional jazz sounds into beautiful compositions, narrating their way through a political and cultural landscape across these twelve tracks. The frenzied groove heavy'Security' addresses the need to trust one another and how we protect ourselves personally, while the rich atmospherics of 'Freedom' combined with Hirst's vocals, explore liberation and the rejection of duty - from a female perspective.

                            At the heart of 'These Days', Casimir plays with a passion and power that resonates throughout each composition. His knack for complex chord changes are highlighted in 'What Did I Do', bringing an energy and enthusiasm to the track while Hirst decries our changing capital. Elsewhere, references to John Agard's poem 'Listen Mr. Oxford Don' in 'The Magic Money Tree', explore the past and its relevance to now while a re-imagining of Charles Mingus' 'Fables Of Faubus' further ensures this theme remains central to the essence of the album.

                            Daniel Casimir and Tess Hirst have already received radio support from BBC Radio 3, BBC Music Introducing and Jazz FM, along with coverage in the London Evening Standard and Jazzwise Magazine

                            'Don't Let Them' interpolates elements of 'Fables Of Faubus' written by Charles Mingus (c) 1959. Published by Jazz Workshop Inc. Administered by BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

                            'Interlude 1', 'Interlude 2' and Interlude 3' contain excerpts of 'Listen, Mr. Oxford Don' (c) John Agard 1985 reproduced by kind permission of John Agard c/o Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Don't Let Them
                            2. Security
                            3. They Come Over Here
                            4. Interlude 1
                            5. Magic Money Tree
                            6. Freedom
                            7. What Did I Do?
                            8. Interlude 2
                            9. Representation
                            10. Interlude 3
                            11. These Days
                            12. Uncle James

                            John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter And Daniel Davies

                            Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Expanded Edition)

                              This soundtrack pays homage to the classic Halloween score that Carpenter composed and recorded in 1978, when he forever changed the course of horror cinema and synthesizer music with his low-budget masterpiece. Several new versions of the iconic main theme serve as the pulse of Green’s film, its familiar 5/4 refrain stabbing through the soundtrack like the Shape’s knife. The rest of the soundtrack is just as enthralling, incorporating everything from atmospheric synth whooshes to eerie piano-driven pieces to skittering electronic percussion. While the new score was made with a few more resources than Carpenter’s famously shoestring original, its musical spirit was preserved.

                              2018’s Halloween, directed by David Gordon Green, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and with music by series creator John Carpenter (along with his son and godson, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies) was a critical and box-office smash. It grossed $159 million against a $10 million budget, becoming the most profitable Halloween movie since the 1978 original. The soundtrack album was a hit, too, debuting at #12 on the Billboard Albums chart and #2 on the vinyl chart, on its way to becoming one of the most successful movie soundtracks of the last decade. One year later, Sacred Bones Records is pleased to present an expanded edition of the soundtrack, including more than 28 additional minutes of music from the film and presenting a more complete, immersive listening experience.

                              The additional material included on the expanded edition adds at total of 24 cues to the album, spread across two more sides of vinyl on the deluxe double LP version. The LP also has all-new art and lavish packaging, including an optical-illusion lenticular sleeve that makes the flames around Michael Myers’s mask dance when you slide it off the record jacket. For diehard fans of the Halloween series, collectors of John Carpenter’s music, or anyone who wants to hear even more of the incredible score to this movie, this expanded edition is a must-buy.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Aaron Meets Michael
                              2. Halloween Theme
                              3. Laurie’s Theme
                              4. Aaron And Dana Enter Laurie’s Compound
                              5. Laurie’s Past
                              6. Prison Montage
                              7. Laurie Breaks Down
                              8. Karen’s Flashback
                              9. Lumpy Explores Crash
                              10. Michael Kills
                              11. Hawkins Arrives At Crash Site
                              12. Dana’s In The Shower
                              13. The Story Of Judith’s Death
                              14. The Gas Station
                              15. Michael Kills Again
                              16. Gas Station Aftermath
                              17. The Shape Returns
                              18. The Boogeyman
                              19. The Shape Kills
                              20. Hawkins Called To Babysitter’s House
                              21. Laurie Sees The Shape
                              22. Babysitter Aftermath
                              23. Sartain Meets Laurie
                              24. Looking For Allyson
                              25. Wrought Iron Fence
                              26. The Shape Hunts Allyson
                              27. Talking To Cops
                              28. Allyson Discovered
                              29. Gun Closet
                              30. Halloween Theme (I’ve Got Eyes)
                              31. Sartain’s Gone Mad
                              32. Say Something
                              33. Through The Woods
                              34. Ray’s Goodbye
                              35. The Shape Attacks Laurie
                              36. The Shape Is Monumental
                              37. Searching For The Shape
                              38. Mannequin Panic
                              39. Death Drum
                              40. The Shape And Laurie Fight
                              41. The Grind
                              42. Trap The Shape
                              43. The Shape Burns
                              44. Halloween Triumphant

                              Daniel Davies

                              Soeurs De Glisse

                                In a follow up to last year's Events Score and Halloween OST comes the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Belgian Documentary Soeurs De Glisse.

                                Two sisters from Court-Saint-Etienne (Belgium) are getting ready for the Winter Paralympic Games in South Korea. The two skiers create a unique duo: Eleonor, visually-impaired, only has the voice of her older sister to guide her down the slopes. After four years of intense training and sacrifices, they bring home the first Belgian female medal during the Winter Games - An achievement with consequences on the duo and their respective lives.

                                As you can imagine, the landcapes lend themselves to epic sounds, juxtaposed with the focus and emotional pressures of competing on the world stage. Perhaps best known for his role as a collaborator and co-writer on horror auteur John Carpenter’s recent Lost Themes and Anthology albums (as well as a pillar of his live band’s subsequent tours), Daniel Davies has crafted the Paralympians journey from training to deep reflection after the event in a truly beautiful score using the musician’s distinct talent for wringing modernistic soundscapes from vintage synths

                                TRACK LISTING

                                1. Soeurs De Glisse
                                2. Chloe
                                3. In Training
                                4. Austria
                                5. Travelling
                                6. On A Plane
                                7. The Main Descent
                                8. Medal Ceremony
                                9. Meeting The King
                                10. Reflection
                                11. Sisters
                                12. A New Dream

                                Daniel Pemberton

                                Black Mirror: USS Callister - OST

                                  THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2019 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                  1000 only - soundtrack from much loved cult episode of ‘black mirror’.

                                  first time on vinyl, bespoke artwork from butcher billy, includes ltd edition poster art print. 2lp red vinyl. “a brilliant take on star trek homages, gaming and toxic geekery” the guardian // the emmy nominated soundtrack from the much-loved emmy winning episode of black mirror. daniel pemberton’s score for black mirror’s ‘uss callister’ is available for the first time on vinyl with bespoke artwork from butcher billy and limited-edition poster art print. taken from the first show of the show’s fourth season, it’s the ‘star trek’ episode when a gifted programmer becomes frustrated with his job and creates digital clones of his co-workers for his own dark adventures in space. the ivor novello award winning, golden globe award and multi bafta nominated and acclaimed composer shifts effortlessly between symphonic and electronic instrumentation. “a brutal star trek scenario that’s half comedy, half indictment of silicon valley leadership” the verge // “one of hollywood’s most sought-after composers” screen daily.

                                  Daniel Thorne

                                  Lines Of Sight

                                    On March 15th Erased Tapes presents the invigorating and powerful debut solo album Lines of Sight by Australian-born, Liverpool-based composer, saxophonist and founder of Immix Ensemble, Daniel Thorne.

                                    Deeply moving, full of otherworldly beauty and rapture, the album is alive, throbbing like a circulatory system, colourful and glowing. It literally dazzles – effectively capturing what the birth (or death) of a planet might sound like.

                                    In Daniel’s own words, “Thematically, this music was inspired by birds-eye aerial images and the idea of perspective - how something incredibly complex like a river or the surface of the ocean is reduced to a simple line or shape when viewed from the heavens. The line between natural and man-made becomes increasingly blurred.”

                                    Every strand is fresh, vital and purposeful. The description ‘seamless’ might suggest a smooth, bland fusion, but here elements overlap in intermittent, undulating layers of mesh. Avant-garde, noise, electronics, ecclesiastical, classical, a touch of jazz and traces of Wyatt-style contemporary folk come together, each occupying their own space while acquiescing with the whole.

                                    “Several compositions are derived from ratios and processes, and are highly calculated, while others evolved in a much more organic way. I wanted to create music that blurred lines between acoustic and electronic, organic and synthetic, composition and improvisation.

                                    I’ve long been a fan of studio-based composition, but have always found the infinite possibilities on offer daunting and, often, a stumbling block. To get around this I set myself a challenge of limiting myself to the physical instruments in my possession – a few different saxophones and a bass synth, with no more than four tracks to record them,” he adds.

                                    Lines of Sight follows Thorne’s work as artistic director of the acclaimed, collaboration-focussed group Immix Ensemble. Together with experimental electronic artist Vessel, he co-wrote Transition released on Erased Tapes in 2016, described by BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs as “a remarkable new piece of music”. More recently, he worked with acclaimed modular synth wizard Luke Abbott, to create a four-part suite, which was premiered live in June 2017. Immix Ensemble have also performed special live commissions with Kelly Lee Owens, Dialect, Jane Weaver and Bill Ryder-Jones, among others.

                                    Prior to leaving Australia, Daniel was fortunate to work with some of the country’s leading new music ensembles as both a composer and performer, receiving commissions from the TURA New Music Festival and the Australia Council, as well as being appointed as Composer in Residence at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. In the UK he was the recipient of the prestigious Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition, and also undertook a residency at Metal Liverpool, which provided him with the time and space to create Immix.

                                    As the first track under Thorne’s own name, ‘Iroise’ was recorded for the Erased Tapes 10th anniversary release 1+1=X, alongside works by Nils

                                    Frahm, Penguin Cafe, A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Rival Consoles. He also recently remixed Manu Delago, known as the live percussionist for Björk and Ólafur Arnalds.

                                    After a first solo performance at Sea Change Festival 2018, the new year will see Daniel tour across Europe, promoting the forthcoming release of Lines of Sight.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    says: Dense synthetic soundscapes mix beautifully with shimmering post-apocalyptic drone into a richly textured and highly hypnotic suite of electronic soundscapes. With the tender touch of modern-classical (no surprise being an Erased Tapes release) slowly moving into soaring euphoric musique concrete.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. From Inside, Looking Out
                                    2. From The Other Side Of The World
                                    3. From The Heavens
                                    4. Pyriscence
                                    5. Threnody For A Burning Building
                                    6. Fear Of Floating

                                    Chris Carter

                                    Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One.1: Coursework (Inc. Daniel Avery, Radiophonic Workshop & Chris Liebing Remixes)

                                      Remixes from Chris Carter’s "Chemistry Lessons Volume One.1: Coursework" alongside a new piece - "Bongo Glow".

                                      A work in progress at the time the album was completed, "Bongo Glow" was completed using the same processes as the rest of "CCCLV1", and it juusst about made the cut for the Japanese release date. But for you lucky listeners Mute have ensured its inclusion here. A slowly morphing, elasticated track with mangled, computerized vox, playful melodies and push-pull rhythms; it's deliciously quirky and textured and should appeal to both die hard electronica fans and lovers of leftfield pop.

                                      The additional three reworkings included here were created without direct instruction as an experiment to see how they changed with input from external sources. Daniel Avery’s remix of "Usyring" is a slow building, mesmerizing industrial pounder which fits perfectly with the producer's current MO. 

                                      Meanwhile The Radiophonic Workshop took "Blissters" and created a more experimental reworking exectued in their unique style and Chris Liebing gives "Tones Map" a brooding end-of-world type feel, adding his 'Slow Burn' remix technique.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Bongo Glow
                                      Uysring (Daniel Avery Remix)
                                      Blissters (Radiophonic Workshop Remix)
                                      Tones Map (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Remix)

                                      Daniel Romano

                                      Finally Free

                                        ‘Finally Free’ marks Daniel Romano’s eighth long playing album in the last eight years. He has had what understatedly would be considered a prolific output of incredibly entrancing, poignant and creative records in this span of time. Recording, producing, designing and landing his records into the minds and hearts of scores of fans the world over. He has been called a shapeshifter, contrived, a chameleon, a charlatan, the best living songwriter, an asshole and a genius. His last record, ‘Modern Pressure’, received outstandingly high acclaim and praise from every notable publication out there and was acknowledged by a plethora of voguish year-end lists. Despite being the bronze placeholder in most of these dogfights, he is most often noted as a person of astounding influence on all of his musically economic successors.

                                        “No matter what he does, everything he puts out is better than anything else being put out by anyone else.” - Unnamed Subjugate

                                        Romano’s new effort, ‘Finally Free’, could stand alone as being pivotal if it were only its profound and breath-taking prose on paper. Writing now like an agnostic Whitman in his prime, Romano explores and uncovers new language and meaning for old sentiments grown tired, stating, “these poems are most certainly my finest and most principled efforts to date.”

                                        ‘Finally Free’ sings like a radical revelation, exploring the concepts of music as a celestial being, flora as a consequential ancestor and singing, no matter its quality or sound, as the endmost important output of our species. This record contains a vivid religious articulation despite its clear condemnation of a god as a singular ruling white male. New words have replaced old words for new meaning and the definitions have been left up to interpretation.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Empty Husk
                                        All The Reaching Trims
                                        The Long Mirror Of Time
                                        Celestial Manis
                                        Between The Blades Of Grass
                                        Rhythmic Blood
                                        Have You Arrival
                                        Gleaming Sects Of Aniram
                                        There Is Beauty In The Vibrant Form

                                        Stockholm's Born Free always bring it for the dancefloor, pushing their own distinct style of house and techno with no time for hype. Playful, soulful, deep or dirty, you always know a Born Free record when you hear one. This time out, it's Stockholm' underground legend Daniel Savio at the controls, serving up three unconventional house jams which pay homage to his immediate family, Lovisa, Valle, Hjalle and Manfred. Getting down to business Daniel infuses opening cut "Lovisa" with a galloping house rhythm, tripped out fx and a duet of trilling e-flute and squelching bass. Savio ups the intensity with the scuzzy and snapping "Valle A Hjalle", a freaked out flip on classic house tropes with just enough acid to get the blood fully pumping, before the emotive flange-odyssey of "NY Manfred" sees us home in hallucinatory fashion. The vibe is soulful, deep and simple, just like a warm heart pumping at 120 bpm.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        says: Deep and dark grooves for the open-minded folk out there and for the beat hungry fella who wants to rock and roll! Not too fast not too slow, just the right speed, thank you.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Lovisa
                                        2. Valle A Hjalle
                                        3. NY Manfred 

                                        Daniel Brandt, co-founder of acclaimed German ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, is set to release his second solo album for London imprint Erased Tapes on October 12th. Titled Channels, the new record follows the release of the London and Berlin based producer’s solo debut Eternal Something from 2017. The seven-track LP is Brandt’s biggest statement yet, with the album’s thrilling avant-garde framework interweaving chord-driven techno, orchestral flourishes, rich electronic textures and hints of dark cinematic pop. Following on from Eternal Something, which captured a contemplative kind of isolationism, with Channels Brandt set out to create an album that captures the essence of minimalism whilst lending it to a more playful context. After performing and recording Steve Reich’s Six Pianos in a group of six, Brandt began regularly composing long meditations on the piano, something that permeates the sound of the new record. Its frenetic energy and shape-shifting identity was also born out of touring with his new band Eternal Something — comprised of Brandt on piano, drums and synthesisers, Pascal Bideau on guitar and bass, plus Florian Juncker on trombone — and a desire to translate both the sound and spiritual unity of their live shows in which musicians locked together to create an intriguing meld of expansive works. Intricate floor-filler and lead track ‘Flamingo’ synthesises the measured pacing of Detroit techno with an orchestral background. As with all of the tracks on Channels, ‘Flamingo’ began life as a sketch with very basic instrumentation, before taking it into the studio to rehearse with his band members, giving the album a live and visceral sound that sets it apart from his debut; “It was a great experience to do it this way as I have always wanted to have the chance to try out something in a live setting before recording it in the studio and not the other way round,” explains Daniel. “The actual typical rock band recording style that I never had the chance to do before.”

                                        The album’s most immersive, club-ready track ‘Sailboats III’ is built with a vivid and pulsating bass line that takes inspiration from a Lichtenstein painting, as well as the UK bass scene and producers like Tessela and Lord Tusk. The blossoming cosmos of ‘Cherry Dream’ is informed by Tangerine Dream’s iconic soundtrack to the film Risky Business, a compelling reinterpretation of Love On A Real Train replete with darker, electronic elements and live orchestration. ‘Daze’, co-written with guitarist Pascal Bideau, chimes with an acoustic melody and is carried by a rhythmic percussive pulse, whilst the understated ‘Ltd’ was stylistically inspired by Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint as well as Daniel and his band’s live improvisations with orchestral collective Stargaze, whose founder and conductor André de Ridder contributed violin on the album. Title track ‘Channels’ melds instrumental ambient with melodramatic embellishments, whilst the record’s closer ‘Twentynine Palms’ takes its name from the vast Californian desert, and was written while Daniel was travelling there, evoking the widescreen and rapturous sound of open space and nature. With Brandt also being skilled as a filmmaker, directing and producing visuals for BBF and Eternal Something, much of the new album’s creative ideas reference a rich visual palette. He directed the video for ‘Flamingo’, a sideways glance at the art world that takes the concept behind John Cage’s 4’33” and turns it on its head. “The video for Flamingo is deliberately non performance — people sitting in a room and watching basically nothing, never really sure if anything is ever going to happen. It’s also a play on John Cage’s 4’33”, except in this instance there isn’t even a performer present.” — Daniel Brandt

                                        Daniel’s passion for film even prompted him to kick start his own online television channel in 2017 that since attracted a lot of attention with guest moderators including BBC Radio DJ Gilles Peterson, modular synth legend Suzanne Ciani and Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt counting amongst the most popular episodes.

                                        Recorded between Berlin and London, Channels is a deeply enthralling listening experience, which sees Daniel Brandt build upon his distinctive percussive sound whilst exploring new and expansive horizons.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Flamingo
                                        2. Sailboats III
                                        3. Cherry Dream
                                        4. Daze
                                        5. Ltd
                                        6. Channels
                                        7. Twentynine Palms

                                        Daniel Blumberg


                                          Daniel Blumberg announces his debut album release for Mute, ‘Minus’, the first release under his own name.

                                          An astonishing work, the record weds an improvisational, free-music ethos to the rawest emotional songwriting, rooted deep in the personal turmoil Blumberg experienced whilst making the record.

                                          The album was recorded live with legendary producer Peter Walsh (Scott Walker’s collaborator since ‘Climate Of Hunter’) in just five days during a remote residential stay in Wales, amidst a debilitating breakup with his partner of seven years along with Blumberg's ongoing struggle with mental illness which resulted in his hospitalization just a week before recording.

                                          Still only 27 years old, Blumberg has written himself a rich musical history; from his teenage band who signed to XL whilst he was still at school, onto and through the projects of Yuck, Oupa and Hebronix, whilst solidifying close creative partnerships with the likes of David Berman (Silver Jews), Low, Lambchop and Royal Trux’s Neil Michael Hagerty (with whom Blumberg has performed as a member of the Howling Hex).

                                          With ‘Minus’, though, there is a sense that Daniel Blumberg has finally arrived at the place he has been searching for - an arresting and progressive work, one which is set to establish him as one of Britain’s most unique contemporary voices.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          The Fuse
                                          The Bomb
                                          Used To Be Older

                                          Five years after his critically acclaimed debut Drone Logic, London-based producer Daniel Avery announces his highly anticipated second album Song For Alpha, set for release on March 9th 2018 through Phantasy. The album is preceded on January 19th by a 4-track limited edition 12” vinyl EP titled Slow Fade.

                                          The new long player, on which the track ‘Slow Fade’ will appear, follows 2013’s incendiary debut Drone Logic. Upon its release the latter was called “A mesmerising debut" by Mixmag, “Exceptional” by the Times and "A benchmark for so many other dance albums to aspire to" by Dummy, while Pitchfork proclaimed “Avery owns this space.” “Underground dance music with this sort of ambition hasn’t been heard in quite a while", noted Resident Advisor, and Q hailed  "The arrival of a new left­field dance superstar."

                                          In the years since, Avery has helmed a DJ-Kicks mix CD, resided over a monthly radio show for NTS Live, curated an extensive remix compilation and collaborated on a series of side-projects including a recent collaboration with Nine Inch Nails synth specialist Alessandro Cortini; he has toured relentlessly, cementing a reputation as one of the defining techno DJs of the decade. He has also worked studiously on what he wanted to say next as a producer. 

                                          With newfound energy and time to develop, Avery’s sonic vocabulary has expanded. Here, the booming sound of the big room is brilliantly countered by the music of the small hours. Where celestial ambient lullabies ‘First Light’ and ‘Days From Now’ sit perfectly next to the mesmeric techno assault of ‘Diminuendo’ and ‘Sensation’; where both ‘Projector’ and ‘Clear’ evoke early rave records, only ones engulfed by waves of beautiful cyclonic distortion. William Basinski, Warp’s Artificial Intelligence, Brian Eno plus his own excursions with Alessandro Cortini all serve as touchstones for a record that sees Avery take his signature psychedelic-electronic sound to new dimensions, a sound that plays to the head as much as the body.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          says: Delicately presented electroacoustic compositions, supported with a finely honed backbone of melodic suggestion and hypnotic rhythmic pulse, Avery once again proves he is one of the masters of his craft.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          First Light
                                          Stereo L
                                          Citizen // Nowhere
                                          Days From Now
                                          Slow Fade
                                          Quick Eternity

                                          From a young age I've envisaged numbers, letters and words in colour. Each day would have a specific colour in my mind as well as months of the year; enabling me to have an expansive long-term memory. I soon identified myself as someone who had both Grapheme Colour and Spatial Sequence Synaesthesia; a neurological phenomenon where a person perceives words, letters, shapes, and numbers in colour and sometimes in taste and smell.

                                          When I left university I moved to London and began looking for things to inspire composition. I was fascinated with the London Underground and how it worked. The formation, the design, and the vast diversity of the commuters who travelled on it. The tube map instantly popped up as something I wanted to study. Each line I travelled on had contrasting atmospheres, a certain type of commuter and an overall feel. Different speeds, sounds and smells - but more importantly, a different colour! I wanted to write 11 pieces for piano, assigning the key signature in my mind to the colour of the tube line being represented (for example, A = Red, A major = Central line). I also studied literature regarding 'characteristics' of key signatures dating back to the 1800's and paired them up with my own descriptions of the tube lines (F# minor, a gloomy key = Green = District Line - full of delays and lethargic thoughts).

                                          I aimed to bind the characteristics and emotions possessed by each key signature with the thoughts, feelings and descriptions of the Underground by London commuters who can be heard throughout the record. The composition, recording and production of the entire project has been an amalgamation of classical and contemporary formations. It pays homage to the Underground's history whilst using forward thinking / modern approaches to it's current service. Each recording took place between Manchester & London through the use of computers and mobile phones; mirroring the revolution in technology with the London Underground through the years.


                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          says: A beautiful, and conceptually superb suite of plaintive modern-classical utterances and spoken word narration. Somewhere between the grand, filmic post-rock of This Will Destroy You and the soundtrack work of Adam Wiltzie, Richter et. al. Beautiful.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          1. Monday
                                          2. Diameter
                                          3. Loop
                                          4. The Waltz Of Lethargy
                                          5. On The Periphery
                                          6. Oxymoron
                                          7. The Debút
                                          8. Abode
                                          9. Melancholy
                                          10. Route C
                                          11. The Drain

                                          Daniel Gadd

                                          As If In A Dream I Drifted At Sea

                                            The story began like this ...We heard Daniel Gadd by pure chance. A flickering neon sign occupied one corner of the stage. Daniel took centre stage. He plays guitar and sings. We happened to be there. Immediately we began to listen. That dark basement in central London, a haven far from the concerns of people on the streets above, was the best place to be in London that night. The audience was spellbound. And then just as he seemed to be finishing up, someone shouted out “one more!” “Okay, thanks…is it okay if I do one more?” asked Daniel, wondering for a moment, not sure if it was. The venue booker by the door did not hesitate and nodded the go-ahead. Daniel played on. And we were very glad to be there. It turned out that Daniel Gadd had somehow got to London via Spain, and he had been in London for a year. He’d trained at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. He composes and scores for film, and also works as a film composer’s assistant, during the daytime.

                                            At night he likes to play gigs. He’d even recorded an album of songs by the sea at Kalk Bay, a small fishing village that’s now become part of Cape Town. But he hadn’t known what to do next. Well we said we love your music so let’s meet up soon. A few days later we met Daniel at Foyles bookstore café at 107 Charing Cross Road. The album he’d mentioned is his remarkable debut. So here it is…. the album will now be released on CD and digital through Cargo. Daniel named his label 107 Recordings in recognition of the Foyles meeting where the idea for the release of this album was born. Daniel Gadd is 26 years old. He’s British-South African. He grew up in South Africa, he lived in Spain for a year and after that he found his way to London…

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            1 Siri Linn
                                            2 Some Time Ago (On A Cold Winter Night)
                                            3 Rolling On
                                            4 Sleep Turns Her Face
                                            5 The Trail I'm Tracking 
                                            6 Just Like The Road
                                            7 So Long Old Friend
                                            8 Someways Down A Highway 

                                            Daniel Brandt

                                            Eternal Something

                                              Daniel Brandt, co-founder of Germany’s electroacoustic ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, joins the Erased Tapes family with his solo debut album Eternal Something.

                                              What started off as a more simplistic idea soon evolved into something a lot more complex as the London and Berlin based music producer travelled across the world, experimenting with various other artists and different instruments. From his father’s cabin based in the German countryside with access to nothing but cymbals, to being surrounded by guitars in Joshua Tree, his unexpected journey soon progressed into what became his first solo album.

                                              Daniel played nearly all instruments himself with the only exception being fellow musicians Florian Juncker on trombone, Manu Delago on hang drum and Andreas Voss on cello. Using his Berlin studio as his main base for recording, Brandt created an album that encapsulates the idea that despite setting out with a particular creative vision, external influences and environments will always shift the process, and create an Eternal Something.

                                              Words from Daniel, January 2017:
                                              “The initial idea was to make a cymbal album. I wanted to surround myself with all types of cymbals. I locked myself into my father’s cabin in the woods for three days. That was the moment I realised it was not possible for me to make an album just with cymbals because other ideas and instruments imposed themselves on me. I had a clear sense of what I wanted to do now. The intention was to let the songs evolve by themselves and not edit too much, keep it raw and have an explosion-like energy to them. I wanted to create a different sound, songs that build up like dance tunes but don't feel like club music at all. Travelling around in California for two months gave me the possibility to deeply get into this concept outside my normal environment. Robert Raths, who served as a great motivator throughout the whole process (I guess he had listened to the record more than I ever had) came up with the perfect order for the songs. This record is about failing to make the original plan happen, but then the discovery of something I couldn't even think of before.”

                                              Prior to being enlisted to create the album artwork, Iranian artist Shaz Madani coincidentally had also planned a trip to Joshua Tree where she documented her own experience of Eternal Something, forming the visual counterpart to the record.

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              1. Chaparral Mesa
                                              2. FSG
                                              3. The White Of The Eye
                                              4. Turn Over
                                              5. Kale Me
                                              6. Eternal Something
                                              7. Casa Fiesta
                                              8. On The Move 

                                              Jay Daniel

                                              Broken Knowz

                                                Jay Daniel (Wild Oats / Sound Signature / Watusi High) is one of the leading artists in the latest generation of Detroit electronic music-makers. This debut album on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint, "Broken Knowz", signals a departure from his previous output. Disillusioned with the constraints of drum programming and the associated deficiencies translating human feeling or emotion, he retreated to his mother’s basement, picked up his drumsticks and started recording into a multitrack mixer for the first time. The results are refreshingly exposed and overtly reliant on the sheer weight of the grooves. It’s a mighty debut from a young man seemingly oblivious to the weight of expectation associated with the pantheon of music makers hailing from his hometown. Jay recently played the Planet E showcase at Output NYC, followed by a Japanese tour with Kyle Hall (Wild Oats). Forthcoming Boiler Room album launch party in Detroit. For fans of Kyle Hall, Funkineven, Four Tet, Theo Parrish.

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                says: Next gen. Detroit wonderkid Jay Daniel drops his much anticipated debut LP, following a slew of critically acclaimed 12"s. Taking on the long player format with ease, Daniel lays down live abstract grooves which'd make the Rhythm Section crew blush; before embellishing with scrumptious keyboard work and beautifully programmed synth patches. Exquisite!

                                                This 1980 album from Venezuela shows all the trademarks of its creator Daniel Grau. The spaced-out disco grooves live on (and on and on!), though this time with some nifty female vocals aspirated gently upon the lightfooted waves of synthesizer melodies. While the title track takes us sky high with rhythmic guitar, laser fire and exotic disco vocals, continuing the futuristic vibe of "Disco Fantasy", "Aparte" marries a Chic-style rhythm section with woozy Latin synth licks and "El Fenix" funks us all the way out with some AOR breaks. Though deep disco is very much the order of the day, Grau throws us a genuine curve ball via the possible standout "Con En Cielo En Tus Ojos", a lush and utterly relaxed floating Latin pop number with a repetitive vocal line and truly laidback groove. If this psychedelic trip into pastoral folk found its way onto an Air LP or the recent Avalanches record you wouldn't be at all surprised - heavenly stuff. No wonder that this long out of print gem fetches triple figures among collectors. If you like your disco lithe and lysergic, you've gotta grab a copy of this beautiful reissue. 

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                A1. El León Bailarín
                                                A2. Con El Cielo En Tus Ojos
                                                A3. Apartate
                                                B1. Correcaminos (Roadrunner)
                                                B2. Sentimiento De Amor
                                                B3. El Fenix
                                                B4. Mi Canción Especial (My Special Song)
                                                B5. Nostalgia

                                                Daniel Romano


                                                  Daniel Romano refuses to be confined to narrow classification - in fact, out of necessity he created his own genre: Mosey Music.

                                                  With the release of Daniel’s fifth solo record ‘Mosey’ on New West Records, we get a fresh new vista into the mind of the prolific singer songwriter, the masterful lyricist and the multiinstrumentalist.

                                                  His most ambitious affair to date, Mosey will undoubtedly catch many by surprise. New sonic territories are mapped, genres are splintered, conventional rules discarded.

                                                  Imagine ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’-era Bob Dylan conspiring with Lee Hazlewood, Tom Waits and Peter Green. You’ll hear heavy swells of fuzzed out electric guitar, horns and keys delivered with a fury that demands your close attention. There are even some surprise guest cameos to boot.

                                                  Daniel Romano

                                                  If I've Only One Time Askin

                                                  Not quite country, Americana, folk, songwriter or pop, Daniel Romano’s exquisite and expansive new album - ‘If I’ve Only One Time Askin’’, released on New West Records - is pieces of each but ultimately the work of asingular mind.

                                                  As hailed by Rolling Stone, the 11 self-produced and largely self-performed new songs “lead their baritone-voiced creator down a path filled with countrypolitan crooning, honky-tonk heartache and midcentury melodrama.”

                                                  In the two years since his critically acclaimed third full length ‘Come Cry With Me’, Romano has toured North America and Europe extensively, collaborating with and supporting a wide spectrum of artists, including Old Crow Medicine Show, Wanda Jackson, Hurray For The Riff Raff and Caitlin Rose.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  I’m Gonna Teach You
                                                  Old Fires Die
                                                  Strange Faces
                                                  All The Way Under The Hill
                                                  If I’ve Only One Time Askin’
                                                  The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)
                                                  There’s A Hardship
                                                  Learning To Do Without Me
                                                  Two Word Joe
                                                  If You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Blind)
                                                  Let Me Sleep (At The End Of A Dream)

                                                  Various Artists

                                                  Mixed By Daniel Avery

                                                    A Daniel Avery DJ mix pressed on white vinyl! Avery picks some cuts from Because Music, Phantasy Sound and Ed Banger and turns them into a continuous mix. We've only got  eight copies, so it's first come first served. One per person please!

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1 Sebastian – Fauve (Prelude)
                                                    A2 Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge – Dump
                                                    A3 Charlotte Gainsbourg – Anna (Tom Furse Remix)
                                                    A4. Babe, Terror – A Capital Federal (Appleblim Remix)
                                                    A5. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (Joakim's Paradisco Garage Remix)
                                                    A6. Amadou & Mariam – Ce N'est Pas Bon (DJ Aero Remix)
                                                    A7. Django Django – Default (Walls Remix)
                                                    AA1. Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Lemonade (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix)
                                                    AA2. Cassius – Les Enfants (Gessafelstein Remix)
                                                    AA3. Django Django – Waveforms (Wild Geese Remix)
                                                    AA4. Justice – Canon (Erol Alkan Rework)
                                                    AA5. Mickey Moonlight – Come On Humans! (Daniel Avery Remix)
                                                    AA6. Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together (Michael Mayer Remix)
                                                    AA7. Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson Dub)

                                                    Daniel (A.I.U) Higgs

                                                    The Godward Way

                                                    ★ Exclusive recording from Daniel Higgs, visionary artist and ex frontman of Lungfish
                                                    ★ 500 hand packaged CDs in foil blocked envelope style folder
                                                    ★ 1000 LPs: 500 x 180g black vinyl & 500 x 180g white vinyl with foil blocked custom sleeves
                                                    ★ Featuring artwork from Daniel himself 1 tracks, 24 minutes.

                                                    Daniel Higgs has always been held in the highest esteem by us here at Southern, becoming an almost totemic figure in the process. Certainly an appreciation for his work, and the canon of the band Lungfish, has been a job requirement for all the staff who've worked with us over the years. He has graced us with visits from time to time, and his London shows have always been mustattend events for Southern alumni. Naturally, a Latitudes recording would be the jewel in the crown for our catalogue, yet frustratingly, circumstance and opportunity always seemed to elude us. Ever patient, we tried not to get too giddy when the stars finally aligned, and a session was booked at the studio to coincide with a lightning tour to our shores. But given the timelessness of his vision, we needn't have worried about such trifling matters as scheduling. Like passages from some archaic ur-song, Higgs summoned the elements, and sound issued forth. We are incredibly grateful that he allowed us to capture it electrically and preserve it for your enjoyment and enlightenment. - Tony Sylvester, July 2012

                                                    For Fans of: Lungfish, Lichens, American Cloud Songs

                                                    Daniel Johnston / Various

                                                    Space Ducks: Soundtrack

                                                      To celebrate the release of his first ever cartoon book, Daniel Johnston has put together a soundtrack as an accompaniment - his first new album since 2009.

                                                      The soundtrack includes seven unreleased tracks by Daniel, as well as new tracks from Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jake Bugg and Die Mason Die, amongst others.

                                                      Includes a booklet with a 24 page excerpt of Daniel’s cartoon.

                                                      Daniel Land & The Modern Painters return with their second studio album, 'The Space Between Us',. via Club AC30 Recordings. The album follows their debut album, 'Love Songs For The Chemical Generation', released in 2009.

                                                      Having spent his formative years listening to the likes of Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and Cocteau Twins, Daniel's early musical compositions were more about experiments in sound and less about conventional songs. Mixing that with the trance that grabbed him on arrival at University and then filtering it further through the sounds that others handed to him during his student years from the likes of Red House Painters, The Verve and Slowdive, Daniel Land & The Modern Painters initial influences (and continuing interests) are less defined by artists and more informed by sonic experiment and the overall feel of the music. With 'The Space Between Us' adopting a band focus, that fascination with musical texture has filtered through a band dynamic to create modern pop songs that demonstrate an experimental edge but deliver moments of singalong bliss and visceral climaxes.

                                                      Daniel Johnston

                                                      Is And Always Was

                                                        Johnston is the musician's cult hero, whose music is appreciated for its undeniable simple brilliance. Here, he is allied here with musician / producer Jason Falkner (Beck, Air, Paul McCartney). "Is And Always Was" aims to take the rock and roll symphonies in Daniel's prolific musical brain and deliver fully realized and professionally produced recorded songs. Musicians include Daniel: guitar/piano, vox, Falkner: guitar, bass, keyboards, and Joey Waronker (REM, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins) on drums.

                                                        Daniel Rachel

                                                        A Taste For Money

                                                          Daniel Rachel's second album "A Taste Of Money" has a glorious upbeat feel, with captivating, luscious string arrangements, fantastically catchy pop chorus' and beautiful, bitter-sweet ballads.

                                                          Tara Jane O'Neil & Daniel Littleton

                                                          Music For A Meteor Shower

                                                            Tara Jane O'Neil and Dan Littleton have been seminal figures in the indie rock scene for some time now. Tara first surfaced in 1991 as part of the influential, yet short-lived, band Rodan. Tara then assumed duties concurrently in Retsin and Sonora Pine before embarking on a solo career in early 2000. Over the last ten years or so, you can see Tara's transformation from post-punk rocker to intimate singer-songwriter. This album is reflective of her musical progression.

                                                            Daniel Johnston And His Hyperjink Tricycle

                                                            Alien Mind Control

                                                              The casual studio atmosphere naturally created when friends get together to record has brought out the best in Daniel. These four tracks, each fronted by Daniel, represent some of his most striking and compelling work in a long time. Included is a new version of the popular track "Long Lost Love".

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