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Damaged Bug

Bunker Funk

    Oh my, what is this? The alien globule of Damaged Bug’s errant planet has circled the sun and re-enters our orbit where last year’s Cold Hot Plumbs left off. Urgent falsetto morbidities detail Damaged Bug’s most rhythmically adventurous offering yet, syncopating lush landscapes with moon-shot death rays. Witness in horror the tractor beam pull of Slay The Priest - a breathless sprint through unfamiliar enemy territory - erratic laser beam synths dredge the lake, hard panned double drums resurrect dead heartbeats - load thy crossbow, friend, this night is long and we appear beset on all sides. The Bug is back and more hideous than ever - join us in a gawp at its iridescent shell, its alien mandibles…and the guts streaming from the wound. 


    Barry says: John Dwyer steps into his Damaged Bug moniker once again for a synthy freak-out of psychedelic loops and twisted melodic interludes.


    1. Structure Image Approach
    2. Bog Dash
    3. The Cryptologist
    4. Slay The Priest
    5. Ugly Gamma
    6. Rick’s Jummy
    7. Gimme Tamanthum
    8. No One Notice The Fly
    9. Bunker Funk
    10. Mood Slime
    11. Liquid Desert
    12. Heavy Cathedral
    13. Unmanned Scanner
    14. The Night Shopper

    Damaged Bug

    Cold Hot Plumbs

      John Dwyer has a surprise… While everyone eagerly anticipates the next Oh Sees record, he’s been working tirelessly in his synth laboratory, hand-crafting a followup to last year’s neon-noir Damaged Bug debut - one that shakes up the snow globe considerably.

      If 'Hubba Bubba' was a brush with a robotic exoskeleton on deep-space patrol, 'Cold Hot Plumbs' visits the alien world that sent it into the cosmos. Lush, textural and psychedelic, the songs breathe with a otherworldly sadness and heart. Barbed, sophisticated arrangements flower in every direction. The vintage-perfect sound palette would be window dressing if not for the songs themselves: fresh, vital, and above all catchier than the flu. 'Cold Hot Plumbs' is a strange, beautiful, and oddly infectious addition to Dwyer’s oeuvre, and not one to be missed.


      1. Exactly What You Think
      2. What Cheer
      3. The Mirror
      4. Jet In Jungle
      5. Der Mond
      6. The Frog
      7. Cough Pills
      8. Structure Image Exterior (Edit)
      9. Grape Basement
      10. Very
      11. Cone
      12. Deep Bore Drill Worker
      13. Mega Structure
      14. Transmute

      Damaged Bug

      Hubba Bubba

        Recorded at home in the fall of 2013 with a variety of synthesizers, drum machines and assorted handmade electronics, 'Damaged Bug' is Oh Sees mastermind John Dwyer’s latest bit of cracked pop alchemy. The project is the cure to the ailment of too much guitar for too long. Fizzing and sputtering like a glowing, temperamental cockpit control panel, Dwyer bunkered deep in a blinking laboratory, penning songs about the long arc of our travels across space and time. Propulsive beats and synthetic veneers coat laser-guided melodies reflecting off shiny metal surfaces while instrumental interludes pop in and out like breaks in the asteroid belt.

        A far-out side of our main man—nocturnal, hard-wired, and chrome-plated. Hubba Bubba features original artwork by Deirdre White.

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